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11 Marketing Success Stories in Vietnam

AJ Marketing - 11 marketing success stories in Vietnam

Looking for some marketing inspiration for your brand in Vietnam? Look no further! We've got you covered with the latest marketing trends in Vietnam that both local and international brands are using to create successful campaigns. In this article, we'll focus on digital advertising, influencer marketing, and other online advertising channels in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, consumers are big on social media, customer reviews, and mobile apps when it comes to discovering and learning about brands. In fact, 26.1% of internet users in Vietnam use video sites to research brands they might want to buy from. That's why businesses are using social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram to reach potential customers.

AJ Marketing - 11 marketing success stories in Vietnam - Main Channels for Brand Research in Vietnam 2022

If you're looking to deliver an authentic brand message to your audience, using product reviews from experts, bloggers, and influencers is a proven strategy. And while digital media is king, offline media is not dead. Some of the brands we'll showcase in this article still use TV commercials, films, and music videos to get their message across.

So if you're ready to learn more about how brands are marketing themselves in Vietnam, keep reading! Our hope is that this list will help you create your own campaign, introduce your brand, and make a big impact in the Vietnamese market. Let's get started on the best marketing success stories in Vietnam!

11 Marketing Success Stories in Vietnam ⬇️

1. Oreo

Let's talk about Oreo's 2020 campaign, which used some seriously cool AR technology to give their customers a whole new experience. Oreo released a special Tet Cake Box that included a brand new Red Velvet flavor. But the real magic was inside the box - customers found a music card that could be scanned with their phone, which played traditional Tet music. And that's not all! Customers could take a bite out of their cookie to match an image shown on the screen and unlock access to 5 exclusive Tet songs by Min, a famous Vietnamese singer.

It's safe to say that Oreo's campaign was a huge hit in Vietnam, and one of the most successful uses of technology in advertising in 2020.

2. RealMe

AJ Marketing - 11 marketing success stories in Vietnam - RealMe 8 Launch Banner in Thailand

RealMe's Series 8 phones were one of the top 10 best-selling phones during the COVID-19 outbreak, and their success can be attributed to one thing: their incredible use of online media.

RealMe's "Dare To Leap" campaign was a huge hit, with a brand growth rate of over 60%, and the largest number of followers in the Tinh Te technology forum. They used a variety of marketing strategies, including social stunts, influencer marketing, TikTok marketing, and Out of House marketing.

The campaign kicked off with a social stunt that had two RealMe brand ambassadors on the hunt for a mysterious number 8. This online to offline activity got a lot of attention and engagement from consumers. They also published two talk shows consistent with the "Dare to Leap" concept, featuring young travel vloggers and photographers sharing photography tips.

But that's not all - RealMe also came up with a dance challenge on TikTok called the "Infinity Dance," which was participated in by over 65,000 people. They also collaborated with nearly 100 influencers who shared content taken by the Series 8 phones all over Vietnam.

RealMe's campaign was everywhere - on social media platforms, radio segments, and in more than 400 new articles on TV, newspapers, forums, and websites. They even used billboards in major cities to support the campaign. All in all, RealMe's use of online media was a huge success and showed that they truly dared to leap in their marketing efforts.

3. Prudential

Let's talk about Prudential's heartwarming campaign, "Learn to Love," which they launched in May 2021. The campaign featured a web drama, a music video, and a short film, all aimed at building an emotional connection with their customers. They even created a talk show hosted by Thuy Minh, where guests could share honest stories about relationships and convey personal messages to support customers' concerns.

Through this campaign, Prudential successfully reshaped the image of insurance from just a safety net to a form of financial planning with their new slogan, "Love Bonder." They proved that insurance isn't just about protecting your assets - it's also about building and maintaining strong bonds with the people you love.

Overall, Prudential's "Learn to Love" campaign was a touching and innovative way to connect with customers and show that they truly care about their well-being.

4. Milo

Milo truly stood out in the world of marketing with their innovative campaign that promoted real-life consumer stories. The campaign, titled "Sports Always Finds A Champion," resonated with Vietnamese parents and encouraged young kids to pursue their love of sports.

Milo's 60-second TVC struck a chord with viewers, and they received an overwhelming 600 stories from customers about how their kids were growing up with sports. What made this campaign even more special was that instead of using child actors, Milo used real athletes' and real parents' words to convey meaningful messages and relate to their target audience.

But that's not all - Milo took it to the next level with a collaboration with Biti’s Cool Kids Club - Champion Edition. Families could win exclusive Milo shoes by participating in the "Create Your Champion Mark" program, where parents had to design a cover photo with their child’s pictures and growing up stories.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, Milo kept the spirit of sports alive by creating an online Energy Summer Camp and launching the Milo ChampSquad app, where users could find exercise videos led by professional coaches.

Overall, Milo's campaign was a shining example of how thought leadership can be successfully integrated into marketing, and how real-life stories can inspire and connect with customers on a deeper level.

5. Baemin

Let's talk about the Vietnamese food tech startup Baemin and their adorable character, "Meo Meo," who used emotional marketing techniques to really connect with their target audience of working females. Baemin focused on highlighting dietary needs and food selection while still keeping their brand youthful and fun.

Baemin launched three communication campaigns, starting with "Women should love safe or interesting," a debate between choosing a lover and choosing a restaurant. They collaborated with Tran Thanh and successfully reached over 11,000 discussions, and even made it to the top 7 featured campaigns on social media according to BuzzMetrics.

Their second campaign, "Baby," utilized the popularity of Vietnamese Rap and created a music video that reached the 3rd spot on YouTube's trending list in just 72 hours. The song was performed by AMEE and KARIK and was a huge hit with their target audience.

For their latest campaign, "Sweet," Baemin collaborated with rappers JUSTATEE and Rhymastic to create a music video using the popular Rap Viet technique.

Overall, Baemin and "Meo Meo" have done a fantastic job of using emotional marketing techniques to really relate to their target audience. With their youthful and fun brand image, Baemin has managed to capture the hearts of working females across Vietnam.

6. Biti's Hunter

You won't believe how Biti's Hunter and their marketing agency crushed it with their "Proudly Made in Vietnam" campaign, winning not one, but two awards!

The campaign's message, "not perfect but still proud," really hit home for Vietnamese people and the country's street culture. Biti's even produced a short film called "Pride Inspiration From the Streets," which helped boost their digital PR channels. And to top it all off, they launched an exclusive Biti's Hunter street shoe line, which was inspired by the beautiful imperfections of authentic street scenes in Vietnam.

This campaign was truly a game-changer, and it's no wonder it received so much recognition. Biti's Hunter and their marketing agency did an amazing job of capturing the spirit of Vietnam and highlighting the beauty of imperfection.

7. Lazada

AJ Marketing - 11 marketing success stories in Vietnam - Lazada's Collaboration with Grab to provide the best delivery service for customers in Vietnam

Lazada, one of the top e-commerce platforms in Vietnam, is always looking for new ways to improve their user experience. That's why they've implemented some pretty cool marketing techniques, like collaborations and livestreams.

Lazada teamed up with Grab Vietnam to make sure their customers get the best delivery services possible. Plus, they even worked with Google to create a course on how to improve sales, which ended up doubling the number of sellers on their platform.

To keep things fun and engaging, Lazada also works with KOLs and interactive gamifications. And let's not forget their use of livestreams, which has been a huge hit with their audience. In fact, their gamifications got a whopping 29.9 million interactions on Facebook in the second quarter of 2020.

Even during the pandemic, Lazada found a way to keep things interesting with their LazLive programs, which combined shopping and entertainment - or "shoppertainment," if you will. With views reaching up to 15 million, Lazada proved that they know how to keep their customers engaged no matter what.

Overall, Lazada's innovative marketing techniques have been a huge success, and it's clear they're always looking for new ways to improve their user experience.

8. ITP Pharma

Pharmaceutical marketing can be a tricky business. Brands need to strike the perfect balance between providing scientific information and delivering an easily-digestible marketing message. And Eonmix's "The Journey of Morin" campaign did just that, with the help of a Pikachu-inspired character!

Eonmix created an animated film called "Knight Morin" that was not only exciting and fun, but also helped their target audience - children and mothers - learn about the product's scientific information. This campaign was a huge success, increasing Eonmix's conversion rates and generating tons of impressions on Facebook.

But that's not all - Eonmix also used Google Display Ads and customer feedback software to make the buying process as easy as possible for their customers. They even worked with attractive mother influencers and launched an offline marketing campaign.

Overall, Eonmix's campaign was a shining example of how to make pharmaceutical marketing fun and engaging while still delivering important scientific information. By striking the perfect balance, Eonmix was able to connect with their target audience in a meaningful way and see some impressive results.

9. Aqua Vietnam

Let's talk about Aqua's brilliant marketing campaign, #AquaVua, which launched a cost-efficient and space-efficient washing machine and refrigerator aimed at young couples with a living budget and a modest living space.

The campaign utilized a variety of marketing techniques to really connect with their target audience. First, they created a series of non-skip ads called #AhToMe, which showcased the struggles of cooking in a small kitchen. They also enlisted the help of KOL Giang Oi, who shared about her recent marriage and how she and her husband made everything fit into their new home.

To increase engagement, AquaVua launched a series of bumper ads on YouTube, which really helped to get their message across. And finally, they wrapped up the campaign with a super fun minigame called "What Does Aqua Washing Machine Fit for Two Halves of the New Year?"

Overall, #AquaVua was a huge success, and it's no wonder why. Aqua did an amazing job of using a variety of marketing techniques to connect with their target audience, and their cost-efficient and space-efficient washing machine and refrigerator were a hit with young couples across Vietnam.

10. Knorr

Knorr's 2021 Tet Campaign was a huge hit, and it's easy to see why. Their music video collaboration with Truc Nhan and Thanh Thuy, "Kitchen on New Year's Day," was an instant success, racking up an impressive 27 million views on YouTube.

But Knorr didn't stop there. They also worked with youthful influencers to create music video reaction content, which proved to be super popular among young audiences. And to really connect with their community, the brand interacted with community pages and even launched a series of live stream shows on Lazada to share recipes.

Overall, Knorr's campaign was a great example of how to use creative collaborations and engaging content to connect with your audience. By working with popular influencers and interacting with their community, Knorr was able to really boost their engagement and spread their message far and wide.

11. Berocca

Berocca knows how to get their audience moving, and they did just that with their collaboration with Vietnamese artists ISAAC, Lou Hoang, and Only C to produce a music video for "2 PM." This campaign was a huge success, and it was promoted on a variety of media channels like Instagram and TikTok.

But that's not all - Berocca also created a hashtag challenge that really got their audience engaged. They encouraged consumers to make a dance cover of the choreography in the music video and post it on social media with the hashtag #Berocca2PMChallenge. And the best part? Participants had a chance to win an iPad!

Overall, Berocca's music marketing techniques were a huge success, and it's clear that they know how to get their audience moving and engaged. With a catchy music video and a fun hashtag challenge, Berocca really hit the mark with this campaign.


In order to succeed in a valuable international market like Vietnam, brands need creativity, along with a deep understanding of the nuances in this market. This list contains examples of brands which knew exactly what was needed to create effective marketing strategies.

In this list, we can see that brands still apply multi-channel marketing, not only using the internet but also TV, radio, mobile apps, and many others. We can also observe that most brands collaborated with influencers in their campaigns. Influencer marketing in Vietnam has been proven to deliver more than the expected outcomes in terms advertising and marketing goals.

We hope that you were able to get an idea on how to introduce your brand to the Vietnamese market.

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