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Top 20 Instagram Influencers in Indonesia in 2024

AJ Marketing - Top 20 Instagram Influencers in Indonesia in 2023

Did you know that influencer marketing in Indonesia has been proven to bring guaranteed success for various national and international brands? It's no wonder, as Indonesians are avid internet users, spending hours a day browsing the web. And when it comes to brand research and discovery, they mostly rely on word-of-mouth and the opinions of experts, influencers, and bloggers. In fact, social media likes and comments are even a top purchase driver for them, so it's clear that influencers play an important role in their decision-making process.

But just knowing this isn't enough. Brands also need to be aware of the top social media platforms where influencers reside. Instagram, for instance, is the second most-used social media platform in Indonesia, with over 41% of Indonesian internet users scrolling through the platform each month. That's a huge audience that brands can tap into through advertising and influencer marketing. In fact, an ad on Instagram can reach up to 100.9 million people in Indonesia, which is more than 49.9% of the entire population. No wonder Instagram influencer marketing has become such a popular trend in the country!

AJ Marketing - Top 20 Instagram Influencers in Indonesia in 2023 - Instagram Audience Overview in Indonesia for 2022

But here's the thing: influencer marketing isn't as simple as it seems. There are nuances that you need to be aware of before launching your campaign. For one, Indonesian influencers come in all shapes and sizes, from micro-influencers to mega-influencers. They also have different audiences in terms of age, content, and form. And, of course, they all have different niches, whether it's beauty, health and fitness, gaming, food, tech, and more.

To help you navigate the influencer landscape in Indonesia, we've put together a list of the top Instagram influencers in the country. This should give you an idea of how to choose the best influencer who can represent your brand. So without further ado, let's take a look!

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Top 20 Instagram Influencers in Indonesia ⬇️

Followers: 27.9M

Topics: Music, Travel, Entertainment

If you're a fan of dangdut music, you've probably heard of Via. She's the singer behind the catchy theme song for the 2018 ASEAN Games, "Meraih Bintang" (or "Reach Out The Stars"). Since then, she's become a regular guest on national TV shows and has gained a huge following on social media. On her feed, you can find photos of her with her boyfriend, videos of her amazing performances on stage, and snaps from her adventures around the world.

Followers: 28.9M

Topics: Travel, Lifestyle, Parenting

Looking for some lifestyle inspiration? Check out Chelsea Olivia's Instagram page! This famous actress, singer, and social media star is also a mom of two, and she shares all sorts of beautiful moments from her family's travels. You'll love seeing photos of her adorable kids and reading her product recommendations, which she's tested and approved herself. With over 28 million followers, Chelsea is definitely someone to watch.

Followers: 30M

Topics: Food, Parenting, Lifestyle

If you're looking for an Instagram influencer who knows all about pregnancy, family, food, and parenting, look no further than Syahnaz! Though she may have started out in the shadow of her famous brother Raffi Ahmad, Syahnaz has built a huge following of her own. Her feed is full of photos of her family and her favorite products that are safe for kids. Plus, she loves to share her skills on the piano with her followers.

17. Rina Nose 

Followers: 31.1M

Topics: Comedy, Entertainment

Are you looking for some daily sunshine on your social media feed? Look no further than Rina Nose's account! Rina is a TV host, comedian, and social media influencer, and her feed is filled with short and funny TikTok videos and previews of her YouTube vlogs. Plus, she shares her OOTDs, makeup and skincare routines, and snippets from her life with her Dutch husband.

Followers: 31.3M

Topics: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Family

You may know Zaskia as the Indonesian singer, actress, TV host, and comedian, but did you know she's also famous for her duck dance? That's right, her signature move has earned her the nickname "Gotik" (short for "goyang itik" or duck dance) and helped her gain a huge following on social media. These days, Zaskia's feed is full of music shows, family trips, and activities with other celebrities. She's even started sharing her product recommendations with her followers!

Followers: 32M

Topics: Music, Entertainment, Fashion

If you're looking for a true Indonesian diva, look no further than Agnes Monica! This successful singer and social media star has gained a huge following both nationally and internationally. On her feed, you'll find stunning photos of her music performances, incredible fashion choices, and some behind-the-scenes glimpses of her life. But Agnes isn't just about the glitz and glamour - she's also socially active and participates in events to stop Asian hate. With beauty, talent, and substance all rolled into one, Agnes is truly an icon.

Followers: 32.9M

Topics: Business, Fashion, Design

When it comes to celebrity and fashion designers in Indonesia, Ivan Gunawan is at the top of the list. Known as the Indonesian Queen Maker, Ivan is famous for his unique and luxurious gown designs that have been worn by some of the biggest celebrities in the country. On his feed, you'll find updates on his latest fashion shows, his most recent pieces, and his latest collaborations. And if you're into beauty, you'll be interested to know that Ivan has also worked with brands in that industry too. With such a strong eye for fashion, Ivan is definitely someone to keep an eye on.

Followers: 33.3M

Topics: Beauty, Family, Lifestyle

Meet Jessica Iskandar, or Jedar as she's known to her fans. This Indonesian actress, TV host, model, comedian, and businesswoman is funny, pretty, and sexy all at once. And as a hot mom, she loves showing off her curves and sexy look - even with a baby bump! But that's not all Jedar shares on her feed. She's also a travel enthusiast and loves sharing her makeup routine, skincare tips, and parenting hacks. Plus, she recently launched her own makeup line, Jedar Cosmetics.

Followers: 33.7M

Topics: Lifestyle, Family, Entertainment

Meet Ashanti, the talented singer, influencer, and loving mom of four! Her feed is full of updates on her life, from family vlogs to on-stage performances to sneak peeks of her YouTube videos. But that's not all - Ashanti also loves to share her makeup, skincare, and parenting tips with her followers. You'll also notice that her previous collaborations have often been with brands related to home maintenance, childcare, and lifestyle. With so much to offer, Ashanti is definitely someone to follow.

Followers: 35.5M

Topics: Family, Lifestyle, Parenting

Aurelie may have famous parents (singers Krisdayanti and Anang Hermansyah), but she's made a name for herself as a social media influencer in her own right. Her content used to focus on beauty, but now she's all about family tips, lifestyle, and parenting. Whether she's sharing her favorite beauty products or recommending trusted brands for childcare, Aurelie's feed is full of helpful tips and advice for her followers.

Followers: 35.8M

Topics: Lifestyle, Travel, Family

Sarwendah may have started her career as a member of the singing group Cherrybelle, but these days she's a successful Instagram influencer and businesswoman. Along with her husband, she's expanding their clothing and food business. As a mom of two, Sarwendah loves to wear a house dress (or "daster" in Indonesian), and her feed is full of stunning OOTDs with her kids, travel updates, and parenting hacks. And if you're looking for product recommendations, Sarwendah's got you covered there too!

Followers: 35.9M

Topics: Travel, Lifestyle, Family

Want to travel to some of the most famous destinations in Indonesia? Look no further than Ria Ricis' Instagram feed! This travel enthusiast and lifestyle influencer takes her followers on incredible journeys and shares her bright, funny, and sweet personality with followers of all ages. Plus, she's been known to impersonate a mermaid, which has been a hit with younger viewers. And don't miss her TikTok videos and YouTube vlogs, which she gives sneak peeks of on her Instagram. Recently, Ria's also been sharing about her pregnancy journey.

Followers: 39.1M

Topics: Fitness, Beauty, Lifestyle

Gisella rose to fame as the runner up in Indonesian Idol 5, and she's been making waves ever since. She's starred in various shows and movies, and even started her own businesses in the culinary and skincare industries. On her Instagram feed, you'll see plenty of travel and family pictures, as well as product recommendations for healthy skin. Gisella truly is a multi-talented star!

Followers: 39.6M

Topics: Beauty, Entertainment

Laudya Cynthia Bella is a model, celebrity, and singer who's been captivating Indonesian audiences for years. As a member of the singing group Bukan Bintang Biasa (BBB), she's no stranger to the spotlight. These days, Bella is also a brand ambassador for Hijab Sunsilk and has even launched her own beauty line, LBeauty. On her feed, you'll find tons of product recommendations for her followers to try. If you're looking for beauty advice, Bella's got you covered.

Followers: 43.3M

Topics: Beauty, Fashion, Entertainment

Wilona's young, fresh look and acting skills have made her a favorite among Indonesian netizens. She's even won three awards in a row in 2020! On her feed, you'll see behind-the-scenes photos from her shoots, as well as her skincare routine. And as the brand ambassador for Azarine Cosmetics, Wilona is definitely someone to watch for beauty and fashion inspiration. For young women in Indonesia, Wilona is a true icon.

Followers: 44.7M

Topics: Fashion, Travel, Luxury

Syahrini is one of Indonesia's top female singers, known for her funny and witty personality. She calls herself a "princess" and loves showing off her jet-set lifestyle. And after marrying one of Indonesia's tycoons, Reino Barack, her luxurious lifestyle intensified, with the couple traveling around the globe. On her feed, you'll see Syahrini's stunning photos from different countries - something her followers aspire to have too!

Followers: 45.1M

Topics: Food, Fashion, Business, Entertainment, Travel

Meet Ruben Onsu, a top comedian and owner of hundreds of fast food franchises, Ayam Geprek Bensu, in Indonesia. But that's not all - Ruben is also a loving and funny father of three who loves sharing his business and family activities on all of his social media accounts. Along with family trips, he also regularly posts previews of his latest TV shows. If you're looking for a good laugh, Ruben is the guy to follow.

Followers: 56M

Topics: Beauty, Entertainment, Lifestyle

Prilly is a celebrity, influencer, and business owner of a culinary and fashion business. She's also the brand ambassador of, an Indonesian online education platform. On her feed, you'll find sneak peeks of her latest TV series and her pole dancing training - she's always pushing the boundaries and trying new things! Prilly's fame has made her a sought-after influencer for big brands nationally and internationally. With her creativity and drive, Prilly is definitely someone to watch.

Followers: 56.9M

Topics: Entertainment, Lifestyle

Ayu is a multi-talented star - she's a singer, TV host, actress, and comedian all in one! And now, she's one of the most-followed mega-influencers on Instagram for Indonesian internet users. She regularly updates her fans about her latest shows, and loves to share her daily workout routine, family trips, and parenting hacks. Ayu is definitely someone to watch for entertainment and lifestyle inspiration.

Followers: 75.9M

Topics: Family, Lifestyle

Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina are the power couple behind RANS Entertainment Production House. Since getting married, they've built their social media empire and gained millions of followers on different platforms. Known as the Sultan of Andara, this family loves showing off their luxurious lifestyle, with enormous mansions, sports cars, and designer bags. But it's not just about material possessions - Raffi and Nagita also collaborate with other celebrities, national athletes, and even the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo. When it comes to social media influence, this couple is definitely at the top of their game.


Instagram is widely-used in Indonesia, being the second most favorite social media platform of the country. Moreover, Indonesians follow influencers, celebrities, and expert accounts to gather credible opinions on certain products. These facts combined have made influencer marketing the number one strategy for marketing and advertising in Indonesia.

Of course, influencer marketing is not that simple. A brand needs to choose the best influencer to represent their values, characteristics, online identity, and to reach their target audience. In the list above, we can notice that Instagram influencers in Indonesia are dominated by women. Moreover, the most common topics are family, parenting, lifestyle, fashion, and entertainment.

We hope this list has helped you in starting your own influencer marketing campaign.

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