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Top 11 Fashion YouTubers of Korea in 2024

AJ Marketing - Top 11 Fashion YouTubers of Korea in 2024

South Korea is truly a powerhouse when it comes to creativity and innovation, boasting of well-crafted dramas, stunning K-pop groups, and cosmetics that give you skin-like perfection. And let's not forget about K-fashion, which continues to capture the attention of designers and fashion enthusiasts around the world, thanks to its unique style.

To keep up with the latest fashion trends, South Korean consumers look to influencers who set the bar high with their bold fashion choices. And fashion brands are taking notice, seeing content creators as essential bridges to consumers through influencer marketing strategies.

Over the years, fashion in Korea has rapidly evolved with the help of western influences and local developments. The fashion industry's market size in South Korea has been consistently on the rise. In fact, South Koreans spent $19.9 billion USD on fashion online shopping! It's no wonder why South Korea continues to be a trendsetter in the global fashion scene.

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South Korea is a country that experiences the beauty of all four seasons, which means you'll need to switch up your wardrobe each time the weather changes. Looking presentable is also highly valued in Korean culture, so it's important to dress to impress. With the market size of the fashion industry on the rise in South Korea, it's no wonder why many businesses are eager to expand and get their piece of the pie.

If you're planning to launch your clothing brand in South Korea, then you're on the right track. To make a grand entrance, consider social media marketing strategies like collaborating with some of South Korea's most popular and trusted fashion YouTubers. Not only are they well-known and loved by the population, but they're also experts in the latest trends and styles.

To make your search easier, we've compiled a list of the top 11 fashion YouTubers in the country. So, let's dive in and check them out!

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Top 11 South Korea Fashion YouTubers ⬇️

Subscribers: 70.7K

Are you always in a style rut when it comes to choosing an outfit? Check out Fablanc, the YouTube channel that offers clean and well-edited lookbook videos! Get ready to be inspired by a group of stylish men and women who share their insights on the best fashion looks for different occasions - from date night, office day, workout, to school.

Subscribers: 111K

Want to upgrade your fashion game? Geono's got you covered! This YouTuber's video style is all about showcasing the best looks for different seasons in South Korea. Watch as he gives viewers fashion ideas while voice-overing himself dressing in different outfits. From street fashion to the "boyfriend" look, you'll surely find something to love in his content!

Subscribers: 204K

Looking for fashion inspiration that caters to your specific body type, skin color, and occasion? Eunbiday's YouTube channel has got you covered! Eunbiday posts look book videos based on different factors—her body type, season of the year, skin color, and occasion. With such a variety of looks and fashion styles, she is a favorite in the fashion community on YouTube. Her videos are edited seamlessly, and she provides all the details you need to recreate the look yourself!

Subscribers: 225K

Want to know what girls really love in men's fashion? Look no further than Okunman's YouTube channel! Okunman uploads a variety of fashion related content, but the main theme of his videos is to share fashion looks that girls like on men. In fact, most of his videos are titled "Boyfriend Looks for _________ (spring, date night, short guys etc)." His videos are very popular for male viewers who are trying to improve their fashion sense, or are trying to impress girls.

Subscribers: 342K

Wanna get fashion inspos without breaking the bank? Samedifference has got you covered. With her focus on minimalism, she shows how to create chic, effortless looks with the clothes you already own. Her video "22 Outfits to Wear with Sneakers" is a fan favorite, providing a plethora of ideas to elevate any sneaker outfit.

Subscribers: 479K

Watch this channel and see how fashion fits into everyday life! The BaeBae sisters' vlogs are unique because they not only show the outfits that they wear, but also the activities that they do in those outfits. The duo posts videos in a casual yet personal vlog format to document their daily lives and love for fashion. Get a glimpse of their personalities and fashion sense in their fun, casual, and relatable vlogs.

Subscribers: 490K

If you're looking for fashion advice tailored to your body type, then you should check out Heynee's channel. Heynee is one of the most creative fashion YouTubers on this list. She gives useful tips and hacks, and inclusive fashion advice for different body types. Using diagrams of different bodies, she explains why certain styles are more flattering on certain body shapes. She defeats the narrative that fashion is only for the petite.

Subscribers: 497K

COG TV is not a fashion based channel, but he uploads plenty of look book videos for his viewers to get inspired. When COG TV is not uploading outfit ideas, you can find him traveling, posting skincare content, and vlogging. COG TV is basically a go-to influencer for men's grooming and lifestyle.

Subscribers: 760K

Fit The Size is a fashion guru who offers tailored advice on how to dress for your body type. He reviews the latest fashion trends, recommends specific clothing pieces, and shares tips on how to elevate your wardrobe. His popular video exploring "male fashion trends that girls like" has racked up a ton of views, and for good reason - it's chock full of practical advice.

Subscribers: 817K

ShoshinTV is a fashion chameleon, who effortlessly transitions between different outfits while changing in and out of clothes. She's been one of the OG YouTubers to create look book videos for all occasions - from summer vacations to office days, and even the first day of school. Her videos are a must-watch for anyone looking for inspiration on what to wear next.

Subscribers: 1.26M

At the top of our list is Korea Fashion Stylist - a styling consultant who provides expert guidance on how to wear different types of clothing. His content is diverse and entertaining, with a mix of helpful tips and "don't do's." He even has a fascinating video on "100 years of Male Korean Fashion" that's definitely worth a watch. When it comes to fashion on YouTube, Korea Fashion Stylist is the ultimate go-to source.

Changing Fashion Trends

In South Korea, trends move at lightning speed thanks to the technology and fast internet that shape society. So, if you want to stay on top of the latest fashion fads, you need to turn to the influencers. These YouTube fashion gurus are like your best friends, always ready to guide you on what's hot and what's not. And they're not just helpful for you; fashion brands love working with influencers because their opinions can make or break a product's success.

With such a powerful influence over consumer purchase decisions, it's no wonder that influencers are the best ambassadors for clothing, bags, accessories, and everything in between.

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