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Top 10 Travel Vloggers in the Philippines in 2023

AJ Marketing - Top 10 Travel Vloggers in the Philippines

Looking to satisfy your wanderlust? Watch Philippines’ top travel vloggers today! With the continued rise of content creators, Filipino social media users have relied on YouTubers and TikTokers for information on travel do’s and don'ts. These influencers share to their viewers their budget, itinerary, the destination’s COVID restrictions, the people’s culture, where to eat, what to wear, and so much more. These vloggers help Filipinos explore the world through the screens of their phones.

The Philippine market spends billions of US dollars on online travel and tourism services. In 2022, $1.6 billion dollars were spent on flights, while $949.4 million were spent on hotels. Aside from these, spending on car rentals, trains, and event vacation rentals all increased from the previous year. This makes the country a great place to introduce travel-related brands, with the help of reliable vloggers in this niche. Aside from vlogging, some travel influencers choose to share their awesome getaways through posting aesthetic photos on Instagram.

AJ Marketing - Top 10 Travel Vloggers in the Philippines - ONLINE SPEND ON TRAVEL AND TOURISM SERVICES

Whether you’re looking for travel tips or looking for your travel brand’s next influencer advertising partner in The Philippines, this list is for you. We curated the top travel vloggers in the Philippines today, so you wouldn’t have to do the work. Let’s get into it!

The Top Travel Vloggers in the Philippines are ⬇️

Followers: 42.5K

AJ Marketing - Top 10 Travel Vloggers in the Philippines - 10 The Poor Traveler

Looking for some travel inspiration for your next local adventure in the Philippines? Look no further than The Poor Traveler's TikTok account! This account is managed by Vins and Yosh, who also happen to be famous YouTubers. When they first started traveling, they made plenty of mistakes - from getting lost to being scammed - which led them to create free travel guides for Filipino wanderlusts so that they don't make the same blunders.

Not only does their account feature local travel guides, but they also showcase international destinations like Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. So, if you want to travel like a pro, hit that follow button!

Subscribers: 49.2K

Meet Ed Puno, also known as The One-Armed Wanderer. Despite being born with a short left arm, Ed is a true travel enthusiast who loves exploring the beautiful spots in the Philippines. He's an inspiration to many, with over 49K subscribers on his YouTube channel, where he shares his travel adventures.

Ed's videos focus on staycation spots, where you can enjoy breathtaking views while staying cozy in your room. He also shares outdoor activities that you can enjoy while exploring these travel destinations. With The One-Armed Wanderer's travel guides, you're sure to have a memorable trip around the Philippines.

Followers: 78K

AJ Marketing - Top 10 Travel Vloggers in the Philippines - 8 Jul Martinez

Looking for visually stunning travel videos that will make you want to pack your bags and explore the world? Check out Jul Martinez's TikTok account! Jul is not only a travel video creator but also a fitness and freediving enthusiast. What sets his videos apart is his cinematography skills and his fantastic color-grading, which bring out the beauty of the destinations he features.

Whether you're into coastal places, urban destinations, or even underwater activities, Jul has got you covered. So, if you want to experience the world through Jul's camera lens, be sure to follow his TikTok account today!

Followers: 92.9K

AJ Marketing - Top 10 Travel Vloggers in the Philippines - 7 Piareyrey

Looking for travel and food inspiration? Look no further than Piareyrey's TikTok account! Hailing from Nueva Ecija, Philippines, Piareyrey is a travel and food content creator who posts mini vlogs about her adventures. Her specialized content on food is a must-watch, where she showcases the delicious cuisine found in her travel destinations. She also shares helpful tips for traveling, as well as itineraries for your next local adventure. Follow her TikTok account now and satisfy your wanderlust and food cravings at the same time!

Followers: 134.7K

AJ Marketing - Top 10 Travel Vloggers in the Philippines - 6 Abbieh Co

If you're a fan of scenic views and aesthetic shots, Abbieh Co's TikTok account is perfect for you! Abbieh is a TikTok influencer who shares mini vlogs of her travels. Her videos, set to the perfect music, are so captivating that they make you want to pack your bags and head out on your next adventure. Although she mostly features local travel destinations, she's also showcased some breathtaking international spots like Bali, Indonesia. Follow Abbieh Co now and start planning your next escape!

Followers: 150.2K

AJ Marketing - Top 10 Travel Vloggers in the Philippines - 5 Raf Adventure

Want to experience the beauty of different places around the world from the comfort of your own home? Follow Raf Adventure on TikTok! Rafael Garcia, also known as Raf Adventure, is a traveler, content creator, and video maker who captures the majestic places he's been to in 1-minute videos. His amazing shots, coupled with his infectious smile, have helped him gain more than 150K followers on the platform. From Dubai to Italy, Raf Adventure showcases the beauty of the world one video at a time. Be sure to follow his TikTok account for your daily dose of travel inspiration!

Subscribers: 334K

Looking for a YouTube channel that has it all? Look no further than David Guison's channel! David started out as a Filipino men's fashion blogger, but he's now a fashion vlogger and a travel YouTuber as well. His channel is packed with travel, fashion, and lifestyle content that's sure to keep you entertained.

David creates separate vlogs for every place he's been to, from Greece to Italy, Iceland to Copenhagen, Japan to Korea, and many more. He makes sure to showcase each country's scenic views, unique food, and itineraries, so you'll have all the information you need for your next adventure. Follow David Guison's YouTube channel now and let the wanderlust begin!

Subscribers: 350K

Want to travel to unfamiliar destinations but don't know where to start? Follow Patrice Averilla, aka Avelovinit, on YouTube! Since 2015, Avelovinit has been sharing everything you need to know before traveling to a new place - from where to go and what to eat to where to stay and how much to prepare. She also provides tips for solo travelers who want to explore the world.

Avelovinit has been to some incredible places, including Rome, Mexico, Dubai, Oslo, and Ecuador. So, if you want to travel like a pro, be sure to follow Avelovinit's YouTube channel now!

Subscribers: 1.01M

Want to explore the beauty of the Philippines through the eyes of an American YouTuber and photographer? Check out Bisayang Hilaw, aka Carson Moody's, YouTube channel! Carson and his girlfriend, Zowie Palliaer, have made the Philippines their home, and his videos focus on Filipino culture, food, language, landscapes, and travel destinations.

Carson's attempts to learn Visayan, one of the many Filipino languages, have gained him a lot of popularity. "Bisayang Hilaw," loosely translated to "a Visayan with light skin," is a testament to his love for the Philippines and its people. Follow his YouTube channel now and discover the hidden gems of the Philippines!

Subscribers: 2.75M

Meet Wil Dasovich, the San Francisco native who has become a household name in the Philippines! Wil gained popularity after appearing on Pinoy Big Brother, a Philippine national TV show, and has been traveling around Asia ever since. He's not just popular in the Philippines, though - his content is enjoyed by viewers from all over the world.

Wil's YouTube channel is a treasure trove of travel, health, and lifestyle videos that will inspire you to live your best life. He's traveled around the world, from the beaches of Bali to the snowy peaks of Mt. Everest, and he's collaborated with other Filipino YouTubers to create some amazing content. Follow Wil's channel now and join him on his adventures around the globe!


The Philippine market opt to do intensive research before planning their next vacation. Social media users among the Philippine population tend to rely on influencers to know first-hand experiences about a certain place, product, or service. These Filipino vloggers give their audience the right information–from what to wear, who to go with, to where to eat. These influencers may even tend to influence their viewers’ travel decisions, since they are able to directly show the beauty of the places they’ve been to.

We hope that you found the right influencer for you from the list above. These top travel influencers vary in platform, content, demographic, and audience. We hope you’re able to find a YouTuber or TikToker that can help you plan your next trip, or help represent you in your marketing campaign.

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