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Top 11 Influencer Marketing Examples in Indonesia

Top 10 Best Influencer Marketing Examples in Indonesia

Influencer marketing is hailed as the top marketing and advertising trend in Indonesia. This marketing strategy relies on the ability of influencers, experts, and content creators to promote products, and services in an authentic manner. Influencer marketing differs from your traditional marketing strategies as it avoids hard-selling and it focuses on building relationships with social media users. In Indonesia, influencer marketing has proven itself effective for brands who are getting started with their international expansion.

The most favorite social media platforms in Indonesia are WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube. On these platforms, a big chunk of the Indonesian market follows influencers, beauty experts, performers, and brands. Lastly, internet users in Indonesia use social networks, reviews, blogs, and video sites for brand discover and research. These numbers explain why influencer marketing is the recommended strategy when entering the Indonesian market.

Main Channels for Online Brand Research in Indonesia 2022

Influencer marketing expands a brand's reach because it leverages on influencers' large follower base which he/she has developed for years. Influencer marketing has also been noted to increase brand engagement, and to give higher conversion rates and greater ROI.

No doubt, influencer marketing can give that booming entrance your brand needs in order to captivate the Indonesian market. Of course, not all influencer marketing campaigns realistically lead to success--that's why we curated this list of best influencer marketing campaign examples for you to take a note or two.

We hope you get insights and ideas for your own influencer marketing campaign.

Top Influencer Marketing Campaigns in Indonesia ⬇️

  1. Tokopedia

  2. Pantene

  3. Samsung Indonesia

  4. Dettol Indonesia

  5. Johnson & Johnson Acuvue

  6. Fanta Indonesia

  7. Pepsodent

  8. Shopee

  9. Pond’s

  10. Sony Pictures

  11. Listerine

11. Listerine

Listerine made an influencer marketing campaign to promote their new product, Listerine Gum Care. Listerine worked with five influencers to post one photo and three Instagram stories on their corresponding Instagram accounts.

One of the influencers, Kadek Arini, created a post about her accomplishment--having her own new studio. This accomplishment made her smile a lot, and Listerine gum Care helped her to get the best smile.

The campaign was a success, reaching hundreds of thousands of viewers in each of the influencers' posts and stories. For Kadek Arini, alone, her post accumulated more than 2.5K likes.

10. Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures launched a social media campaign to gain audience awareness for their newest movie, Little Women. In this campaign, Sony Pictures partnered with 6 different influencers to make content on their Instagram accounts. The influencers were mainly composed of women whose followers also consist mostly of the female population.

One of the influencers is Hannah Alrashid. She uploaded pictures of herself in front of a huge poster of Little Women, while also writing good reviews about the movie in her caption.

The campaign was a success, reaching 300% more than the targeted goals.

9. Pond’s

Pond's used influencer marketing strategy to relaunch one of their products—Pond's Acne Solution. In this campaign, Pond's collaborated with 40 beauty influencers on Instagram and YouTube. The influencers were asked to post content about their daily skincare routine, which includes the use Pond's Acne Solution.

The campaign was in a "brand challenge" format where all of the influencers were asked to join a “3-days face regime challenge”. The influencers also encouraged their followers to participate in the challenge and post their own content.

This campaign was a huge success, earning 1.05 million accumulated content views on all platforms.

8. Shopee

Shopee collaborated with 20 influencers to increase their brand awareness through Shopee's "Birthday Campaign Sale" and "End of Year Giveaways”.

Each influencer who collaborated with Shopee came from different niches: travel, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and many others. The content creators posted photos and videos using the branded hashtag #ShopeeBirthdaySale to inform their corresponding followers about Shopee's upcoming promotions.

Just a week after the campaign started, more than 200 contents were posted on Instagram which got thousands of views and likes. In @attahalilintar's post alone, more than 80K Instagram user engaged in the campaign.

7. Pepsodent

Pepsodent made a campaign using the hashtag #SenyumSatuIndonesia. Instagram influencers such as Arief Muhammad, Audy, Tasya Kamila, and Nyctagina were asked to start a trend of using this hashtag on their Instagram posts. This campaign also encouraged Instagram users to post their own smiling pictures on their accounts while using the same hashtag.

Audy, a singer and a mother content creator, posted photos of her brushing experience together with her daughter. She also explained why Pepsodent active ingredients could help prevent cavities. Her post alone already gained more than 11.6K engagements from Instagram users.

6. Fanta Indonesia

Fanta Indonesia made a creative challenge as an influencer marketing strategy to relaunch their product, Fanta Orange. Fanta used 10 sponsored videos made by 10 lifestyle influencers who encouraged their followers to join this campaign on Instagram.

On their pages, the hired influencers asked their followers a question “How far will you go to taste a bottle of Fanta?”. They also used the branded hashtag #PejuangKeseruan which also became a trending hashtag in Indonesian during this period.

What made this campaign a success is Fanta's strategic choice of choosing influencers fit for its image -- fun, funky, and light-hearted.

5. Johnson & Johnson Acuvue

Acuvue, one of Johnson & Johnson's products, launched a campaign entitled “Define”, which targeted middle-upper class women. The campaign asked the audience to define how they use Acuvue in their daily life.

Acuvue collaborated with 6 macro influencers to create 31 Instagram contents: 24 Instagram photos, 4 Instagram videos, and 3 Instagram stories. Their posts showed their daily life which involve the use of Acuvue.

One of the influencers is Acha Sinaga. Acuvue collaborated with Acha during her wedding--a remarkable strategy in showing that Acuvue can be relied on by people during their big moments.

Acuvue's campaign was a success, gaining millions of views which boosted Acuvue's Instagram engagement.

4. Dettol Indonesia

Dettol Indonesia Marketing

Dettol launched the campaign “Keluarga Sehat Indonesia Kuat” with the TikTok hashtag #KeluargaSehatIndonesiaKuat . In this campaign, Dettol collaborated with influencers and asked them to dance to the campaign song while also showing people how to properly wash their hands. This campaign was also an effort to support Indonesia's battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through this campaign, Dettol encouraged all Indonesians to show their commitment in practicing 3 simple healthy habits: washing hands with hand soap, taking a bath after outdoor activities, and disinfecting their house everyday.

The hashtag became a trend and has been used for a million times.

3. Samsung Indonesia

Samsung Indonesia made a series of campaigns for their pre-launch, launch, tech review, and sustenance through 13 social media influencers and tech news websites.

On the pre-launch of Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung collaborated with Instagram influencers to post stories that will engage their followers and will make them curious what the new phone is about.

On the launched date, the influencers went live on Instagram to show the product to their followers, while also explaining its specifications and showing real-time usage.

The campaigns were successful, reaching the brand's targeted views and engagement. Also, Samsung Galaxy S21 became the best seller product at that time, especially Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 512 GB.

2. Pantene

Pantene released their campaign Rambut Tanpa Batas on their YouTube channel with the help of several women influencers. The campaign motivated women to be creative, strong, inspiring, and young at heart, also telling them that they can be Pantene shampoo ambassadors too.

Pantene encouraged their audience through branded hashtags #KitaDutaShampoPantene and #RambutTanpaBatas to post their own content about their experiences as women.

Aside from delivering a positive message, the video was also used to mark Pantene's 30th year in Indonesia. Since it was released, the video has received thousands of positive responses from the audience.

1. Tokopedia

Tokpedia utilized influencer marketing with the hashtag #MulaiAjaDulu. The brand collaborated with influencers from various social media and digital platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

Mega influencers such as Arief Muhammad, Reza Oktovian, Edho Zell, Jess No Limit and other macro and micro influencers were involved in this campaign.

Arief Muhammad posted pictures of him with his gadget collection and asked the audience what kind of gadget they wanted to buy. He also informed his followers about the big discounts and cashbacks Tokopedia offers, and asked his audience to check the link on his bio which redirects to Tokopedia.

His post alone already gained 25.4K likes, bringing higher exposure to Tokopedia, the leading ecommerce platform in Indonesia.


Influencer marketing is widely-used in Indonesia due to its proven effectiveness in driving higher exposure, conversions, and ROI. Influencer marketing's success in Indonesia lies with the fact that this market mainly discovers brands using social networks, blogs, and expert reviews. Influencers became the avenue for research before the market makes their purchase decisions. Thus, influencers offer value to brands by extending their large follower bases and already-fostered authentic relationships.

In this list, we can see that successful marketing campaigns need more than just a famous person at the center. The influencer needs to match your brand values, and needs to have the audience you aim to reach. You can also be creative with your campaign through the use of hashtags and challenges.

We hope this list has encouraged you to start your own influencer marketing campaign for your brand launch in Indonesia. If you need the help of experts in creating an influencer marketing campaign, check this list of 11 Best Influencer Marketing Agencies in Indonesia.

For more information on the Indonesian market, visit the AJ Marketing Blog.

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