11 Best Crypto Metaverse Games in 2022

11 Best Crypto Metarverse Games

Want to get into the metaverse and make money while experiencing it? No wonder. The terms “cryptocurrency” and “metaverse” continue to be popular buzzwords in this digital age. Cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency, while metaverse revolves around digitally-simulated virtual environments. Both concepts showcase the new era of technology, and mixing crypto and the metaverse will blow people’s minds moreso. Both industries also show immense potential in the coming years.

Key metaverse statistics show that revenue from metaverse technologies will increase by $800 billion by 2024. The metaverse market size will also become 2.7 times bigger than the total gaming market. Metaverse devices, like AR and VR accessories, will reach $300 billion in market size by 2024. Lastly, metaverse is also expected to affect product marketing and advertising, becoming a $586-billion disruptor for the advertisement industry.

Meanwhile, cryptocurrency statistics state that the number of cryptocurrencies worldwide has increased by almost ten times, from years 2017 to 2022. These numbers only show continued growth for this digital currency and virtual space.

Key Metaverse Statistics

So, how is crypto and metaverse integrated? A crypto metaverse is an immersive virtual world that incorporates blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Crypto metaverse games have huge potential, because these games possess playability and financial viability. Companies are investing, players are earning, and brands are also grasping the opportunity for marketing. It will only be natural for you to be curious about these two amazing industries combined.

In this list, we curated the top 11 crypto metaverse games you could play, invest in, or have your brand marketed in. Let’s have a look!

11 Best Crypto Metaverse Games in 2022 ⬇️

  1. Mobox

  2. Alien Worlds

  3. Defi Kingdoms

  4. Metroverse

  5. Zoop

  6. Impostors

  7. MetamonGo

  8. Upland

  9. MetaVolution

  10. Arc8

  11. Polychain Monsters

11. Polychain Monsters

Twitter: @polychainmon

Polychain Monsters is a play-to-earn trading game built on blockchain technology. In this game, players can collect NFTs, open booster packs, fight battles, and trade with other players. The Polyverse uses $PMON as its native token on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

The Polymons differ in type, color, shape, and rarity. At the moment, the Polychain Monsters community has over 100,000 people. They also offer weekly rewards for each opened booster pack.

What makes Polychain Monsters unique is its cross-chain character. When gas fees in Ethereum began to climb, the developers integrated the game with Binance in order to include more community members who were priced out of the project. Aside from this, the game offers 3D art, as opposed to the growing number of 2D pixel art NFTs.

10. Arc8

Twitter: @ARC8App

Arc8 is a play to earn mobile gaming experience where esports meets crypto. Arc8 offers multiple types of games, such as card games, action games, 3D race games, puzzle games and many more.

Players will use GMEE tokens, the utility token of GAMEE, to participate in Arc8's 1v1 matches and tournaments, and to purchase Arc8 NFTs that enhance the game experience.

The interesting part about Arc8 is that there is no luck involved–only competition. The games on the Arc8 app brings a new level of competitiveness to blockchain games, where players’ success is only in their hands. Moreover, with the amount of arcade games on this app, including those about to be launched, users will never run out of entertainment.

9. MetaVolution

Twitter: @MetaVolutionNFT

Instagram: @metavolutionnft

Opensea: MetaVolution: Immortals

MetaVolution is a play-to-earn, on-chain game on the Ethereum network, which utilizes NFTs. Players can stake their NFTs and earn $TROPY, mint their collections, and access quests.

Unlike other crypto metaverse games, MetaVolution focuses on 3D art instead of 2D, with the developers putting elements of both realism and cartoon. Each NFT comprises unique, distinctive details that look extremely promising. It is also worthy to note that the artists who created MetaVolution are the same artists behind Fortnite, Star Wars, and EA Games.

Another interesting characteristic of this game is its well-fabricated lore. Its story is heavily-inspired by current events. The characters within the metaverse were once humans who were forced to leave the physical realm due to a mutating virus that threatened to wipe out all of humanity. Sounds familiar? We thought so too!

8. Upland

Twitter: @UplandMe

Upland is a virtual property metaverse where players can own NFT parcel properties. Players can buy, sell, and trade virtual properties, and even build their own properties and earn UPX coins.

An interesting feature of this game is that the virtual real estate properties correspond to real-world addresses. This means the Upland NFTs are with provable scarcity and authenticity, since real-world real estate properties are also limited.Upland is unlike other real estate crypto metaverses, because this game blurs the line between the real world and the virtual world.

7. MetamonGo

Twitter: @Metamongonft

Instagram: @metamongo.io

Opensea: MetamonGo World

Metamon is a top-tier battle and tournament game set in a virtual country–the Metamongo. Players of the game will use their Metamons to battle with each other and win prizes, and even win real money in Ethereum. Players can also own virtual properties as NFTs, and host their own tournaments.

Aside from purchasing lands and building gyms, players can also catch Metamons using Metaballs, and purchase Trainers which are game items enhancing a player’s skills.

At its initial NFT drop, Metamongo included 10,000 unique digital assets, and each collectible was created by combining over 150 powerful traits. If you’re looking for a crypto metaverse game which is reminiscent of Pokémon, then this game is for you.

6. Impostors

Twitter: @PlayImpostors

Opensea: Impostors Genesis Aliens

Impostors is a social gaming metaverse that is player-owned and powered. The first game mode is a social deduction game where players have the role of either Innocent or Impostor in a murder mystery-themed gameplay. Impostors have the role of killing all players, while Innocents have the role of deducing who the Impostor is.

Players of the game will become NFT holders and will earn tradeable NFTs and fungible tokens. The utility tokens for this game are called $SUPER and $BLOOD, which can be earned by staking an Impostor Genesis NFT. Both tokens are also living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Since its initial mint, the game has seen massive success, with the floor price rising as a result. If you’ve been a fan of the game Among Us, then you’re sure to know how addictive Impostors can be.

5. Zoop

Twitter: @zoopcards

Zoop is a digital trading card platform that allows users to connect to celebrities through collecting their 3D cards. The initial sales process is called “Drops,” where players can snag their favorite celebrity’s cards for the first time.

Zoops can bid, buy, sell, and trade celebrity cards as well as compete in games and challenges. By leveling up and unlocking Zoop points, players can earn more cards and gain extra rewards. Some rewards involve exclusive, real-life experiences with Zoop celebrities.

An interesting fact about Zoop is its creator–Tim Stokely. Stokely is the founder of OnlyFans, a platform which democratized the adult industry. Stokely now wants to conquer WEB3 with this NFT project, which will now be available to all types of audiences. Zoop co-founder RJ Philips predicts that the game will be a “win” for celebrities and brands, as the metaverse brings new ways of interacting with fans and consumers.

4. Metroverse

Twitter: @themetroverse

Opensea: Metroverse

Metroverse is a land trading NFT strategy game working on the Ethereum network. Players can collect, trade, and stake their city blocks to earn the game’s utility token, the $MET. $MET is passively earned daily through staked city blocks.

Metroverse is described as heavily-inspired by Simcity. Each city block is different, characterized as commercial, residential, or industrial blocks. The buildings within the lands also vary, providing for varying levels of rarity. Its design is also unique, because of the fun yet edgy theme of the blocks.

An interesting characteristic of this game is its multiplier effect. A player who combines city blocks can get more $MET tokens. This means that any block can offer value to the owner, irrespective of the rarity and uniqueness of the block.

3. Defi Kingdoms

Twitter: @DefiKingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms is a cross-chain, play-to-earn MMORPG which uses JEWEL and CRYSTAL tokens. The JEWEL token is used to purchase useful items and unique NFTs, like Heroes and Kingdoms in the game, as well as other in-game items. Meanwhile, the CRYSTAL token has the same role as JEWEL, but is used within DeFi Kingdoms Crystalvale.

Players can mint Hero NFTs and swap through the DEX. Players can also use their Hero NFT to go on quests, stake tokens in the bank, garden to participate in the liquidity pool, and more.

DeFi Kingdoms has been described as a game filling a unique niche in the crypto metaverse sector. Investors state that the game enables users to do “everyday DeFi activities,” like farming, staking, and minting, while also enabling them to enjoy gamified mechanics, like quests and missions.

2. Alien Worlds

Twitter: @alienworlds

Alien Worlds is a DeFi, NFT metaverse where players can earn the in-game token Trilium. Players will also complete intergalactic quests, and travel along the scattered belt of planets in order to gain unique items in the form of NFTs.

The Trilium which players earn can be transferred into the Binance Smart Chain. Players can also earn more Trilium through the staking system of the game. Entering the game is free, but the payout will be lower. To gain higher income, players must first purchase Trilium tokens.

Alien Worlds gives users not one, but six competing decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). The creators of the game have given players six different digital worlds they can explore, interact in and talk about what they want to achieve. The founders say that this competitive element between the planets makes for interesting conjecture.

1. Mobox

Twitter: @MOBOX_Official

Mobox is a free to play, play-to-earn metaverse game where players can farm, battle, and earn with unique NFTs. Players can catch their own MOMOs and decide how to use them across the game. MOMOs are these cute little creatures that live within the MOMOverse.

MOMOverse is the first metaverse to integrate with the Binance ecosystem. It has 5 interesting games which users can play. It also has a feature that allows players to create their own NFTs, which allows players to sell the materials they acquire from craftsmanship.

Unique features of this game include cross-chain availability, including Ethereum, Tron, and EOS. Another feature is its NFT marketplace where users can buy and sell singular or bundled MOMOs. The MOMOs can remain staked while being sold on the marketplace, saving players gas fees.


The word “trending” cannot describe the hype crypto and metaverse are getting in this new age of the internet. Crypto and metaverse are separate concepts representing advanced tech, but, needless to say, the two industries can be intertwined. Thanks to crypto metaverse games, players can now get entertainment and earn money in one sitting.

The list above contains the top crypto metaverse games for 2022. Whether you’re a player looking for investment, or a brand-owner looking for marketing opportunities in this new space, the information from this list can help you big-time.

If you’re looking to know more about the metaverse and the blockchain, check out the AJ Marketing Blog.

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