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11 Must-Follow Food Vloggers in the Philippines in 2023

AJ Marketing - 11 Must-Follow Food Vloggers in the Philippines

The Philippines is a country that's famous for a lot of things, from its sunny tropical climate to its stunning islands and amazing food. Food is a big deal here, and Filipinos are proud of their regional takes on popular cuisines. Take Adobo, for example, which can come in different versions such as Adobong Puti, Adobong Tagalog, and Adobong Ilonggo - it's all about the little twists that make a dish unique.

But it's not just about eating - Filipinos also love to cook, and with the rise of social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, food influencers are taking over the scene. You can find hundreds of content creators sharing their cooking tips, tricks, and recipes, and their audiences are loving it.

With more and more people ordering food online (more than 11 million last year!), the food industry in the Philippines is getting more competitive. If you want to make it, you need to stand out. That's why many food brands are turning to popular influencers for collaborations for their social media marketing campaigns. These influencers have the reach, expertise, and authenticity that can make a big difference for your brand.

AJ Marketing - 11 Must-Follow Food Vloggers in the Philippines - Online Food Delivery Overview in the Philippines in 2022

If you're looking to improve your cooking skills or promote your food brand, we've got you covered. We've compiled a list of the most popular food influencers in the Philippines that you need to follow. Get ready to feast your eyes (and your stomachs) on some amazing food!

The Top Food Vloggers in the Philippines are ⬇️

Followers: 26.9K

Meet Chichi Tullao-Garcia, also known as Happy Tummy Travels - a food and prop stylist, and a visual storyteller. She's a firm believer in taking people on a journey through taste. Whenever she's out exploring the Philippines or traveling abroad, she makes it a point to discover local delicacies that most people don't know about. Lucky for us, she shares all of her delicious finds on her Instagram account!

Check out Chichi's Instagram to see mouth-watering photos of all sorts of food, from sweet to savory, and everything in between. She also shares cooking tutorials and recommendations for amazing food products that you should try. Get ready to add some serious flavor to your feed!

Followers: 71.2K

Get ready to drool over the amazing food photos and videos on Cuisine ni Ria's Instagram account, also known as Cuisineria. Ria's specialty is creating delicious local dishes using ingredients that are easy to find in local markets. This makes her page super appealing to everyone, from foodies to home cooks. You'll also find helpful cooking tips and recipes, as well as promotions for awesome food products.

Followers: 93.3K

AJ Marketing - 11 Must-Follow Food Vloggers in the Philippines - 9Piareyrey

Meet Piareyrey - a travel and food influencer from the Philippines who's taking TikTok by storm. Her page is a treasure trove of mini vlogs and food reviews that will make your taste buds tingle. One of her most popular series is called "Honest Rating," where she gives her frank opinion on different foods from various restaurants. Her followers love her for her authenticity and transparency, and you will too!

Followers: 229.1K

AJ Marketing - 11 Must-Follow Food Vloggers in the Philippines - 8 Eunice Acupanda

Calling all sweet tooths! You're going to want to check out Eunice Acupanda's TikTok page. She's not only a talented baker and business owner but also a content creator who knows how to entice her viewers. Eunice's baking and cake decorating videos are so satisfying to watch, and her creativity, skills, and professionalism draw in customers for her business. Plus, she's previously worked with brands that specialize in baking needs and equipment, so you know she's the real deal.

Followers: 761.8K

AJ Marketing - 11 Must-Follow Food Vloggers in the Philippines - 7Kirby Quimado

Get ready to be wowed by Kirby Quimado's food videos on TikTok. He first gained popularity when he posted clean, crisp, and stunningly beautiful videos of himself making a charcuterie board. But that's not all he can do - Kirby has expanded his content to include other variations of the board, like snack boxes, chicken wing boards, movie night boards, and even brunch boards! And if that's not enough, he also posts beverage tutorials and cooking videos that are just as impressive. You won't be able to look away!

Subscribers: 1.72M

You may know Judy Ann Santos as a beloved actress and host, but did you know she's also an incredible chef? That's right - she's been making cooking videos on YouTube, showcasing her skills in the kitchen and her pride in being an amazing wife and mom. Judy Ann's tutorials cover a range of Filipino dishes as well as her unique takes on international cuisine. And with her comedic nature, you can always expect her videos to be lighthearted and fun.

Subscribers: 1.91M

Meet Ninong Ry, also known as Ryan Morales Reyes - one of the most popular chefs on the Filipino online scene. Ninong Ry talks in an unadulterated and comedic way, and is almost careless when cooking. However, this transparency and authenticity is what made him relatable and highly appealing to the Filipino community. Ryan’s recipes are also bomb, always having a different, yet exciting, twist to Filipino dishes.

Ninong Ry graduated with a culinary degree from an esteemed university in the Philippines. He also worked as a head chef at a certain restaurant before becoming a content creator. He’s worked with several brands in the past.

Followers: 2.5M

AJ Marketing - 11 Must-Follow Food Vloggers in the Philippines - 4 Abi Marquez

You haven't lived until you've tried Abi Marquez's "lumpia experiments." Abi is the queen of lumpia on Philippine social media, and her content is nothing short of amazing. She started gaining popularity with a series of videos where she wrapped all sorts of food in lumpia wrappers and deep-fried them to perfection. And you know what? Her creations were top-notch.

Abi has a degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management from the University of the Philippines Diliman, so you can trust that she knows what she's doing. Aside from her incredible lumpia recipes, Abi also shares tutorials for other mouth-watering dishes, like lasagna, steak, and air-fried salmon.

Followers: 2.7M

AJ Marketing - 11 Must-Follow Food Vloggers in the Philippines - 3 Hazel Cheffy

Chef Hazel knows how to make cooking look like a breeze. She used to work as a cook at an establishment within an executive village in Manila before deciding to go to culinary school to level up her skills. Now, Hazel is known for her lighthearted videos, cooking ASMRs, easy recipes, and random singing on the internet.

On her TikTok account, you'll find all sorts of awesome content, from recipes and grocery hauls to kitchen tours and mini vlogs. Hazel's videos will inspire you to get in the kitchen and whip up something delicious.

Subscribers: 3.2M

Meet Erwan Heussaff, the YouTuber who's captured hearts all over the Philippines and beyond. You might know him as the husband of Filipina celebrity Anne Curtis, or as the brother of celebrity and model Solenn Heussaff. But Erwan is a star in his own right, with a passion for good food, travel, and fitness. He created "The Fat Kid Inside" blog to share his love of healthy yet delicious food with the world.

On his YouTube channel, Erwan shares easy-to-cook meals that anyone can make at home. He even answers his subscribers' requests, like making meal plans that are budget-friendly for the average Filipino. And when he collaborates with other food content creators, like Ninong Ry and Abi Marquez, you know it's going to be a feast for the senses.

Subscribers: 6.41M

Get ready to fall in love with Vanjo Merano, the creator of Panlasang Pinoy - a blog and YouTube channel that celebrates the rich flavors of Filipino and Asian cuisine. Vanjo's passion for Filipino food is contagious, and he's made it his mission to teach people how to cook their favorite dishes using the simplest methods possible.

On his channel, Vanjo shares hundreds of recipes with his fans, from classic adobo to deliciously unique twists on international cuisine like Japanese, Korean, and French. But no matter what he's cooking, he always adds a special Filipino touch that sets his food apart. Get your taste buds ready!


Filipinos are certainly foodies who love to eat, and at the same time, cook. Each household has a family member whose dishes taste like heaven. The newer generation is exploring other ways of learning how to cook, such as by watching vloggers and reading blogs. The Filipino food culture surely contributes to the rising popularity of food influencers and content creators in the Philippines.

Above, we have shared a list of the most-favorite food vloggers in the Philippines. These influencers bring 5-star cuisines to average Filipino homes. These content creators are regarded as experts in cooking, whose recommendations are given heavy weight by their viewers. Of course, these vloggers contribute largely to the success of food brands when marketing online.

We hope you were able to find the next chef you’d like to learn from, or work with.

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