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NFT Trend Report 2024 : 5 Things You Must Know

AJ Marketing - NFT Trend Report 2023 : 5 Things You Must Know

Hey there, NFT enthusiast! As we step into 2024, let's take a moment to reflect on the NFT market's journey in the past year. Despite facing some challenges, like a significant 60% drop in Ethereum's price, the market displayed impressive resilience, maintaining a $24.7 billion trading volume that was only slightly lower than the previous year.

What's more, the crypto and NFT markets have started showing signs of independence from one another, with the number of unique traders and NFT sales both seeing substantial increases. A noticeable shift has been the emergence of new channels for NFT transactions, offering a broader array of options for both buyers and sellers. Interestingly, 38.65 million of these sales occurred through new channels, such as direct brand platforms, wallet-to-wallet transactions, and fiat payment options

Moreover, NFTs have evolved to focus more on utility and real-world benefits, attracting a wider audience and making them increasingly relevant. For the market to thrive, NFT projects must continue to develop tangible applications that go beyond exclusive access to content or experiences.

Another thing to take note of is the geographical distribution of NFT users in 2022. Asia-Pacific is coming in hot, with Singapore accounting for 27.08% of the total NFT users, and Japan with 22.01%. Other Southeast Asia countries are also making waves in NFT user distribution, with India and Indonesia also coming on the top list!

AJ Marketing - NFT Trend Report 2023 : 5 Things You Must Know -Geographical distribution of NFT users in 2022

In this NFT Trend Report, we'll explore seven essential insights you need to know to stay ahead of the curve. While NFT influencers can be a great source of NFT information, this list of trends also aim to help you in navigating this ever-changing space! Whether you’re an avid NFT user, or an NFT creator looking to market your project, these trends will prove useful in your journey!

So, are you ready to dive into the world of NFTs and uncover the trends shaping the market in 2023? Let's get started!

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5 NFT Trend Report in 2024 🔽

Trend 1: A Glimmer of Hope

The Uncharted Territory of Utility NFTs

Welcome to the fascinating world of utility NFTs, where non-fungible tokens aren't just collectibles, but they serve a purpose too! These tokens go beyond being digital art or profile pictures; their value lies in the utility or functionalities they provide, regardless of the artwork associated with them.

Utility NFTs are as versatile as they come. They can grant access to exclusive content or events, represent ownership or membership, unlock in-game benefits or features, offer voting rights, or even work as tickets to events. But here's the thing: NFT benefits aren't one-size-fits-all. They cater to different consumer segments based on factors like age, gender, interests, and web3 maturity (that's how well-versed someone is in the world of NFTs).

AJ Marketing - NFT Trend Report 2023 : 5 Things You Must Know 1 Awareness of Utility NFTs

Now, let's talk numbers. The majority of NFT consumers (60%) haven't even heard of utility NFTs, while only 10% have actually redeemed a utility NFT benefit. But don't let that dishearten you—there's a silver lining! A whopping 92% of respondents see the advantage of having NFTs that offer various types of benefits and utilities.

AJ Marketing - NFT Trend Report 2023 : 5 Things You Must Know2 Advantages of Utility NFTs

There's a palpable sense of optimism and continued interest in NFTs among both newcomers and web3 natives when it comes to tokens that provide clear utilities and benefits. In fact, when asked about their intent to interact with or purchase NFTs in the upcoming quarter, 57% of responders said they plan to buy, sell, or redeem benefits from NFTs. Among the most active and experienced "Nfteers" (NFT users), that intent shoots up to 80%, with a strong focus on transparency in benefits and perks offered by NFT creators.

So, as we navigate the uncharted territory of utility NFTs, the future looks bright, filled with hope and potential. Will you be joining the ride?

Trend 2: Triple Threat

Earnings, Savings, and Asset Ownership – The NFT Power Trio

When it comes to utility NFTs, consumers are increasingly seeking tangible benefits. Say hello to the NFT power trio: earnings, savings, and asset ownership! These three aspects are taking the NFT world by storm and redefining the way people perceive and interact with non-fungible tokens.

AJ Marketing - NFT Trend Report 2023 : 5 Things You Must Know3 Benefits of NFTs to Consumers

Here's the scoop: 31% of respondents ranked an NFT that can either earn or save them money as the most important aspect. Asset ownership followed closely behind, with 22% of people considering it their top priority. And let's not forget about gaming and metaverse or membership and access, which captured the hearts of 19% and 18% of respondents, respectively. It's clear that NFTs are evolving beyond just being eye candy.

But wait, there's more! Nfteers displayed intriguing behavioral differences towards utility NFTs by the end of 2022. New NFT users found themselves drawn to NFT-based tickets more than their veteran counterparts. On the flip side, seasoned NFT users had a greater appreciation for asset ownership, membership, and earnings.

So, as we delve deeper into the world of utility NFTs, it's evident that the power trio of earnings, savings, and asset ownership is reshaping the landscape. Which aspect of the NFT power trio will you embrace?

Trend 3: Game On!

The Rise of Game-Oriented Utility NFTs

Attention, NFT gamers! Game-oriented utility NFTs are taking center stage, and they're here to level up your gaming experience. With projects like Parallel Alpha, The Sandbox, and Yuga's Otherside topping the charts in terms of sales count, it's clear that NFTs are no longer just about collectible art and profile pictures.

AJ Marketing - NFT Trend Report 2023 : 5 Things You Must Know5 Top Utility NFT by Sales

But that's not all! Major NFT ecosystems like the Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), Beanz, and Meebits have jumped on the utility bandwagon too, airdropping their own utility-focused NFTs. This shift suggests that demand for these game-changers may be driven more by their utility value than any short-term financial incentives.

So, are you ready to unlock new gaming adventures and immerse yourself in the thriving world of game-oriented utility NFTs?

Trend 4: Swipe and Score

Credit Card Purchases Revolutionizing the NFT Landscape

If you thought the NFT world was all about crypto transactions, think again! According to recent Alsomine research, the ability to buy NFTs using a credit card is now the second most important consideration for people purchasing NFTs. With 30% of respondents marking this as their top priority, it's evident that accessibility and smooth transactions are the real game-changers in the NFT market.

AJ Marketing - NFT Trend Report 2023 : 5 Things You Must Know6 Key NFT Consumer Preference

Interestingly, many of those who preferred credit card purchases weren't complete strangers to the crypto world. In fact, 38% of them already owned a digital wallet or had bought crypto before. Furthermore, women were more inclined to use credit cards for NFT transactions, with 38% of female respondents opting for this method, compared to 30% of the total population.

In a nutshell, the convenience and accessibility of credit card purchases are becoming crucial factors for potential NFT buyers, especially as more women join the NFT trading scene. This trend underscores the importance of offering a diverse range of accessible and user-friendly payment options for NFTs to attract and retain buyers from all walks of life.

So, next time you're eyeing an NFT, don't forget that you can swipe and score with your trusty credit card!

Trend 5: Reality Check

How Real-World Pricing Impacts Utility NFTs

Gone are the days when NFTs were solely seen as tradable assets. Utility NFTs are now intertwined with real-world products and services. So, it's time for a reality check as their pricing comes under the spotlight.

AJ Marketing - NFT Trend Report 2023 : 5 Things You Must Know7 NFT Transaction Size

Alsomine's consumer research reveals that many Nfteers are keen on NFT costs staying below $100. Interestingly, this preference is mirrored in the average NFT sales prices across various blockchains. In Q4 of 2022, Ethereum, home to most of the blue-chip NFTs, had the highest average NFT transaction size of $464. Meanwhile, Polygon clocked in at $61, BNB Chain at $55, and Solana at a cool $23.

Gaming protocols generally boasted lower average NFT transaction sizes, with Immutable X at $29, Ronin at $14, and Wax at just $4. As the price of NFTs begins to reflect their benefits more accurately, they're becoming increasingly accessible to the masses.


And there you have it, folks! The NFT landscape is evolving at breakneck speed, and these five trends are shaping its future. From the uncharted territory of Utility NFTs to the game-changing power of credit card purchases, the world of NFTs is becoming more accessible, diverse, and exciting than ever before.

As real-world pricing continues to impact utility NFTs and new gaming projects rise to prominence, it's clear that we're in for a wild ride. With a more inclusive and dynamic NFT market, everyone can join in on the fun, regardless of their background or experience.

So, whether you're a seasoned Nfteer or just dipping your toes into this vibrant world, keep an eye on these trends as they unfold. The NFT revolution is in full swing, and you won't want to miss a single beat! Embrace the change, explore new opportunities, and remember – when it comes to NFTs, the only limit is your imagination. Happy trading!

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