11 Marketing Success Stories in Vietnam

11 marketing success stories in Vietnam

Need some inspiration for marketing your brand in Vietnam? We got you covered. There are several marketing trends in Vietnam that both local and international brands study before creating their marketing campaigns. In this article's list of marketing successes, the main themes are digital advertising, along with influencer marketing.

In Vietnam, consumers typically discover and learn more about brands using social networks, social engines, customer reviews, and mobile apps. 25.2% of Vietnam's internet users also use video sites when looking for brands they might buy from. Thus, as you'll see in our examples, businesses opted to use social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram in their marketing campaigns.

Main Channels for Brand Research in Vietnam 2022

Product reviews by experts, bloggers, and influencers were also proven effective in delivering a more authentic brand message to potential consumers. Of course, this doesn't mean that offline media are now obsolete. Some of our examples still employed using TV Commercials, film, and music videos.

If you want to learn more how current brands in Vietnam do marketing, then keep reading! We hope this list helps you in creating your own campaign, introducing your brand, and making an impactful entrance in the Vietnam market.

11 Marketing Success Stories in Vietnam ⬇️

  1. Oreo

  2. RealMe

  3. Prudential

  4. Milo

  5. Baemin

  6. Biti's Hunter

  7. Lazada

  8. ITP Pharma

  9. AquaVietnam

  10. Knorr

  11. Berocca

1. Oreo

In their 2020 campaign, Oreo used the AR technology in order to bring a new experience to their customers. Oreo launched an exclusive Tet Cake Box with a new Red Velvet variant. Inside the Cake Box, customers could find a music card that could be scanned through a phone which will play the traditional Tet music. Customers could also bite the cookie to match the image shown and listen to 5 exclusive Tet songs by Min, a famous Vietnamese singer.

The success of this campaign from Oreo is one of the 2020’s most successful technology application to advertising in Vietnam.

2. RealMe

RealMe 8 Launch Banner in Thailand

During the COVID-19 outbreak, RealMe’s series 8 phones succeeded to be in the top 10 best-selling phones. RealMe's secret is online media.

The campaign “Dare To Leap'' reached impressive results such as a brand growth rate of more than 60%, and the largest number of followers in the Tinh Te technology forum. The campaign featured multiple marketing strategies involving social stunt, influencer marketing, TikTok marketing, and Out of House marketing.

The campaign was opened by a social stunt by 2 RealMe brand ambassadors of “finding the mysterious number 8”. This online to offline activity engaged many consumers' attention. Not only that, RealMe also published 2 talk shows consistent with the "Dare to Leap" concept from young travel vloggers and photographers sharing tips on photography.

RealMe also came up with a dance challenge on TikTok called the "infinity dance", which was participated by more than 65,000 people. Moreover, the campaign did a collaboration with nearly 100 influencers where they shared contents across Vietnam taken by the series 8 phones.

The campaign was featured in social media platforms, radio segments, and more than 400 new articles in TV, newspaper, forums, and websites. A series of OOH such as billboards was also used in major cities to support this campaign

3. Prudential

In May 2021, Prudential published a campaign entitled “Learn to Love” by implementing a web drama, a music video, and a short film. To build emotional connection with the customers, Prudential created a talk show hosted by Thuy Minh. In this show, guests can share honest stories regarding relationships between husband and wife, parent and child, and so on, to convey personal messages supporting their customers' concerns.

By creating the slogan of “Love Bonder” Prudential also succeeded in reshaping the brand image of insurance to a form of financial planner.

4. Milo

Milo successfully promoted thought leadership into marketing when they decided to make a campaign promoting real-life consumer stories. The campaign “Sports Always Finds A Champion” hit the hearts of Vietnamese parents and motivated young kids to express their love for sports.

Milo launched a 60-second TVC and received more than 600 stories from customers about how their kids were growing up with sports. Moreover, instead of using child actors, Milo used real athletes' and real parents' words to convey meaningful messages and relate to their target audience.

Not stopping there, Milo also launched a collaboration with Biti’s Cool Kids Club - Champion Edition. Families could win the exclusive Milo shoes by participating in the “Create Your Champion Mark” program, where parents must design a cover photo with their child’s pictures and growing up stories.

Moreover, in the COVID-19 pandemic, Milo kept firing up their sport messages by creating an online Energy Summer Camp and the Milo ChampSquad app, where users could find exercise videos led by professional coaches.

5. Baemin

The Vietnamese food tech startup Baemin, and their character “Meo Meo”, used soft-sell emotional marketing techniques to relate to their target audience. Their target audience being working females, Baemin focused on highlighting dietary needs and food selection while still keeping their brand youthful and fun.

Baemin started 3 communications campaigns entitled “Women should love safe or interesting”, “Baby”, and the most recent one, “Sweet”.

The first campaign created was a debate between choosing a lover and choosing a restaurant, where "safe love" means staying faithful with the restaurant near home, and "interesting" means trying out new places. This collaboration with Tran Thanh successfully reached over 11,000 discussions, and was featured in the top 7 featured campaigns on social media according to BuzzMetrics.

In the second campaign, “Baby”, Baemin utilized the popularity of Vietnamese Rap and created a music video which reached ranked 3rd most trending on YouTube in just 72 hours. The song was performed by AMEE and KARIK.

Lastly, still with the Rap Viet technique, Baemin did a collaboration with rapper JUSTATEE and Rhymastic to produce a music video for the “Sweet” campaign.

6. Biti's Hunter

Take a look at how Biti’s Hunter and their marketing agency successfully received a double award for their “Proudly Made in Vietnam” campaign.

The campaign’s message, “not perfect but still proud”, brought an emotional meaning to Vietnamese people and the Vietnamese street culture. Biti’s also produced a short film entitled “Pride Inspiration From the Streets” which boosted their PR digital channels. They also launched an exclusive Biti’s Hunter street shoes line, which was inspired by the imperfections of the authentic street scenes in Vietnam.

7. Lazada

Lazada's Collaboration with Grab to provide the best delivery service for customers in Vietnam

One of the leading e-commerce platforms in Vietnam, Lazada, implements collaborations and livestreams as their marketing technique to improve their user experience.

Lazada teamed up with Grab Vietnam to ensure the best delivery services to their customers. Not only that, to support the store owners in Lazada, the e-commerce company worked with Google to create a course on how to improve sales, which successfully doubled their sellers.

KOLs and interactive gamifications are also key to the success of Lazada, alongside with the use of livestreams. Their gamifications reached impressive results such as 29.9 million interactions on Facebook in the second quarter of 2020.

During the pandemic, Lazada successfully increased their views up to 15 million on their LazLive programs by combining shopping and entertainment or "shoppertainment."

8. ITP Pharma

To succeed in pharmaceutical marketing, brands must have the balance between scientific information and an easily-understandable marketing message. The creation of a Pikachu-inspired character in Eonmix’s “The Journey of Morin” campaign successfully achieved this balance. This campaign increased Eonmix’s conversion rates while also generating impressions on Facebook.

Eonmix produced an animated film entitled "Knight Morin" in order to attract their target audience, which are children and mothers. The film enabled customers to learn about scientific information related to the product in an exciting and fun way.

Eonmix also used Google Display Ads and customer feedback software to make the buying process easier. The brand also worked with attractive mother influencers, and also made an offline marketing campaign.

9. Aqua Vietnam

#AquaVua was a campaign done by Aqua when they launched a washing machine and a refrigerator that are cost-efficient and space-efficient. The campaign was targeted towards young couples with a living budget and a mediocre-sized living space.

The campaign involved a series of marketing techniques. The first one was a series of non-skip ads #AhToMe, where the ads highlighted the difficult situations in a kitchen. They also did a KOL endorsement with Giang Oi, where she shared about her recent marriage and how she and her husband fit things into their new home.

AquaVua also did a series of bumper ads on YouTube to increase engagement. Finally, for the last part of the campaign, Aqua created a minigame “What does Aqua Washing Machine Fit for Two Halves of the New Year”.

10. Knorr

For Knorr’s 2021 Tet Campaign, Knorr released a music video titled “Kitchen on New Year’s Day” in collaboration with Truc Nhan and Thanh Thuy. The video instantly reached 27 million views on YouTube.

To boost their engagement, Knorr worked with youthful influencers to make music video reaction contents, which gained popularity among young audiences. The brand also interacted with community pages and launched a series of live stream shows on Lazada to share recipes.

11. Berocca

Also effectively implementing music marketing techniques, Berocca did a collaboration with Vietnamese artists ISAAC, Lou Hoang, and Only C to produce a music video for “2 PM”. This campaign was also promoted on various media channels such as Instagram and TikTok.

Berocca also created a hashtag challenge where consumers were encouraged to make a dance cover of the choreography in the music video, giving them a chance to win an iPad.


In order to succeed in a valuable international market like Vietnam, brands need creativity, along with a deep understanding of the nuances in this market. This list contains examples of brands which knew exactly what was needed to create effective marketing strategies.

In this list, we can see that brands still apply multi-channel marketing, not only using the internet but also TV, radio, mobile apps, and many others. We can also observe that most brands collaborated with influencers in their campaigns. Influencer marketing in Vietnam has been proven to deliver more than the expected outcomes in terms advertising and marketing goals.

We hope that you were able to get an idea on how to introduce your brand to the Vietnamese market. If you need the help of a local marketing agency, check this list of 17 Best Marketing & Advertising Agencies in Vietnam.

To know more about the Vietnam market, check the AJ Marketing Blog.

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