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7 Most Successful Marketing Campaigns in the Philippines

AJ Marketing - 7 Most Successful Marketing Campaigns in the Philippines

How can your brand make a splash in a sea of marketing noise? Let's dive in and learn from the most successful marketing campaigns in the Philippines!

Every day, Filipinos are bombarded with marketing and advertising messages from all directions--on billboards, TV ads, radio spots, and online promotions. With people spending over 9 hours a day online, and more than 3 hours each watching TV and scrolling through social media, it's no surprise that consumers can feel overwhelmed and desensitized to brand messaging.

Each medium is already saturated with branded content, that an average consumer may already feel numb, detached, or indifferent to brands. The question is, how will brands utilize this media exposure to their advantage? Several brands have shown others how it’s done through their outstanding marketing strategies.

AJ Marketing - 7 Most Successful Marketing Campaigns in the Philippines - DAILY TIME SPENT ON MEDIA IN THE PHILIPPINES

Some brands have found creative ways to break through the noise and capture their audience's attention, through the help of Philippine marketing agencies. And we're here to share their secrets with you.

We've gathered a list of the top marketing campaigns in the Philippines, spanning everything from online digital ads to offline content. So grab a notebook and get ready to take some serious notes!

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The Top 7 Marketing Campaigns in the Philippines are ⬇️

1. RC Cola Philippines

“Basta RC Cola” Commercial

Okay, buckle up, because this ad might be a little out there. But trust us, it works.

We're talking about the "Basta RC Cola!" commercial, which centers around a family who's about to have a seriously strange conversation. The son walks in and drops a bombshell: he thinks he might be adopted. And then things get even weirder. He takes off his backpack and clothes, revealing that he's grown four drinking glasses on his back. Yep, you read that right.

But wait, it gets even weirder. The mother takes off her head and reveals a giant RC Cola bottle underneath. And then...they all start drinking from the glasses on the son's back.

Now, we know what you're thinking: what the heck does any of this have to do with RC Cola? But somehow, it just works. It's unexpected, it's memorable, and it's definitely one of the most unique ads we've ever seen.

What made it successful

Once you watch this commercial, you’d think “what’s going on?!” It’s absurd, to the point that you could not even make sense of it. This is what made it effective. It instantly became the talk of the town the moment it was posted, because people were puzzled by the commercial. It was hard to understand, but at the same time it gave everyone a good laugh. Everyone was asking “why?” Why create this commercial? What was the point?

The video ad was also reflective of the “whatever happens” behavior of the Gen Z market. “Basta” translates to “whatever” or “it just is”. The RC Cola commercial represented this attitude when it created a commercial for the sake of creating one. It was viewed as a commercial made just for the heck of it, just for fun, with no reason at all.

The commercial was surely one-of-a-kind, giving internet users a fresh view towards marketing.

2. Trese

Offline Marketing Campaign

AJ Marketing - 7 Most Successful Marketing Campaigns in the Philippines - Trese Offline Marketing Campaign

Have you heard of Trese? It's this killer Filipino show on Netflix that dives into the dark and supernatural forces lurking in the criminal underworld. The characters are inspired by mythical creatures from Philippine history, and the main character, Trese, is the one who keeps everything in check.

Now, when Trese was about to premiere, people were already hyped about it on social media. But the marketing team didn't stop there. They took things to the next level with their offline marketing tactics.

They put up some pretty ordinary billboards all over Manila, but then things took a crazy turn. A few days later, those same billboards were found ripped apart, defaced, and vandalized with creepy messages. The scariest part? The messages translated to "This is our city. Get out of our city." Can you imagine stumbling upon one of those billboards in the middle of the night?

The marketing team really went all out to make it seem like the creatures from the underworld were protesting Trese's arrival. And it worked! Netizens were losing their minds over these billboards, and it just added to the excitement for the show's premiere.

What made it successful

The marketing team behind Trese successfully overlapped animation with reality. The team behind the billboards were looking for a way to make the audience think monsters were real, and they really hit the mark. The marketing campaign stood out and was successful in bringing Trese to the top list of Netflix shows when it was released.

Their out-of-the-box thinking successfully integrated two different worlds.

A fun fact about Trese’s campaign is that it was also made by GIGIL Productions, the team responsible for the RC Cola commercial.

3. Red Notice

Publicity Stunt

AJ Marketing - 7 Most Successful Marketing Campaigns in the Philippines - Red Notice Publicity Stunt

Speaking of blurring the lines between reality and fantasy, Red Notice also brought its A-game.

Red Notice is an American comedy-action film distributed by Netflix. It revolved around an FBI agent who wanted to capture internationally notorious criminals. These criminals steal the world’s most precious historical items, like Cleopatra’s bejeweled eggs.

Red Notice’s marketing team created a marketing stunt that confused reality and movie. News spread fast about the Mall of Asia’s 50-foot Earth Globe structure disappearing in the middle of the night. The Mall of Asia added fuel to the fire when it released a public notice stating that they were investigating the disappearance of the Globe.

A few hours later, it was revealed to be a publicity stunt for the Red Notice premiere. The post already reached thousands of likes and shares on Facebook, which gave Red Notice instant virality and national attention.

What made it successful

Much like the Trese billboard campaign, the Red Notice tapped on viral marketing and brought the movie characters to life. The Red Notice marketing team were able to get social media attention by making it seem as if international criminals were really targeting the renowned Globe. Since the PR stunt was so close to reality, news spread around faster than lightning.

4. Smart Communications

“Break Down Barriers” Commercial

Let's talk about Smart Communications: you know, that wireless communications and digital services company that's pretty much everywhere in the Philippines. Well, in 2016, they did something pretty amazing. They released a commercial called "Break Down Barriers," which was all about supporting the LGBTQ community.

And let me tell you, this commercial was powerful. It told the story of a father who was trying to connect with his son on social media, but his friend request had been left hanging. The son was afraid to accept his father's request because he didn't know if his dad would accept him for who he really was--a gay man with a male partner.

But after some internal struggle, the son finally accepts his father's friend request. And what happens next is truly heartwarming. The son tells his dad, "Dad, I accepted you already." And the father responds, "Son, I have accepted you too."

I mean, come on. How amazing is that? Smart Communications really showed how the power of storytelling can make a huge impact, and how acceptance and love can break down even the toughest barriers.

What made it successful

In a predominantly-Catholic country, LGBTQ acceptance in the Philippines is quite unwelcomed. Smart’s commercial was one of the first TV commercials which openly discusses homosexuality. The commercial used the power of storytelling by showing the world the struggles of LGBTQ members in coming out to their parents.

Although the topic was taboo in the country, Smart was able to create video content which was tasteful, heartwarming, and effective in delivering the message of “breaking down barriers” among family members.

5. Orocan Philippines

“Pa-star ang Orocan” Commercial

Oh man, Filipinos really love to laugh, don't they? And Orocan Philippines knows that better than anyone. You might have heard of them--they're the brand that makes plastic containers and water pails that are practically indestructible.

Now, Orocan has always been known for their funny billboard campaigns and videos, but they really outdid themselves with their latest commercial. It's called "Pa-star ang Orocan," and it's basically a hilarious take on a typical Filipino scenario.

In the commercial, this dude is taking a bath beside a water pump when he realizes that the non-Orocan water pail he's using is cracked and leaking water. He looks up at the sky and sees a constellation in the shape of a water pail. And then...the Orocan pail comes crashing down from the sky. It's ridiculous, but in the best way possible.

And get this--at the end of the commercial, they introduce a constellation filter. If you can find the water pail-shaped constellation in the night sky, you win a prize. It's like a parody of the Big Dipper and Little Dipper constellations, but way more fun.

So if you ever need a good laugh, just think of Orocan Philippines and their wacky commercials.

What made it successful

Several factors led to the success of this commercial–relatability, humor, and interaction.

First, the Filipinos resonated with it, as it depicted a scene common to Pinoy life. Second, it grabbed the attention of the audience because of its humorous content. Not only did it catch the attention of the viewers, but it also maintained the same until the end. Lastly, it offered an interactive part with the constellation app. Those who find the constellation using the filter on Facebook and Instagram will see the hidden promo code for a 15% discount on Shopee and Lazada.

6. Camella Homes

“Sikip” TV Ad

You know what's a classic? That TV ad from Camella Homes. You know the one--with the catchy song that just won't leave your head? It's been around for ages, but it still holds a special place in people's hearts.

Camella Homes is one of the most well-known house and lot builders in the Philippines, and their "Sikip" TV ad from 2009 is still remembered by many. It tells the story of a little girl who thinks she's still living in a tiny, cramped house. Her movements are restricted, and she feels stuck. But then she realizes that her family has actually moved to a bigger home, and suddenly she can stretch out her arms and move freely.

The whole thing is set to this theme music called "Bulilit," which means "small." And let me tell you, that song will stick in your head for days.

It's a simple story, but it really resonated with people. And even years later, it's still considered one of the most memorable ads in the Philippines.

What made it successful

Filipinos love music–they love to sing, create music, and hear music. Camella Homes was able to utilize this when it created the “Bulilit” song.

First, the song told and enhanced the story while the same was being visualized by the actors. Second, the song was simple, repetitive, and easy to remember. Lastly, the song’s melody got stuck into people’s heads, that they were singing the song without them realizing it. Thus, the commercial sparked action, enhanced exposure, and reinforced sales.

7. GRWM Cosmetics

Influencer Marketing Campaign for Milk Tints

AJ Marketing - 7 Most Successful Marketing Campaigns in the Philippines - 7 GRWM Cosmetics Influencer Marketing Campaign for Milk Tints

Okay, let's talk about TikTok. You know it's one of the most popular social media apps in the Philippines, right? Well, it turns out that influencers are one of the most-followed account types by Filipino social media users. And that's exactly what GRWM Cosmetics was banking on when they launched their Milk Tints campaign.

Now, GRWM is a small and local cosmetics brand in the Philippines, but they know how to make a splash. Their Milk Tints are these creamy, milky tint products that are seriously amazing. And to get the word out, they teamed up with some of the biggest beauty and cosmetics influencers on TikTok.

Influencers like Norikuh, Kai Javier, Jasmin, and Killakushla got PR packages from GRWM and created all sorts of content around the Milk Tints. They did unboxing videos, swatching videos, first impressions, and product reviews, all while creating a super positive image around the product. And you know what? It worked. Their followers saw how amazing the Milk Tints were, and they went out and bought them too.

It just goes to show how a little bit of influencer marketing can go a long way in the Philippines.

What made it successful

GRWM chose influencers who were the best fit to represent its products. The influencers chosen were credible and were considered experts when it came to cosmetics and makeup. Moreover, the audience of these influencers were tight-knit with mutual trust.

Since GRWM chose influencers with wide followings, these influencer marketing videos were all over TikTok during the product launch. It led to wide exposure for the Milk Tints, and increased conversions leading to sales.


Even when you think everything has already been done in marketing, there are always new and untapped ways you still haven’t explored. The Philippines is riddled with ads left and right. The Philippine media is already saturated with marketing campaigns, so standing out from the crowd may seem near impossible. However, the examples above prove otherwise.

We provided you with the most remarkable and most successful marketing campaigns in the Philippines. We hope you were able to take a few lessons from them which you can implement in your own future campaigns.

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