15 Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies that Actually Works

15 Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies that Actually Works

As Bitcoin reaches an all-time high, Cryptocurrencies are getting attention from investment institutions and the public.

Tesla has purchased 1.5 billion worth and Nexon has purchased 100 million worth of Bitcoin which confirms that the public perception of Bitcoin is changing into a stable store of value. Possibly it can replace a current fiat currencies in the future.

As the Cryptocurrency market grows, marketing in this industry is also getting crucial. Building a coherent and effective marketing strategy is even more crucial when it comes to new Cryptocurrency projects and ICOs.

What makes marketing so crucial for the Cryptocurrency industry?

From 2017 the Cryptocurrency market has expanded dramatically, and after three years of going through the bear market, it's in a bull market once again. Thousands of crypto businesses related to Defi and NFT are popping up wherever you look and blockchain technology is no longer a strange term.

If you are in a crypto-related business, you already know that you have to compete with many other projects. If you have built a strong digital marketing strategy, you can stand out from those competitors.

Today, we would like to introduce you to 15 Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies that Actually Work.

1. Crypto Twitter

15 Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies that Actually Works Crypto Twitter

Using Twitter strategically will help your audience engage in your crypto project.

Create a dedicated account for your project on Twitter and then, update your current news regarding your project and encourage people to join. Let your audience stay updated with the ongoing news and updates about your project. You can also let your audience check other channels by inserting your project-related links into your tweet.

When you look close to the crypto industry, there are a bunch of other Bitcoin alternatives that have been shown over the years and they were gradually making their mark on Twitter. If you are not familiar with this, you need to hire the services of a professional social media marketing company to get started.

2. Medium

15 Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies that Actually Works Medium

Medium can be a perfect tool to explain your project, updated news, and anything you want to say to your audience. You can write a detailed explanation about how to purchase your coin, which exchange has listed, project development, news updates, etc.

The major difference with Twitter is that you write an article in Medium like a blog while just tweeting with 100 words or less on Twitter. So you can use both Twitter and Medium in marketing by putting your Medium article link in Twitter tweet. By doing so, you can bring traffic to your Medium account.

3. Telegram Community

15 Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies that Actually Works Telegram Community

When you create your Crypto project, creating a communication channel to communicate with your supporters is the prior thing that you need to consider. In order to do this, creating an official Telegram channel is the easiest way to communicate with your supporters.

You can simply create official Telegram channels and post your project-related news, run various events, and answer questions from the members.

You don’t need to stick with one channel but create two or three channels to manage your members more easily. For example, channel 1 is for an announcement, channel 2 is for discussion, channel 3 is for Q&A.

4. Kakaotalk

15 Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies that Actually Works Kakaotalk

Crypto is international and you should not neglect global markets. Kakaotalk is something that you must consider when you promote your project in Korea.

Kakaotalk is a messenger application that dominates Korea, it is necessary to use Kakao for your crypto promotion in the local market. When looking into Korean market, Koreans tend to invest aggressively when it comes to crypto. Therefore it is important to use Kakaotalk for communication along with Telegram.

One important thing you need to consider is that when managing a Kakaotalk chat room, you need to focus on one chat room unlike creating many as Telegram. It is because the UI of Kakaotalk disturbs users when there are many chat rooms.

So all the announcements, events, and communication have to be done in one official chat room.

5. Web Design

15 Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies that Actually Works Web Design

This might be the most important thing to set up before you launch your crypto project. You need to develop and set your website which is the first channel that your potential investors are going to see.

Find and set a relevant web design and create an online platform that depicts your project identity and put everything that your investors need to know such as a roadmap, whitepaper, team members description, etc.

Your website is an opportunity to convince people why they should consider investing in your project, the benefits it has, and the potential future.

Do not expect someone to just find out about your project out of blue and invest in it unless you show them through sufficient resources.

6. Airdrop

15 Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies that Actually Works Aidrop

Airdrop is one of the common marketing events you can use to increase awareness of your project to people.

All you need is to give out rewards to people who have done a mission you gave. For example, give out a certain amount of your project coin for those who entered your official Telegram channel, or someone who shared about your project in their SNS.

Airdrop events normally used when you want to increase members in your official channel to increase viral and also it's good to let people be your holder.

7. Ask Me Anything(AMA)

15 Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies that Actually Works Ask Me Anything

While running a community and when your project gets famous, people are going to be curious about the project.

Ask me anything (AMA) is the time you can answer questions that people want to know in communication channels.

Collect all the frequently asked questions from your investors and prepare to answer them. Pick one interviewer who asks those questions and you prepare well-written answers for that. When the interviewer asks the questions, you answer them.

This is a good strategy to use to get rid of FUD(Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) of your project and show that you care about your investors which you will gain trust.

8. Paid Promotion

15 Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies that Actually Works Paid Promotion

For those who are not familiar with all these online marketing tactics that you need to do manually, there is something you can use.

The best alternative is to use a paid marketing services platform.

These services are provided by Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and several other online platforms.

This basically includes displaying advertisements, videos, banners, etc, about your project on established sites with many users. The aim is to gain traffic from them.

Paid promotion runs automatically when it's all set but to target the audience you want properly, you may need an online marketing company where you can help you set up a paid promotion campaign for your crypto project.

9. Direct Messaging

15 Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies that Actually Works Direct Messaging

This is another efficient way to get the word out about your project.

Sending out marketing email has a higher chance that people would ignore thinking that it's just spam even before they read it.

So the better solution is to collect targeted mobile numbers of potential users and send marketing texts directly to them because mobile messages are more likely to be read and usually receive a great response from interested people.

You can simply hire an SMS marketing company or software for the task.

10. Display Campaigns

15 Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies that Actually Works Display Campaigns

A display campaign is a form of paid advertisement where you can promote your crypto project on other popular sites which has many investment-related users in the same niche through various display items such as images, video, audio, flash, and text with the visual effect that can attract potential investors.

Many blockchain startups are effectively using this campaign to market their new project to interested users on relevant websites.

11. Reddit

15 Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies that Actually Works Reddit

Reddit is a social content-sharing community website where new content, including text, images, and links is shared by users.

You can join the website and start sharing news and updates about your project on specific communities called subreddits.

For example, you can join this r/cryptocurrency subreddit, which has over 500k subscribers, and write about your project in detail. This is a perfect place to market your project.

However, you cannot just promote your project right away because people would know that you joined the community only to promote. Therefore you should try to involve in the ongoing discussions to gain users’ trust.

Once you gain trust, you can even consider starting your own subreddit with the name of your project and promote it there.

Make sure not to over-promote or share a lot of links altogether because users or Reddit will lower the value of your post.

12. Press Releases (PR)

15 Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies that Actually Works Press Release

Using the popular news and PR media to promote and make an announcement of your project shows legitimacy.

There are a number of online Press Release media that deal with cryptocurrency topics. They have a huge number of readers who are interested in reading information about new cryptocurrencies in the market.

This can help you build a network of interested users and investors and bring them to your community.

13. Email Marketing

15 Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies that Actually Works Email Marketing

Email marketing is also a form of direct marketing. Depending on the quality of email content, results come out differently.

Email marketing includes sending targeted marketing emails about your new product launch, offers, advantages, etc, to people interested in investment.

Although Email marketing is a good strategy to introduce your project, it may not be that effective when you don’t operate properly.

You need to collect an email list only for the people who might actually be interested in your product. Then, you can find an agency where you can use email marketing services.

14. Reputation Management

15 Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies that Actually Works Reputation Management

The main reason to keep reputation management is to keep the investment inflow.

Building and maintaining a positive reputation for your project is important but also you need to remove any negative publicity as well.

While you are in the process of developing your crypto project, there is a higher chance that your competitors have been planning to destroy your brand reputation in your channels or any way possible through spreading FUD.

Effective reputation management will make you build a clear and positive public perception of your crypto project.

15. Affiliate Marketing

15 Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies that Actually Works Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing that makes users participate in your project marketing by their will. You are basically making people work for you to bring traffic or visitors to your website, community, or even purchase your project coin for a commission.

First, start an affiliate campaign on your project channel saying that you will pay a commission to affiliates who bring new users in the community or any kind of activity with their own marketing tactics and efforts.

The idea is that using affiliates’ networks and tactics that could be better than yours will help you generate more traffic for your project.

To Conclude

Today we have gone through the top 15 marketing tips to promote your crypto project.

These are the online marketing techniques that can help you strategically promote your project and survive in this wild cryptocurrency market.

However, some people might find it hard to run all these marketing tips by themselves.

The best solution to this is to work with a professional digital marketing company specialized in cryptocurrency.

I hope the marketing tips we shared will be helpful to launch your project and market it successfully. If you are interested to work with an agency, reach out to us for a free consultation.

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