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10 Best Tech YouTubers in Japan in 2024

AJ Marketing - 10 Best Tech YouTubers in Japan in 2024

Looking for a land of opportunity to expand your tech brand? Look no further than Japan! With a booming information technology industry that's driving the economy, it's no wonder Japan's IT services revenue is projected to hit $105.8 billion by 2028. But with fierce competition in the Japanese tech scene, how can your brand stand out from the rest? Enter tech YouTubers - the niche experts who can help your brand soar to new heights.

AJ Marketing - 10 Best Tech YouTubers in Japan in 2024 - IT services revenue in japan

Social media has played a big role in shaping the consumer trends in Japan. In Japan, influencers hold the power to sway consumer opinions and purchasing decisions. In fact, consumers trusted influencer marketing over traditional advertising in the past year. With a variety of platforms at their disposal - from YouTube and Twitter to Instagram and TikTok - Japanese influencers are dominating the advertising game.

The tech industry is constantly evolving, but fortunately, there are experts who are eager to share their insights with the world. Tech YouTubers are online personalities who provide genuine product reviews and honest opinions about the latest gadgets and inventions. They're passionate about what they do, and their audiences trust them to provide valuable insights.

If you're looking to gain wider reach and greater ROI for your tech products or services, collaborating with the right influencer is the way to go. And to make things easier for you, we've curated a list of the top 10 Japan tech YouTubers you'll definitely want to work with.

AJ Marketing - 10 Best Tech YouTubers in Japan in 2024 - CONNECT

Top 10 Tech YouTubers in Japan ⬇️

Subscribers: 3.79K

Topics: Japan technologies, culture

Japan is a country that has it all - from its rich culture and diverse entertainment, to its delicious food and impressive technologies. But what good are these qualities if the world doesn't know about them? That's where Nikkei's "Channel Japan" comes in.

It's a platform dedicated to sharing Japan's best features with the world, from its cutting-edge tech to its unique lifestyle and culture. The channel is hosted by the charismatic duo of Priyanka Yoshikawa and Maki Arai, and features a variety of informative and entertaining videos. One of their latest videos showcased an assistant robot that's being used to help nurses in COVID hospitals, reducing infection rates and increasing efficiency.

Subscribers: 25.6K

Topics: Laptops, reviews, unboxings

Looking for an electronics blogger who really knows their stuff? Look no further than Uchiyama! With a background in retail, he has the knowledge and credibility to create truly insightful content. His focus is mainly on PCs, and he's a go-to source for reviews on mouse computers.

But that's not all - he's also a pro at unboxing laptops and creating side-by-side comparisons. And if you're in the market for other tech accessories like earphones, phones, or USB-C hubs, he's got you covered too. Uchiyama is your one-stop-shop for all things tech!

Subscribers: 100K

Topics: Gadget reviews, testing, game reviews, news

When it comes to reliable and informative IT news, Impress Watch is the channel to visit. With a team full of IT experts and hobbyists, you can expect their content to be backed by thorough research and accurate information. Not only do they provide news updates, but they also share reviews on the latest gadgets, game consoles, and newly-released games.

One of their recent review videos showcased the impressive performance of the Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080 Ti and its impact on CPU performance. Another video highlighted the interface of the Microsoft Flight Simulator game. Whether you're interested in cars or phones, this channel has you covered with its comprehensive coverage of all things tech.

Subscribers: 100K

Topics: Household tech, automobiles

Uncle Maguni's journey to becoming a tech influencer started in an unexpected way. Originally a blogger sharing his love for camping and motorcycling, he later stumbled upon a knack for reviewing gadgets. His friendly and approachable style of engaging with audiences quickly won him a loyal following.

He takes suggestions from his viewers on which gadgets to review next, covering a range of products from the Nintendo Switch to iPhones, smartwatches, and game controllers.

Subscribers: 103K

Topics: Gadget review, testing, camera

Looking for a YouTuber who shares your passion for tech? Look no further than Uzumax! He's been on the platform since 2010 and has since made a name for himself as a reliable source for tech product reviews. From cameras and game consoles to earphones and laptops, he's reviewed them all.

But where Uzumax really shines is his love for photography and camera accessories. He dives deep into the benefits and explains the best terrains for each lens or camera. And if gaming is more your thing, he's got you covered too - he's also reviewed game consoles like the Nintendo Switch.

Subscribers: 244K

Topics: PC customization, PC accessories

Serorinne's channel is a paradise for PC enthusiasts. She has built a reputation for her passion for customizing PCs, and her channel showcases a wealth of reviews on PC parts, graphic cards, CPUs, and more. She often shares her newest PC builds through exciting PC tour videos, showing off her impressive handiwork. In addition to PC-related content, she's also a keyboard enthusiast and reviews a range of other gadgets such as cameras, phones, and earphones.

Subscribers: 280K

Topics: Camera, photography, videography

Aijo Daisuke is a true master of his craft. He graduated from the Department of Imaging at Osaka University of Arts, honing his skills in both filmmaking and blogging. His passion for film shines through in every video he creates.

Aijo's videos cover everything from camera and lens reviews to tips and tricks for photography and videography enthusiasts. He has a friendly and engaging demeanor that draws in viewers, which has helped him amass over 280K subscribers. Whether you're an experienced photographer or just starting out, Aijo has something for everyone.

Subscribers: 393K

Topics: Apple gadgets, iPad, tutorials

Yuta Hiroaka is the ultimate iPad guru. He loves sharing tips and tricks with his audience to help them get the most out of their tablets. He showcases the latest Apple apps for photo and video editing, digital drawing, and more. He even shares his favorite accessories to make your iPad experience even better.

But that's not all Yuta has to offer. He also reviews film cameras, talks about fashion and interior design, and covers other lifestyle topics. Whether you're an Apple fanatic or just looking for some fresh inspiration, Yuta's channel is a must-watch.

Subscribers: 423K

Topics: Gadget comparisons, tutorials, reviews

If you're an Apple user looking for useful tips and tricks, Uncle Mizu is your man. This tech-savvy uncle in his 40s shares his knowledge on Apple hardware through informative tutorials and video explanations. He's all about empowering his viewers to fully understand the backside of applications and gadgets, teaching them hacks and tips that are not commonly known. He also reviews accessories such as AirPods, cases, smartwatches, and adapters, giving viewers the inside scoop on what's worth investing in.

Subscribers: 1.67M

Topics: PC, keyboards, miscellaneous gadgets

Koji Seto is a tech mastermind with a personality that lights up the screen. He covers everything under the sun when it comes to tech, from cameras and microphones to musical instruments and PCs. He even makes his own toys! His latest viral video showcases him building his own keyboard from scratch.

Koji's infectious energy and passion for teaching people about tech are what sets him apart from the rest. With over 1.6 million subscribers, he's the top tech YouTuber in Japan. Whether you're a tech junkie or just looking to learn something new, Koji's channel is the perfect place to start.


The Japan market is a valuable base for tech brands wanting to expand globally. It has been predicted that the tech market size in Japan will continue on an upward trend until year 2025. For a new tech brand to make a remarkable entrance in this country, it has to work with the best YouTube influencers in the niche.

YouTube has been an avenue for experts in Japan to share their knowledge on IT. Consumers also rely on their opinions before purchasing tech products. Thus, influencer marketing in Japan has been used by both national and international brands.

We hope this list has given you insight on the best YouTubers you could collaborate with on your next advertising and marketing campaign.

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