Top 11 Korean Beauty YouTubers in 2021

Top 11 Korean Beauty YouTubers in 2021

Cosmetic and beauty products have been around for centuries in South Korea, dating back to the Ancient Chosun Era. Fast forward to the modern age of Korean Beauty, or K-Beauty, has redefined its definition to become more inclusive and customizable.

K-Beauty involves make up and skincare steps to achieve a youthful, dewy and fresh looking skin. There are 10 essential steps to a K-Beauty routine, which can seem daunting at first but has been proven to show incredible results.

Korean make up is also popular worldwide, with brands like 3CE, CLIO and TONYMOLY gaining popularity among non-Koreans and sold overseas. Some of the most well known traits of the "Korean make up look" is gradient lips, 'aegyo-sal' eyes and straight eyebrows.

Skincare and makeup is not limited to just women as some people may assume. In Korea, taking basic care of your skin is seen as part of a daily routine for men as well. In fact, South Korean men are the biggest spenders on skincare in the world. Many Korean men also wear light make up on a daily basis (something that is not as common in Western countries.)

With the growing demand for K-Beauty products & information, skincare and make up enthusiasts have turned to YouTube to gain more insight. Our list of Korean Beauty YouTubers share their personal tips and make up tutorials to a global audience. Check them out below!

11. You&Ain (유앤아인)

❖ Subscribers: 547,000

You&Ain is a up and coming make up artist who shares her favorite make up tips and looks. From girly looks to more edgy ones, she provides viewers with a different look in each video!

10. ANDA (안다)

❖ Subscribers: 396,000

ANDA tries out costumes, wigs and themes to match her mood. Some of her recent uploads include a schoolgirl look, empress style make up and vintage tutorial. Her video on how to make your eyes look bigger without plastic surgery has over 2 million views.

9. Rare Lee (레어리)

❖ Subscribers: 339,000

Unlike the previous two, Rare Lee does not show share make up tutorials or her skincare routine. In fact, she does not even show her face on the screen. Rare Lee is a "style consultant" who analyzes face shape/body shape/features and provides style tips for them. Most of her videos use Korean celebrities or models as case studies!

8. ttokkii (최토끼)

❖ Subscribers: 142,000

Ttokkii is a beauty guru, who shares skincare tips catered to men. He also gives make up tutorials, which emphasize clear, dewy skin and straight defined brows. In his videos, he de-stigmatizes the idea of men wearing make up by explaining that men shouldn't have to feel embarrassed about wanting to present themselves nicely! Ttokkii believes that make up is for all genders.

7. Sunny’s Channel (써니채널)

❖ Subscribers: 1,040,000

Sunny is a bright and sweet make up guru who teaches her viewers how to achieve that innocent, girly look. Her looks include 'Twinkling Holiday,' 'Fruity,' 'Coral Rose,' and 'Fresh Pink Spring.'

6. Calgary Girl (회사원A)

❖ Subscribers: 1,190,000

Calgary Girl has a variety of content on her channel, from nail tutorials to hair product reviews and beauty challenges. She adds an element of humor to her video, making the experience informative as well as entertaining. One of most popular uploads is a Halloween "half man half woman" look. Check it out!

5. JEROME (제롬)

❖ Subscribers: 381,000

Jerome is a beauty vlogger who shares make up tutorials and skincare tips. He is one of the biggest male beauty YouTubers in Korea and explores many interesting make up looks, like a boy to girl transformation.

4. LeoJ Makeup

❖ Subscribers: 530,000

LeoJ is a professional make up artist who works with K-pop artists, models and celebrities. He has worked with celebrities like actress Han Yeseul, influencer Heizle and K-pop idol LARA. More recently, he had a collaboration with rappers Queen WA$ABII and Lee Yeongji.

3. HYOJIN (조효진)

❖ Subscribers: 1,560,000

Hyojin is one of the biggest make up artists in South Korea today. With over 1.5 million subscribers, she has dominated the beauty community. She posts transformation tutorials titled "Are they the same person?!" to show the power of make up. Check her most viewed upload below.

2. Risabae

❖ Subscribers: 2,260,000

Risabae posts a variety of tutorials, from make up looks to costumes to daily outfits. Her bubbly nature combined with a relatable personality makes her a favorite among beauty gurus and viewers alike. Her incredible make up skills have gotten the attention of many beauty brands like Chanel Beauty and YSL Beauty.

1. PONY Syndrome

❖ Subscribers: 5,840,000

PONY has gained worldwide fame since uploading her first YouTube video in 2015. She is credited with popularizing Korean beauty trends worldwide and catering to a global audience by providing English subtitles on all her videos. Throughout her career, Pony has released makeup collections with Etude House, MAC Cosmetics, ColourPop Cosmetics, Revolve and NYX Professional Makeup.

K-Beauty and Marketing

The beauty and skincare community continues to grow rapidly, more than ever now that information is so readily available and accessible. YouTube is an excellent platform for skin and beauty product enthusiasts to come together and have discussions, share ideas and offer remedies.

The beauty industry in Korea is thriving but it can be difficult to navigate through all the different types of talented creators. AJ Marketing makes it easy to find a creator that is suited for your marketing needs and goals! Contact us if you are interested to partnering with a Korean YouTuber or Instagram influencer for your brand.

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