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11 Best Family Influencers in the Philippines in 2024

AJ Marketing - 11 Best Family Influencers in the Philippines

Looking for parenting tips from some of the best family influencers in the Philippines? Well, you've come to the right place! In the Philippines, family values are highly regarded, and parents take their role seriously. That's why many first-time parents turn to social media for inspiration and guidance on child-rearing, home care, and more. These family influencers provide a supportive and relatable community for their followers to turn to.

The Asian Parent recently surveyed over 500 Filipino moms and found that 75% of them research products online before purchasing them. And with 98% of respondents owning smartphones and using social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, it's clear that digital marketing and social media marketing are essential for reaching these moms. That's why family brands should consider launching their marketing campaigns through these channels, and partnering with family influencers who are trusted by their audience.

AJ Marketing - 11 Best Family Influencers in the Philippines - Digital Mom Survey in the Philippines for 2021

Whether you're a parent looking to learn more about the best family practices or a brand seeking your next family ambassador, you're in luck! We've curated a list of the best family influencers in the Philippines just for you. So keep on reading!

AJ Marketing - 11 Best Family Influencers in the Philippines - Connect

The Best Family Influencers in the Philippines are ⬇️

Followers: 65.4K

Ginger Arboleda is a multi-talented mom of two who's no stranger to juggling many hats! She's been a dog breeder, freelance makeup artist, and even a social entrepreneur in her past endeavors. Now, she's the Chief Operating Officer at Taxumo, and she's here to share her knowledge on how to be a successful entrepreneur and startup founder while also raising children. Ginger believes that parents should never give up on their dreams, and she's living proof that it's possible to have it all!

Followers: 66.1K

Meet Teacher Celine, a preschool teacher, YouTuber, and mom of two lively boys! Celine is passionate about teaching children in a fun and engaging way, and she believes in learning through play, music, art, and other creative activities. She's always sharing her favorite brands on Instagram, including Uniqlo, Welch, Brother, and Red Ribbon, to name a few. With Celine's guidance, you'll learn how to make learning a blast for your little ones!

Subscribers: 156K

Get ready to meet Andi Manzano, a radio DJ, host, entrepreneur, content creator, and supermom! Her YouTube channel is jam-packed with vlogs about her parenting journey, travels, faith, and everyday adventures. With over 600K followers on Instagram, Andi is definitely someone you want to follow.

On her YouTube channel, Andi loves to involve her children and extended family, and she even answers her subscribers' questions! Whether you want to know about how she disciplines her kids, which food brands she recommends, or what she packs for her children on vacations, Andi has got you covered.

Followers: 474.7K

AJ Marketing - 11 Best Family Influencers in the Philippines - 8 Mommy Diaries

Looking for some awesome parenting and life advice? Look no further than Ciara Magallanes, AKA Mommy Diaries! With over 1 million followers on Facebook, Ciara is a TikTok influencer who knows a thing or two about parenting and homeschooling. Ciara believes that disciplining with intention is the key to raising happy and healthy kids. She's all about listening to her kids' emotions and having meaningful conversations with them.

On her TikTok account, Ciara shares helpful tips on everything from breastfeeding hacks to infant massage techniques. Plus, she's always happy to answer her followers' questions in the comments!

Subscribers: 647K

Meet Kris Lumagui, a YouTube star known for her makeup tutorials, hauls, and lifestyle vlogs. But that's not all! Now, Kris is sharing her journey as a mom and inspiring other Filipino moms to embrace their mom bods and feel confident. Kris is all about food, health, body and skin care, child care, household best buys, and family vacations. Her channel is packed with helpful tips and tricks to make your life as a mom easier and more enjoyable.

Subscribers: 691K

Isha Borromeo is a mom who loves all things makeup, food, and travel. She's been sharing her adventures with her family and friends through vlogs since 2011. On her YouTube channel, you'll find tons of amazing family travel vlogs featuring child-friendly destinations across the Philippines. Isha also loves to share her children's milestones, from their first haircut to their graduation. So whether you're looking for travel inspiration or just want to keep up with Isha and her family, you won't want to miss her channel!

Subscribers: 968K

You don't want to miss Via Austria, also known as Mommy V, a Filipina YouTuber who shares her best finds for house and kitchen organization. From grocery hauls to room makeovers, family pranks, cleaning hacks, and everything in between, Via's channel is your one-stop-shop for all things home care-related. She loves to include her children and husband in her videos, and it's clear that family is her top priority. Meet Ayi and Louie, Via's adorable children, and Daddy Al, her loving husband. Get ready to be inspired by this amazing mom!

Subscribers: 983K

Team Kramer may be the most adored family in the Philippines at the moment. Team Kramer is composed of Chesca, Doug, Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin Kramer. Chesca is a famous TV personality, who is now more known as a family and parenting social media influencer. Doug, on the other hand, was a basketball player turned family man.

On their YouTube channel, Team Kramer usually shares about their family trips in and out of the Philippines. They also share their milestones, like purchasing their first and second home. The family members’ individual social media accounts are also popular, amounting to millions of followers overall.

Subscribers: 1.3M

Candy Pangilinan is a TV actress and host with a huge social media following on YouTube. Candy is a single mother to Quentin, who was diagnosed with ADHD and autism. Through her YouTube channel, Candy aims to spread awareness and understanding towards children with disabilities. She shares her personal journey of raising her son, including the difficulties she's faced and how she's overcome them. Plus, you'll get to witness Quentin's incredible milestones, like his haircut and his experience with cooking. With her down-to-earth personality and inspirational videos, Candy has become a role model for many.

Followers: 1.7M

Kryz Uy is a lifestyle, fashion, and travel blogger who also gained traction on social media platforms like Instagram. Kryz Uy is married to Slater Young, who is also a popular engineer and entrepreneur in the Philippines. Kryz admitted in several interviews that she made mistakes as a first-time mom. Now, she aims to share what she’s learned with the world, while raising her second-born, Sevi.

Kryz is the definition of “hot momma”, with her feed full of beautiful OOTDs and stylish photos. She’s worked with several brands in the past, ranging from health brands to appliances brands.

Followers: 1.9M

Drew Arellano is a Filipino actor and TV host who became known for his travel and adventure TV show. Today, Drew is more known as a family man and husband to Filipina actress and host, Iya Villania. Their family keeps a Facebook page entitled “Life with the Arellanos”.

Drew and Iya now have four children. Drew’s Instagram account is full of posts about his wife and kids, along with his life as a pro traveler. He’s worked with many brands in the past, like Oreo, Vicks, Food Panda, Red Ribbon, Colgate, and many more.


Being a parent is a difficult task for anyone, much more to Filipinos who believe in family-orientedness as an important part of culture. First-time parents, and the younger moms and dads, tend to watch Filipino family influencers to look for advice and inspiration. These content creators share their knowledge to help and support other families in the Philippines.

The list above contains moms and dads who aim to make Filipino family life easier. These influencers share their tips, tricks, wisdom, and experiences to their followers. This made them trust-worthy, and this fostered a loyal following among social media users. Thus, these content creators’ opinions on household products and services are also given heavy weight. This made them effective and honest marketing representatives for brands in the Philippines.

We hope that this list has helped you find the right influencer for your family or parenting brand.

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