10 Korean YouTubers You Should Keep an Eye on in 2022

10 Korean YouTubers You Should Keep an Eye in 2022

Are you curious about the South Korean YouTuber scene? YouTube is popular among South Koreans, so it's natural that you might want to see who their top influencers are. You may be looking for someone to collaborate with for your next marketing campaign, or you may just be looking for someone to follow. Either way, YouTubers in South Korea will offer you great value.

Businesses have been eyeing South Korean influencers to help them with brand promotion, with increasing exposure, and with gaining ROI. Why so? It's because YouTube ads have immense reach in this population. A single ad launched on YouTube may reach 90.4% of South Korea's total population—that's 46.4 million people in the country.

YouTube Advertising Audience Overview in South Korea 2022

YouTube is the main source of entertainment for most Koreans, creating thousands of unique YouTube creators in the country. Their niches vary, from beauty, tech, crypto, fashion, luxury, K-pop, gaming to fitness. This made influencer marketing one of the most popular and effective advertising trends in the country.

YouTube influencers are often chosen for brand campaigns because they are effective in engaging relevant audiences. These influencers already have a loyal follower base which they've built through the years. YouTubers are also more interactive with their fans than celebrities or hard-sell commercials. This authenticity and trust YouTubers possess are then extended to brand in endorsements.

If you're looking for the top YouTube influencers in Korea for your next campaign, this list will be great for you. We have collated the top 10 YouTubers in this country for your future marketing plans. Let's take a look.

Top 10 YouTubers in South Korea ⬇️

  1. Gym Jong Kook

  2. Shuka World

  3. This Man Cook

  4. Less Than 1 Minute

  5. Psick University

  6. Bread Unnie

  7. King of Logic

  8. One Bite of Knowledge

  9. Korean Home Cooking

  10. Cheonddung

10. Cheonddung

Subscribers: 757 K

Topics: Mukbang, food, vlog

Launched only in May 2021, this channel has already reached 3 million monthly video views by year 2022. Cheonddung is owned by the brother-in-law of a popular Korean comedian. His contents are mostly vlogs and mukbangs.

Mukbang-related contents are thriving in Korea. Many people are into the satisfaction of seeing a clean plate and hearing the sound of food. Thus, mukbang content creators are also predicted to increase in the coming years.

9. Korean Home Cooking

Subscribers: 798K

Topics: Home cooking, recipe

Once again, cooking-related channels appears at the top of YouTubers in Korea. This cooking channel consists of simple and easy-to-cook recipes.

The unique part about this channel is that the titles contain elements of storytelling and personal experiences. Here are some of the video titles: “The crazy tofu recipe that the chef taught me is really good!” , “My mom puts this in and eats more bean sprout soup than rice”, “I made the best side dishes with cabbage and soft tofu”. This puts a more human element to the channel's videos, which the audience really love.

8. One Bite of Knowledge

Subscribers: 807k

Topics: Current issues, news, politics

One Bite of Knowledge provides information about politics, economy, social issues, and many other relevant topucs. Although the topics are mainly serious issues, this channel also includes entertainment-related information, like the video titled “Human Chanel, Black Pink Jennie”.

The best part about this channel is that you could get insightful information in under 15 minutes. Moreover, the creators are able to turn serious topics into engaging ones through their storytelling.

7. King of Logic

Subscribers: 833K

Topics: Social events, random talks

King of Logic channel gained popularity after appearing in Jin Yong Ji’s “Money Game” and Quaddurup’s “Accomplice”. The video exceeded 260 million views in 10 days and was soon listed as one of the most popular videos on YouTube. King of Logic channel provides speech contents of serious matters, similar to podcasts. The videos are popular because of the creator's way of communicating his message.

6. Bread Unnie

Subscribers: 1.33 M

Topics: Vlog, lifestyle

Kim Yeon Koung is a South Korean professional volleyball player. She recently announced her retirement from the national team in August 2021. Today, she focuses on being a social media influencer.

Her contents are related to daily vlogs, volleyball, ASMR, and many more. Her most viewed video is titled “The Volleyball Animation Haikyu!! Review". The video gained more than 6 million views.

5. Psick University

Subscribers: 1.52 M

Topics: Entertainment, comedy

Pick University channel is known as one of Korea's best comedy channels. Psick University is also popular globally and has international fans. Why are they popular? Look at the example above and you'll know.

This song cover of Peaches by Justin Bieber has reached more than 7 million views. It turned a US hit into something more relatable and funny for South Koreans. Clips from their YouTube videos are also shared on TikTok.

Comedian influencers are becoming more popular in South Korea and are well-received by the audience.

4. Less Than 1 Minute

Subscribers: 1.59 M

Topics: Tips, daily hacks

This YouTube channel is called “Less than 1 Minute” in English. This channel consists of daily hacks and tips about various topics, from technology to house maintenance and cleaning.

A lot of helpful information are already contained in the videos even though they are less than a minute. Its short content strategy attracted new subscribers and made it a rising start on YouTube.

3. This Man Cook

Subscribers: 1.69 M

Topics: Cooking, recipes

Korean YouTuber 이 남자의 cook

This Man Cook is a popular food channel in Korea. The channel consists of easy home cook recipes. Videos from this channel often hit more than 1 million views. In addition, the close up shoots and the video quality also make the contents more appealing.

Food and cooking-related videos are significantly rising since the pandemic. More people are choosing to cook their own meals at home due to health and safety reasons. This surely impacted YouTube trends around the world, including Korea. Thus, you can expect this channel to keep its views and engagements high.

2. Shuka World

Subscribers: 2.15 M

Topics: Finance, economy, current issues

The creator behind this rising channel is an ex-fund manager. Shuka World is about economy, finance, and political and current issues. The most-viewed video was about “The Great Game that Changed World History and the Tragedy of Afghanistan”.

Even though the videos are long and serious, this channel is popular among Koreans. Koreans love how this channel can give them information about current issues in a simple and understandable manner. The average number of views per video is over 1 million, making this channel one of the top breakout Korean YouTube channels.

1. Gym Jong Kook

Subscribers: 2.54 M

Topics: Sports, fitness

Gym Jong Kook channel was created only in June 2021. Today, he is one of the top YouTubers in Korea with more than 2 million subscribers. This channel is owned by Kim Jong Kook, a Korean singer and body-builder.

His contents are mostly about workout and fitness routines. There are also some videos on daily vlogs, song covers, and mukbang content. He also collaborates with other Korean celebrities such as Jeon So-mi (female Korean singer), Byun Yo Han (Korean actor), and Song Ji Hyo (Korean actress and model). The appearance of these celebrities on his videos created a positive impact on the channel's growth.


YouTube is the most used social media platforms in South Korea. It is also a main platform for influencer marketing. There are plenty of premium YouTube creators in the country, with different types of content and different target audiences. From comedy, fitness, lifestyle, to food, you will be able to find a YouTuber whose audience are in the same niche as your brand.

Collaborating with a YouTuber who is relevant to your brand will help increase your social media presence, which may lead to bigger ROIs. We hope this article has helped you gain insight on the Korean YouTubers scene, and has helped you take a look at influencers you may wanna work with.

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