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Top 17 Crypto Media and Blogs to Follow in 2023

Top 17 Crypto Media and Blogs to Follow in 2023

Hey there, are you on the hunt for some trustworthy media and blogs on cryptocurrency? Look no further! It's no secret that crypto has become a hot topic, especially among the younger crowd. With the rise of crypto, we've also seen a surge in related industries.

Believe it or not, there are now over 20,000 different types of cryptocurrencies out there, and over 300 million people are using them today! And get this, in 2022, almost 12% of the entire world's population aged 16 to 64 are be cryptocurrency owners. It's clear that this new frontier is here to stay, so let us help you stay informed and up-to-date with anything crypto.

With this continuous upward trend, it is natural, even for long-time crypto enthusiasts, to be overwhelmed. That’s why crypto blogs and media are here to help people simplify and digest highly-technical information and terms. These blogs also offer recaps, how to’s, top lists, and reviews to make your life easier.

Ownership of Cryptocurrency

Crypto podcasts, Twitter accounts, YouTube channels, and newsletters mainly exist to keep crypto enthusiasts updated with the latest projects. Some media focus on NFTs, while others may focus on DeFi or the metaverse. Some may provide statistical data, while others may delve on macroeconomics. Whatever it is you’re looking for, this list covers it all.

In this list, we curated the top crypto media and blogs you could follow, read, listen to, or watch in order to enrich your knowledge. Let’s take a look.

Top 17 Crypto Media and Blogs to Follow in 2023 ⬇️

  1. Ignas

  2. Decrypt

  3. Glassnode

  4. HackerNoon

  5. Blockworks

  6. Moralis

  7. CryptoNews

  8. Unchained Podcast

  9. The Block

  10. Bitcoin Magazine

  11. Forbes Digital Assets

  12. NFT Now

  13. Coinmonks

  14. The Coin Bureau

  15. Binance Research

  16. DappRadar

  17. The Drop

The Drop Crypto Media and Blogs to Follow

17. The Drop

Website: The Drop

Twitter: @thedropnft

This newsletter covers breaking NFT news, artist spotlights, up-and-coming projects, and even features sections like "Meme of the Day" and "Word of the Day." And if that's not enough, The Drop also keeps its followers up-to-date on Twitter with the latest brands joining the NFT space and other crypto-related news, as well as posting news highlights and interviews on their YouTube channel.

On its Twitter account, it features the latest NFT artworks and projects, as well as information on its minting, value, and giveaway mechanics. It also organizes Twitter spaces, where it invites as speakers the most influential people in the NFT industry.

DappRadar Crypto Media and Blogs to Follow

16. DappRadar

Website: DappRadar

Twitter: @DappRadar

YouTube: DappRadar

The Dapp Radar Blog provides articles on DeFi news, games, NFTs, crypto education, and crypto trends. Its main focus is bringing high quality, accurate insights on decentralized applications to a global audience. Aside from bringing news to audiences, DappRadar now runs an app where consumers around the globe can discover dapps and manage their NFT/DeFi portfolios.

On its Twitter feed, it updates its followers on brands recently joining the NFT space, token airdrops, and other crypto-related news. Meanwhile, on its YouTube channel, it uploads news highlights, “Top 10” lists, and personality interviews.

Binance Research Crypto Media and Blogs to Follow

15. Binance Research

Website: Binance Research

Twitter: @BinanceResearch

For those looking for more institutional-grade analysis and unbiased information, look no further than Binance Research. In addition to providing in-depth insights and research to the digital asset industry, they also offer the latest crypto news on their Twitter account, covering everything from new Binance launchpad projects to world news' effects on cryptocurrency.

The Coin Bureau Crypto Media and Blogs to Follow

14. The Coin Bureau

Website: The Coin Bureau

Twitter: @coinbureau

YouTube: The Coin Bureau

The Coin Bureau was created with the intent to deliver the best educational and informational blockchain information to users all around the globe. The Coin Bureau has more than 2.7 million subscribers on YouTube, and its videos focus on anything crypto–from news, comparisons, trading tactics, to crypto predictions. On its Twitter account, The Coin Bureau posts about its latest podcasts, YouTube videos, remarkable charts, and liquidation prices.

Coinmonks Crypto Media and Blogs to Follow

13. Coinmonks

Website: Coinmonks

Twitter: @coinmonks

YouTube: Coin Monks

Looking to expand your knowledge on cryptocurrency? Look no further than Coinmonks! As a non-profit educational publication, Coinmonks provides articles on everything from the latest news to the most cutting-edge technology. With sections on crypto trading bots, hardware wallets, and even crypto tax software, Coinmonks has got you covered.

On its Twitter account, Coinmonks links its followers to its crypto news website, the Coincodecap. It also posts updates on its own NFT collection. Meanwhile, its YouTube account is full of videos on daily crypto news recaps, interviews, and educational videos.

nft now Crypto Media and Blogs to Follow

12. NFT Now

Website: NFT Now

Twitter: @nftnow

YouTube: NFT Now

Want to stay ahead of the game in the world of NFTs? NFT Now is the place to be. This media platform offers a fresh perspective on everything NFT-related, with news, features, and analysis. Whether you're a seasoned creator or a newcomer to the scene, NFT Now has the insights you need to thrive.

On its YouTube account, it talks about NFT’s relationship with diversity, music, and other types of artistry, as well as advice for NFT creators.

Forbes Digital Assets Crypto Media and Blogs to Follow

11. Forbes Digital Assets

Website: Forbes Digital Assets

Twitter: @ForbesDAssets

Are you an investor looking for insights into the world of digital assets? Forbes Digital Assets has what you need. With market research, proprietary data and analytics, and news updates, Forbes DA offers a wealth of information to help you make informed decisions. And with a focus on the effects of world news on the crypto industry, Forbes DA can help you stay ahead of the game.

Its Twitter account focuses on world news and its corresponding effects on the crypto and blockchain industry. It also directs users to its feature articles, helping readers in their investment decisions.

Bitcoin Magazine Crypto Media and Blogs to Follow

10. Bitcoin Magazine

Website: Bitcoin Magazine

Twitter: @BitcoinMagazine

YouTube: Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Magazine is the oldest source of news, information and expert commentary on Bitcoin, its underlying blockchain technology and the industry that has been built up around it. Since 2012, Bitcoin Magazine has provided analysis, research, education and thought leadership at the intersection of finance and technology.

On Twitter, Bitcoin Magazine retweets and quotes news and chart analyses from established sources. Its YouTube account has more than 105 thousand subscribers, and is full of videos on Bitcoin news, documentaries, interviews, and conference streaming.

The Block Crypto Media and Blogs to Follow

9. The Block

Website: The Block

Twitter: @TheBlock__

For the ultimate in digital assets coverage, turn to The Block. True enough, it is an all-around media which provides not only news, but also research and data. It has different categories, such as DeFi, fintech, gaming and metaverse, NFTs, policy, technology, Web3, and markets.

Aside from written information, The Block also has its own podcast featuring the biggest personalities in the crypto-industry. It also organizes its own events, such as webinars, in cooperation with other experts and media.

Unchained Podcast Crypto Media and Blogs to Follow

8. Unchained Podcast

Website: Unchained Podcast

Twitter: @Unchained_pod

YouTube: Unchained Podcast

Laura Shin is a crypto journalist who is also the host of the Unchained Podcast. She was a senior editor at Forbes, and she was the first mainstream journalist to cover crypto full-time. She then created the Unchained Podcast where she uploads hour-long interviews or discussions with the most interesting thinkers and doers in the space.

Aside from the podcasts, Unchained’s YouTube channel also uploads weekly news recaps. Unchained also has its own newsletter, where crypto enthusiasts can get exclusive insiders.

Cryptonews Crypto Media and Blogs to Follow

7. CryptoNews

Website: CryptoNews

Twitter: @cryptonews

Looking for the latest cryptocurrency and blockchain news? CryptoNews has you covered with weekly, daily, and even hourly updates. But that's not all - with exclusive features and opinions, videos, and market cap and price trackers, CryptoNews is a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to stay up-to-date. And with its own podcasts and an active Twitter feed, CryptoNews makes it easy to stay in the loop.

Moralis Crypto Media and Blogs to Follow

6. Moralis

Website: Moralis

Twitter: @MoralisWeb3

YouTube: Moralis Web3

Moralis is the number one blog for Web3 development. It provides various resources on Web3, such as projects, researches, documentations, pricings, and roadmaps. Its main goal is to help readers unravel Web3 and learn how to build dapps at blazing speeds with Moralis.

Its YouTube channel has more than 83 thousand subscribers, and is full of videos on NFT game tutorials, new project introductions, token explanations, and many other informative media.

Blockworks Crypto Media and Blogs to Follow

5. Blockworks

Website: Blockworks

Twitter: @Blockworks_

YouTube: Blockworks Macro

As a financial media brand, Blockworks provides breaking news and premium insights on everything from Bitcoin to NFTs. With editorial content, a newsletter, podcasts, and events, Blockworks offers investors the critical analysis and information they need to make smart decisions.

On its YouTube channel, Blockworks tackles some of the most important world news and its corresponding effects to the crypto industry.

Hackernoon Crypto Media and Blogs to Follow

4. HackerNoon

Website: HackerNoon

Twitter: @hackernoon

YouTube: HackerNoon

Hacker Noon is a small, distributed team passionate about making the internet a better place by publishing free high quality tech stories – without paywalls, pop-up ads, or a sense of entitlement. It is an open and international community of 15,000+ contributing writers publishing stories and sharing their expertise on technology.

While the publication is not solely dedicated to cryptocurrency, its contributors still often write about DeFi, NFTs, blockchain, and metaverse.

Glassnode Crypto Media and Blogs to Follow

3. Glassnode

Website: Glassnode

Twitter: @glassnode

YouTube: glassnode

Glassnode is a blockchain analytics firm which provides financial metrics, charts, data, and insights for Bitcoin and other digital assets. Glassnode publishes regular contextualized insights and market updates drawn from on-chain market intelligence. On their website, non-subscribers can access their newsletters, analyses, reports, product updates, and DeFi news, all for free.

On its Twitter account, Glassnode most often tweets about the different charts showing Bitcoin behavior, updating all its followers on the coin’s price, inflows and outflows, and more.

Decrypt Crypto Media and Blogs to Follow

2. Decrypt

Website: Decrypt

Twitter: @decryptmedia

YouTube: Decrypt Media

If you're looking to learn more about the decentralized web, Decrypt is the perfect resource. With a mission to demystify Web3, Decrypt offers a simple, straightforward style that focuses on telling the most important stories. With unbiased and clear-eyed reporting, Decrypt uses Web3 to cover Web3. And with a website that offers news, features, coin information, videos and podcasts, collections, and top reviews, Decrypt has everything you need to stay up-to-date.

Its Twitter account mainly posts about Bitcoin, Ethereum and the decentralized web. It features the latest NFT projects, and the most interesting interviews from big crypto personalities.

1. Ignas

Website: Ignas | DeFi Research

Twitter: @DefiIgnas

Looking for a one-stop-shop for all things crypto? Look no further than Ignas. As an experienced industry analyst, he aims to provide subscribers with detailed insights on the latest developments and trends in the crypto landscape. With his blog, Ignas offers comprehensive coverage of crypto topics, ranging from lending protocols to tokenomics, with a focus on providing actionable takeaways for readers seeking to invest and grow in this rapidly expanding field.

Subscribers gain access to exclusive content and analysis, giving them an edge in staying ahead of the curve. Hop on the chance to gain a unique perspective on the dynamic world of crypto through Ignas.


With over 20,000 different types of cryptocurrency today, it is impossible to keep track of every new project on your own. This is why newsletters, blogs, and media focusing on crypto exist. These information sources help crypto users and enthusiasts to be up-to-date and knowledgeable about the latest trends. These blogs also help crypto users in their investment decisions.

In this list, we can see that most media already have their own podcasts and video channels, where people can conveniently receive information without reading text-heavy documents. Most crypto media also focus on general crypto news, web3 development, and NFTs, with some solely focusing on Bitcoin.

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