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Digital Marketing in Vietnam : 2024 Overview

AJ Marketing - Digital Marketing in Vietnam: An Overview

The world of technology is constantly evolving, and as we move into 2024, we see a significant shift towards digital marketing in Vietnam. Vietnam's economy has seen strong growth in recent years, which is reflected in the projected increase in digital ad spend in the country. As a result, Vietnam has become a target for overseas investors and offers numerous opportunities for businesses to enter the market. It is an exciting time for businesses and entrepreneurs in Vietnam as the digital landscape continues to expand, providing new and innovative ways to connect with customers.

In this article, we will explore the current state of digital marketing in Vietnam and what trends and opportunities we can expect to see in the coming year. So let's get ready to dive into the world of digital marketing in Vietnam and see what the future holds.

AJ Marketing - Digital Marketing in Vietnam : 2024 Overview

An Overview of Vietnam Digital Marketing ⬇️

1. The Landscape of Digital Marketing in Vietnam

AJ Marketing - Digital Marketing in Vietnam: An Overview - Engagement with Digital Marketing in Vietnam in 2023

Vietnam has a population of 98.53 million. An impressive 71% of Vietnamese citizens are actively using social media, and are spending an average of 6.5 hours per day on the internet. But what makes Vietnam truly unique is the consumer behavior.

The Vietnamese population takes research seriously, with 46.3% of individuals visiting brands' websites to research about products and services before making an online purchase. This means that the digital content you create and distribute is becoming increasingly important. And the impact of it is not limited to websites, it also translates to engagement on social media and banner ads, and branded mobile apps.

Now when it comes to reaching your target audience, it is important to take note of the local players. Google may be the dominant search engine with 1.19 billion Vietnamese monthly visitors in 2022, but do not forget about the local websites such as VnExpress, Kenh 14 and 24H, which are also popular newspapers. These are the platforms where you want to launch your first digital marketing campaigns in Vietnam, by programmatic advertisements that will target potential local customers

2. The Most-Used Digital Marketing Platforms

AJ Marketing - Digital Marketing in Vietnam: An Overview - MAIN CHANNELS FOR BRAND RESEARCH IN VIETNAM 2023

When it comes to digital marketing in Vietnam, understanding the channels for brand research is key, and Vietnam has a unique landscape when it comes to this. The main channels for brand research include social networks, search engines, and review sites. But which platforms are the most popular among consumers?

Social media platforms like YouTube, are relied on by 80.8% of internet users in Vietnam. This is a powerful and effective way to connect with potential customers and build brand awareness. But that's not all, 52.9% of the population also turns to local search engines such as Cốc Cốc. Messaging apps like Zalo are also one of the leading digital marketing platforms in Vietnam.

All these platforms are popular choices for businesses looking to expand in Vietnam. Businesses should carefully consider these platforms as key ways to reach their target audiences and include them in their digital marketing strategies. Now, let's dive into each of these platforms one by one, and explore the opportunities they offer for your business.

Zalo and the Power of Messaging

AJ Marketing - Digital Marketing in Vietnam: An Overview - Zalo

Launched in 2012 as a simple messaging app, Zalo has grown to become a comprehensive digital platform. But it's not just chat anymore— Zalo offers a diverse range of features such as games, news, entertainment, community services, and payment options. It's no surprise that the platform has attracted over 62 million monthly active users.

You see, Zalo provides a unique opportunity for brands to set up their own Official Accounts, which opens the door for local customers and engage in ecommerce, community building, and customer service. Multinational companies have already caught on and have established Official Accounts on Zalo to access the Vietnamese market, so why shouldn't your business?

But the beauty of Zalo is that it's not just a standalone platform, it is part of a larger digital ecosystem that is widely used by the Vietnamese audience. By including Zalo in your digital marketing strategy, you will have access to a range of ad formats and benefit from the platform's well-established audience database. So, if you are looking to expand into the Vietnamese market, Zalo must be a key component of your digital marketing strategy.

Cốc Cốc and Browser Marketing

AJ Marketing - Digital Marketing in Vietnam: An Overview - Cốc Cốc

Have you heard of Cốc Cốc? It's a browser developed and focused on the Vietnamese market and it's the second largest browser in Vietnam. According to recent reports, its market share has more than doubled in 2019, making it a serious player in the digital marketing scene. It even made Google's market share hit a new low in Vietnam.

One of the things that makes Cốc Cốc stand out is that it has a local development team and supports the Vietnamese language, which is spoken by 99% of the population. It has 9 million users in top Vietnamese cities, which is a pretty wide audience with strong purchasing power.

Cốc Cốc offers common search and display ads, but it also has icons which are unique to the platform and appear on top of the browser tab. These icons act as shortcuts to popular sites and also as eye-catching advertisements for your brand. They are clicked on by Cốc Cốc users more than 50,000 times per day, resulting in a high conversion rate for ads.

The platform is primarily constructed in the Vietnamese language, which may be a challenge for foreign brands, but it's worth considering as it has a range of ad offerings and a proven performance, making it a valuable digital marketing platform in Vietnam. And don't worry, there are local Vietnam digital marketing experts that can help you succeed in advertising on Cốc Cốc in 2023.

Video Content Marketing Through YouTube

You know what's huge in Vietnam? YouTube. It's the second most visited website and people spend an average of 70 minutes per day watching a variety of content. That's a huge opportunity for brands to reach 86.7% of internet users through YouTube advertising.

There are several ad formats available on YouTube, including bumper ads, in-feed video ads, and non-skippable in-stream ads. But there's another strategy you can use, which is collaborating with local Vietnamese YouTubers, also known as key opinion leaders (KOLs) to showcase products. No matter what industry your brand is in, you can find a suitable Vietnamese YouTuber to help promote your brand and products in the market.

Take for example 3CE, a cosmetic brand in Vietnam focusing on lip products such as lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip lacquers. They collaborated with famous beauty influencer Chang Makeup to create a video marketing content on YouTube. The video which was reviewed and swatched the brand’s velvet tints got astounding exposure for 3CE. It gained more than 3 million views and 2K comments.

3. Strategies for Digital Marketing in Vietnam

Tap Into the Major Cities

AJ Marketing - Digital Marketing in Vietnam: An Overview - Tap Into the Major Cities

Starting your digital marketing campaign in Vietnam's major cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City can be a smart move for your brand. These cities have higher average incomes, meaning consumers there have more spending power and might be more likely to respond to your marketing.

But don't forget about other areas of Vietnam, like the Red River Deltas and the Mekong region. These areas have a growing middle class population that could offer big opportunities for companies selling consumer goods and retail in the future.

It's definitely worth considering these areas as you plan your 2023 marketing campaign in Vietnam.

Connect with Young Women Consumers

AJ Marketing - Digital Marketing in Vietnam: An Overview - Connect with Young Women Consumers

In Vietnam, young people like Gen Zs and Millennials make up more than 45% of the population and are a huge part of the workforce and consumer market. They grew up during a time when Vietnam's economy was booming, so they're optimistic and confident about spending money.

And don't overlook the women when you're planning your Vietnam digital marketing campaign. The percentage of women working compared to men is really high in Vietnam, and an increasing number of women are getting educated and climbing the career ladder.

In fact, by 2030 it's estimated that women's empowerment in Vietnam will add an extra $80 billion to the economy. This really highlights the power and potential of young women as consumers in Vietnam, making them a vital group for marketers to target.

It’s the Best Season for Retailers

AJ Marketing - Digital Marketing in Vietnam: An Overview - It’s the Best Season for Retailers

Vietnam's economy is growing and that's making people's living standards better. That's good news for retailers because it means people have more money to spend, and experts predict that retail sales in Vietnam will go up by $58.5 billion in the near future.

But the pandemic has changed the way people shop. A lot more people are buying things online and the number of ecommerce sales went up by 54% in 2020.

Online shopping is becoming more popular in Vietnam because it's getting easier for people to pay for things and get them delivered. This is also making it easier for foreign retailers to sell their products in Vietnam through ecommerce. If you're a foreign retailer looking to get in on the action, a smart digital marketing strategy can help you succeed in Vietnam's expanding market.


Vietnam's strong economic growth and high rates of internet and social media usage make it an attractive market for businesses looking to expand through digital marketing strategies. Platforms such as Zalo, Cốc Cốc, and YouTube are popular choices for reaching local audiences, with Zalo offering the added benefit of being part of a larger digital ecosystem.

To succeed in Vietnam, businesses should consider targeting major cities, connecting with young female consumers, and taking advantage of the current favorable retail environment.

It is also advisable to work with a local agency that has expertise in Vietnam's digital marketing landscape to ensure a successful expansion into this promising market. To know more about digital marketing in Vietnam, contact AJ Marketing.

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