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17 Best Instagram Influencers in Vietnam in 2023

AJ Marketing - 17 Best Instagram Influencers in Vietnam in 2023

Hey there! Are you thinking of expanding your brand in Vietnam? Well, you might want to take a look at Instagram influencer marketing. It's been a hit in Vietnam lately, with Instagram being the fifth most-used social media platform for 2022. The Vietnamese market loves following influencers, experts, celebrities, and bloggers, making Instagram a valuable platform for advertising.

And get this, a single Instagram ad can reach over 10.3 million Vietnamese people! That's a pretty impressive audience reach, which means successful campaigns on Instagram are a real possibility in Vietnam.

Instagram Advertising Audience Overview 2023

Now, you might be wondering how to market your product on Instagram. Well, influencer marketing is the way to go! It's proven to increase exposure, conversions, and sales. In Vietnam, reviews from influencers, bloggers, and experts are one of the top sources of brand discovery. Plus, locals tend to trust and follow influencers they already know and love, which is why influencer marketing is prevalent not only on Instagram but also on TikTok and YouTube.

So, who are the top influencers in Vietnam that you should know about? Don't worry; we've got you covered! We've compiled a list of the top content creators on Instagram in Vietnam. Check them out!

17 Best Instagram Influencers in Vietnam ⬇️

Followers: 136K

Topics: Fashion, Lifestyle

Meet Dino Vu! He's a foodie, lifestyle blogger, and tech enthusiast. On his Instagram, he shares cooking hacks, health advice, product reviews, and some personal updates. Oh, and did I mention his cute pet dogs? His followers adore him, not only for his content but also for his hot and healthy body.

Followers: 151K

Topics: Music, Fashion

Have you heard of RTee? He's a famous singer/rapper in Vietnam, known for his hit song "Chọn Bạn Mà Chơi". On his Instagram, he gives a sneak peek behind-the-scenes of his concerts, album launches, and shows off his OOTDs. Plus, he's not afraid to show off his bold sense of fashion with his colorful hair and outfits.

Followers: 174K

Topics: Film, Food, Travel

Say hello to Khoai Lang Thang! He's a video creator who loves to travel and document his adventures. His Instagram is full of aesthetic photos he personally took, showcasing different places, foods, and cultures. He's also a travelling videographer, and his YouTube channel has over 1.8 million subscribers. Follow him for some serious wanderlust!

Followers: 321K

Topics: Fitness , Health

You gotta check out Hana Giang Anh! She's a famous fitness trainer in Vietnam, and she's considered one of the pioneers of health and fitness content creation in the country. Her content is so inspiring, and she encourages women to improve their physique for a happier life. You can find her sharing daily workout tutorials and food-related advice. Plus, she also livestreams to showcase her music!

Followers: 526K

Topics: Lifestyle, Living abroad

Meet Thach Trang! She's a foreign student in Germany, and her journey is so interesting to follow. Her Instagram is full of amazing content showcasing the different places and food in Germany, her struggles, and the perks of living abroad. Her feed is so aesthetic that lifestyle and skincare brands have collaborated with her in the past.

Followers: 532K

Topics: Beauty, Lifestyle

You don't wanna miss out on Trinh Pham's content! She's a beauty and lifestyle influencer whose feed is so light and clean, it's loved by everyone. Her white and pastel aesthetic is so soothing to the eyes, and she has gained over half a million followers because of it. She usually posts about her outfits, health, family, and travels, and she's truly revered as an icon in all aspects of life.

Followers: 605K

Topics: Lifestyle, Fashion

You might have heard of Helia, the talented artist, musician, and Instagram influencer. With her amazing rap covers, singing talent, and stunning looks, it's no wonder big fashion brands in Vietnam are after her. On her feed, she shares her daily activities, stunning outfits, and product recommendations. Follow her for some serious fashion inspo!

Followers: 713K

Topics: Fashion, Luxury, Beauty

Meet Nguyen Tran, the 1st runner up of Miss Vietnam 2014. This beauty queen has since dominated the internet with her life updates, hosting gigs, OOTDs, product recommendations, and travel blogs. She's not just a pretty face, though - she's also an avid golfer! Get ready to be inspired by her classy and elegant lifestyle.

Followers: 733K

Topics: Lifestyle, Comedy

You're in for a treat with Trang Hy! This internet sensation gained popularity with her crazy and humorous videos, but did you know she's also musically-skilled and a budding actress? Her Instagram is full of her pulling off different hairstyles and odd outfits, showcasing her unique personality. She's even collaborated with cosmetic brands in the past. Follow her for some serious laughs and entertainment!

Followers: 863K

Topics: Music, Fashion

Mai Am Nhac is a multi-talented artist who gained popularity mainly because of her incredible music skills. Recently, she's been exploring her funny side and creating comedic videos, as well as sharing her fashion choices. Her feed is full of sharp and strong outfits, matched with her intimidating facial expressions. Follow her for some serious style and laughs!

Followers: 1M

Topics: Fashion, Luxury

You gotta check out Khanh Linh, also known as "Devil wears branded" on Instagram. She's a popular model who slays in her luxury outfits and edgy yet classy style. Her tall figure, outstanding fashion sense, and ability to mix and match outfits and accessories make her stand out from the crowd. Trust us; she can pull off any type of clothing. Check out her feed for some serious fashion inspiration!

Followers: 1M

Topics: Lifestyle, Art, Pets

Meet Khanh Van, the artist who has gained a million followers on Instagram. She mostly shares about her paintings, art process, and techniques, but she also posts life updates, especially about her cute pets. Her welcoming character and innocent smile have also won the hearts of netizens. Follow her for some amazing art and cuteness overload!

Followers: 1.7M

Topics: Music, Entertainment

You've got to listen to Den Vau's music! He's a famous rapper and song producer in Vietnam, and his music is loved by many. His collaborations with big brands are a testament to his talent. On his Instagram, you'll find sneak peeks of his music shows and photos from his travels. Follow him for some amazing beats and travel inspo!

Followers: 2.8M

Topics: Fashion, Beauty

Quynh Anh Shyn is a fashion trendsetter and influencer. Luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Saint Laurent have noticed her impeccable taste in clothing. Her Instagram is a go-to for outfit inspirations and flattering modeling poses. Get ready to be inspired by her unique style!

Followers: 3.4M

Topics: Fashion, Luxury

Meet Chau Bui, the fashion icon who has gained worldwide attention. She's been covered by dozens of international newspapers and blogs such as Vogue, Elle, and Harper's Bazaar. She's even been listed in Forbes 30 Under 30! Her feed is full of carefully curated photos that are pleasing to the eyes and enriching to one's enthusiasm for fashion. Follow her for some serious fashion inspiration!

Followers: 4.8M

Topics: Lifestyle, Fashion

You might have heard of Linh Ngoc Dam, one of Vietnam's richest female streamers. Her Instagram is a glimpse into her luxurious life, full of OOTDs, modeling photos, and personal updates. Her "bad girl aesthetic" is loved by many, as she's able to maintain an edgy yet classy character. Follow her for some serious luxury and style inspiration!

Followers: 5.6M

Topics: Music, Fashion, Film

Meet Chi Pu, the famous singer, model, and actress who has earned her way to the top of our best Instagram influencers list. With over 5 million followers, she's admired for her beauty, taste, and boldness. She loves updating her followers on her latest travels and best fits. With her talent and beauty, she's sought after by international brands. Follow her for some serious inspiration!


Instagram is one of the most-used social media platforms in Vietnam, with more than 10 million advertising audience reach. The app's popularity, ease of use, and number of influencers housed have been noticed by brands and marketers. Thus, launching an influencer marketing campaign on Instagram has been a proven trend that leads to immense success and cost-efficiency.

If you want to launch an influencer marketing campaign in Vietnam, then you have to learn about the country's top Instagram influencers. This list has given you a brief summary of the influencer landscape in this country. From this list, we can deduce that the Vietnamese Instagram users follow more female than male influencers. The most common topics are also fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and music.

We hope that this list has given you insight on how to launch your campaign.

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