20 Best TikTok Influencers in Malaysia in 2022


TikTok is one of the most favorite social media platforms by Malaysian internet users. Why, you ask? Social media users nowadays are leaning towards short-form video features, fun and creative filters, and of course, memorable sound bytes. Because of these, TikTok has emerged as the 6th most used social media platform in Malaysia.

Naturally, TikTok became a marketer's best friend in this country. By launching an ad through this platform, a brand can reach almost 14.6 million Malaysian internet users. That's almost 45% of the whole population of this country! This market behavior made TikTok an efficient and cost-effective platform for marketing and advertising.

TikTok Advertising Audience Overview in Malaysia 2022

One of the best social media marketing strategies in Malaysia is influencer marketing. The Malaysian market is risk-averse, thus they tend to rely on influencers' and experts' opinions about certain products before making purchase decisions. Influencers serve as Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) on different social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Running an influencer marketing campaign on TikTok can be simple yet tricky. The concept is easy in a sense that you're simply collaborating with influencers so that the trust they've built with their audience can be shared with your brand. The tricky part is knowing the right influencer to work with. Influencers vary in niche, from fitness, technology, beauty, to parenting. They also vary in follower size and content form. This is where in-depth research comes in. You, as a marketer or business-owner, must know your brand values to heart. This way, you'd be able to pinpoint the best influencer fit for your image.

To help you find the right influencer, we have curated the top 20 TikTok influencers in Malaysia this year. This list may give you a peek at the TikTok influencer scene in this country.

Top 20 TikTok Influencers in Malaysia ⬇️

  1. Roshan Jeet

  2. Angel Lowee

  3. Nor Ashima Ramli

  4. Jeff Yuman

  5. Dr. Ben Gee

  6. Puspa Wafiy

  7. Steven Ang

  8. Alieff Irfan

  9. Dato' Calvin Khiu

  10. Ahmad Akid

  11. Alvin Chong

  12. Mia Sara Nasuha

  13. Muhammad Nizam

  14. Bajilah

  15. Stella Kelbert

  16. Shah Irfan

  17. Areva Ishak

  18. Erissa Puteri Hashim

  19. Wincy Chua

  20. Yana Strawberry


Followers: 967,800 Topics: Comedy, Entertainment

Yana Strawberry TikTok Influencer Malaysia

Yana Strawberry is a TikTok influencer who has achieved popularity through her parody short-videos. Yana commonly creates content about ordinary day-to-day scenes in Malaysia, but with added comedic twists. She also commonly posts skits with her friends.

Her humor has gained her more than 967K followers and 11.5 million likes on TikTok. Yana often collaborates with brands, making video recommendations to her followers on this platform.


Followers: 1,400,000 Topics: Beauty, Fashion

Wincy Chua TikTok Influencer Malaysia

Wincy Chua, is a beauty and fashion enthusiast on TikTok. Most of her videos show her transform from a bare-faced look to a camera and stage-ready full-face makeup look. She also creates videos on her cosplay transformations, shopping hauls, travel adventures, and many more.

Wincy has collaborated with big brands such as Rexona, Centella, Pepsi, and many others. In these collaborations, Wincy shoots videos of herself using certain products, or creates dance challenge trends that the brands request. These videos are viewed and liked by hundreds of thousands of her followers.


Followers: 1,400,000 Topics: Music, Entertainment

Erissa Puteri Hashim TikTok Influencer Malaysia

Erissa Puteri Hashim gained popularity through a talent competition, Ceria Popstar, in 2014. She also joined the cast of Club Mickey House Malaysia in 2017. Today, she is known as a music influencer on different social media platforms.

On her feed, she commonly shares covers of popular songs. This talented woman also shares some of her dancing videos, and she also posts product reviews and unboxings. Erissa has gained more than 1.4 million followers , and more than 17 million likes on TikTok.


Followers: 1,400,000 Topics: Beauty, Cosmetics

AREVA ISHAK TikTok Malaysia Influencer

Areva Ishak is a Malaysian make-up artist and beauty content creator. Areva is known for actively interacting with her followers by answering their questions on makeup products, makeup application, and makeup reviews. She does this by utilizing the Q&A feature on TikTok.

Areva often shares her favorite makeup and skincare products to her followers. Since her followers trust her opinion, Areva's recommendations drive conversions for certain brands. As of now, Areva has gained more than 13 million likes on this platform.


Followers: 1,400,000 Topics: Lifestyle, Entertainment

SHAH IRFAN Influencer TikTok Malaysia

Shah Irfan is known for his brand, Fafan Cosmetics, which he regularly endorses on his TikTok account. Aside from his own business, Shah often posts videos with his friends doing fun and crazy challenges, and dancing to several hit songs on TikTok. He's a travel enthusiast as well and he shares his adventures with his million followers. Aside from this, he's also toy hobbyist.

Though he is a business-owner himself, Shah still accepts collaborations with other brands. He posts authentic reviews which his followers give weight to.


Followers: 1,400,000 Topics: Beauty, Entertainment

Stella Cinderella TikTok Influencer Malaysia

Stella Kelbert, or most commonly known as Stella Cinderella, is a popular TikTok influencer based in Malaysia because of her stunning beauty. Stella was born and raised in Russia until she was 13 years old. She and her family moved to Malaysia, and she's been Malaysian at heart ever since.

Her TikTok account has got 1.4 million followers and 7 million likes. She occasionally creates anime cosplays, dancing challenges, and OOTD videos on her account.


Followers: 1,500,000 Topics: Dancing, Parenting

Bajilah TikTok Influencer Malaysia

Bajilah is a hijabi social media influencer from Malaysia who has earned 1.5 million followers and 18.7 million likes on her TikTok account. Bajilah's content revolves around parenting, motherhood, and family. She also uses the Q&A feature on TikTok to create engaging content by answering her followers' most asked questions. This way, she was able to build a trusting and authentic relationship with them.

Bajilah has previously collaborated with different types of brands, like those from food, tech, fashion, and cosmetics industries. Bajilah also posts lipsync and dancing videos to show the world that she is still young at heart.


Followers: 1,600,000 Topics: Fitness


Muhammad Nizam, or more commonly known as Mintpulut on TikTok, is a fitness and health influencer. He often posts fitness tips for his followers who are also interested in body-building and toning their muscles. He also shares about his motorcycle and bicycle trips to different places in Malaysia.

Muhammad collaborates with brands related to health and fitness, such as vitamin and supplement brands, and sportswear.


Followers: 1,900,000 Topics: Movie, Comedy, Entertainment

MIA SARA NASUHA TikTok Influencer Malaysia

Mia Sara Nasuha is famous for her acting skills in the movies entitled “Papa, I Love You”, “Lagenda Budak Setan '', and “Nur Kashin the Movie ''. She was awarded as Best Kids Actress on the TV3 television network. She also won the Youngest Actress award on the Malaysian Film Festival. Mia is not only an actor, but a popular social media star on TikTok.

On her feed, Mia posts vlogs, comedy skits, dance videos, and song lip-syncs. Mia's popularity continues to this day, as she has more than 1.9 million followers and 18 million likes on TikTok.


Followers: 1,900,000 Topics: Music, Dance, Entertainment

ALVIN CHONG Influencer TikTok Malaysia

Alvin Chong is famous for his singing and acting skills. Alvin is from Chinese descent but he was born and raised in Malaysia. Although he was raised with Mandarin-Hokkien as his mother tongue, Alvin can speak the Malay language fluently. This enabled him to connect with the Malaysian TikTok users, which also gained him immense popularity. Alvin has 1.9 million followers and 17 million likes on TikTok. On his feed, he mostly posts video transition trends, funny duets, dance challenges, and lip-sync videos.


Followers: 2,200,000 Topics: Music, Dance, Entertainment

AHMAD AKID TikTok Influencer Malaysia

Ahmad Akid or Akiddos gained popularity because of his fun and bubbly character. His smile brightens the day of his more than 2 million followers on TikTok. He commonly posts parodies of scenes from hit drama shows, recreates TikTok viral trends, and shoots videos which showcase his talents for singing and dancing.

Akkiddos has previously worked with several big brands like Cetaphil, Pepsi, and Lazada. In these collaborations, Akiddos recommends to his followers these brands, which in turn gain huge amounts of traction and exposure.


Followers: 2,500,000 Topics: Self Development, Comedy, Business

Datu Calvin Khiu Malaysian TikTok Influencer

Dato' Calvin Khiu is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of MK Curtain Group of Companies (MK), a leading company in the curtain industry in Malaysia. Dato’ Calvin Khiu’s story from humble beginnings to being an extremely influential figure has inspired many people.

On his feed, he shares educational TikTok videos but with a hint of comedy. His TikTok videos are enjoyed by a wide demographic, owing to his relatable content on life, family, and career. His TikTok account has reached 2.5 million followers and 28 million likes.


Followers: 2,500,000 Topics: Investment, Lifestyle

ALIEFF IRFAN TikTok Influencer Malaysia

Alieff Irfan is one of the richest and most popular YouTuber in Malaysia. Now, Alieff has also dominated short-form video platform TikTok. Alieff has more than 2.5 million followers and 18.6 million likes on the said app.

On his feed, you'll see posts about Alieff's daily activities as an investor. He's also a sports car enthusiast, gamer, and a tech hobbyist. Besides that, he also loves to hold some giveaways, sharing his wealth to his audience.


Followers: 2,900,000 Topics: Comedy, Entertainment

STEVEN ANG Influencer TikTok Malaysia

Steven Ang is one of the most creative Malaysian content creators on TikTok. Once you visit his TikTok page, you will be impressed by the effort he puts into each of the videos he created. He posts anything about food art, household hacks, and random content that mainly tricks the eyes and the mind. He also creates content with special effects.

We are short of words to describe his amazing content, but go to his feed and you'll see what we're talking about. This creative illusionist will surely blow your mind!


Followers: 3,000,000 Topics: Parody, Dance, Music

PUSPA WAFIY TikTok Influencer Malaysia

Puspa Wafiy, also known as Puspa Gomen, was a TikTok All-Star Southeast Asia 2019 finalist. Her TikTok account has earned 3 million followers and 37.9 million likes to date.

Although she gained her popularity through her dancing and singing TikTok videos, her humorous comedic sketches she enacts with her husband are also enjoyed by a wide audience. One of her top videos that has gone viral is the parody of the hit drama series 7 Hari Mencintaiku 2, which went viral not only on TikTok but also was shared by numerous people across other social media platforms.


Followers: 3,600,000 Topics: Health

DR. BEN GEE TikTok Influencer Malaysia

Dr. Ben Gee is a dentist who is actively giving advice on dental and oral health on his TikTok account. He often discusses dental and oral hygiene in his videos, but he adds a creative and comedic twist to it. These videos have helped him reach 3.6 million followers and 56 million likes.

Dr. Ben Gee is does not only make educational content, but also fun videos. He sometimes hops on to the latest trends, or lip-syncs to the hottest song hits on the app. He's also a talented dancer, which made his followers idolize him more.


Followers: 3,900,000 Topics: Comedy, Entertainment

JEFF YUMAN TikTok Influencer Malaysia

Jeff Yuman began posting on TikTok regularly in late 2019. In one of his first videos, he pretended to drop his smart phone in a toilet. This skit gained traction and resulted to millions of Malaysians following him on this platform. He is famous for different comedic videos and card hand tricks. His popularity on the platform led to him amassing more than 3.9 million followers and 100 million likes on TikTok.


Followers: 4,200,000 Topics: Music, Entertainment

NOR ASHIMA RAMLI Influencer TikTok Malaysia

Nor Ashima Ramli, or more known by her stage name Baby Shima, is a pop dancer and singer who is popular in Malaysia and Indonesia. This popstar has taken the internet by storm with her insane talent. She is also popular on other social media platforms like YouTube. On TikTok, she has more than 4.2 million followers and 30 million likes.

Her TikTok feed is full of videos of different performances, brand collaborations, and vlogs.


Followers: 9,100,000 Topics: Lifestyle, Dance, Fitness

Angel Lowee Malaysian TikTok Influencer

Angel Lowee mostly shares her dance moves and easy do-it-yourself workout videos on her feed. Aside from fitness and health videos, she caught the eyes of Malaysian TikTok users because of her lavish lifestyle. She is truly an icon when it comes to fashion, beauty, and health. She also shares her travel adventures and dance videos.


Followers: 7,000,000 Topics: Comedy, Music

ROSHAN JEET TikTok Malaysia Influencer

On top of our list is Roshan Jeet. Roshan Jeet is from Indian descent, but was born in Kuala Lumpur. He is a popular social media star who is best recognized for his comedic videos where he changes the lyrics of popular songs to make a parody. He also uses the Q & A feature of TikTok to get inspiration from his followers in making his next content.

Roshan writes his own script when making his content. His originality has caught the eyes of his 7 million followers on TikTok. He often creates skits, or funny lists of mundane day-to-day activities.


The youngest generations are leaning towards short-form video platforms, leading to the popularity of TikTok around the globe. In Malaysia, specifically, TikTok is the 4th most favorite social media platform of internet users. Through TikTok, content creators are able to produce videos which are creative, educational, and appealing to the general population.

Malaysian TikTok users tend to follow influencers in the platform, in the hopes of gaining insights and opinions from these KOLs. In turn, these reviews and opinions affect the Malaysian market's purchase decisions. This authenticity and trust between TikTok influencers and their followers made the platform a marketer's best friend.

TikTok houses influencers from different niches, such as music, entertainment, comedy, fitness, business, and many more. With the ever-increasing amount of TikTok users, influencer marketing on this app has become one of the best strategies for brand marketing and advertising. Influencer marketing has led to several marketing success stories in Malaysia.

We hope this TikTok influencers list has helped you gain insights on how influencers can help a brand gain traction and conversions. To know more about the Malaysian market, check the AJ Marketing Blog.

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