Top 20 Most Followed YouTubers in Malaysia in 2022


YouTube is one of the most-used social media platforms in Malaysia. By launching ads on YouTube, a marketer may reach almost 24 million Malaysians. That means a business can be seen by almost 72% of the entire population in this country. Due to this social media user behavior, YouTube has grown rapidly and has emerged as the top website where content creators can earn money from their channels.

Being an influencer in Malaysia has become a lucrative profession. Some Malaysian YouTubers can even earn up to RM 155,000 every month. Now, you may wonder, what makes influencers so appealing to the general public? The answer is simple - authenticity. Malaysians now rely on influencers, bloggers, and experts when reviewing products. This is far from the traditional hard-selling strategy previously practiced. Today, the Malaysian market gives more importance to the opinions of people they look up to and trust.

YouTube Advertising Audience Overview in Malaysia 2022

Undoubtedly, influencers have become one of the most important and effective partners for marketers. Their opinions have become vital factors in their audience's purchase decisions. Thus, working with Youtubers is one of the best marketing strategies which could result to greater ROI. Influencer marketing has gained traction in Malaysia, providing for successful marketing campaigns.

To create a successful influencer campaign on YouTube, you'd have to do your homework first. Malaysian YouTubers vary in niche, target audience, content genre, and many more. You'd have to know which YouTuber is the best fit for your brand. Choosing the right YouTuber is essential in ensuring that your company values are well-represented.

Lucky for you, we have curated a list of the most-followed YouTubers in Malaysia in 2022. By looking at this list, you may gain some insights on how influencer marketing can help your brand. You may also get an idea on which influencer suit your products and services best.

Top 20 YouTubers in Malaysia ⬇️

  1. Alyssa Dezek

  2. Alieff Irfan

  3. Jordan Yeoh Fitness

  4. Astro Gempak

  5. JO Channel

  6. Namewee

  7. Syahmi Sazli

  8. Nur Amira Syahira

  9. Isa Isarb

  10. MVM Music

  11. MeleTOP

  12. Zukie Mohamad

  13. Soloz Club

  14. Baby Shima

  15. TV Terlajak Laris

  16. Ling BigYong

  17. Isaac Osman

  18. Asa Production

  19. Bella Khan

  20. Aqil Zulkiflee


Subscribers: 1,500,000

Topics: Pranks, Food, Product Reviews

Aqil Zulkiflee is a popular Malaysian Youtuber who loves to share to his audience his precious little moments with his family. When visiting his channel, you’ll find tons of unboxing videos of toys, electronics, and fashion items like clothes, shoes, and many more.

He also creates prank videos and participates on food challenges. These types of videos gain him the highest engagement on YouTube. His quirky and fun energy made him loved by his millions of followers.

Not only is Aqil popular on YouTube, he's also popular on Instagram, with more than 1 million followers on that social media platform. To know more about Malysian Instagram influencers, visit our list of the 20 Best Instagram Influencers in Malaysia.


Subscribers: 1,270,000

Topics: Beauty, Food, Gaming, Tech

Badriyatul Laili Binti Bahadar Khan, or more commonly known as Bella Khann, is a social media personality known for her funny reviews of products she buys online. Netizens started noticing her when she posted a beauty products review video for people who want to step up their makeup game, but also want to remain on-budget. Today, Bella has more than 1.27 million subscribers on her YouTube account.

Bella’s funny character and honest opinions are loved by her audience. Aside from her Shopee haul videos, she's also known for her authentic reaction videos to different trends. She also posts some food hacks, beauty tips, and gaming streams.


Subscribers: 1, 280,000

Topics: Comedy, Entertainment

Wanna watch videos that can make you laugh? Look no further because ASA Production has got you covered. ASA Production is a channel that keeps everything light, happy, and entertaining with their out-of-the box mini series, parodies, and comedy skits.

Aside from videos that will have you rolling over the place, this group of content creators also love producing videos that are heartwarming and relatable. One of their most popular videos is about a high school student bullied and misjudged by his other classmates. The video has reached more than 11 million views and counting.

Due to their natural acting skills and interesting plots, their videos have always gained high engagement on YouTube. Their cinematography, concepts, and scripts are also exceptional. The creativity of this group of creators is surely through the roof!


Subscribers: 1,470,000

Topics: Mukbang, Food

A mukbang or meokbang is an online broadcast in which a host consumes various quantities of food while interacting with the audience. This type of content has been popular all over Southeast Asia, and Malaysia is no exception. Isaac Osman is one of the top mukbang YouTubers who can accompany you when you're eating alone.

Isaac puts the audience at awe with the large quantities of food he's able to consume. The sounds of his videos while chewing, slurping, and sipping his food also tickles the ears. His overly-satisfying videos gained him more than 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube.


Subscribers: 1,480,000

Topics: Comedy, Entertainment

Ling BigYong is considered as a film producer, content creator, actor, and a comedian by the Malaysian YouTube users. Ling is widely-known for his natural acting skills and his skits which are very relatable in Malaysian culture. Him using Chinese as a main language didn't stop the subscribers from pouring.

He most often creates contents about different classroom scenarios. He also portrays different "types" of people, like "Different Types of Swimmers" and "Different Types of Sleeping People". His exaggerated reenactments have certainly made the Malaysian population laugh out loud.


Subscribers: 1,520,000

Topics: Food, Parenting, Entertainment

This channel is created by the lovely couple Datuk Aliff Syukri Kamarzaman and Datin Nur Shahida Mohd Rashid. These creators love to publish their food challenges, food reviews, and cooking tutorials. They also share their travelling experiences in different parts of Malaysia.

Aside from random family adventures and travels, they have also ventured into the world of music. One of their most popular videos on YouTube is a music video for the song Bobo Dimana. If you want to take a peak at the Malaysian families, culture, and places, then this channel is for you.


Subscribers: 1,560,000

Topics: Music, Entertainment, Short Film

Let’s meet Baby Shima, a popular Malaysian singer with over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube. When visiting her channel, you’ll find her live music shows and song covers of popular songs. Baby Shima also loves to share her Smule duets with other well-liked singers and artists.

Not only is she talented in singing, Baby Shima has also created a horror film which she aired on YouTube. Baby Shima's sweet smile, angelic voice, and overfilled talent has made her one of the most famous musicians in Malaysia.


Subscribers: 1,570,000

Topic: Gaming

The Soloz Club is a production team which created a gaming channel to let people watch Soloz's game highlights. Soloz is a popular gamer in Malaysia who can almost play anything under the sun, from PUBG, Among Us, Mobile Legends, to Defense of the Ancients. His subscribers mainly watch his videos to gain tips and strategies on how to excel in different video games.

Aside from game streams, the team also creates vlog videos and Q & A videos. They also do unboxing videos of different sponsored and unsponsored products related to gaming. In one of their posts, they unboxed and reviewed the Facebook Gaming Chair, which gained more than 1.2 million views and 50,000 engagements.


Subscribers: 1,720,000

Topics: Comedy, Entertainment

Zulkifli Mohamad, or more commonly known as Zukie, is a social media star and YouTuber who loves to entertain his audience with his crazy fun parodies. Not only is he famous because of his short skits, he has even made his own full movie which gained more than 4 million views on YouTube.

Zukie is also known for his vlogs, pranks, music, and unboxing videos of popular toys. Talk about a man of many talents!


Subscribers: 1,840,000

Topics: News, Entertainment

Talk shows and gossips have always been a hit among millennials and Gen Z's. MeleTOP knows this that's why they provide their audience with the latest sensations and information about local and international showbiz. MeleTOP's show is always star-studded as they always invite famous celebrities and influencers on their show.

Aside from guest star interviews, they always know when to hop on the latest trends. They often make content about the latest dance challenges and parodies which successfully get them thousands, even millions, of online engagement.


Subscribers: 2,260,000

Topics: Music, Entertainment

This channel is owned by MVM Productions, a music label that manages popular singers in Malaysia such as Azarra Band, Azzam Sham, and Baby Shima. This channel shares compilations of music videos and updated song covers. They also share behind-the-scene shots of their official videos to give their audience a sneak peak into the realities of music production.

Not only that, this channel also has its own talk show, Rusa Cafe, where the singers gather to discuss life, love, and music with each other.


Subscribers: 2,440,000

Topics: Pranks, Lifestyle, Entertainment

Isa Isarb is famous for his prank videos and social experiments. One of his most viral social experiments is when he pretended to be a beggar and bought a food stall. He wanted to see how the people around him would treat him, and how they would react to a beggar buying a whole stall. This video gained more than 3 million views and 170,000 engagements.

Besides that type of content, he also creates unique online challenges, like sitting on a pool full of money. He also loves to spread kindness and charity to random people. Just recently, he uploaded a video where he gave away a motorbike to a random person.

His crazy ideas and intriguing stories make him one of the most anticipated YouTubers in Malaysia.


Subscribers: 2,710,000

Topics: Music, Entertainment

Nur Amira Syahira, or more known as Amira, is a drummer, lawyer, singer, and actress in Malaysia. She learned to play the drums by only watchin YouTube videos. Today, she has become a young, world-class drummer and a woman icon.

She loves to create drum covers for TikTok hit songs. Besides song covers, she also shares her travelling experience, makeup routine, off-road adventures, and many more. She also uploads tutorial videos on how to play drums, so she can help aspiring musicians. Nur truly is a woman of many talents.


Subscribers: 2,730,000

Topics: Short Film, Mukbang, Prank

Muhd Syahmi Sazli is an actor, songwriter, director, and celebrity from Malaysia. Netizens started to notice him when he directed a short video entitled Baso Jate Pilih Rupo in 2017, and when he starred in a film he also directed entitled Mael Totey The Movie in 2020.

When you visit his channel, you’ll find his mini series called Spontaneous Drama. Aside from the mini series, he also loves to share his mukbang challenges and prank videos. His phenomenal acting skills and creative mind brought him more than 2.7 million subscribers from Malaysian YouTube users.


Subscribers: 3,270,000

Topics: Music

Wee Meng Chee is a Malaysian-Chinese hip-hop recording artist, composer, filmmaker, and actor who is widely known by his stage name Namewee. Wee’s popularity soared after he released a controversial song entitled Negarakuku, a remake of the national anthem of Malaysia, Negaraku. When you visit his channel, you'd find his official music videos, mall tours, movies, and behind-the-scene interviews. His exceptional skills in music has truly taken the internet by storm.


Subscribers: 3,310,000

Topics: Toys, Online Challenge, Travel

The JO Channel is a well-known YouTube channel which started in 2015. At the moment, it has over 3.31 million subscribers on the platform. The JO Channel mainly updates their viewers about the latest toys for children.

Their most popular type of content are toys reviews or unboxing videos. They also do online challenges between parents and children, such as board game challenges, Baby Shark dance challenge, and many more.

They also share about their travels abroad, lifestyle tips, parenting strategies, and many more.


Subscribers: 3,370,000

Topics: Short Film, News, Movie Reviews

Looking for the latest updates about Malaysian shows and sensations? You can check, Astro Gempak, the best portal channel in Malaysia. This channel is created by the AstroPortal Channel to provide its audience with mini series and the latest updates about Malaysian celebrities.

They also create movie reviews and shows where they collaborate with different influencers. If you know some horror movies, you can check their movie review of The Conjuring and Malaysian Ghost Stories.


Subscribers: 3,500,000

Topics: Fitness

Jordan Yeoh is a fitness enthusiast, model, and social media personality from Malaysia. His YouTube channel is called Jordan Yeoh Fitness where he shares fitness-related videos to his 3.5 million fans and followers.

Whether you want to build a sexy back, do circuit training, or get lean arms, Jordan gives you the right exercise which you can easily do at home. He also gives different levels of routines, from beginners, to advanced. Jordan has served as a fitness and health inspiration to millions of Malaysians.


Subscribers: 4,190,000

Topics: Prank, Comedy, Entertainment

If you want to watch romantic comedy skits, Alieff Irfan has got you covered. Alieff entertains his audience with tons of prank videos, parodies, and skits, which all revolve around the topic of love and friendship. He also shocks his audience with his food challenges, food experiments, and other viral trends.

Alieff may look young but he surely knows how to get the Malaysians' hearts, interests, and attention.


Subscribers: 4,310,000

Topics: Music, Entertainment

Alyssa Dezek is a young YouTuber who has successfully accumulated over 4 million subscribers due to her amazing song covers and guitar skills. Netizens first noticed her when her singing video while playing ukulele went viral on social media. Her name became popular after she made a cover of “Merindukanmu” by Dash Uciha. Since then, she has received a lot of offers to play in dramas and to guest on shows.

Don't get fooled by her small stature because her voice is full of soul. Aside from singing videos, she also does unboxing videos of different musical instruments and tools.


We hope the list we provided has given you an insight on the Malaysian YouTubers scene. The list shows that the topics the Malaysian audience like the most are comedy, music, and short films. Influencers are also extremely popular in this country, as seen through their millions of subscribers. Malaysians spend hours on YouTube, making the social media platform one of the most effective places to launch a marketing campaign.

We may have given you a list of the most-followed social media sensations on YouTube, but this information is not enough. You'll know who the most suitable influencer is for you only if you do in-depth research on their niche and audience component.

For more information about Malaysia’s latest social media and marketing trends, visit the AJ Marketing Blog.

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