10 Japanese YouTubers You Should Keep an Eye on in 2022

10 Japanese YouTubers You Should Keep an Eye in 2022

Are you looking for a YouTuber to collaborate with in Japan? You're making the right choice. If you are a brand who wants to enter the Japan market, then working with Japanese YouTube influencers can be your best way in. Influencer marketing in Japan has been a dominating advertising and marketing strategy because of the consumers' online and social media behavior.

YouTube ads and videos are proven to be effective in reaching a wide portion of the Japanese audience. For example, an ad on YouTube can potentially reach over 81% of the entire population, amounting to 102 million people. This helps a brand see faster results, save money, become time-efficient, and get more targeted data. Numbers also show that this market uses social networks, reviews, and microblogs as sources of brand research—all of which are within the specialties of influencers.

YouTube Advertising Audience Overview in Japan

YouTubers are effective avenues of consumer persuasion, as their opinions are heavily-considered by the market before making purchase decisions. YouTubers are also easy for brands to reach, because the Japanese influencer landscape has all sorts of content creators, from those specializing in gaming, tech, anime, beauty, to fashion.

If you want to get a general overview of what the YouTuber scene looks like, then this list is for you. We curated that top 10 YouTubers in Japan whom you might wanna work with in the future. Let's check them out!

Top 10 YouTubers in Japan ⬇️

  1. Hikakin TV

  2. Comdot

  3. Janino Channel

  4. Ryuji

  5. Heisei Flamingo

  6. Banbanzai

  7. Motimaru’s Diary

  8. Entrepreneur Hiroyuki

  9. Naru Fitness

  10. Rino Sashihara

10. Rino Sashihara

Subscribers: 1.12 M

Topics: Beauty, skincare, lifestyle

Rino Sashihara is a former member of idol group HKT48. She started YouTube in January 2021. Within 1 year, Rino has already been acknowledged as one of the top female YouTubers in Japan.

She created her channel to connect with her fans and share her daily life. You can also find beauty contents and cooking contents on her channel. As a former idol member and a Japanese singer, her subscribers on YouTube quickly increased, especially because of her supportive fans.

9. Naru Fitness

Subscribers: 1.44 M

Topics: Health, fitness

Naru Fitness is a popular fitness and health channel. Starting in 2021, this channel already has more than 1 million subscribers and is predicted to keep gaining more. Naru Fitness shares workout videos, diet recipes, and morning routines. She is known for her easy exercises with notable results. Her creativity can be seen in the video titled “4 minutes exercise to lose weight”.

Almost all of her videos provide the before and after results. The titles are appealing to female audiences who are looking to have summer bods. Naru Fitness is most unique for her body part-specific routines, such as routines specifically targeting the face, the tummy, the thighs, and many others.

8. Entrepreneur Hiroyuki

Subscribers: 1.51 M

Topics: Self-help, personal development, finance

Hiroyuki Nishimura is a Japanese internet entrepreneur. He is a self-help author and a founder of 2channel, which is the largest bulletin board system in Japan. His videos are livestreams that are based on personal development tips and advices. His way of communicating in the livestreams makes his viewers feel as if they are having a deep conversation with him directly. Hiroyuki is truly an inspiration to YouTube users in Japan.

7. Motimaru’s Diary

Subscribers: 1.77 M

Topics: Cats, pet care

Motimaru’s Diary is a channel about Motimaru, a Scottish cat. In August 2021, Motimaru received a Guinness World Record for Most-watched Cat on YouTube.

This channel is about Motimaru’s daily life. The majority of the audience are people in their 30s and 50s, making Motimaru's Diary the perfect YouTube channel for brands targeting middle-aged pet lovers.

6. Banbanzai

Subscribers: 2.13 M

Topics: Entertainment, music

Banbanzai is a Youtube channel run by the trio of Gishi, Miyu, and Luna. Their contents consist of song covers, ASMR, food reviews, and many more. These Japanese Youtubers are popular among the younger generation in Japan.

According to Social Blade, Banbanzai has had 80 million views for the last 30 days. The channel also consistently posts new videos, so these Youtubers are likely to continue skyrocketing in popularity in the next years.

5. Heisei Flamingo

Subscribers: 2.84 M

Topics: Vlog, lifestyle, reviews

Heisei Flamingo is a channel by Niko-san and Toriho-san, famous female Japanese YouTubers. Their contents are about the everyday life of a Japanese girl in their twenties. The Japanese audience loves to watch videos like these for being reflective of their lives.

These Japanese vloggers are not afraid to show their true selves. The channel's audience love their relatable personalities. Furthermore, their blunt comments and honest reactions also make them more likeable, being as authentic as possible.

4. Ryuji

Subscribers: 2.94 M

Topics: Cooking, recipes

Ryuji is well-known as a cooking expert and a chef YouTuber with notable kitchen skills. He shares easy recipes for international cuisines, such as pasta, Japanese udon noodles, and many more. Ryuji is known as one of the best food YouTubers in Japan. His channel is favored among housewives and women because he shares simple and delicious recipes mothers could do at home.

3. Janino Channel

Subscribers: 3.27 M

Topics: Vlog, entertainment, lifestyle

Janino Channel uploaded their first video in April 2021. Today, they have 3.27 million subscribers, with more than 281 million video views. Janino Channel boosted their popularity by collaborating with famous figures such as Ninomiya Kazunari, Nakamaru Yuichi, Kikuchi Fuma, and Yamada Ryosuke.

Their contents are based on the member’s regular activities, such as celebrating a birthday or summer vacation. Their bright personalities steal the heart of the viewers, making this channel grow consistently.

Within a short time, Janino Channel successfully ranked first as rising YouTube creator. All members of the channel are Japan’s public figures with large fan bases.

2. Comdot

Subscribers: 3.38 M

Topics: Vlog, travel

Comdot is a popular YouTube channel among high school students in Japan. This channel revolves around the daily life of five childhood friends. Their videos contain honest opinions, personal stories, and motivational messages that are relatable to the viewers. They also document their travels from time to time.

Comdot has become one of the most-subscribed YouTube channel among the young generation in Japan. Comdot also collaborates with other influencers occasionally, like in the video above, making it easier for the channel to gain more followers.

1.Hikakin TV

Subscribers: 10.7 M

Topics: Entertainment, reviews, vlog

On top of our list is Hikakin TV. Created way back in 2011, Hikakin TV still manages to maintain its number 1 spot in the Japan YouTube scene. The channel is named after the creator itself, Hikaru Kaihatsu. He is a Japanese beatboxer and a co-founder of UUUM, a Japanese multi-channel network.

Hikakin's videos range from product reviews, gaming, pet videos, to daily vlogs. His videos are family-friendly, which allowed the channel to become a leader in family entertainment.

Hikakin’s expressive face makes his contents appealing to his viewers. His videos are full of fresh ideas, always coupled with a sense of humor.


Brands entering Japan are making the right choice of implementing YouTube influencer marketing to wow the market. The Japanese market frequents social media, and YouTube is one of their go-to platforms to search for brands before buying a product. Thus, working with a Japanese YouTuber can help a business increase online presence, drive more conversions, and gain ROI.

Influencer marketing can also be implemented in other social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

We hope this list has given you an overview of the Japanese YouTubers landscape. If you'd like to know more about advertising and marketing in Japan, visit the AJ Marketing Blog.

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