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Top 20 YouTubers in Vietnam in 2022

Top 20 YouTubers in Vietnam in 2022

Wanna know who the top YouTube influencers in Vietnam are? It's only natural to be curious about the best content creators in this country. After all, there are almost 77 million social media users in this country who frequent the internet to watch videos of their most favorite personalities. Being a content creator has also become a lucrative career path in Vietnam, especially since influencer marketing is booming and brands are noticing their contributions to marketing and advertising.

On YouTube, specifically, a single ad may reach 62 million people in Vietnam. That's 63% of the entire population. Naturally, marketers and business-owners are seeing the potential of working with influencers on this platform, along with other platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

YouTube Advertising Audience Overview in Vietnam 2022

There are many other marketing trends in Vietnam, all of which point to the increasing popularity of online videos and use of YouTube. 59.6% of the entire internet users in Vietnam surf the web to watch videos, shows, and movies, and among the top accounts they follow are influencers and experts. Thus, if you're interested in entering the Vietnam market, then an influencer marketing campaign can ensure you success.

Of course, choosing the perfect influencer for your brand is not that simple. You must first look at the content creators' niche, form, content, and audience. To help you with finding the best YouTuber for you, we have curated a list of the top 20 YouTubers in Vietnam. Let's take a look!

Top 20 YouTubers in Vietnam ⬇️

  1. Cris

  2. Nguyen Thanh Nam

  3. Tho Nguyen

  4. Lam

  5. Tony

  6. Hau Hoang

  7. Misthy

  8. Do Mixi

  9. Tran Thanh Town

  10. Oops Banana

  11. Ba Tan Vlog

  12. Quynh Tran JP & Family

  13. AnAn

  14. PewPew

  15. Le Hung & Bach My

  16. Jenny Huynh

  17. Ngoc Trinh

  18. Woossi

  19. Giang Oi

  20. Trang Ngo


Subscribers: 1,240,000

Topics: Makeup, Beauty

Let's meet the famous beauty blogger, Changmakeup. She is the founder of the cosmetics brand, Ofelia, and the first female beauty blogger in Vietnam who received a golden play button. Changmakeup is well known for her lipstick swatch clips, makeup tips, and skincare product reviews. Besides that, she also likes to share content about her daily life.


Subscribers: 1,550,000

Topics: Lifestyle, Education

Giang Oi is a friendly and sincere vlogger loved by her subscribers, especially young women. Her topics mainly focus on everyday issues such as taking care of cats and cleaning the house. Besides that, Giang Oi also creates content about social issues that young people are interested in, such as studying abroad, English learning, weight loss, traveling, and living an eco-friendly lifestyle.


Subscribers: 1,740,000

Topics: Food, Lifestyle

Woossi is a Korean creator living in Vietnam for 10 years. Woossi has recently emerged as a famous Youtuber in Vietnam due to his funny way of talking and beginner Vietnamese skills. Woossi regularly shares content about cultural and social experiences, as well as reviews of Korean and Vietnamese dishes.

Woossi has had many collaborations with other Vietnamese celebrities such as Yang Soobin and MisThy, and many more.


Subscribers: 2,130,000

Topics: Lifestyle, Fashion, Luxury

Ngoc Trinh is a celebrity, model, and a movie actress in Vietnam. Recently, she has also gained traction on YouTube, garnering more than 2.13 M subscribers. With her huge income, she often buys branded products and regularly travels to the most luxurious places locally and internationally. Besides that, she also loves to create content about food reviews and make-up hacks.


Subscribers: 2,160,000

Topics: Lifestyle, Food

Jenny Huynh is a young 16-years-old girl who loves to vlog about her daily activities, from hanging out with her friends, going to school, to creating DIY room decorations. Jenny Huynh is also a travel enthusiast. She often records her luxurious travel moments in many countries including the UK, Singapore, Thailand, and Japan.

Her simple, innocent, and cute content is loved by her young subscribers.


Subscribers: 3,130,000

Topics: Entertainment, Comedy

Le Hung and Bach My love to play pranks with all kinds of tricks such as pretending to have a baby and shaving off each others' eyebrows. They also have their own YouTube series entitled "WTH" where both of them perform weird challenges which their subscribers request. Some challenges they've done are putting on makeup under the pool, sun tattoos, and many more.


Subscribers: 3,610,000

Topics: Gaming, Reaction Videos

Starting his career as a professional game commentator, he became one of the pioneers in the field who is continuously growing his YouTube channel. Due to his handsome appearance, superstorm slashing ability, humor, youthfulness, and high confidence, his live streams have always attracted tens of thousands of viewers.

Besides growing his personal channel, he also appears in tournaments, collaborates with brands, works as a VJ, and guests at several TV shows. Not only does he share gaming content, PewPew's Youtube channel also has funny reaction videos, interesting daily vlogs, and food reviews.

13. ANAN

Subscribers: 3,790,000

Topics: Kids, Toy Reviews

AnAn is an adorable little girl who loves to play with the best children's toys. Her YouTube channel is mainly devoted for kids and parents. Although she is still very young, AnAn has high confidence in speaking fluently and naturally.

Her content mainly revolves around her daily activities, family outings, and especially toy product reviews. Her honest toys reviews combined with her cheerful smile have attracted more than 3.7 M subscribers on YouTube.


Subscribers: 4,110,000

Topics: Food, Lifestyle

Quynh Tran JP and her son, Sa, developed a "fever" in Vietnam last year through sharing cooking experiences and food challenges. They mostly post about cooking tutorials and mukbang videos. Their contents about the life of a Vietnamese family in Japan have also become one of the most awaited ones on the platform.


Subscribers: 4,260,000

Topics: Food

Looking for an extraordinary food channel? Ba Tan Vlog can be the answer.

This channel is similar to other food channels that share food reviews and home cooking. The unique thing about this channel is all the food they feature are super HUGE in size and quantity!

In this channel, you will drool over a giant bowl of fruit, a hundred grilled spicy chicken wings, 200 fried sausages, or their 60-liter cup of pearl milk tea.


Subscribers: 4,800,000

Topics: Food, Lifestyle, Travel

Let's meet Oops Banana! He is a popular YouTuber who often uploads videos about food, travel, and technology. Thanks to his charm, Oops Banana has earned a large fan base within a short span of time on YouTube.

His channel is filled with interesting content about his culinary experiences, food challenges, and adorable footages of his cat and his girlfriend. Besides that, his traveling experiences in Vietnam and other countries are one of the most anticipated contents on YouTube.


Subscribers: 5,490,000

Topics: Short film, Lifestyle, Comedy

Comedian Tran Thanh is a TV host in Vietnam. As one of the leading artists in this country, Tran Thanh has charming speaking skills, amazing acting skills, and also has a noble personality. After his success with the Web Drama Bo Gia and with his latest theatrical film, his popularity continuous to rise nationally and internationally.

On his YouTube channel, he likes to share comedic daily moments with his family, and his popular best friends.


Subscribers: 6,180,000

Topics: Gaming, Family

Do Mixi can be described as "creative" when it comes to finding ways to entertain his viewers. Not only does he share game and movie reviews, he also has his own interesting talk shows. He has even released a funny song entitled "Stream Until Ever" to uncover what he has experienced as a streamer. Mixi also received a lot of attention and excitement because of his everyday moments with his family.

His positive vibes and versatile content are loved by his viewers.


Subscribers: 6,220,000

Topics: Lifestyle, Gaming, Food

Misthy is known as Vietnam's top female streamer or Vietnam's highest-earning female streamer. Some of her popular contents are livestreams, LOL, 80FM, and many more. Aside from gaming content, she also shares with her fans some personal matters, entertainment videos, reactions, and travel tips.

When she had the opportunity to meet and interact with the famous Korean girl group, Momoland, she received a lot of jealousy from KPOP Fans. Besides being popular on YouTube, MisThy has also appeared in music videos, sitcoms, and TV shows.


Subscribers: 7,670,000

Topics: Entertainment, Lifestyle

Are you having a bad day? Hau Hoang channel will surely make you smile. Hau creates short films that are about the every day life of Vietnamese. Her relatability, sweet smile, and diverse facial expressions gained her fame on YouTube.

Due to her big success on the platform, Hau Hoang also starred as a cameo in the music videos of famous singers in Vietnam such as Het yeu that sao by JSOL, Sao and Chua ve By AMEE, and many more.


Subscribers: 7,850,000

Topics: Food, Challenge, Kids

Tony TV is a refreshing and unique channel you may not have encountered before. Situated in a countryside in Dong Thap, Vietnam, this channel loves to entertain its viewers with interesting challenges played by Mr. Vo Phuc Vinh with a group of children.

Different from the other popular channels which share about luxurious lifestyles, Tony TV creates sincere content which promotes simple living and authentic interactions. This channel may be the most relatable out there, especially for the majority of the Vietnam population.

4. LAM

Subscribers: 8,370,000

Topics: Vlog, Challenge, Entertainment

Lam specializes in cuisine and travel reviews. He also indulges in the most trending challenges on YouTube. Some of the challenges he has overcome are the series of 24-hour experiences drifting in the river, living in steel houses, paper prisons, living on the street, and many more. These videos have gained high engagement and interest from his audience.

By the end of November 2019, Lam Vlog stood at No.1 in the Top 10 most quality YouTube channels in Vietnam announced by Social Blade.


Subscribers: 9,230,000

Topics: Kids, Entertainment

Known as "The Queen of YouTube for Children", Tho Nguyen is one of the most popular YouTube creators who loves to entertain kids with her content about toys and DIY cooking. Her easily-understandable cooking tutorials, handmade toys instructions, and fun challenges are loved by her viewers. Recently, she hit 9.2 million subscribers on YouTube!


Subscribers: 10,200,000

Topics: Vlog, Entertainment, Challenge

Nguyen Thanh Nam is a Vlogger from Thai Binh who often posts clips about new things no one has ever tried before. Most of his viral videos are out-of-this-world challenges such as sticking 5000 iron marbles on the face, exploding 1000 balloons, building a house with 5000 plastic cups, grilling with aluminum, and many more.

Because of his unique content, he has been awarded 3 silver buttons and 4 gold buttons by YouTube.


Subscribers: 10,300,000

Topics: Game, Reaction, Lifestyle

On top of our list is Cris, with more than 10.3 M subscribers. Cris impressed his fans with his humor, innocent face, and intelligence. Cris Phan dominates YouTube with his game reviews, parodies, food reviews, and reaction videos. Due to his popularity, he has now explored other art forms such as acting. Recently, he starred in a martial arts film produced by director Ba Cuong - Vo sinh dai Chien.


YouTube influencer marketing in Vietnam has resulted to successful campaigns because of the Vietnamese's internet behavior. This population loves watching videos on the web, and most of them follow internet personalities like influencers and content creators. Moreover, launching an ad on YouTube can possibly make a brand reach more than 62 million of this country's population.

The success of influencer marketing is unquestionable. However, choosing the perfect influencer for your business will be the hurdle to jump over. Luckily, we have already provided you with a list of the top 20 YouTubers in Vietnam to help you choose a content creator for your campaign.

If you want to know more about marketing and advertising in Vietnam, visit the AJ Marketing Blog. If you need the help of a local marketing agency in this country, contact AJ Marketing, the top influencer marketing agency in Vietnam.

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