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10 Best Tech YouTubers in Japan in 2022


Japan is the most ideal place for business expansion for brands in the tech industry. Japan is home to a large information technology (IT) industry, and this industry is driving the Japan economy. By the year 2023, Japan consumer spending on IT services is expected to reach $135 billion U.S. dollars. If you are a tech brand, entering the Japan market can bring you profit other countries cannot possibly offer. However, with thousands of competitors in Japan tech, your brand must stand out. To do this, you'd need the help of tech YouTubers who are experts in this niche.

End-user spending on IT services in Japan from 2018 to 2019 with a forecast until 2024

Social media has played a big role in shaping the consumer trends in Japan. Consumers rely on influencers to give them insights about a tech products before they make a purchase. 92% of consumers trusting influencer marketing over traditional advertising. Japanese influencers use various platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. Influencer marketing has become a dominating marketing trend in this country.

The tech YouTuber industry is filled with experts who love to share their knowledge and opinions about the latest gadgets and inventions. YouTube has become a playground for tech influencers to upload their genuine product reviews to provide insight for their audiences.

So, if you want to gain wider reach and greater ROI for your tech products or services, working with the right influencer is the best investment. To help you in your marketing campaign, we curated a list of top 10 Japan tech YouTubers whom you might wanna collaborate with in the near future.

Top 10 Tech YouTubers in Japan ⬇️

  1. Koji Seto

  2. Yuta Hiraoka

  3. Jetdaisuke

  4. Serorinne

  5. Uncle Mizu

  6. Maguni Channel

  7. Uzumax

  8. Impress Watch

  9. Uchiyama Chikara

  10. Channel Japan by Nikkei

10. Channel Japan by Nikkei

Subscribers: 1,850

Topics: Japan technologies, culture

Japan is already well-known to the world for the beauty of its culture, entertainment, food diversity, and also for its technologies. However, these Japanese qualities will go to waste if nobody shares them with the world.

Nikkei made “Channel Japan” to become a big step in sharing Japan’s tech within and outside the country. When you visit this channel, there are tons of videos on Japan’s culture, lifestyle, technologies, hosted by by Priyanka Yoshikawa and Maki Arai.

One of the videos shared about an assistant robot that can be used for helping nurses in the COVID main hospital to reduce infection, and increase job efficiency.

9. Uchiyama Chikara

Subscribers: 20,000

Topics: Laptops, reviews, unboxings

Uchiyama is a blogger who is a former electronics retailer clerk. His previous job made him more credible as a content creator, making it appear that he knows what he's talking about. He mainly reviews PCs with mouse computers. He also often unboxes laptops and creates side by side comparisons.

Aside from PCs and laptops, he also reviews other accessories such as earphones, phones, USB-C hubs, and many others.

8. Impress Watch

Subscribers: 92,300

Topics: Gadget reviews, testing, game reviews, news

Impress Watch is a comprehensive news service focusing on IT-related information. As a news channel, you can expect the contents on this page to be reliable, backed with good research, and informational. This team is full of IT experts and hobbyists.

This channel also consistently shares reviews about new gadgets, game consoles, and newly-released games. One of the review videos shared about the performance of the Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080 Ti that affects CPU performance. Another video shared about the interface of the Microsoft Flight Simulator game. From cars to phones, this channel has them all.

7. Uzumax

Subscribers: 97,800

Topics: Gadget review, testing, camera

Uzumax, joined YouTube in 2010. He likes posting a lot of review videos of tech products, from cameras, game consoles, camera lenses, earphones, to laptops, and many more.

When you visit his channel, the creator really has a passion for cameras and photography accessories. He reviews the benefits, and explains in what terrains do the lenses or cameras work perfectly in. Besides that, he also reviews game consoles like Nintendo Switch.

6. Maguni Channel

Subscribers: 103,000

Topics: Household tech, automobiles

Uncle Maguni started as a blogger posting his hobbies, like camping and motorcycling. Later on, he also shared some tips on using specific gadgets, and, surprisingly, many subscribers liked his way of engaging with the audiences.

There are many types of gadgets that he reviews such as Switch, Smartwatch, game controllers, applications, and iPhones. He also likes to ask stream viewers on what gadget he must review in the next video.

5. Uncle Mizu

Subscribers: 169,000

Topics: Gadget comparisons, tutorials, reviews

Uncle Mizu is an uncle in his 40s who likes to share useful information on the Apple hardware. He does this so people could simply understand the backside of applications and gadgets.

On his channel, you'll see tutorials and video explanations on application functions, especially for Apple products. He likes to teach Apple users some hacks, tips, and tricks that are not common knowledge. He also reviews accessories, such as AirPods, cases, smartwatches, adapters, and many more.

4. Serorinne

Subscribers: 246,000

Topics: PC customization, PC accessories

Serorinne is well-known for building her own customized PCs. When you visit her channel, you'll see a lot of video reviews about PC parts, graphic cards, CPUs, and many others. She also likes to show her audience her newest PC builds through PC tour videos.

Serorinne is also a keyboard enthusiast. Other gadgets she's reviewed include cameras, phones, and earphones.

3. Jetdaisuke

Subscribers: 280,000

Topics: Camera, photography, videography

Aijo Daisuke graduated from the Department of Imaging at Osaka University of Arts, boosting his skills as a blogger and filmmaker. He is also known as the first video reviewer in Japan. His passion for film is evident in his videos.

Aijo reviews and shares tips on using specific cameras, lenses, and accessories. He's very engaging and friendly in his videos, making him gain more than 280K subscribers. His audiences are made of photography and videography enthusiasts, and those who are thinking of getting inside that industry.

2. Yuta Hiraoka

Subscribers: 301,000

Topics: Apple gadgets, iPad, tutorials

Yuta Hiroaka is focused on making content about the pros of having an iPad. He loves sharing some tips and tricks for iPad users to maximize their gadgets. He shows people the latest Apple apps they can use on their tablets, from photo editing and video editing apps, to digital drawing apps. He also showcases accessories one can buy for their iPad.

Aside from iPads, he also shares reviews on film cameras, fashion brands, interior designs, and other lifestyle topics.

1. Koji Seto

Subscribers: 1,660,000

Topics: PC, keyboards, miscellaneous gadgets

Koji Seto has anything under the sun when it comes to tech. He introduces tech equipment relating to cameras and microphones, musical instruments, DTM equipment, PCs, and toys. His latest viral video was about him making his own keyboard from scratch.

His very cheerful personality and passion for teaching people about tech are what set him apart from other influencers. His relatability made him the top tech YouTuber in Japan, with more than 1.6 million subscribers to date.


The Japan market is a valuable base for tech brands wanting to expand globally. It has been predicted that the tech market size in Japan will continue on an upward trend until year 2024. For a new tech brand to make a remarkable entrance in this country, it has to work with the best YouTube influencers in the niche.

YouTube has been an avenue for experts in Japan to share their knowledge on IT. Consumers also rely on their opinions before purchasing tech products. Thus, influencer marketing in Japan has been used by both national and international brands.

We hope this list has given you insight on the best YouTubers you could collaborate with on your next advertising and marketing campaign. To know more about the Japan market, check the AJ Marketing Blog.

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