Top 17 Metaverse Influencers to Follow in 2022

Top 17 Metaverse Influencers to Follow

With metaverse’s offshoot in late 2021, metaverse influencers have also gone up in number. Influencers are those with a capability to sway public opinion through social media posts. Metaverse influencers, on the other hand, are those specializing in the topic of simulated realities and virtual environments. Metaverse influencers could be those in flesh and blood, or they could also be digital, such as virtual influencers.

Whether they be real people or virtual, the world of influencers and the metaverse are colliding more and more each day. 2022 data states that 56% of influencers actually participate in the metaverse at the moment. Meanwhile, 51% are thinking about monetizing metaverse content. These numbers mean two things–first, the metaverse provides profit opportunities for influencers, and second, metaverse focused companies could potentially collaborate with influencers for marketing. In short, an increasing give and take relationship among these two worlds are afoot.

Metaverse Influencers Statistics

Luxury brands like Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga and Burberry are already increasing their presence in the metaverse. These brands have either set up their digital shops, put up their digital billboards, or sought the endorsement of a virtual influencer.

More often than not, the metaverse niche is related to NFTs and cryptocurrency, with the latter being the medium of exchange in virtual worlds. NFTs, on the other hand, are often given as collectibles to players in metaverse games. Thus, NFT and crypto influencers are also likely to talk about metaverses. Last thing you have to know about these influencers is that they dominate various platforms–from Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, to TikTok.

Whether you’re looking for an account to follow, or you’re finding influencer prospects for your metaverse marketing campaign, this list is for you. Below, we’ve curated a list of top and premium metaverse influencers. Let’s take a look!

Top 17 Metaverse Influencers to Follow ⬇️

  1. Logan Theobald

  2. Kizuna A.I.

  3. Miquela

  4. Shearsy

  5. Ben Armstrong

  6. Matt Lorion

  7. NFTs Guide

  8. Mike Cussell

  9. ThrillSeeker

  10. Imma

  11. Jake Browatzke

  12. Matthew Ball

  13. Benito Pagotto

  14. Cathy Hackl

  15. Vladislav Ivanov

  16. Rae

  17. Diego Borgo

17. Diego Borgo

LinkedIn: Diego Borgo (15.2K followers)

Twitter: @don_borgo

Masterclass: How Brands Should Enter The Metaverse And NFT Space

Diego Borgo

Diego Borgo is an influencer who is also a metaverse native, Web3 ambassador, NFT collector, and an advisor to global brands. He provides consulting services on the metaverse and NFT native projects, and he also conducts conferences, workshops, and master classes.

He formerly worked at adidas, and he was a member of the task force team that brought "Into the Metaverse" and "adidas for Prada" to life.

16. Rae

Instagram: (20.2K followers)

Official Website: Here is Rae

Rae is one of Asia’s latest hyper-realistic virtual influencers. Rae is created by CGI technology and powered by AI solutions. Although some people view virtual influencers as mere codes and numbers, Rae is more than that. She's a digital artist with a point of view, and believes that embracing technology through diversity can bridge the digital divide for a better world. Rae is a strong advocate for STEM education and its power to equip future generations to positively impact society.

Rae’s Instagram account is filled with stunning OOTDs, Instagrammable places, and even posts about her life as a digital artist. Rae recently launched her own NFT collection featuring Tako. Rae has already collaborated with several brands, such as Pomelo Fashion and Gucci.

15. Vladislav Ivanov

Instagram: @lineysfilm (55.4K followers)

Vladislav is a Russian digital artist and 3D motion designer who has caught the attention of people on Instagram. He has created several viral contents which revolve around dystopian animations and surrealism effects.

He recently released his own NFT collection, together with Foundation, entitled Scooter Invasion.

14. Cathy Hackl

Twitter: @CathyHackl (67.9K followers)

Cathy Hackl is the co-founder and Chief Metaverse Officer of Journey, an innovation and design consultancy focused on building the “next generation” of customer experiences in the metaverse. Cathy also authored a book entitled “Navigating the Metaverse,” which is a guide for people in traversing Web3.

On her Twitter account, Cathy posts about augmented reality art, updates on newly-launched NFTs, and some of her interviews breaking down the metaverse.

13. Benito Pagotto

Twitter: @benitopagotto (76.3K followers)

Instagram: @benit0

Benito is the co-founder of RTFKT, a company which creates next generation NFT sneakers, fashion and gaming items, and other collectibles for the metaverse. RTFKT placed first on our list of 17 Best NFT Projects You Must Know in 2022.

On his social media accounts, he posts updates on RTFKT and other metaverse projects.

12. Matthew Ball

Twitter: @ballmatthew (102.2K followers)

Official Website: Matthew Ball

Matthew Ball is a Venture Partner at Makers Fund, the world’s largest gaming venture fund by AUM, and a co-founder of Ball Metaverse Research Partners. Matthew is also a contributor at New York Times, The Economist, and Bloomberg. Recently, he published his own book entitled “The Metaverse,” which serves as an essential guide to the strategic, technical, and philosophical foundations of the metaverse.

On his Twitter account, he posts about metaverse news, opinions, interviews, resources, and new projects.

11. Jake Browatzke

YouTube: On Chain Gaming (130K followers)

Twitter: @jakebrowatzke

Jake Browatzke is a YouTuber who shares games involving crypto, NFTs, and the metaverse. On Chain Gaming means gaming on the blockchain, which gives gamers real ownership of their in-game assets.

On his YouTube account, he uploads tutorials on how to play the newest metaverse games. He also creates lists of top metaverse games people should look into. Lastly, he also creates content on crypto news and opinions.

10. Imma

TikTok: (487.1K followers)

Instagram: @imma.gram

Imma Tokyo

Imma is a virtual influencer created by Aww Inc., the first virtual human company in Japan representing Asia. Imma is Japan’s first virtual model easily identifiable with her signature pink bob. Imma is both Instagram and TikTok-famous, making her sought after by top artists and brands.

On Imma’s TikTok account, she makes sure to “keep it real” by posting humorous and humanized videos. She often rides with the latest TikTok trends, making her more and more like an actual person. On her Instagram account, she posts OOTDs, photoshoot sneak peaks, collaborations, and even food and travel content. If you haven’t read about her being an AI, you wouldn’t even notice.

9. ThrillSeeker

YouTube: ThrillSeeker (567K followers)

Twitter: @Thrilluwu

ThrillSeeker is a YouTube channel dedicated to posting videos about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. The channel is full of metaverse games news, reviews, in-depth analyses, and gaming streams.

Some of ThrillSeeker’s most popular videos are those where he promotes VR headsets, omnidirectional treadmills, and those where he teaches his audience VR life hacks and tutorials.

8. Mike Cussell

YouTube: Virtual Reality Oasis (590K followers)

Twitter: @vr_oasis

Instagram: @virtualrealityoasis

Mike Cussell likes sharing videos about VR and all things tech. Aside from his YouTube channel, he also hosts a weekly podcast called “FReality Podcast,” along with his co-content creators. Mike also manages a Twitter and Instagram account with large followings.

Mike tells his audience about Oculus setup and unboxing, the best Oculus games, and he also promotes some VR and AR-related products, such as haptic gloves.

7. NFTs Guide

YouTube: NFTs GUIDE (755K followers)

Twitter: @CRYPT056

Official Website: NFTs.Guide

NFTs Guide is an all-in NFT content creator. The team behind the channel is composed of NFT collectors and buyers, influencers, and NFT and crypto promoters. Since NFTs often coincide with the metaverse, this channel also talks about and reviews the latest metaverse games.

Aside from YouTube, this influencer also has more than 141K followers on Twitter, and also commands his own website.

6. Matt Lorion

TikTok: @mattlorion (1.5M followers)

Matt Lorion

Matt Lorion is an 18-year old crypto, NFT, and economics enthusiast. He has gained over 1.5 million followers on TikTok due to his appealing and understandable crypto advice. Lately, he has also delved into metaverse content, and how people can make money through it.

Matt has collaborated with different metaverse companies, such as The Paradox Metaverse.

5. Ben Armstrong

YouTube: Bitboy Crypto (1.45M followers)

Twitter: @Bitboy_Crypto

Ben Armstrong, a.k.a. Bitboy Crypto has become one of the most recognized news sources for the latest updates on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. On his YouTube channel, Ben explores the latest crypto news, project reviews, and cryptocurrency trading advice. Lately, he has also been posting about the metaverse–his opinions, predictions, and recommendations.

Ben also has a large following on Twitter, numbered at 856.7 thousand. On his account, he shares hot crypto takes and fresh news.

4. Shearsy

TikTok: @shearsyvr (2.8M followers)

YouTube: ShearsyVR

Instagram: @shearsyvr


Shearsy VR loves making VR content on both TikTok and Instagram. He often posts videos of himself playing different games, such as Beat Saber, and others which are most often related to the latest movies and TV series. He often plays VR games related to Spiderman, Moon Knight, The Boys, Star Wars, and many others.

Fans love his account due to his extensive types of games and humorous reactions.

3. Miquela

Instagram: @lilmiquela (3M followers)

Twitter: @lilmiquela

Official Website: Miquela

Miquela is a perpetually 19-year-old pop singer, social activist, and style icon, named by TIME Magazine as "the most influential person on the internet." Miquela has modeled for Prada, Calvin Klein, Burberry, and Outdoor Voices. She also has her own song, which was streamed over 60 million times as of today. Miquela’s followers are called “Miqaliens.”

Miquela seems as human as all of us, which can be seen on her Instagram feed. She often posts her OOTDs, her boyfriend, travels, food, and friends. Miquela’s account is a testament to the infinite possibilities we can do with AI.

2. Kizuna A.I.

TikTok: @kizunaai0630 (3.1M followers)

YouTube: A.I. Channel

Twitter: @aichan_nel

Kizuna AI

Another A.I. influencer is Kizuna. Unlike the other virtual influencers who look very much like a real person, Kizuna is created with a more anime-like resemblance. Kizuna began her career as a YouTube influencer, and she has been a guest on TV shows and commercials since then. She is currently working to become a professional recording artist.

On her TikTok account, Kizuna often dances to the latest sounds, and participates on the latest trends. Her dancing is so flawless that it gained her over 3.1M followers on the platform.

1. Logan Theobald

TikTok: @lstoast (6.3M followers)

YouTube: LSToast

Logan Theobald

Our top metaverse influencer is Logan Theobald. Logan is most popular for his VR game videos on Beat Saber. He’s able to overcome the hardest songs with the fastest beats. Aside from this, he also tries out various metaverse games which require VR.

His YouTube channel has the same contents, but with longer duration and higher quality. His fame made him sought after by different gaming and sports brands, like the energy drink Liquid Death.


The spike of metaverse in 2021 brought about an increase of influencers specializing in the niche. These influencers see the potential of metaverse content as a source of income. Brands have also seen metaverse influencers as a way to bridge the gap between the reality and the virtual worlds.

On the list above, we provided you with the top metaverse influencers on different spaces. The list contains both real-life and virtual influencers across various platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Some influencers talk about metaverse games, while some influencers belong to the metaverse themselves.

We hope this list has helped you in finding an account to follow, or an influencer to collaborate with. To know more about influencer marketing in the metaverse, check the AJ Marketing Blog.

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