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Top 11 Crypto Influencers in Indonesia in 2024

AJ Marketing - Top 11 Crypto Influencers in Indonesia

The digital age has ushered in a myriad of innovations, and among the most groundbreaking is the rise of cryptocurrency. In Indonesia, the crypto wave has not just touched its shores but has made a significant splash. A recent survey reveals that a staggering 20.1% of internet users in the archipelago nation own some form of cryptocurrency. This isn't just a mere statistic; it places Indonesia 6th in the world in terms of crypto adoption, a testament to its burgeoning digital economy and the enthusiasm of its netizens.

AJ Marketing - Top 11 Crypto Influencers in Indonesia - Ownership of Crypto

But behind this impressive adoption rate lies the influence of several key individuals who have championed the cause of digital currencies in the country. These influencers, through their insights, expertise, and relentless advocacy, have played a pivotal role in shaping perceptions and fostering an environment conducive to crypto growth in Indonesia. Their voices resonate with both novices and seasoned crypto enthusiasts, guiding them through the intricate maze of the digital currency world.

As we delve deeper into the realm of cryptocurrency in Indonesia, it's imperative to spotlight these trailblazers. In this blog, we'll introduce you to the top crypto influencers in Indonesia who have left an indelible mark on the industry in 2023. From YouTube channels to TikTok accounts, these influencers are the torchbearers of the crypto revolution in Indonesia. So, whether you're a crypto newbie or a seasoned trader, stay tuned to learn from the best in the business.

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Crypto Influencers in Indonesia ⬇️

Followers: 61.5K

AJ Marketing - Top 11 Crypto Influencers in Indonesia - 11

Angga Andinata is a name synonymous with crypto education in Indonesia. As the founder of, he's pioneered the first free crypto learning web book in the country. His account is a treasure trove of educational videos that demystify the complex world of cryptocurrency. But it's not just about tutorials; Angga ensures his followers are always in the loop with the latest news, invaluable insights, and practical tips. His dedication to spreading knowledge sets him apart, making him the #1 Web3 Key Opinion Leader in Indonesia.

Subscribers: 107K

Kevin Sailly embarked on his YouTube journey with a clear mission: to share his financial insights and analyses based on his rich experience in the Financial Industry. While he humbly states he's neither a financial educator nor expert, the value he provides is undeniable. His channel is a haven for those seeking a fresh perspective on finance, economy, and, notably, cryptocurrency. Kevin's genuine intent to build a community and assist viewers in their research and analysis process shines through in every video.

Followers: 93.1K

AJ Marketing - Top 11 Crypto Influencers in Indonesia - 9

Tommy Yu wears many hats - a Wealth Educator, Crypto Enthusiast, and an avid Digital Creator on TikTok. His passion? Sharing his extensive knowledge. With expertise spanning the Finance Industry, Education, IDX Stock Market, Forex, and Internet Marketing, Tommy's content is both diverse and enlightening. His TikTok is a testament to his commitment to imparting knowledge, making finance and crypto more accessible to the masses.

Followers: 96.7K

Sarjana Crypto is a beacon of information on Twitter for all things crypto in Indonesia. Recognized as the #1 Page leading Bitcoin communities in the country, he consistently delivers daily crypto news and updates. Beyond just news, Sarjana Crypto has been instrumental in helping thousands grasp the intricacies of cryptocurrency. Its in-depth reviews of various crypto projects offer a clear and concise overview, aiding followers in making informed decisions.

Followers: 132.8K

AJ Marketing - Top 11 Crypto Influencers in Indonesia - 7

With a mantra like "no chart, no life," Andy Senjaya's dedication to the world of trading is evident. Boasting nine years of professional trading experience, Andy's primary goal is to educate the Indonesian populace to become astute traders. His expertise lies in technical analysis, and his channel is a deep dive into understanding technical price movements in the stock capital market and other investment instruments. Andy's passion for sharing insights and education is truly commendable.

Subscribers: 159K

Andre Rizky is a master of brevity and precision. As a Forex & Crypto Technical Trader, he has a knack for delivering trading tips in just 10 minutes. His tutorials span a range of topics, from crypto to various trading apps, making complex concepts seem simple. But Andre's vision goes beyond just tutorials; he's on a mission to teach individuals the art of full-time trading. His content is a roadmap for those aspiring to make trading their profession.

Subscribers: 179K

Coinvestasi is on a mission to demystify the intricate concepts of blockchain, crypto, and web3 for the masses. With a firm belief that cryptocurrency is for everyone, they've taken it upon themselves to educate Indonesia's youth in a clear and concise manner. Their content, under the banner of #EverythingCanCrypto, spans a wide range, from macroeconomic views on crypto to in-depth project reviews and whitepapers. Their unique selling point? Making complex topics accessible and easy to grasp for all.

Subscribers: 1.39M

Felicia Putri Tjiasaka is a beacon in the finance and investment sector, especially as a woman in a predominantly male niche. Identifying as an Investment Storyteller, she seamlessly blends her roles as a content creator and entrepreneur. Through her platforms on YouTube and Instagram, she offers invaluable money lessons, insights into investments, the economy, and the crypto sector. Her approach is both refreshing and necessary, providing a diverse perspective in the industry.

Subscribers: 1.38M

Michael Sugiharto, the face behind Teknobie, offers a fresh take on money-making applications, games, and technology. His content is a blend of reviews and practical advice, especially for those new to the crypto scene. From tips tailored for crypto novices to guidance on ensuring the safety of crypto wallets and mastering crypto apps, Teknobie is a one-stop-shop for tech and crypto enthusiasts seeking clarity and reliability.

Subscribers: 2.28M

From a young age, Kenwilboy showcased his financial acumen, starting his earnings journey at just 14. Today, he stands as a trader with CTA competency, an investor, and a budding entrepreneur. His experiences and insights, stemming from years in the field, make his content invaluable for those looking to delve into trading and investments. His Certified Technical Analyst background further solidifies his position as a trusted voice in the crypto community.

Subscribers: 4.16M

Success Before 30 is more than just a channel; it's a movement. Focusing on interviews with the crème de la crème of the industry, from crypto company owners to accomplished traders, the content is a blend of education and experience. For those seeking a mix of motivation, inspiration, and actionable advice on achieving milestones before hitting 30, this is the place to be. The platform's overarching goal is clear: to help young adults harness their potential and craft a life filled with achievements.


In the digital age, where cryptocurrency is becoming an integral part of our financial fabric, having reliable sources of information is crucial. These influencers are shaping the crypto conversation in Indonesia. Each brings a unique perspective, ensuring that whether you're a novice or a seasoned trader, there's something for everyone. As the crypto sector continues to grow and evolve, these voices will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in guiding, educating, and inspiring many. Stay tuned to their channels, and you'll be well-equipped to make informed decisions in the crypto space.

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