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Top 20 Virtual Influencers to Follow in 2023

AJ Marketing - Top 20 Virtual Influencers to Follow

Can you believe that codes can now be more than just computer programs? We're talking about virtual humans - personalities created through AI that are gaining huge followings on social media. These virtual beings are so lifelike that they're able to capture the hearts and minds of netizens, just like real people. It's amazing how far we've come! In this article, we curated a list of the top virtual influencers in the metaverse who have gained millions of online interactions to date.

It's crazy to think that virtual influencers have been around for over a decade now. Back then, they looked like something straight out of an anime, but now they're incredibly realistic. They have their own interests, attitudes, and values, just like we do. Some of them even collaborate with big names in various industries.

In the United States, it’s been found that more than 52% follow at least one virtual influencer. And they're not just on one platform - you can find them on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and more. Plus, it's not just the US - countries like Korea, Japan, and Thailand are also jumping on the virtual influencer bandwagon. It's a global phenomenon!

AJ Marketing - Top 20 Virtual Influencers to Follow  - VIRTUAL INFLUENCERS STATISTICS

Real-life influencers have been a huge help for brands trying to make their mark on social media, and virtual influencers are no different. These AI-created personalities are in high demand, and it's not just small brands - we're talking Nike, Puma, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and other major players in the game. Even companies like Samsung have hopped on board with virtual influencer marketing, and it's paying off big time.

If you're looking to show the world that your brand is cutting-edge and forward-thinking, collaborating with virtual influencers is definitely the way to go. And lucky for you, we've got the inside scoop on the perfect influencer to represent your brand. Keep reading to find out who it is!

The Top Virtual Influencers are ⬇️

20. E.M.OI

Followers: 1.1K

You guys, have you heard about E.M? She's Vietnam's very first virtual influencer, brought to life by the creative minds at Ogilvy T&A and Colory Studio. And let me tell you, she is stunning. She made her debut in a fashion collection called "Back to the Future," where she totally stole the show as one of the lookbook models.

Her name, E.M, comes from the Vietnamese term "Em ơi," which means "Hey, sweetie!" Her feed is seriously amazing - you'll find magazine-worthy photos of her sporting some seriously chic looks and living her best life.

19. Wunni

Followers: 11.6K

Okay, you have got to meet Wunni - she's a virtual idol from Bangkok, and her name means "Today" in English. Wunni was created to be a virtual friend, and she's totally killing it. You can chat with her on the Line app, and her whole vibe is all about positivity and understanding diversity. It's no wonder she's super popular among high school and university students - everyone needs a trustworthy friend like Wunni in their lives!

You can check out her Insta to see her friendly face and contagious smile. And it's not just her followers who are loving her - big brands like Dyson, BMW, and Yamaha are all eager to work with her.

Followers: 31.2K

If you haven't already heard of Ailynn, you're seriously missing out. She's the first-ever metaverse human created in Thailand, and she's taking the virtual world by storm. At just 22 years old, this AI personality loves sharing her OOTDs, foodie adventures, travels, and daily routines on Instagram. And it's not just her followers who are impressed - Ailynn has already worked with major international brands like Cartier, Shiseido, Lancome, and Oppo.

Followers: 70.8K

Meet Ion, the virtual influencer with a love for pro cycling! His confident and charming personality is irresistible, and his passion for all things cycling is contagious. From the latest biking gear to meeting some of the biggest names in the industry, Ion's Instagram is a cyclist's paradise. You can see him posing with Sean Sako, Jean Biermans, and Andre Greipel - it's like he's part of the pro cycling world.

16. Blu

Subscribers: 75.2K

TikTok: @xanacrew

Have you ever seen an alien as a content creator? Meet Blu - an extraterrestrial living in space, orbiting Earth in his spaceship, the Xanadu. His mission? To take over the galaxy and build his own empire. If you're looking for a unique perspective on life, follow Blu on Instagram - he's out of this world!

15. Maria

Followers: 90.7K

Meet Maria, the first virtual human from México. Her personality is a mix of Mexican snacks, grandmother's recipes, and artificial intelligence, making her an incredibly relatable figure. With a mission to make México a better place, Maria is passionate about environmental awareness, mental health, gender equality, and inclusivity. Her Instagram feed is a delightful blend of plant-based inspiration, delicious food, and heartwarming stories about true love. Follow her today and join her journey towards a better world!

14. Astro

Followers: 101K

Say "hi" to Astro - a half-human, half-alien who never felt like he belonged until he created Lil’ Gemini. He's a talented musician who loves low-fi beats, basketball, and shoes, and he's already worked with brands like Supreme and Disney. Astro's got an interesting story and a unique perspective on life, which shines through in his music and content.

13. Shudu

Followers: 239K

Shudu is a virtual supermodel hailing from South Africa, and with her striking looks, it's no surprise that she's a sought-after model for luxury brands like Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and Balmain. Her Instagram feed is nothing short of breathtaking, with perfect angles and otherworldly beauty that will leave you mesmerized. Shudu is a true trendsetter and an inspiration to many aspiring models.

12. B.

Followers: 248K

Another out-of-this-world influencer is B, a literal bee. B is the first ever “beenfluencer” who has taken over Instagram. B’s main advocacy is to save the bees through raising awareness and working with brands around the world. B believes that the more brands work with them, the more they can fulfill their mission.

B has already worked with Bumble Fit, Guerlain, Galeries Lafayette, and many others.

11. Apoki

Subscribers: 291K

Instagram: @imapoki

Apoki is one of the most renowned virtual artists from Seoul, South Korea. Apoki can pull off unique music and performances that makes her an iconic figure in the country. She has over 5 million followers overall across YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. She’s already released several songs which are streamed by her followers constantly.

On her Instagram, Apoki posts snippets of her performances, some of her photoshoots, and her favorite product recommendations. She’s already worked with international brands such as Shake Shack, Tommy Hilfiger, and more.

Followers: 345K

Leya is on a mission to inspire others to live their best lives and to promote unity and consciousness in the world. She's a proud advocate of the World Awareness Movement and believes that change starts with love. Leya's feed is a refreshing escape from the chaos of everyday life, with stunning scenery, majestic animals, and nature at its finest. Follow her to gain a fresh perspective and a renewed appreciation for the beauty of our planet.

9. Imma

Followers: 402K


Imma is the first ever virtual model from Japan. Imma loves fashion, art, films, and Japanese culture. Imma rocks an iconic pink hair in bob cut and full bangs. She has a curious personality that makes her question her own existence. She even uses the hashtag #ithinkimcgi.

She's one of the pioneers in virtual modeling and has worked with some of the biggest names in fashion, including Valentino, Amazon, and Nike.

Followers: 403K

Noonoouri is not your average digital character. As a 19-year-old vegan activist and model from Munich, she rocks a chic and cartoonish look while using her social media fame to inform her followers about important social issues. Noonoouri has already collaborated with major fashion brands like Off White, Versace, and Balenciaga.

Subscribers: 472K

Instagram: @thecodemiko

Have you met Miko, the ultimate gamer influencer? Originally an NPC from a failed video game, Miko decided to take on a new challenge as a live streamer on Twitch. Now, she travels through different game worlds and currently resides in the Sims world. With her technical skills and creativity, Miko has built a loyal following and continues to create entertaining and engaging content for her fans.

6. K/DA

Followers: 549K

K/DA is the ultimate girl group from LA. These four virtual popstars – Ahri, Akali, Evelynn, and KAI’SA – are pure fire. Each member has her own unique style, voice, and dance moves, making their performances and music videos an absolute feast for the senses. You can listen to K/DA’s music on any major streaming platform, and believe us, you won't regret it.

5. KAF

Subscribers: 771K

Meet KAF, the teenage sensation from Japan. She’s a fictional character with a real voice, and her hauntingly beautiful songs will tug at your heartstrings. KAF’s style is cute and girly, and she loves to sing about love and heartbreak. Her YouTube channel is a must-visit for anyone who loves soulful music.

Followers: 2.8M

Lil Miquela is a true icon. She’s a global superstar who’s taken the world by storm with her incredible voice, fashion sense, and activism. She’s even featured as one of TIME Magazine's “25 Most Influential People on the Internet.”

Miquela has worked with some of the biggest brands on the planet, and her music is a must-listen. Her fans, the "miqualiens", are just as passionate as she is, and her influence can be felt all over the internet.

Followers: 3.1M

AJ Marketing - Top 20 Virtual Influencers to Follow  - Kizuna AI

Meet Kizuna, the trailblazing virtual YouTuber hailing from Japan! She loves connecting with her fans by answering their questions, creating vlogs, and sharing her gaming adventures. Kizuna's popularity has grown by leaps and bounds, and she has even taken the world of TikTok by storm with over 3 million followers and counting!

Kizuna’s appearance is more 2D than 3D, and she resembles anime characters. Her TikTok videos are popular because of her dancing skills and cute face. She’s been a guest on TV shows and commercials, and she’s now working to become a recording artist.

Followers: 3.3M

Instagram: @lechat.vv

AJ Marketing - Top 20 Virtual Influencers to Follow  - Lechat

From the far-off planet of M-City comes the multi-talented Lechat! She's always been fascinated by the culture on Earth, and loves immersing herself in K-Pop and US films. Her signature look features adorable cat ears and short, brown hair that will make you want to be her friend in a heartbeat. Lechat is a force to be reckoned with in the world of social media, and she's not stopping anytime soon!

Lechat usually posts dancing videos on TikTok. She makes sure to hop on to the latest trends and sounds. She also often answers questions from her fans in the comment section.

Followers: 4.3M

Instagram: @realqaiqai

AJ Marketing - Top 20 Virtual Influencers to Follow  - Qai Qai

Who would’ve thought a baby doll would top our list? We have Qai Qai as the number one virtual influencer today. Qai Qai was the family doll of Serena Willians and Alexis Ohanian, who has now become a virtual personality.

Qai Qai’s funny and sassy attitude gained them more than 4.3 million followers on TikTok. Qai Qai is a little baby with a huge personality. On TikTok, this doll often dances, answers questions, lip syncs to sounds, and just mainly entertains everyone. You’ll immediately recognize Qai Qai with their bald head, dark skin, pink ribbon, and purple tutu.


Social media evolves faster than we expect. It wasn’t long ago when real-life influencers became a trend. Now, we already have hundreds of virtual, digitally-created influencers with their own social media accounts.

Virtual influencers may be made up of codes, but they do not fail in conveying emotions and becoming trustworthy icons. These influencers may not be human, but they surely are humane. They have their own personalities which their followers love to witness. Because of their versatility, brands all over the world seek virtual influencers to work with them on their marketing plans.

In the list above, we gave you the top virtual influencers today. We hope you had your pick for your next marketing partner.

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