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7 Best Gaming Influencers in Indonesia

AJ Marketing - 7 Best Gaming Influencers from Indonesia

Indonesia is emerging as a hotspot for the gaming community. With the digital age in full swing, it's no surprise that the nation is catching up with global gaming trends. A staggering 9% of internet users in Indonesia are now immersing themselves in the virtual world of video games, spanning across various devices. This surge in gaming enthusiasm has paved the way for a new breed of celebrities: gaming influencers.

These influencers, armed with charisma and unparalleled gaming skills, have managed to captivate audiences both locally and internationally. Their streams, reviews, and gameplays not only entertain but also guide, educate, and foster a sense of community among gamers. From mobile legends to PC masterpieces, these influencers are the go-to sources for insights, tips, and a good dose of fun.

AJ Marketing - 7 Best Gaming Influencers from Indonesia - Devices Used to Play Video Games Indonesia

In this blog, we'll dive deep into the world of Indonesian gaming and spotlight the top 7 gaming influencers in Indonesia who are making waves in the industry. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or just starting out, these influencers are sure to provide a fresh perspective and perhaps introduce you to your next favorite game. Join us as we embark on this virtual journey!

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Gaming Influencers in Indonesia ⬇️

Subscribers: 915K

JL Gaming is not just another gaming channel; it's a hub for both Mobile and PC gaming aficionados. Diving deep into popular titles like Friday Night Funkin and Among Us, this channel offers a mix of gameplay videos, invaluable tips & tricks, and the freshest updates on trending games. What sets JL Gaming apart is the genuine passion for gaming and the commitment to growing a community. With a rallying cry of "TO THE MOON!", subscribers are not just viewers; they're part of a journey. If you're seeking a channel that keeps you updated and entertained, JL Gaming is your go-to destination.

Followers: 630K

Vivi Indrawaty is more than just a gamer; she's a force to be reckoned with in the competitive gaming scene. As a professional player who recently clinched the top spot at the Skyesports SEA Championship with the Bigetron Era team, Vivi's prowess is undeniable. But it's not all about the accolades. Her social media is peppered with posts about major competitions, endorsements from brands like Eggy Party and Telkomsel, and insights into her gaming journey. Vivi's blend of skill, strategy, and engagement with her fans makes her a standout figure in the gaming community.

Subscribers: 948K

Dive into the eclectic gaming universe of Yudist Gaming, where variety truly is the spice of life. From spine-chilling horror games to immersive simulators and the playful world of Roblox, there's never a dull moment. But it's not just the games that draw fans in; it's the fun, light-hearted commentaries that accompany each playthrough. Yudist has a knack for making even the most intense gaming moments feel like a casual hangout. If you're in the mood for diverse gaming content with a side of laughter, Yudist Gaming should be on your radar.

Followers: 3.9M

Meet Miaw Aug, a gamer whose name resonates with the playful sounds of cats and dogs. A true animal lover at heart, Miaw Aug brings that same joy and enthusiasm to the gaming arena. Whether it's PC, mobile, or console games, you're in for a treat with each video. Beyond the games, it's Miaw Aug's infectious personality and genuine love for gaming that truly captivates. Miaw Aug invites you to join in the gaming adventures, one video at a time.

Subscribers: 4.05M

Stepping into the spotlight with a flair for Mobile Legends and an array of gaming content, Dwi Febrianto, better known as Dwi Woii, has carved a niche for himself in the Indonesian YouTube gaming community. In his 20s, his prowess in gaming and content creation is evident. Since the inception of his YouTube channel in July 2020, Dwi Woii has amassed a following of over 3.9 million subscribers, a testament to his engaging content and relatable persona. What truly sets Dwi apart is his genuine connection with his audience and his consistent dedication to bringing top-tier gameplay videos to the fore.

Subscribers: 4.33M

Afif Yulistian, with a mision to entertain through gaming, has emerged as a prominent figure in the Indonesian YouTube scene. His channel is a treasure trove of engaging gaming videos, showcasing his skills in titles ranging from "Shadow of the Tomb Raider" to "Minecraft" and the thrilling "Until Dawn". Recently, Afif has been diving into party animals and spine-tingling horror games, ensuring his content remains fresh and intriguing. Beyond his gaming expertise, it's Afif's authentic approach and commitment to his craft that resonates with his audience, making him a go-to source for gaming entertainment.

Followers: 7.2M

AJ Marketing - 7 Best Gaming Influencers from Indonesia - 1

Andra ST is not just a gamer; he's a storyteller, weaving narratives through RPG games and captivating his audience with entertaining commentaries and laugh-out-loud reactions. A significant portion of his content revolves around the popular game "Freefire", where his skills and strategies shine. But it's not just about the gameplay. Andra's unique charm lies in his interactive approach. He actively engages with his community, replying to comments, and even incorporating game requests from his fans. This two-way communication builds a sense of camaraderie and trust, making Andra ST's channel more than just a gaming platform—it's a community.


Indonesia boasts a roster of remarkable talents who have not only mastered the art of gameplay but also the craft of content creation. These influencers represent the pinnacle of gaming entertainment in the region. Their dedication, authenticity, and sheer passion for the games they play have garnered them millions of followers, and rightfully so. As the gaming industry continues to grow, these influencers are set to lead the charge, inspiring and entertaining legions of fans along the way.

Whether you're a seasoned gamer or someone just dipping their toes into the gaming universe, these are the names to watch and follow. Their journeys are a testament to the power of gaming, not just as a pastime, but as a platform for connection, community, and creativity.

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