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10 Best DeFi Influencers to Follow in 2024

AJ Marketing - 10 Best DeFi Crypto Influencers to Follow in 2023

The world of cryptocurrency has exploded with investors in recent years, sparking a financial revolution known as DeFi or Decentralized Finance. In simple terms, DeFi encompasses a variety of financial services that allow individuals to borrow, save, invest, and trade without the need for a centralized system. It's a game-changer that's transforming the way we think about traditional finance! DeFi has intricacies and technicalities that may take someone months to learn, if not for helpful crypto influencers, newsletters, and blogs.

DeFi is riding high and expected to reach a staggering global spending of $19 billion by 2024. With unique DeFi users skyrocketing by an astonishing 700% over the past two years, there's no doubt about its popularity and practicality. By the close of 2022, over 6.5 million unique users had joined the DeFi community. As DeFi continues to evolve and grow, hundreds of new projects are sprouting up like mushrooms after a rainstorm. Credible content creators are spreading the word and introducing these innovative projects to the public.

AJ Marketing - 10 Best DeFi Crypto Influencers to Follow in 2023 - Key DeFi Statistics for 2023

While cryptocurrency has become a buzzword, not everyone is familiar with DeFi. Unlike NFT and metaverse influencers, DeFi has its own group of experts and thought leaders. If you're interested in meeting the top DeFi influencers of the moment, you're in luck! Keep reading to learn more.

AJ Marketing - 10 Best DeFi Influencers to Follow in 2024 - Connect

The Top 10 Defi Crypto Influencers are ⬇️

10. DeFi Made Here

DeFi Made Here is a micro-influencer in the exciting world of DeFi and crypto. With an unwavering commitment to providing a broader range of choices to his loyal followers, this trusted expert is a breath of fresh air in an often narrow-minded space. Follow DeFi Made Here on Twitter for insider tips on stablecoin farming, non-stable farming strategies, DeFi protocols, and how to survive in DeFi. Plus, don't miss out on their weekly newsletter - subscribe via Twitter today!

9. Kierin Mulholland

YouTube: Kierin

Ready to explore the complex and often treacherous terrain of DeFi? Look no further than Kierin Mulholland, the passionate Swiss YouTuber who's here to guide you to financial independence. With a keen eye for scams and hackers, Kierin serves as your personal map and compass through the exciting world of DeFi.

On his channel, you'll find informative tutorials, project and dapp reviews, technical explanations, crypto news, and DeFi top lists. So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to Kierin's channel and get ready to take on the DeFi universe!

8. DeFi Trader

Twitter: @TraderDefi

Telegram: DeFiTrading

The DeFi Trader's channels is handled by David Espinosa de Los Monteros. David has over a decade of experience researching cryptocurrency, and has now built a community. He shares about crypto, DeFi, investing, trading, markets, and making money with crypto.

David’s videos range from interviews, opinions, top lists, to tutorials. David has gained massive attention across various platforms, having followers on Twitter, Telegram, TikTok, Instagram, and Discord. David also has his own newsletter titled “DeFi Trader’s Alpha Leak”.

7. Kamikaz ETH

Twitter: @kamikaz_ETH

Kamikaz ETH is a Twitter influencer extraordinaire, with over 38K followers and a fearless attitude towards the ever-shifting DeFi space. As a self-proclaimed "freeballing DeFi analyst," Kamikaz ETH fearlessly dives into the world of crypto currency with expert insights, opinions, and predictions about all things ETH. With a focus on trading and a knack for creating engaging polls and surveys, this influencer is your go-to source for all the latest buzz about ETH dumps and more. Follow Kamikaz ETH on Twitter for all the inside scoop on the world of DeFi!

6. Justin Bram

YouTube: Justin Bram

Twitter: @JustinCBram

Justin Bram, the co-founder and CEO of Astaria, is a true DeFi aficionado. With his 30K YouTube subscribers, he keeps enthusiasts updated on the latest happenings in the DeFi ecosystem. His channel is packed with in-depth DeFi protocol reviews, engaging interviews with builders in the space, tutorials, insights, and more.

5. DeFi Brian

Twitter: @DeFi_Brian

DeFi Brian is the founder of SoundMint, a platform which allows users to support their favorite artists in exchange for digital art collectibles that are uniquely their own. He is also an advisor at Animoca Brands, a company dedicated to delivering digital property rights to the world's gamers and internet users.

DeFi Brian has managed to amass over 81K followers as of date. On his Twitter feed, his followers are given updates on the latest news about DeFi, as well as in-depth insights, chart analysis, and even his favorite NFT collections.

4. DeFi Dad

Twitter: @DeFi_Dad

YouTube: DeFi Dad

Medium: @defi_dad

DeFi Dad is an investor in DeFi, NFTs, and Web3. He is also a partner at 4RC, an investment firm focused exclusively on digital assets. To add to his credentials, he is also an adviser to several teams such as Zapper, EPNS, Defiant News, and Alethea AI.

On his social media accounts, DeFi Dad provides guides and tutorials where people can learn about new digital money applications built on Ethereum and other chains. His videos are known for laying down DeFi topics and concepts that even non-technical beginners may comprehend and understand. DeFi Dad makes a great marketing partner for those exploring the world of web3 and DeFi.

3. Darren Lau

Telegram: The Daily Ape

Medium: @darrenlautf

Website: Darren Lau

Meet Darren Lau, the founder of The Daily Ape, a Telegram channel with over 53K subscribers. A DeFi native, investor, author, and former member of The Spartan Group, Darren is a leading voice in the crypto community. His Twitter account is a treasure trove of crypto advice, resources, how-to's, and news updates. He also shares interesting DeFi projects that pique his interest.

2. The DeFi Edge

Website: The DeFi Edge

The DeFi Edge is a mysterious DeFi influencer with an unwavering commitment to understanding the cutting-edge innovations in DeFi. This anonymous account focuses on doing deep research and breaking down complex concepts into easily digestible information for everyone.

Unlike other influencers, this account does not simply rehash content found on YouTube. Instead, their writings are backed by the highest quality research, straight from the source. With over 227K followers on Twitter, it's clear that The DeFi Edge's effort to make DeFi accessible to experts and beginners alike has been a huge success.

1. DeFi Ignas

Twitter: @DefiIgnas Twitter: Substack

DeFi Ignas is a rising star expert influencer in the DeFi community. Unlike some content creators who echo opinions about DeFi, Ignas does his own, authentic, and in-depth research about what’s happening in the crypto world.

By following, or working with Ignas, one can have access to unique insights that cannot be found anywhere else. Ignas’ contents are educational and focused on DeFi protocol analysis. He is rising in the community for a reason–he is found to be trustworthy by his followers, not shilling projects for money, rather providing valuable information to them.

Ignas has years of experience working in the crypto industry. He has built a wide connection network with leading protocols, crypto exchanges, investment funds and crypto media. Ignas is a perfect match for a project looking for an advisor, a researcher, or conference speaker.


DeFi influencers are a separate group of content creators that must effectively be delineated from general crypto opinion leaders. DeFi is relatively new, and a beginner on crypto might not even know of it until months in the space. This means DeFi influencers have a special kind of knowledge and expertise that people cannot just find anywhere else.

Influencers are generally great partners for DeFi project promotions, as well as great sources of learning, advice, and research. On the list above, we have provided you with the best DeFi crypto influencers whom you might wanna work with in the future.

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