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The 20 Biggest YouTube Influencers in the Philippines

AJ Marketing - The 20 Biggest YouTube Influencers in the Philippines

Looking for the biggest YouTubers in the Philippines? No wonder! The Philippines belongs to the top countries with the most YouTube users in the world. This is mostly due to the amount of quality influencers in the country. More people are seeking the best accounts to watch and follow, while more brands also looking for influencer partners for their marketing campaigns. Look no further. We already curated the most popular Filipino YouTube influencers for you.

The Philippines is a hotspot for YouTube ads, may it be from local or international brands. A single ad launched on YouTube may be able to reach over 58.10 million Filipino users, which is already more than half of the country's entire population. With this amount of viewership, brands are now realizing that, aside from paying for YouTube ads, they can now market their products through YouTube content. They can do this with the help of the best influencers that can represent their product.

AJ Marketing - The 20 Biggest YouTube Influencers in the Philippines - YouTube Advertising Audience Overview in the Philippines

Filipino YouTubers vary in niche, from tech, beauty and fashion, gaming, parenting, to visual arts. They also vary in audience reach, there being micro influencers, nano influencers, and even mega influencers. There are thousands of influencers a brand may choose from, but only a few may fit its identity and image best.

On this list, you’ll find YouTube influencers in the Philippines in different topics, audience, and follower range, all of whom provide top quality content. Who knows? You may find the next channel you’ll subscribe to, or the next YouTuber you might wanna work with.

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The 20 Biggest YouTube Influencers in the Philippines ⬇️

Subscribers: 1.01M

Topics: Music, Song Covers

Have you heard of Patch Quiwa? She's a pop singer who's been making waves with her hit singles "Simula Pa Nung Una" and "Kaya Pala". But what's even cooler is that she's been sharing covers and original renditions of her songs on her own YouTube channel. She creates song covers of both local and international songs online. She sometimes also posts life vlogs, like when she was invited to perform in the Coke Studios.

Subscribers: 1.51M

Topics: Beauty, Cosmetics

If you're into makeup and beauty products, you gotta check out Anne Clutz's YouTube channel. She's a blogger and content creator who posts reviews, tutorials, haul videos, and all things "Pinay" (Filipina). Trust us, her content is worth the watch. She launched her channel in 2012, and she has now become a household name when it comes to cosmetics. She was even able to launch her own makeup line.

She has done many collaborations with other beauty brands, such as Cetaphil, Maybelline, L’oreal, and many more.

Subscribers: 1.56M

Topics: Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion

You know how sometimes a hobby turns into something bigger? That's exactly what happened with Rei Germar. Her YouTube channel started as a hobby, but now it's become a major source of entertainment for Filipino women. She posts about her lifestyle, travels, beauty products, and fashion finds. It's like having a cool, fashionable friend you can turn to for tips and inspiration. Ladies go to her profile when they want to see honest reviews for cosmetics, clothing, accessories, and others. Rei also likes sharing her adventures in different destinations in and out of the Philippines.

Subscribers: 1.99M

Topics: Home Maintenance, Family

You might know Lloyd Cadena, the famous vlogger. But have you heard of his amazing mom, Mother Kween? She's using her son's platform to share her awesome home hacks, delicious cooking recipes, and honest reviews of appliances. She's definitely worth checking out!

On her channel, Mother Kween is able to create branded content, just like the video above. She was able to create a yummy dessert recipe using Oreos. Aside from cooking tutorials and product reviews, Mother Kween also shares about her daily life and her family.

Subscribers: 2.02M

Topics: Gadgets, Tech

Looking for honest and transparent tech and gadget reviews? Look no further than Mary Bautista's YouTube channel. She's famous for her unboxing videos, gadget testings, comparisons, and first impressions. If you're considering buying a new gadget, Mary's channel is the perfect place to start. She usually reviews cellphones, laptops, tablets, cameras, and other digital accessories. She also helps her followers determine if a certain gadget is fake or authentic.

Many tech brands have been the subject of her content, such as Samsung, Lenovo, RealMe, and Apple.

Subscribers: 2.16M

Topics: Food, Cooking

Meet Ninong Ry, aka Ryan Morales Reyes. He's a culinary graduate from a prestigious school in the Philippines, and he used to be a head chef at a restaurant. But now, he's an internet sensation thanks to his YouTube channel. You can catch him whipping up some mouth-watering dishes, and his personality is just as entertaining as his cooking skills. His funny and careless way of cooking makes him different from all others. This style made him relatable, and it made his audience think “Maybe I can do this, too!”

He has worked with many food brands in the past through incorporating their products into his ingredients.

Subscribers: 2.18M

Topics: Music, Song Covers

Have you heard Justin Vasquez's soulful voice? This talented 20-year-old singer and songwriter has captured the hearts of over 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel with his beautiful original music and amazing song covers. You don't want to miss out on his incredible talent!

He also plays the guitar, and he collaborates with other music influencers on the platform. He has a famous YouTube series where he sings to strangers on the chat app Omegle.

Subscribers: 2.25M

Topics: Education, Study Tips

Meet Lyqa Maravilla - an amazing content creator, podcast host, and speaker. After acing the Philippine Civil Service Exam in 2013, she wanted to help others pass their aptitude exams too. So, she started sharing free educational content on YouTube and Facebook. Her passion for teaching shines through every video! She usually creates educational content on various subjects, such as Math, English, Logic, Job Interview Tips, and Internet Safety.

Lyqa is able to collaborate with non-educational products and services on her videos. In the video above, Lyqa was able to incorporate the George Optical glasses while talking about the difference between “sight” and “vision”.

Subscribers: 2.35M

Topics: Lifestyle, Product Reviews

Kath Melendez is a content creator most known for her product reviews and life vlogs. She shares her honest opinions about all the products she shows on her channel, and she mostly features the most affordable ones. She also posts travel and food vlogs, and she hops on to the most popular internet challenges. She covers all sorts of products, from skincare, dental care, cosmetics, food, to clothing.

Subscribers: 2.52M

Topics: Architecture, Home Design

Have you heard of Llyan Oliver Austria? He's not just a talented Filipino architect - he's also an awesome content creator! You might recognize him from his hilarious reaction videos to big celebrities' houses. He's definitely worth checking out if you want a good laugh. In these videos, he analyzes the best and worst practices that the architects used in designing the house. Aside from reaction videos, he also creates room transformation vlogs, home design tips and tricks, and household appliances reviews.


Subscribers: 2.6M

Topics: Gadgets, Tech

Unbox Diaries is an unboxing and reaction video channel specializing in smartphones. Unbox Diaries also creates videos on laptops, tablets, computer and phone accessories, and even home broadbands. The best thing about this channel is it always takes into consideration the budget of its viewers. In the video above, Unbox Diaries created a top 10 list of great phones for mobile gaming, all under 10,000 Philippine Pesos.

Subscribers: 2.69M

Topics: Family, Lifestyle

AJ Marketing - The 20 Biggest YouTube Influencers in the Philippines - 8 Happy Islanders

Looking for a channel that's all about family and island life? The Happy Islanders have got you covered! Andi Eigenmann, a famous Filipina actress, decided to move to the remote island of Siargao with her family for a simple, peaceful life. Their adventures and daily routines are sure to make you smile.

On this channel, Andi’s family shares their seaside living–their activities like surfing, catching and cooking fish, food preparation, home cleaning, and many others. Andi also shares some beauty tips regarding her hair care and skincare. This channel also shared Andi’s pregnancy and post-partum affairs.

Subscribers: 2.65M

Topics: Finance, Wealth Coach

Chink Positive, a.k.a. Chinkee Tan, is a wealth coach and a motivational speaker on money, mindset, and success. He teaches Filipinos tips on investment and increasing wealth, even with very little capital. He tackles various topics, from money management, stock exchange, to income possibilities through the cryptocurrency and the metaverse.

Subscribers: 3.57M

Topics: Toys, Kids

If you're a parent looking for great content for your kids, look no further than Kaycee and Rachel's channel! These two sisters make videos that are a hit with children - from princess makeovers to DIY projects, challenges, food and toy reviews, and even vacation vlogs. Your kids will love watching their fun and creative videos! They also feature educational products which are great for kids their age. Lastly, this channel features milestones in the siblings’ lives, like birthdays, dental appointments, field trips, and many more.

Subscribers: 4.16M

Topics: Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

You might know Andrea Brillantes as a talented Filipina actress and dancer, but did you know she's also a social media influencer? With a huge following on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, Andrea is taking the internet by storm. You don't want to miss her awesome content!

On her YouTube channel, she mostly shares her fashion and beauty finds, life vlogs, travels, makeup transformations, and pranks and challenges. She has worked with international companies on her social media accounts, including famous clothing brand H&M.

Subscribers: 9.86M

Topics: Beauty, Lifestyle, Vlog

Meet Donnalyn Bartolome - the queen of social media in the Philippines! She started building her online presence as a teenager and has since become an actress, mega content creator, singer, and even a successful businesswoman. Her journey is truly inspiring!

On her YouTube channel, Donnalyn mostly shares her travel vlogs, entries to the most popular internet challenges, product and services reviews, skits, music videos, and life vlogs.

Subscribers: 11.8M

Topics: Comedy, Vlog, Role Play

Looking for a good laugh? You need to check out Cong TV! Lincoln Cortez Velasquez, also known as Cong TV, is a multi-talented Filipino YouTuber, comedian, musician, vlogger, and online streamer. His comedy videos are hilarious and have made him a top personality on YouTube. Don't miss his amazing content!

His channel is full of comedic skits, humorous vlogs with his friends and family, travels, gaming videos, and music. His fun and relatable personality made him sought after by international brands like Old Spice and Mountain Dew.

Subscribers: 14.1M

Topics: Vlog, Lifestyle, Parenting

You might know Zeinab Harake as a popular Filipino vlogger, but did you know she's also a social media influencer, model, and entrepreneur? Her amazing content and relatable personality have earned her over 13 million subscribers on YouTube. Her channel has lately been flooded with videos of her parenting milestones, since she just gave birth to her baby daughter, Zebbiana. She still uploads videos relating to her travels, lifestyle, family affairs, and internet challenges.

Subscribers: 15.7M

Topics: Dance, Vlog

If you love dance covers, you need to check out Niana Guerrero! This talented Filipino dancer and social media personality has gained a huge following thanks to her amazing dance videos with her brother, Ranz Kyle. And it's not just YouTube - she's killing it on TikTok too! Her YouTube channel mostly features life vlogs, while her TikTok account mostly features dance videos. On YouTube, she also uploads prank videos, travel vlogs, room tours, and internet challenges.

Aside from Ranz Kyle, Niana also has another sibling named Natalia. The three of them have been dominating the internet in the Philippines.

Subscribers: 17.8M

Topics: Lifestyle, Vlog, Travel

Meet Ivana Alawi - a multi-talented Filipino-Moroccan actress, model, and YouTuber. But that's not all - she's also the CEO of her own skincare brand, Ivana Skin. Her journey to success is truly inspiring. On her YouTube channel, Ivana loves sharing her family life to her audience. She also uploads prank videos, internet challenges, her daily routines, food reviews, travels, fitness tips, and many others. Many brands have worked with Ivana from different industries, such as beauty, fashion, liquor, and food.


The Philippines is one of the top countries with most YouTube users and ad reach in the world. This is mostly due to the amount of top quality content that influencers produce on the platform. Whether you are looking for someone new to watch and follow, or you’re looking for an influencer to collaborate with on your next campaign, we hope this list has led you to them!

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