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Vietnam Social Media Marketing : Insights in 2024

AJ Marketing - Vietnam Social Media Marketing : Insights and Overview

Welcome to the vibrant world of Vietnam's social media marketing, where millions of users scroll, tap, and share their way through a digital landscape filled with innovative and engaging content. As you embark on this journey with us, get ready to dive into an ecosystem that has seen significant growth in recent years. So, sit back, grab a cup of cà phê sữa đá, and let's explore the ins and outs of social media marketing in Vietnam.

It's no secret that businesses have been quick to capitalize on this digital goldmine. In 2024, social media advertising in Vietnam is booming, with annual spending hitting an impressive $347.5 million, up 5.8% from last year. Social media now grabs a cool 27.1% of the total digital ad spend, showing just how vital it’s becoming. This exciting growth highlights the massive potential and expanding influence of social media marketing in Vietnam’s vibrant digital scene.

Social Media Advertising Overview in Vietnam

But why are businesses so eager to invest in Vietnam's social media scene? The answer lies in the unique combination of platform popularity, an ever-evolving target audience, and a rich culture of creative content.

As we journey through this article, we'll uncover the secrets behind the most popular social media platforms, the influential Gen Z and millennial demographics, and the cutting-edge marketing trends and strategies that are taking the Vietnamese digital world by storm. So, buckle up and let's get started!

AJ Marketing - Vietnam Social Media Marketing : Insights - Connect

Social Media Marketing in Vietnam Overview 🔽

1. Platform Powerhouses

Most Popular Social Media Platforms in Vietnam

AJ Marketing - Vietnam Social Media Marketing : Insights and Overview - 1

As we dive into the bustling streets of Vietnam's digital landscape, let's take a moment to appreciate the towering skyscrapers that dominate the skyline – the social media platforms themselves. Just as each city has its unique architectural gems, Vietnam's social media scene boasts a diverse array of platforms, each with its distinct features and user base. So, let's take a whirlwind tour of these giants and see what makes them so popular among Vietnamese netizens.

First up, we have the undisputed king of the hill, Facebook, with a staggering 91.6% of Vietnam's internet users swearing their allegiance to this blue-bannered behemoth. Zalo, the local hero, follows closely at 90.1%, proving that it's not just international players that can capture the hearts of Vietnamese users. TikTok dances its way to third place with 77.5% of the audience, while Instagram strikes a pose at 55.4%. Last but not least, Twitter swoops in with 37.5% of users, showcasing that it still has a place in this diverse ecosystem.

Each platform offers something unique to its users, from Facebook's all-encompassing community and Zalo's localized features, to TikTok's bite-sized entertainment and Instagram's visual storytelling. As we continue our journey through Vietnam's social media marketing landscape, we'll explore how brands and marketers can harness the power of these platform powerhouses to create captivating campaigns and connect with their audience in new and exciting ways. So, stay tuned, and let's delve deeper into the world of Vietnamese social media!

2. Age of Influence

Gen Z and Millennials as the Target Audience

AJ Marketing - Vietnam Social Media Marketing : Insights and Overview - 2

As we stroll through the marketplace of Vietnam's social media scene, it's impossible not to notice the vibrant energy radiating from its Gen Z and millennial inhabitants. These digital natives, with their unique tastes and preferences, have made a lasting impact on the world of social media marketing. So, let's take a closer look at this dynamic duo and discover how marketers can best cater to their ever-evolving needs.

In the age of influence, it's essential to know who's calling the shots. In Vietnam, the leading age group of social media users is the 25-34-year-olds, claiming a respectable 29.4% of the online population. Hot on their heels are the 18-24-year-olds, snapping up a cool 24.7% slice of the social media pie.

These two age groups, comprising mostly Gen Z and millennials, are driving trends and shaping the future of social media marketing in Vietnam.

To effectively engage these influential demographics, marketers must stay ahead of the curve by understanding their interests, values, and unique communication styles. From striking visuals, snackable content, authenticity to social responsibility, catering to the preferences of Gen Z and millennials requires a fresh and creative approach to marketing.

3. Digital Dialogues

Q&A and Live Chat Services for Brand Research

AJ Marketing - Vietnam Social Media Marketing : Insights and Overview - 3

Picture yourself meandering through the vibrant alleys of Vietnam's social media bazaar, where the sounds of conversation and laughter fill the air. In this lively setting, digital dialogues play a crucial role in connecting people and creating meaningful interactions. In Vietnam, Q&A sites and live chat services have emerged as popular channels for internet users seeking information about brands, products, and services. So, let's turn up the volume and explore these buzzing platforms!

With 23.8% of internet users turning to Q&A sites for brand research, it's clear that these digital destinations have become a valuable resource for Vietnamese consumers. Similarly, messaging and live chat services have also made their mark, with 23.6% of users relying on these real-time communication tools to get the lowdown on their favorite brands. It's evident that these platforms are changing the way consumers interact with businesses, paving the way for more direct and engaging conversations.

For brands and marketers looking to tap into this trend, it's essential to embrace these digital dialogues and make them an integral part of their marketing strategy. By providing timely and valuable information through Q&A and live chat platforms, businesses can build trust, foster loyalty, and gain insights into their customers' needs and preferences.

4. Laugh it Up

Comedy and Meme Marketing in Vietnam

Now, we come across a lively street corner in Vietnam filled with laughter and amusement. Here, we find the perfect blend of comedy and meme marketing, a creative concoction that has taken Vietnam by storm. So, let's put on our best smiles and explore how humor has become a powerful tool in the arsenal of social media marketers!

In Vietnam, the appetite for comedy and entertainment is evident, with comedians and entertainment, memes, and parody accounts ranking as the second and third most followed social media account types, respectively. This penchant for humor and lighthearted content offers a unique opportunity for brands to make their mark by incorporating wit and fun into their marketing campaigns. By leveraging comedy, businesses can create memorable, shareable content that resonates with their audience and fosters a sense of connection.

One example of a successful social media marketing campaign in Vietnam utilizing comedy is the collaboration between Popeyes Vietnam and the popular comedian YouTubers FAPtv. FAPtv members created a humorous YouTube video featuring Popeyes Hong Kong chicken. In this video, FAPtv showed their hilarious antics while promoting the brand’s delicious offerings. The campaign was a hit, generating 21 million views and a wave of positive engagement.

So, as we continue to explore Vietnam's social media marketing world, remember to keep it light, keep it funny, and don't be afraid to embrace the power of laughter.

5. Small Number, Big Impact

Micro-Influencers on Vietnamese Social Media Marketing

Towards the end of our walk, we stumble upon a hidden gem – the world of micro-influencers. Though they may not boast the massive followings of their celebrity counterparts, these smaller-scale influencers wield a unique power that can make a significant impact on marketing campaigns. So, let's shine a spotlight on these unsung heroes and discover the secrets behind their success.

Micro-influencers, typically defined as having between 1,000 and 100,000 followers, bring a sense of authenticity and relatability that larger influencers may struggle to match. Their close-knit communities often feel more like a group of friends than an audience, fostering an environment of trust and loyalty. For brands looking to create meaningful connections with their target market, collaborating with micro-influencers can be an effective way to reach niche audiences and generate genuine engagement.

In Vietnam, the power of micro-influencers is becoming increasingly recognized, with many businesses partnering with these relatable personalities to promote their products and services. By leveraging the trust and credibility that micro-influencers have built with their followers, brands can create impactful marketing campaigns that resonate on a personal level.


As we conclude our journey through the dynamic world of Vietnam's social media marketing, we've uncovered valuable insights into popular platforms, influential demographics, digital dialogues, comedy and meme marketing, and the impact of micro-influencers. The opportunities for brands in this evolving landscape are immense, and by staying current with trends and employing creative strategies, businesses can forge meaningful connections with their audience.

Embrace these insights, and let your brand make a lasting impact in the captivating world of Vietnamese social media.

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