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10 Best Gaming YouTubers in Japan in 2023

AJ Marketing - 10 Best Gaming YouTubers in Japan in 2023

Did you know that Japan is a goldmine for video games, gaming gear, and live streaming? It's true! Role-playing console games are twice as popular in Japan compared to other markets in 2022. And that's not all. Adventure and simulation games in this country have higher averages than anywhere else. It's no wonder the gaming industry in Japan is thriving, along with Japanese gaming influencers.

The Japanese have a real passion for video games, and that means gaming influencers are on the rise. And where do you think they like to stream their content? Yep, YouTube! In fact, Minecraft, Fortnite, and Pokemon are some of the top searches for 2023. And get this, 8.2% of internet users in Japan follow gaming experts and studios on social media. Impressive, right?

AJ Marketing - 10 Best Gaming YouTubers in Japan in 2023 - Top YouTube Searches in Japan 2023

Japan now has thousands of gaming influencers across all platforms, from TikTok, Instagram, to YouTube. Some gamers like to livestream actual games, while some prefer to show game highlights and make predictions for future battles. Others review gaming products such as consoles and gaming monitors, while some create tutorials on how to overcome hard levels.

Whatever content they focus on, one thing's for sure—a gaming product or service would get great value from YouTubers in launching their digital marketing campaigns.

So, if you are a gaming brand wanting to advertise in Japan, then collaborating with a YouTuber might be best for you. In order to choose the right influencer to represent your product, you must first know the ins and outs of YouTube's gaming landscape. We created a list of the top 10 gaming YouTubers in Japan to help you.

Top 10 Gaming YouTubers in Japan ⬇️

Subscribers: 312K Topic: Pokemon

Can you believe that Pokemon has been winning hearts since 1996? Bambee is just one of the many people who fell in love with these pocket monsters. His YouTube channel is entirely dedicated to Pokemon battles. He's all about exploring the endless possibilities of different Pokemon types and fighting styles. One time, he even tried a battle style that had no effect on his opponent's Pokemon, yet he still won. How cool is that?

Bambee is a master at making battles exciting and getting his viewers pumped up. He knows how to make you feel like you're right there with him, feeling all the exhilaration of each victory.

Subscribers: 878K Topics: Simulation, Indie games, RPG, Newly releases

Have you met Hayato? He's a gamer who loves to play RPGs, newly-released games, and his favorite - simulations. His channel is packed with tons of short clips featuring his "unconventional gameplay" style.

One of his most known gameplays is the one he implemented in Cities Skylines. He created spiral highways connected to the same spiral highways for the city entrance. He has this philosophy, “if you lay a road in a spiral shape, it will be a city that will never be congested”. Just like his name, he's known for his great ambition when overcoming different stages of the games.

Subscribers: 898K Topics: Horror, Indie games

Odagiri Kwento, more known as Odaken, likes to play overseas horror games that will make you jump in shock even though you're just watching from a screen. What makes his videos popular is the mix of fright and excitement while watching him play. His videos always warn his viewers that their eardrums might collapse from all his screaming, and he always delivers. Some of his fans even made him a "screaming collection" video because his reactions are always entertaining.

Subscribers: 987K Topic: Retro games, Vintage games

Forget the latest releases, Japan Gemu marches to the beat of his own drum. Instead of playing the most updated games, he heads to Japanese stores to look for retro video games and vintage game figures. His videos are a blast from the past, bringing back those sweet, sweet memories of our childhoods. One of his most popular videos is when he found and bought a working PlayStation 1. Watching his videos gives you that warm, nostalgic feeling.

Subscribers: 1.05M Topic: Pokemon

Raibarori's YouTube bio says it all - he's been playing Pokemon for his entire life! His channel is a haven for Pokemon fans, with plenty of battle streams and other related content. Raibarori even goes above and beyond, providing reviews and comparisons to help his viewers choose the best sword, shield, character or skill for their next battle. And if that wasn't enough, he also answers FAQs and even makes reaction videos. It's like having a personal Pokemon trainer at your fingertips!

Subscriber: 1.41M Topics: PUBG, COD, FPS

Have you ever heard of GENJ1 Gaming? He's a master of PUBG and COD gameplays and uses six fingers to do it! Some people might think that's crazy, but his fans love how GENJ1 makes it work. GENJ1's unique gaming skills are a real draw for his followers. They watch him to learn new tactics and strategies, study his gameplay, and try to replicate it themselves. If you're looking for tips on how to defeat your opponents in PUBG and COD, GENJ1's the one to watch.

Subscribers: 1.49M Topics: Pokemon, Mario Bros, RPGs

Meet Moko, the undisputed "King" of Pokemon Battle. He's been on YouTube since 2014 and is still going strong. With skills like his, it's no wonder he's earned several nicknames, like "King of Kitchen Poke Hunting", "the King of Nico Nico Douga", and "the Emperor of the Pokemon Battle World". But Moko's not just a one-trick pony - he also streams Mario Bros, RPGs, simulations, and puzzle games. No wonder he's the king of the gaming world!

Subscribers: 1.56M Topics: Mario Bros, Nintendo

Check out Juki PaPPa, your go-to guy for Mario Bros and other Nintendo games. He has a special place in his heart for Mario Kart, which he loves playing with other players online. What sets him apart is the way he narrates and reacts to his gameplays. He adds a touch of humor and storytelling that make his streams entertaining and enjoyable. His subscribers just can't get enough of his witty banter and infectious laughter.

Subscribers: 2.08M Topics: Horror and Thriller, Simulators, New-Releases

Natsuki Hanae proves that variety is the spice of life, even in gaming. He's not one to stick to a single game but instead shows off his skills across different genres, from Resident Evil Village to Mario Bros to Ragnarok and beyond. He's a jack-of-all-trades, and his subscribers love him for it. They appreciate his adaptability and flexibility in exploring various games and showcasing his mastery of each one. With over 2 million followers, he's definitely doing something right.

Subscribers: 2.1M Topics: Piano, Theme Music, Music Games

Yomii knows that music is an essential part of any game, and he takes it to the next level by creating beautiful piano covers of gaming theme music. But he's not just a musician; he's a gamer too. He loves playing music games with instrument accessories, and his passion for both music and gaming shines through in his channel. He's gained fans from all over the world, thanks to the universal language of music and the energy it brings to any game.


Gaming is a lucrative industry in Japan, with more average users of console RPGs, simulations, and adventure games than any other market. This rich gaming culture also caused the rise of gaming influencers across all social media platforms, but most especially on YouTube. The top searches on YouTube always include gaming keywords, and even gaming influencers. YouTubers help the Japan market know which strategy to use, what best gaming products to buy, and what the newest games in the market are.

Gaming content creators focus on different games and different forms of content. That's why knowing the influencer landscape in Japan first is a vital step in creating a successful influencer marketing campaign. We hope this list has provided you with the initial information you need in entering this market through influencer marketing.

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