Top 11 Fashion YouTubers of Korea in 2021

Fashion in Korea has evolved rapidly throughout the second half of the 20th century with the help of Western influences and its domestic developments. Despite fast moving trends, Korean fashion or K-fashion, has maintained its unique style that has captured the attention of designers around the world.

As a consumerist nation that is quick to fall in and out of trends, it can be difficult to keep up with Korean fashion. Furthermore, Korea is a country that experiences all four seasons- which requires a different closet for each time of the year.

Because dressing well and presenting oneself of good status is quite important in Korean society, Koreans place great care into how and what they wear outside. This kind of mindset applies to all genders, especially Korean men who believe in the importance of physical appearance just as much as their female counterparts.

To keep in the loop of all the current trends in 2021, we have compiled a list of the best engaged and creative fashion YouTubers of South Korea.

Check them out below!

11. geonoGH (거노건호)

❖ Subscribers: 108,000

Geono's video style is usually a lookbook based on the season. He gives viewers fashion trends and ideas while he voiceovers himself dressing in different outfits. His style ranges from street fashion to "boyfriend" look.

10. BaeBae vlog (배배자매)

❖ Subscribers: 85,000

The BaeBae sisters' vlogs are unique because they not only show the outfits that they wear, but also the activities that they do in those outfits. The duo posts videos in a casual yet personal vlog format to document their daily lives and love for fashion.

9. Fit The Size (핏더사이즈)

❖ Subscribers: 453,000

Fit The Size is a style consultant who reviews current fashion trends, recommends specific clothing for different shapes of body and gives tips on how to look add new looks to your wardrobe. One of his highest liked videos is of him exploring "male fashion trends that girls like" using real Instagram photos. Check it out below!

8. samedifference

❖ Subscribers: 162,000

Samedifference is a beauty and fashion YouTuber who creates simple, minimal fashion looks. Her videos are focused on giving viewers inspiration and ideas on how to elevate a look with items they already have. "How to Style Sneakers" is one of her most popular uploads, where she provides 22 different outfit ideas to wear with sneakers.


❖ Subscribers: 18,200

Fablanc is an up and coming YouTube channel that produces clean, well edited lookbook videos. A group of men and women who love fashion come on to share their favorite outfits for date night, the office, casual looks and even workouts. The channel is fully in English.

6. COG TV (코그키비)

❖ Subscribers: 407,000

COG TV is not a fashion based channel, but he uploads plenty of lookbook videos for his viewers to get inspired. When COG TV is not uploading outfit ideas, you can find him traveling, posting skincare content and vlogging.

5. eunbiday (은비데이)

❖ Subscribers: 176,000

Eunbiday posts lookbook videos based on her body type (petite), season and color tone and occasion. With such a variety of looks and fashion styles, she is a favorite in the fashion community on YouTube. Her videos are edited seamlessly and provides all the details you need to recreate the look yourself!

4. Okunman (오정규)

❖ Subscribers: 119,000

Okunman uploads a variety of fashion related content, but the main theme of his videos is to share fashion looks that girls like on men. In fact, most of his videos are titled "Boyfriend Looks for _________ (spring, date night, short guys etc)." His videos are very popular for male viewers who are trying to improve their fashion sense (or impress a girl).

3. HEYNEE’s showindow (혜인)

❖ Subscribers: 417,000

Heynee is one of the most creative fashion YouTubers on this list. She gives useful tips & hacks, inclusive fashion advice for different body types and the outfit ideas for different occasions. Using diagrams of the body, she explains why certain styles is more flattering on certain bodies.

2. Korea Fashion Stylist

❖ Subscribers: 672,000

Korea Fashion Stylist is a styling consultant who gives expert advice on how to wear different items of clothing. He provides as many tips as he shares fashion "don't do's," which are some of his most watched videos. As a fashion YouTuber, he has one of the most diverse and entertaining content. Check out "100 years of Male Korean Fashion" below.

1. SoshinTV (소신사장)

❖ Subscribers: 482,000

SoshinTV is the ultimate fashion "lookbook" girl, who was one of the first YouTubers to create videos of her changing in and out of clothes while transitioning between different outfits. Shoshin has lookbooks for all occasions, like office, summer vacation and back-to-school.

Changing Fashion Trends

Trends move especially fast in South Korea, where technology and fast internet are some of the core defining factors of society. Globalization has allowed the fashion industry in Korea to evolve due to inspirations from the West, rise of new markets and trade agreements.

These YouTubers on this list reflect a modern, youthful outlook on Korean fashion for not just Koreans but also for viewers watching from overseas. Fashion influencers are some of the best ambassadors for items like clothing, bags, accessories. We work with some of the top fashion influencers who can help you expand your brand into the Korean market! Let us help you in the process.

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