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Top 11 Influencer Marketing Examples in Indonesia

AJ Marketing - Top 11 Influencer Marketing Examples in Indonesia

Hey there! Have you heard of influencer marketing? It's been all the rage in Indonesia lately, and for good reason. Instead of bombarding potential customers with hard-sell tactics, influencer marketing focuses on building genuine relationships with social media users through the promotion of products and services by influencers, experts, and content creators. This digital marketing strategy is also paving ways for brands in 2023!

And it's not just a passing trend either. Brands in Indonesia are investing more and more in influencer advertising, with a whopping $153.3 million US dollars spent in 2022 alone! Influencers in Indonesia can be found on popular platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

AJ Marketing - Top 11 Influencer Marketing Examples in Indonesia - Influencer Advertising Overview Indonesia

So, what's the big deal with influencer marketing? Well, by leveraging the large follower bases of influencers, brands can expand their reach and engage with their target audience in a more authentic way. Plus, it has been proven to increase brand engagement, conversion rates, and provide greater ROI.

Of course, not every influencer marketing campaign is a success. That's why we've put together a list of the best influencer marketing campaign examples in Indonesia for you to take inspiration from. We hope these examples will help you to create a campaign that captures the attention of the Indonesian market and sets your brand up for success.

Top Influencer Marketing Examples in Indonesia ⬇️

11. Listerine

Have you heard about Listerine's influencer marketing campaign? They've come out with a new product, Listerine Gum Care, and they've teamed up with five influencers to help spread the word.

Each influencer posted one photo and three Instagram stories on their accounts. One of the influencers, Kadek Arini, even shared a personal accomplishment - opening her very own studio! And you know what helped her achieve the perfect smile? You guessed it - Listerine Gum Care.

The campaign was a huge success, with each post and story reaching hundreds of thousands of viewers. Kadek's post alone even got more than 2.5K likes! It just goes to show the power of influencer marketing when done right.

10. Sony Pictures

Check out Sony Pictures' social media campaign! They wanted to create a buzz for their newest movie, Little Women, and they turned to influencers to help spread the word.

Sony Pictures partnered with six amazing influencers, all of whom had a large following of mostly women. One of the influencers was Hannah Alrashid, who shared some stunning pictures of herself posing in front of a massive Little Women poster. She also wrote a glowing review of the movie in her caption, which really got her followers excited to watch it.

And boy, did the campaign work! Sony Pictures exceeded their goals by a whopping 300%. That just goes to show the power of influencer marketing when it's done right.

9. Pond’s

Have you seen this campaign from Pond's? They relaunched their popular product, Pond's Acne Solution, and teamed up with 40 beauty influencers on Instagram and YouTube.

The influencers shared content about their daily skincare routines, which included using Pond's Acne Solution. But it wasn't just a regular campaign - it was a "brand challenge" where all the influencers participated in a three-day face regime challenge. And the best part? They encouraged their followers to join in and share their own content!

The campaign was a massive hit, with 1.05 million accumulated content views across all platforms. It's no surprise - when you combine a great product with engaging content and a fun challenge, you're bound to succeed!

8. Shopee

Check this out - Shopee partnered with 20 influencers to create a buzz around their "Birthday Campaign Sale" and "End of Year Giveaways". They really covered all the bases, working with influencers from different niches like travel, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty.

The influencers shared photos and videos using the hashtag #ShopeeBirthdaySale to let their followers know about Shopee's upcoming promotions. And boy, did it work! Just one week into the campaign, over 200 pieces of content had been posted on Instagram, racking up thousands of views and likes.

One of the influencers who really nailed it was @attahalilintar. His post alone got over 80K Instagram users engaged in the campaign. It's clear that influencer marketing can really boost a brand's reach and engagement - especially when you've got such great partners on board!

7. Pepsodent

Get this - Pepsodent launched a campaign to spread smiles all across Indonesia with their hashtag, #SenyumSatuIndonesia. They teamed up with some awesome Instagram influencers like Arief Muhammad, Audy, Tasya Kamila, and Nyctagina to start a trend of using the hashtag on their posts. Plus, they encouraged all Instagram users to join in by sharing their own smiling pictures with the same hashtag.

One of the influencers who really knocked it out of the park was Audy, a talented singer and mother content creator. She shared photos of her and her daughter's brushing experience and explained how Pepsodent's active ingredients could help prevent cavities. And let me tell you, her post got a lot of love! It received over 11.6K engagements from Instagram users.

It's so cool to see how a simple hashtag can bring people together and spread positivity. Way to go, Pepsodent!

6. Fanta Indonesia

Have you heard about Fanta Indonesia's influencer marketing campaign? It was super creative! They wanted to relaunch their Fanta Orange product, so they came up with a fun challenge that involved 10 lifestyle influencers.

The influencers shared sponsored videos on their pages, asking their followers a question: "How far will you go to taste a bottle of Fanta?" They also used the hashtag #PejuangKeseruan, which ended up trending on Indonesian social media during the campaign.

What really made this campaign stand out was Fanta's careful selection of influencers who perfectly fit their fun, funky, and light-hearted image. And it worked! The campaign was a huge success, generating tons of buzz and engagement. Way to go, Fanta!

5. Johnson & Johnson Acuvue

Listen up, have you heard about Acuvue's campaign, "Define"? They wanted to target middle to upper-class women and asked them to share how they use Acuvue in their daily lives.

To help spread the word, Acuvue teamed up with six macro influencers to create a whopping 31 Instagram posts: 24 photos, 4 videos, and 3 stories. These posts showed the influencers using Acuvue in their daily lives, which really resonated with their followers.

One of the influencers who really stood out was Acha Sinaga. Acuvue collaborated with her during her wedding, which was a genius move to show that Acuvue can be relied on during big moments.

The campaign was a major success, with millions of views and boosted Instagram engagement for Acuvue. It just goes to show that when you collaborate with the right influencers and tell a compelling story, you can really make an impact!

4. Dettol Indonesia

AJ Marketing - Top 11 Influencer Marketing Examples in Indonesia - Dettol Indonesia Marketing

Let's take a look at Dettol's campaign on TikTok. They're all about promoting a healthy Indonesia with their hashtag #KeluargaSehatIndonesiaKuat.

Dettol teamed up with some awesome influencers and asked them to dance to the campaign song while demonstrating proper hand-washing techniques. The campaign was also an effort to support Indonesia's fight against COVID-19.

But it wasn't just about dancing - Dettol wanted to encourage all Indonesians to adopt three simple healthy habits: washing hands with soap, taking a bath after outdoor activities, and disinfecting their homes regularly. Talk about spreading some serious health awareness!

And it worked! The hashtag became a trend, with over a million uses on TikTok. Way to go, Dettol - it's great to see companies doing their part to keep us healthy and safe.

3. Samsung Indonesia

You won't believe what Samsung Indonesia did to launch their product, the Samsung Galaxy S21. They came up with a whole series of campaigns, each one designed to get people excited and engaged!

Before the launch, Samsung partnered with some amazing Instagram influencers to share stories that would pique their followers' curiosity. And it worked! People couldn't wait to see what the new phone was all about.

When the day finally arrived, the influencers went live on Instagram to showcase the product, explaining its specs and showing real-time usage. It was such a cool way to give people a firsthand look at the new phone.

And the best part? The campaigns were a major success! Samsung reached their targeted views and engagement, and the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 512 GB even became a bestseller. It just goes to show the power of influencer marketing when it's done right.

2. Pantene

Next up, Pantene's campaign, Rambut Tanpa Batas, on their YouTube channel. It's so cool! They teamed up with some awesome women influencers to motivate and inspire other women to be creative, strong, and young at heart - and to become Pantene shampoo ambassadors!

Using the branded hashtags #KitaDutaShampoPantene and #RambutTanpaBatas, Pantene encouraged their audience to share their own experiences as women. It's such a positive message, and it's great to see a brand using their platform to uplift and empower others.

Plus, the video also marked Pantene's 30th year in Indonesia, making it even more special. And the response has been incredible - with thousands of positive reactions from the audience. Way to go, Pantene - here's to many more years of spreading positive vibes and great hair!

1. Tokopedia

Last, but definitely not the least, is Tokopedia's influencer marketing campaign. They used the hashtag #MulaiAjaDulu and collaborated with influencers from all over social media and digital platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

They even teamed up with some of the biggest names in the game, like Arief Muhammad, Reza Oktovian, Edho Zell, and Jess No Limit, as well as a bunch of macro and micro influencers.

One influencer who really stood out was Arief Muhammad. He posted pictures of his epic gadget collection and asked his followers what kind of gadget they wanted to buy. He also let them in on some of the big discounts and cashbacks that Tokopedia was offering - and even included a link in his bio that redirected to the platform.

And it worked! His post alone got 25.2K likes and brought Tokopedia even more exposure as the leading ecommerce platform in Indonesia. Talk about a win-win situation!


Influencer marketing is widely-used in Indonesia due to its proven effectiveness in driving higher exposure, conversions, and ROI. Influencer marketing's success in Indonesia lies with the fact that this market mainly discovers brands using social networks, blogs, and expert reviews. Influencers became the avenue for research before the market makes their purchase decisions. Thus, influencers offer value to brands by extending their large follower bases and already-fostered authentic relationships.

In this list, we can see that successful marketing campaigns need more than just a famous person at the center. The influencer needs to match your brand values, and needs to have the audience you aim to reach. You can also be creative with your campaign through the use of hashtags and challenges.

We hope this list has encouraged you to start your own influencer marketing campaign for your brand launch in Indonesia.

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