Top 17 Most Followed K-Pop Idols on Instagram

Top 17 Most Followed K-Pop Idols on Instagram
BTS on the set of their MV 'Dynamite' | Image Source: Big Hit Entertainment

K-pop used to have a niche fanbase in the early 2000’s composed of loyal (mostly domestic) supporters. Today, the scope and popularity of K-pop has expanded much beyond South Korea into essentially every corner of the world.

Global sensation BTS has been the first group to have a song in a foreign language to enter the US Billboard chart at #1. Blackpink was the first K-pop girl group to perform at the iconic Coachella music festival in California. K-pop groups and idols have achieved immense global success thanks to the easy accessibility of the Internet.

In today’s technology driven society, social media can be an excellent way to measure a K-pop idol’s popularity. While the number of likes and followers one has is by no means an accurate indicator of success, social relevance and presence is crucial for any K-pop idol. Ultimately, numbers provide a tangible piece of information that could ultimately lead to a sponsorship or paid partnership!

Check out the 17 most followed K-pop artists on Instagram and who placed #1 on the list!

17. Yoona - Girls' Generation

❖ Instagram: @yoona__lim ❖ Followers: 12.2 million

16. Lay - EXO

❖ Instagram: @layzhang ❖ Followers: 12.9 million

15. BamBam - GOT7

❖ Instagram: @bambam1a ❖ Followers: 13.1 million

14. Hyuna - 4Minute

❖ Instagram: @hyunah_aa ❖ Followers: 15.4 million

13. Suzy - Miss A

❖ Instagram: @skuukzky ❖ Followers: 15.5 million

12. Taeyeon - Girls' Generation

❖ Instagram: @taeyeon_ss ❖ Followers: 15.9 million

11. Eunwoo - Astro

❖ Instagram: @eunwo.o_c ❖ Followers: 18.4 million

10. IU

❖ Instagram: @dlwlrma ❖ Followers: 19.2 million

9. G-Dragon - Big Bang

❖ Instagram: @xxxibgdrgn ❖ Followers: 19.5 million

8. Baekhyun - EXO

❖ Instagram: @baekhyunee_exo ❖ Followers: 20.4 million

7. Sehun - EXO

❖ Instagram: @oohsehun ❖ Followers: 21.4 million

6. Jackson - GOT7

❖ Instagram: @jacksonwang852g7 ❖ Followers: 22.4 million

5. Chanyeol - EXO

❖ Instagram: @real__pcy ❖ Followers: 22.8 million

4. Rosé - Blackpink

❖ Instagram: @roses_are_rosie ❖ Followers: 37.3 million

3. Jisoo - Blackpink

❖ Instagram: @sooyaaa__ ❖ Followers: 37.4 million

2. Jennie - Blackpink

❖ Instagram: @jennierubyjane43 ❖ Followers: 41.4 million

1. Lisa - Blackpink

❖ Instagram: @lalalalisa_m ❖ Followers: 48.1 million

The Power of Instagram

Instagram is huge for the K-pop industry . Not only does Instagram give followers a personal look into the private lives of these idols, but it is an essential marketing platform.

Blackpink is a prime example of utilizing this social media platform to connect with fans, promote their music and document their daily life away from the public sphere. For this reason, there is no surprise that the four members of Blackpink have taken the top spots on this list!

A relevant and popular presence on Instagram has shown to be crucial for not only K-pop idols but for other types of public figures as well, such as politicians and athletes. An active, engaging and interesting Instagram account can open up doors to market new promotions, tours, and merchandise that would otherwise be missed.

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