11 Best Crypto and Blockchain Newsletters in 2022

11 Best Crypto and Blockchain Newsletters

Crypto currency and blockchain offer extreme potentials of profitability, but they also come with great risks. Before putting your assets into crypto investments, it is natural to seek more information about this digital currency. If you’re looking for newsletters to read in order to be more knowledgeable in this area, then we’ve got the right list for you.

Statistics from the Demystifying Crypto report state that more consumers still look at cryptocurrency and the blockchain as risky avenues for payment. 35% also believe that this risk might prevent crypto from becoming a mainstream way of payment. True enough, crypto currencies are volatile assets, and anyone who does not know enough about it might be shaken to their core. However, these risks can be avoided when armed with enough information from experts and professionals in the crypto and blockchain industry.


Crypto newsletters provide price updates, chart analysis, expert opinions, technical insights and community news. This information is often shared by the leading crypto twitter influencers and quoted by top crypto YouTubers.

For beginners and old-timers alike, it is always right to read up on the latest news and forecasts about crypto and blockchain. Meanwhile, for those offering crypto-related products and services, newsletters might also be a valuable marketing strategy. To know the best crypto and blockchain newsletters and blogs, let’s check the list below.

11 Best Crypto Newsletters ⬇️

  1. The Drop

  2. Glassnode

  3. a16z crypto

  4. Bowtied Bull

  5. Cobie

  6. Coinmetrics

  7. Bitcoin Magazine PRO

  8. DEFI Times

  9. Eth Hub

  10. Messari

  11. The Defiant

11. The Defiant

Subscribe to: The Defiant

Twitter: @DefiantNews

The Defiant is an essential content platform which provides insights on DeFi, NFT, Web3 and Open Economy. The Defiant premium members are given several advantages, like exclusive guides, news, analysis, opinion, and a membership to the newsletter’s private Discord server. The Defiant mainly advocates the spread of information on “decentralized finance,” which means financial systems are run with no intermediaries, like banks for example.

For those who want to avail their free signups, the perks still include daily news briefings, weekly recaps, and a general chat membership on The Defiant’s Discord server.

10. Messari

Subscribe to: Messari

Twitter: @MessariCrypto

Messari prides itself as the most experienced research team in crypto. The Messari Unqualified Opinions consist of three things: hot takes from @twobitidiot, world-class research from the Messari analysts, and the top crypto news of the day in its subscriber’s inbox each morning.

Messari’s mission is to bring transparency to the crypto economy. Its target audience are investors, regulators, and the general public, aiming to help them make informed decisions in investments. Aside from its own newsletter, Messari also updates its website with hourly and daily articles coming from other news sources, such as Coin Telegraph and Babylon Finance Medium.

9. Eth Hub

Subscribe to: Eth Hub

Twitter: @ethhub_io

Eth Hub is focused on Ethereum updates, offering its subscribers with the EthHub Weekly Newsletter. Eth Hub was launched by Anthony Sassano four years ago, aiming to provide a weekly newsletter covering the Ethereum ecosystem and crypto space as a whole.

Aside from the newsletter, Eth Hub also has its own podcast titled “Into the Ether,” which provides a weekly recap on Eth news, as well as guest interviews featuring prominent people in the Ethereum community.

8. DEFI Times

Subscribe to: DEFI Times

Twitter: @defitimes

DEFI Times holds itself as the first beginner-friendly newsletter focusing on decentralized finance (DeFi). DEFI Times offers its subscribers with weekly emails about the technology behind DeFi, and recent news in the DeFi space.

DEFI Times promises their subscribers a new kind of convenience and ease in the DeFi world, saying that subscribers won’t have to dig into the white papers of DeFi protocols themselves–the newsletter will do it for them, simplified, accurate, and updated.

7. Bitcoin Magazine PRO

Subscribe to: Bitcoin Magazine PRO

Twitter: @DylanLeClair_

Bitcoin Magazine PRO covers on-chain metrics, Bitcoin mining, derivative markets, and the global macro landscape. Paid subscribers will get the newsletter delivered to their inbox daily, while free subscribers will enjoy content on a weekly basis.

One of its founders, Dylan LeClair, is focused on the Bitcoin market, and is a crypto Twitter influencer himself. His feed is full of Bitcoin news, trends, stats, and charts.

6. Coinmetrics

Subscribe to: Coinmetrics

Twitter: @coinmetrics

Unlike the other newsletters, Coinmetrics focuses on crypto data regarding the decentralized economy. Its weekly newsletter titled “State of the Network (SOTN)” provides an unbiased view of the crypto ecosystem–views formulated through market data.

Three years after its launch, SOTN now has a deep catalog of foundational and unique data-driven crypto research. Its general research topics include Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi, Stablecoins, NFTs, market data, and general crypto data.

5. Cobie

Subscribe to: Cobie

Twitter: @cobie

Cobie, or Jordan Fish, is a prominent figure in the crypto Twitter community. Before diving into the crypto community, Cobie worked on a banking-focused entity, and also multiple startups. On Twitter, Cobie was able to get the verified blue check mark, amassing almost 700K followers as of date.

He’s famous for his crypto insights mixed with humor. For more serious notes, he writes his own blogs and newsletters where he shares in-depth opinions, insights, and predictions to his subscribers. Subscribing to his blog will give you full access to his newsletter and website.

4. Bowtied Bull

Subscribe to: Bowtied Bull

Twitter: @BowTiedBull

The Bowtied Bull characterizes its writing style as “direct, blunt, and to the point,” designed for business communication purposes. Their newsletters aim to prevent confusion, and to deliver its subscribers with the necessary knowledge for the decentralized future.

The Bowtied Bull’s focus is on crypto, internet businesses and technology stocks. They have the “Basic Level,” which is good for people who don’t understand anything about crypto or technology investing in general. Thus, the Bowtied Bull may also be your best choice if you’re new in the crypto market.

3. a16z crypto

Subscribe to: a16z crypto

Twitter: @a16z

The a16z crypto is a venture capital fund that invests in crypto and web3 startups. The a16z has its own newsletter titled “web3 weekly,” which provides its subscribers with the “go-to guide” on the next era of the internet. This venture characterizes web3 as an era which combines the decentralized, community-governed ethos of the first era, with the advanced, modern functionality of the second era.

Aside from the insights and updates which subscribers can get in the newsletter, they will also be able to get full access on the newsletter website. The a16z also produced the 2022 State of the Crypto Report this year, as well as other Canons.

2. Glassnode

Subscribe to: Glassnode

Twitter: @glassnode

Glassnode describes itself as “your gateway to on-chain data.” Glassnode, through its newsletters, publishes regular contextualized insights and market updates drawn from on-chain market intelligence. On their website, non-subscribers can access their newsletters, analyses, reports, product updates, and DeFi news, all for free.

On its Twitter account, it also updates its followers about onchain and financial metrics, charts, data, and insights for Bitcoin and other digital assets, all in short-text format.

1. The Drop

Subscribe to: The Drop

Twitter: @thedropnft

On top of our list is The Drop. The Drop provides updates on breaking NFT news, artist spotlights, up and coming projects, and weekly project breakdowns. It prides itself as the #1 Daily NFT Newsletter, created for the community and by the community. As a homage to its name, it has a section titled “What’s Dropping?” where it updates readers on the upcoming project launches and releases. It also has humorous sections such as “Meme of the Day,” and others like “Word of the Day.”

On its Twitter account, it features the latest NFT artworks and projects, as well as information on its minting, value, and giveaway mechanics.


Crypto currency and blockchain are continuously on the rise, making its way to becoming a mainstream industry. However, crypto still comes with a lot of risks, making the many market participants hesitant on adopting it as a store of value or integrating crypto in their business. Ultimately, newsletters and blogs provide necessary education. Insights, updates, forecasts, and information that help to minimize the market’s worries and doubts.

We have provided you with the list of most-known and most-reliable newsletters and blogs which beginners and old-timers alike can subscribe to. These newsletters vary in focus, from Bitcoin, DeFi, Ethereum, to NFTs. These newsletters could also be utilized by crypto-related businesses to increase their PR.

To know more about cryptocurrency, blockchain, and metaverses, check the AJ Marketing Blog.

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