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Top 11 Visual Arts Influencers on Philippines Social Media

AJ Marketing - Top 11 Visual Arts Influencers on Philippine Social Media

Filipinos are a truly creative bunch, with their artists making waves on the global stage. From dancers and musicians to visual artists, Filipinos have an undeniable talent that has captured the attention of audiences in the US, Europe, and Asia. Speaking of visual artists, the Philippines boasts a diverse range of specialties, including photographers, videographers, directors, graphic designers, and digital artists. These modern-day Picassos are making their mark on social media too, with an impressive presence on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

The impact of these visual artists on the creative industry is huge, especially those with a strong online presence. They are influencing their audience on which camera lens to use, which editing software to learn, and which watercolor brand is the best. Visual arts content creators are helping businesses with social media marketing, and are bringing products and services closer to Filipinos. With projected revenue in this industry expected to reach 19.52 million dollars by this year, more international creative brands are expected to land in the Philippines.

AJ Marketing - Top 11 Visual Arts Influencers on Philippine Social Media - Industry revenue of “creative, arts and entertainment activities“ in the Philippines from 2012 to 2024

Thanks to the increasing revenue and support from the public, more and more Filipino artists are dominating social media. Whether you're looking for art inspiration, education, or advertising collaboration, you're in the right place. So, without further ado, we've listed the top visual arts influencers in the Philippines that you should check out!

AJ Markerting - Top 11 Visual Arts Influencers on Philippine Social Media -Connect

The Top Visual Arts Influencers in the Philippines are ⬇️

Followers: 69.2K

Get ready for a visual feast when you check out Rian Gonzales' amazing comic cover art! Rian is a talented artist who has worked with big names like Marvel, DC, Archie, and Boom! She's known for her candy-coated and rainbow-colored pieces that are guaranteed to brighten up your day. Rian works her magic with watercolor and gouache, resulting in stunning illustrations that you won't be able to take your eyes off!

Followers: 71.1K

AJ Marketing - Top 11 Visual Arts Influencers on Philippine Social Media - 10 Sherard Yu

Looking to take your videography skills to the next level? Look no further than Sherard Yu, a Sony Guru and wedding video filmmaker who's making waves on TikTok. He's even caught the attention of KFC, who asked him to create a commercial featuring a fried chicken and gravy getting married. Sherard's followers eagerly anticipate his next video, whether it's a camera review, video post-processing tutorial, or before-and-after transitions. Plus, his cinematic videos are always under 3 minutes, so you can learn something new even on your coffee break.

Subscribers: 76.8K

Are you a beginner artist looking to improve your editing skills? Check out Marvill TV, a YouTube channel that offers basic editing tutorials for artists of all levels. Whether you're looking to edit videos or photos, Marvill has got you covered with tutorials focused on Adobe Photoshop, Kinemaster, and other editing software. But that's not all - Marvill also shares tips and tricks, design ideas, and even hosts giveaways on his channel. So, what are you waiting for? Hit that subscribe button and start improving your editing skills today!

Followers: 81.8K

AJ Marketing - Top 11 Visual Arts Influencers on Philippine Social Media -  Eulah Araullo

Looking for inspiration on how to land your dream job as an artist? Look no further than Eulah Araullo, an Art Director and Design Speaker who's taking TikTok by storm. On her account, she shares valuable tips on how she landed her job at Canva without even sending an application! Plus, Eulah shares her favorite fonts, art platforms, art cafes, art materials, and art styles, making her a must-follow for any aspiring artist.

Followers: 82.3K

Jilson Tiu, a photojournalist from the Philippines, is renowned for his authentic and cinematic storytelling through photography. His compelling depictions of the country's reality have the power to transform perceptions of Manila. His emotionally charged work has not only garnered attention but has also led to collaborations with major brands and platforms, including Instagram.

Followers: 105K

Prepare to be blown away by the incredible talent of John Ed De Vera, a Filipino paper cut artist who's making waves in the art world. His intricate and painstakingly detailed work has been featured in international magazines and articles, earning him over 109K followers on Instagram. John's favorite subjects include famous icons like Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Beyonce, and many more. Plus, he loves sharing his process with his followers, posting both photos and videos of his works of art.

Recently, John even collaborated with Netflix, creating a stunning paper cut art piece inspired by La Casa de Papel, or Money Heist. Now that's impressive!

Subscribers: 238K

Want to get started with painting and drawing but not sure where to begin? Look no further than Genelyn Sandaga, an artist based in Metro Manila who's making art accessible for everyone. Genelyn rose to fame on YouTube with her beginner-friendly art videos that cover everything from pencils to watercolors, and even coffee! She also creates lists of the best art materials for beginners, and isn't afraid to compare and review newly-released products. So, if you're looking for a supportive and informative art community, be sure to check out Genelyn's channel!

Subscribers: 766K

Ready to take your videography skills to the next level, but don't have a high-end camera? Don't worry - Miko Tiotangco has got you covered. This talented Filipino videographer is a hit on YouTube, and his latest focus is on creating movie-like productions using only mobile phones. He shares tutorials and takes on challenges, delivering amazing results that will leave you amazed. Miko also teaches his audience how to post-process their videos for even more stunning results. So, if you want to learn from the best, be sure to check out Miko's channel!

Followers: 1.1M

AJ Marketing - Top 11 Visual Arts Influencers on Philippine Social Media - 2 Karen Daphne

Looking for some fun and colorful illustrations to brighten up your day? Look no further than Karen Daphne, a digital artist who's famous on TikTok for her cute and whimsical drawings. Karen uses a drawing tablet and digital pencil to create her illustrations, and even caught the attention of Adobe, who featured her in a video where she used Adobe Fresco for her digital painting.

But that's not all - Karen also recommends the best digital drawing products, like iPad and Apple Pencil accessories, to help her followers get started with their own digital art journeys. So, if you're looking for some digital art inspiration, be sure to check out Karen's TikTok!

Followers: 1.5M

AJ Marketing - Top 11 Visual Arts Influencers on Philippine Social Media - 3 Karl Patacsil

Meet Karl Patacsil, a portrait photographer based in the beautiful city of Baguio. Karl gained the attention of Filipino netizens with his unique series where he invites strangers passing by the streets to become his portrait subjects. The results are simply stunning - sometimes two random strangers look amazing in a couple shot! Aside from his portrait series, Karl also shares tutorials, skits, and tips and tricks for beginner photographers. Whether you're an aspiring photographer or just looking to appreciate some beautiful portraits, Karl's got something for everyone.

Followers: 2.7M

AJ Marketing - Top 11 Visual Arts Influencers on Philippine Social Media - Mark Kelvin

Meet Mark Kelvin, a talented portrait and street photographer who's studying Media Studies at Ateneo University. Mark has a gift for capturing stunning photos that will leave you speechless, whether he's shooting indoors or outdoors, with food or people as his subjects. His advanced skills, high-quality shots, and aesthetic color-grading have earned him a huge following of clients, followers, and even brands. So, if you're looking for a photographer who can capture your best angles and make you look amazing, Mark Kelvin is the one to call!


As a country full of artistic individuals, the Philippines has produced hundreds of social media influencers in the niche of visual arts. These influencers vary in specialty, from watercolor painters, graphic designers, photographers, to digital artists. Young and aspiring artists follow these content creators to gain more knowledge, inspiration, and to learn from the latter’s experiences. These creators, in turn, give their best to provide quality posts, packaging years of wisdom into online content easy to swallow.

The works of these creators speak for themselves. These influencers’ talent and skills give them credibility and authority to give artistic opinions to their audience. Thus, their products and services recommendations are also given heavy consideration.

We hope you were able to find the influencer right for your feed or for your art brand.

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