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Top 11 Filipino Sports & Fitness Influencers

AJ Marketing - Top 11 Filipino Sports & Fitness Influencers

Hey, want to discover some of the Philippines' top fitness inspos? These are the sports and fitness influencers who can help you get motivated and back into shape! Let's face it, with the onset of the pandemic, most of us found ourselves sitting in front of screens all day, while working or studying from home. With gyms closed, we turned to fitness influencers who shared their diets, daily routines, and mindset to help us build confidence. And the good news is that more and more content creators are gaining recognition, both from the general public and from sports and athletic brands.

But sports and fitness influencers are not only followed for their inspirational lifestyles, they're also experts when it comes to footwear, clothing, and equipment recommendations. They can convey a brand's message to their audience with authenticity through digital channels, and that's why they're so valuable to sports advertising strategies. In fact, the Philippines' sports industry revenue has been on the rise since 2017 and is projected to continue growing until 2025.

AJ Marketing - Top 11 Filipino Sports & Fitness Influencers - Revenue in the Sports & Outdoor segment in the Philippines from 2017 to 2025

Fitness influencers offer a range of content and specialties, from yoga to gym exercises, circuit training routines, and advice on achieving a healthy diet. And they're on various social media platforms, from Instagram and TikTok to YouTube.

So whether you're looking for a brand ambassador or just want to learn from the healthiest and strongest influencers out there, you've come to the right place. We've curated a list of the top Filipino sports and fitness influencers who can inspire you and make you break a sweat. Let's check them out!

AJ Marketing - Top 11 Filipino Sports & Fitness Influencers-Connect

Top 11 Filipino Sports & Fitness Influencers ⬇️

Followers: 117K

Topics: Yoga, Diving

Meet Joanne Villablanca, a fitness trainer who's all about yoga, rescue diving, and public speaking. Her Instagram is filled with stunning photos of her in different yoga poses, as well as pictures and videos of her diving, exercise routines, health supplement recommendations, and even food diaries. She's a true fitness inspiration!

Followers: 210K

Topics: Volleyball, Safe Pregnancy Workouts, Home Workouts

If you're a fan of volleyball, you need to check out Melissa Nacino. She's a Filipino athlete who's married to celebrity Roco Nacino, and she's been sharing her fitness journey with her followers. Before pregnancy, she used to post about her bikini body, home workouts, and lifestyle. But now, she's all about safe workouts for pregnant women and keeping her athletic spirit alive while on her way to motherhood. She also shares product recommendations for home equipment, food, supplements, and apparel.

Subscribers: 293K

Topics: Gym Exercises, Diet, Coaching

Have you heard of Jacob Alava? He's an evidence-based fitness coach who's on a mission to help as many people as he can. He used to work as a banker, but now he's one of the fastest-rising fitness content creators on YouTube. His videos are packed with fitness tips and advice that he draws from his personal experiences and mistakes. By practicing what he preaches, he's gained the trust and confidence of his subscribers. He also shares insights on diet and gym routines, so you can learn a lot from him!

Followers: 358.9K

Topics: Workout Challenges, Home and Gym Workout

AJ Marketing - Top 11 Filipino Sports & Fitness Influencers - 8 Camille Medina

Have you seen Camille Medina's workout challenges on TikTok? She's a fitness trainer who's gained netizens' attention by executing exercises with a huge smile on her face. Her energy and facial expressions make everything look so easy and effortless. Check out her page for home and gym workout routines, specialized for each body part.

Subscribers: 546K

Topics: Weight Loss, Diet, Home Workout

AJ Marketing - Top 11 Filipino Sports & Fitness Influencers - 7 Kat Aglipay

Meet Kat Aglipay, your virtual workout buddy! She's open about her past struggles with an eating disorder and how she overcame it to foster a healthy relationship with food. Now, she shares her diet and weight loss tips on her channel, along with 10-minute daily workouts for busy Pinoys at home. She used to be an accountant, but she's now a full-time YouTuber, fitness influencer, dancer, and a certified diet and fitness coach. Follow her journey and let her guide you towards a healthier lifestyle!

Followers: 1.0M

Topics: Volleyball, Pilates, Diving

Rachel Daquis is more than just a Filipino volleyball player. She started her career at Far Eastern University and won the inter-collegiate volleyball competition, UAAP. Since then, she's become a professional player, a pilates teacher, and an online influencer. She's worked with different brands, such as HBO GO, Nivea, BM Max Health Drink, and Cignal TV. Rachel is the epitome of a multi-talented athlete, and she continues to inspire people to pursue their passions.

Followers: 781K

Topic: Basketball

You might have heard of Kobe Paras, the Filipino professional basketball player for Altiri Chiba of the B2 League in Japan. He used to be part of the Philippine national basketball team, and he's the son of Benjie Paras, a retired basketball player turned comedian and TV host. Kobe is verified on Instagram, with over 800K followers. You'll mostly see him posting pictures of himself playing basketball and hanging out with his family and friends. He's definitely a star on and off the court!

Followers: 1.4M

Topics: Home and Gym Workout, Diet

AJ Marketing - Top 11 Filipino Sports & Fitness Influencers - 4 Brenthlete

Meet Brent Seniedo, also known as Brenthlete! He's a fitness enthusiast and influencer from Cebu, Philippines. What makes Brent inspiring is that he only started his fitness journey when he was in his 30s, proving that it's never too late to start getting stronger and healthier. On his TikTok page, he shares how he's able to maintain his lean physique all year round, through diet and home workouts. He's particularly passionate about posting about food, helping his followers decide what to eat and what to avoid. Let Brenthlete guide you towards a healthier lifestyle!

Followers: 1.8M

Topics: Football, Comedy, Lifestyle

If you're in need of a good laugh, you need to check out Nico Bolzico! He's an Argentine football player who's made the Philippines his home for the past decade. But he rose to even more fame when he married Solenn Heussaff, a beloved celebrity and model in the Philippines. Nico is a fitness inspiration for men, and a dream man for women who want someone with a great sense of humor. On his social media, he posts about his family, his workouts, and his comedy vlogs. He's also the ambassador of Old Spice Philippines, so you know he smells good too!

Followers: 6.6M

Topics: Body-building, Rugby, Comedy

AJ Marketing - Top 11 Filipino Sports & Fitness Influencers - 2 Eric Eruption Tai

Eric Tai is a man of many talents! He's a Tongan-born Filipino actor, model, TV host, comedian, and rugby union player who represented the Philippines. But don't let his muscles intimidate you, because he's also got a great sense of humor. You'll often find him uploading workout videos with added twists, like dancing to the latest TikTok songs while doing his routines. He's also into boxing and basketball, and he shares his tips and tricks for these sports on his social media. Follow Eric for some fitspiration and laughter!

Followers: 8.7M

Topics: Fitness, Fashion, Lifestyle

Solenn Heussaff is a force to be reckoned with! She's a Filipino-French actress and model who first caught the public's attention when she joined the TV reality show, Survivor Philippines. Since then, she's been in high demand by brands across all industries, from clothing and cosmetics to sports apparel and lifestyle products.

If you're a fan of Solenn, you'll love her Instagram account. She frequently posts about her family, especially her husband Nico Bolzico, who's always good for a laugh. You'll also see her sharing her workouts, which include videos of her boxing, pole dancing, and doing yoga. And if you're looking for health product recommendations, Solenn's got you covered! Follow her for a daily dose of fitness and fun.


As a nation generally concerned with physique, Filipinos rely on fitness and sports influencers for inspiration, motivation, tips, and routines. From the list above, it can be seen the content creators on this niche vary in specialty, ranging from yoga, pilates, volleyball, diet, to football. They also vary on chosen platform, with most utilizing Instagram.

We hope you were able to find an influencer to follow, or an influencer to help you on your next marketing campaign.

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