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11 Most Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns in Vietnam

11 Most Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns in Vietnam

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies in Vietnam. Local and international brands are now choosing to collaborate with influencers to create more authentic and humanized campaigns. The old hard-selling techniques are out, and real, personal accounts are in!

You may wonder, how effective are influencers in bringing about successful campaigns? Well, let's look at the numbers. 78.1% of the Vietnam population use social media. Among the most-used social media platforms in the country are TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Lastly, among the most followed account types in Vietnam are celebrities (mega-influencers), influencers and experts, beauty experts, and foodies.

These numbers show that using social media and collaborating with content creators present high chances of success in terms of gaining exposure, conversions, and ROI.

Types of social media accounts followed in Vietnam 2022

We've already established that working with influencers is an effective way to do marketing and advertising in Vietnam. The question is, how exactly? There are various forms of influencer marketing, and only a few may work for your brand, goals, and budget.

In this list, we curated the top influencer marketing success stories in Vietnam. Read on, take notes, and apply their strategies into your own campaign!

Top 11 Influencer Marketing Campaigns in Vietnam ⬇️

  1. Focallure

  2. Vus

  3. Omo

  4. Watsons

  5. Orion

  6. Vib

  7. Ninja Van

  8. Shopee

  9. Poca and Lays

  10. SiuKay

  11. I Seoul U


This international beauty brand from Guangzhou, China has succeeded in creating high brand awareness in Vietnam. Focallure made use of product endorsements, and collaborated with influencers on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Several Vietnamese beauty influencers were sent Focallure's latest collection, PINKFLASH, for them to review and to create various make-up looks with. The YouTube campaign succeeded in gaining up to 700,000 viewers with 8-10% of engagement rate.

On Facebook, Focallure used multiple-photo posts and short videos from 20 micro-influencers. They also used the hashtag #FOCALLURE and #FOCALURREVIEW, which earned 2,000 to 3,000 interactions in every post.

Last but not least, Instagram and TikTok. Due to the shorter duration of contents, the influencers were asked to make unboxing, quick reviews, swatches, and before-after contents. The campaign successfully gained 70,000 to 300,000 views per video, with likes in the range of 40%-62%.

2. VUS

VUS influencer marketing campaign with Hoang Thi Thanh Hang for Summer Program 2020

VUS is the leading English-learning centre in Vietnam, with more than 30 branches in the country. VUS implemented influencer marketing for their Summer 2020 campaign to promote new courses and scholarship programs.

VUS chose micro-influencers, who are young mothers, to come with their children and experience VUS services. They were also asked to post their experience through their Facebook accounts. The reviews turned out to be very honest and authentic, working in VUS' favor.

The campaign brought more than 150,000 new followers for VUS’ Facebook page. The campaign also reached 24,852 engagements and over 2,000 buzz in just 4 weeks.

VUS' strategy shows that choosing the right influencer that has the same demographic as your target market is another trick to ace the influencer marketing strategy.

3. OMO

Inspired by the marketing trend of Vietnam rap, OMO decided to create a campaign titled “Congratulations for action - dirty brings good things” for their Lunar New Year 2021 campaign. The campaign featured two famous Vietnamese rapper-influencers, Rhymastic and Suboi, who became the stars of a Tet-style music production.

The song titled “Thousands of Wishes” reached more than 7 million views in a short period of time. Viewers were enthusiastic in seeing both rappers in the same stage, which has never been done before.


Watson Vietnam's Livestrem with influencers

One of the largest retail chains in Vietnam, Watsons, maximized online campaign during the pandemic through the use of two things: livestreams and influencers. As a result, Watsons received great interaction, which created a demand for purchase from the viewers, and increased brand promotion.

Not only showing off products, influencers also talk about product information, reviews, and swatches on Watsons' livestreams. They also have mini games, vouchers, and gifts which were exclusively shared through the livestream.

These incentives, along with the relatable personality of the livestream hosts, attracted more viewers and purchasers for Watsons'.


Take a look at how Orion World Vietnam succeeded in gaining 2.2M followers per month through the use of influencer marketing.

In order to attract the teenage audience, the online TV channel produced school-themed contents that started airing in July 2017. The channel featured collaborations with Vietnamese influencers such as DiDi, Linh Ngoc Dam, Yen Nhi, and Cuong Kido to help them promote their product lines.

Orion and Creatory also produced short movies, such as "School Assassin" and "Ocean Superhero", and a long series titled "Sister Dai! I Love You."

6. VIB

Music marketing has been used in Vietnam because of its ability to deliver emotional messages. So, when VIB International Bank produced the music video of “Trai Trai Trai Phai”, it immediately reached the top of the music charts and became trending on YouTube as the second most-viewed video within a short span of time.

The collaboration featured 2 Vietnamese artists/mega-influencers: Hien Ho and Thieu Bao Tram.


Ninja Van's influencer marketing campaign in Vietnam with Hoang Thanh Loan

Ninja Van’s influencer marketing strategy involved young influencers personally experiencing Shopee's delivery services. After making their order and receiving their products, the influencers were asked to post their experience on their social media accounts.

Instead of doing big massive campaigns, Ninja Van promoted their new delivery services by working with Le Hong Lam and Nguyen Pham Khanh Van. As a result, Ninja Van succeeded in changing people’s behavior towards intercity and delivery pick-up.


Shopee Vietnam's 9.9 Big Sale Campaign with Park Hang Seo

For their 9.9 Campaign, Shopee Vietnam managed to do a collaboration with Park Hang Seo, the Vietnam national football team leader, and a known athlete influencer. As Park Hang Seo and football have many fans in Vietnam, this campaign highlighted how he and his students are experiencing the e-commerce playground. This collaboration succeeded in conveying the euphoric big shopping sale, just as euphoric as a football game.


Vietnam National Football Team Members showing their POCA photo cards

Poca Lays’ key 2021 campaign featured Vietnam national football players, including a photocard of the team members inside their packaging. The football players are also known sports influencers, having established big follower bases on social media.

Since football is very popular in Vietnam, football fans could not miss the opportunity of getting the photocards, which turned the campaign into a success in terms of driving sales. Additionally, the football players' excitement also led them to post the products on their social media accounts, encouraging their fans to make a purchase.


SiuKay Noodles Challenge comic promotion

SiuKay noodles created a minigame called “Challenge of Courage'' to promote their spicy noodles. The minigame instructed people to taste their noodles on video, and to upload the video to a website where people may vote on which is most entertaining.

In order to spread awareness, SiuKay used macro and micro-influencers to post the event on their accounts. They were also asked to do livestreams to encourage people to join the competition. For every post and livestream, influencers used the hashtag #SiuKay and #thachthucbanlinh, successfully spreading awareness among young audiences.


I SEOUL U campaign with Vietnam influencers

Vietnamese people are enchanted by the beautiful city of Seoul, but travels from Vietnam to South Korea still had room to increase. In order to promote travels from Vietnam, I SEOUL U did a collaboration with Vietnamese influencers.

The influencers were allowed to experience travelling around the city of Seoul. In turn, they were asked to post their travel photos on their social media accounts. With the pictures that they took in MyeongDong, Gyeongbokgung Palace, and other sightseeing complexes, I SEOUL U managed to increase the desired travel numbers from Vietnam to Seoul.


Influencer marketing has been, time and again, proven to be effective in increasing brand awareness and sales. Influencers have been the go-to partners of marketers and business-owners in Vietnam, knowing the value they offer. Content creators are great at delivering authentic brand messages and persuasive purchase decisions through soft-sell techniques.

Brands in Vietnam have tried and tested this strategy, and they were not disappointed. Brands were able to achieve their goals, target numbers, and qualitative improvements through influencer marketing.

If you want to start your own influencer marketing campaign but you need the help of a local marketing agency, check this list of 11 Best Influencer & Social Media Marketing Agencies in Vietnam.

To learn more about marketing and advertising in Vietnam, check the AJ Marketing Blog.

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