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10 Best Beauty YouTubers in Japan in 2022


Japanese beauty influencers continue to gain popularity as J-beauty dominates the global market. J-beauty, or Japanese beauty, focuses on scientifically-proven yet simple products for achieving the perfect skin. The Japanese are quite known for their youthful and clean looks, making their ageless faces trending worldwide. And what better way to learn about J-beauty than watching beauty influencers on YouTube?

Data shows that the Japan market uses the internet to find products to buy, to find content from brands, and to watch influencers and celebrities. This means that people curious about J-beauty products are more likely to go to YouTube, search their favorite influencers, and look for authentic reviews on the products they're curious about.

Main Reasons for Using Social Media in Japan 2022

YouTube's value to marketing and advertising is also undoubted, with one ad potentially reaching 102 million people, or 81.1% of the entire Japan population. YouTube's wide advertising audience, along with the market's desire for realistic expert opinions, make YouTube influencer marketing a go-to for new brands entering the market. Influencer marketing is not only effective for beauty brands, but also for tech, gaming, fashion, anime, and many other industries.

There are thousands of beauty influencers on all social media platforms -- from YouTube, Instagram, to TikTok. However, only a few stand out. In this list, we have curated the best beauty YouTubers in Japan to help you know more about this niche's influencer landscape.

Top 10 Japanese Beauty YouTubers ⬇️

  1. Maataso

  2. Sekine Risa

  3. Miki Kawanishi

  4. Fukuse Yuuri

  5. Sasaki Asahi

  6. Tomori Arata

  7. Ami Ishii

  8. Ihara Aoi

  9. Kawakita Yusuke

  10. Alisa

10. Alisa

Subscribers: 173,000

Topics: Professional makeup, Beauty hacks

Asian women have a certain fascination on round, almond eyes. For years, women have tried to acquire that almond-doe eyes by using contacts and eye defining makeup. Alisa, on the other hand, has a handful of videos of how to acquire that almond-doe eyes with just makeup.

Her tutorials are very precise and easy-to-follow, even by makeup beginners. She's a credible source of reviews of beauty brands like Canmake, Ultima IIm and other products because she's a professional makeup artist and a licensed beauty instructor. Aside from face enhancement through cosmetics, Alisa also uploads hair tutorials.

9. Kawakita Yusuke

Subscribers: 348,000

Topics: Celebrity makeup, Hairstyling

If you ever wondered how celebrities get their flawless makeup look, this is the answer. Kawakita Yusuke is a celebrity makeup artist and hair stylist who's been in the industry for over 20 years. His YouTube contents focus more on creating natural, classy and flawless looks on popular actresses and celebrities.

He regularly appears in beauty magazines and TV screens. He has collaborated with lots of cosmetic brands before launching his own brand, "&be". His brand gained traction because it allows Japanese women to achieve that "no makeup makeup look" which really provides a natural, healthy finish.

8. Ihara Aoi

Subscribers: 486,000

Topics: Natural look, Casual look

24-year-old model Ihara Aoi is a model and vlogger popular among women who opt for natural, healthy, and glowy makeup. Aside from fresh looks, she also specializes in high class fashion. She released her second fashion styling book: AOIRO 2021 Spring/Summer Fashion & Beauty on top of her AOINO 2019 Autumn/Winter Fashion & Beauty.

This Kobe-born YouTuber gained a following for her minimal use of base makeup, toning process, and also due to her body positivity advocacy. Although lots of Japanese women prefer to be fair-skinned, she embraces her (slightly tanned) natural skin tone.

7. Ami Ishii

Subscribers: 497,000

Topics: Modelling, Skincare, Health

Ami lives in Satoru, Japan and works as a full-time advertising model. Her YouTube channel serves as a general lifestyle inspiration for women across Japan because of her makeup, fashion, travel, diet, and health content. She usually shares her own workout routines as well as her well-thought of skincare practices.

Aside from beauty content, Ami also shares some DIY home hacks, clothing tips and tricks, and brand recommendations.

6. Tomori Arata

Subscribers: 660,000

Topics: Dermatology, Skincare

Tomori Arata is a household name in Japan. She started out reviewing different cosmetic brands in Japanese magazines. Now, she's been active in the beauty industry for more than 15 years.

This Okinawa-born licensed dermatologist makes content generally about skincare reviews and ingredient tips, such as most affordable serums according to the ingredients, and skincare mistakes for acne-prone skin. She wants her viewers to get realistic product reviews from her, and also to get the information necessary to determine the skincare best suited for their own skin types.

5. Sasaki Asahi

Subscribers: 931,000

Topics: Transformative makeup, Performance art

Sasaki Asahi won the Nyx Cosmetics YOUR TRUE COLOR, a part of Face Awards Japan 2017. She created her YouTube channel because she wanted to spread her knowledge beyond her reach.

She does her makeup routine by synchronizing her moves to the sequence of various songs--a gimmick which catches viewers globally. She even got more famous when she started making rapid Disney princess transformation looks.

In the past few years, she experimented with performance art makeup, a genre that is less explored in Japan. She learned doing performance art makeup from western beauty tutorials, and she wanted to localize what she learned to the Japanese culture.

4. Fukuse Yuuri

Subscribers: 969,000

Topics: Base makeup, Transformative makeup

Fukuse Yuuri is known for her transformative makeup and her unique nickname, Marilyn. She started her YouTube channel to help her viewers learn to overcome their insecurities, to love themselves, and to be more confident through makeup.

Marilyn focuses on base makeup because she wants to encourage people to feel comfortable with themselves. Moreover, she gives precise and detailed instructions on how to achieve each of her looks, easily understandable even for beginners. Marilyn shows her viewers that a freckled face, monolid eyes, and sparse eyebrows can be modified according to an individual's preference.

3. Miki Kawanishi

Subscribers: 1,050,000

Topics: Natural look, Lifestyle

Formerly a model on Popteen, Miki Kawanishi is now a beauty guru worth following on YouTube. She has released a cosmetic line in collaboration with Japan’s brand, VAVI MELLO. She is famous among Japanese women due to her sweet and charming energy. She reviews new products, talks about skincare, and recommends her favorite cosmetic products.

Her videos are all in Japanese, but they are easy to follow since she speaks very clearly, and she provides an auto-translation caption aid in her videos. This 32-year old YouTuber often does good deeds such as donating her real hair to a charity and also raising money for those in need.

2. Sekine Risa

Subscribers: 1,320,000

Topics: Lifestyle, Everyday makeup

Sekine Risa introduces herself as a Nurse who has made her career in YouTube a side job. This 27-year old initially gained fame when she posted her first video entitled "How to Get Bigger Eyes". Since then, she has created beauty tutorials and has been known for her hilarious makeup hacks under 30 seconds.

Sekine can be described as "daring", because she often reviews trending beauty products that most people have doubts about. On top of her makeup tutorials, she also actively creates product unboxings and tries out hype trends.

In 2018, she received an award for the first beauty YouTuber to get 1 million subscribers. Recently, she also released a documentary film on YouTube about her life as a YouTuber and a nurse.

1. Maataso

Subscribers: 2,070,000

Topics: Natural Makeup, Experimental Makeup

The story of Maataso is well-known among Japanese’s beauty enthusiasts. She started off from a place a lot of women are familiar with: insecurity. She used to feel unworthy, and she wanted to pour her creative juices into creating content for YouTube.

She gained immense popularity with Japanese women in their teens and 20s due to her charming and fun demeanor. She creates a relatable persona by publishing the fact that she had a baby at an early age, but has continued working hard for her future.

Maataso recently released a clothing brand named BEFTEY. She has 1 million average views on her videos, making her the top beauty Youtuber in Japan.


J-beauty has gained global appreciation due to Japan's innovative and simple beauty products. J-beauty focuses on naturally perfect skin, something that people around the world aspire for. Thus, knowledge on Japan's beauty products and techniques have been continuously sought after, making influencers the top source for this information.

Japanese beauty influencers have gained massive amounts of views and interactions over the past years. This made them valuable assets to beauty brands when it comes to marketing and advertising. Their authenticity, loyal fanbase, and real personalities are extended to beauty brands once the two collaborate.

We hope this list has helped you gain insight on how to stand out among the Japanese market through the help of influencers.

To know more about advertising and marketing in Japan, visit the AJ Marketing Blog.

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