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Influencer Marketing In India: 7 Important Tips

AJ Marketing - Influencer Marketing In India: 7 Important Tips

Hey there! Indian influencers are all set and ready to work their magic, as brands can't wait to collaborate with them. You see, in the past, Indian brands would just directly ask people to buy their stuff. But now, things are totally different! Influencer marketing has flipped the script, making it a game-changer for how brands connect with their audience in India. By teaming up with content creators, brands come across as more genuine, relatable, and downright likable.

And it's no wonder that content creators in India are in such high demand! They've got an incredible reach, and social media users here love to catch up with celebs and influencers while scrolling away on their phones. That's why brands love collaborating with influencers in their advertising and marketing campaigns! In fact, the influencer ad spend in India in 2024 is a whopping $250 million, a 19% increase from the previous year!

AJ Marketing - Influencer Marketing In India: 7 Important Tips - Influencer Advertising Overview in India

No matter what your niche is – health, fashion, travel, food, tech, or photography – there's an Indian influencer who's just the right fit for your brand.

Now, you might think that influencer marketing is a piece of cake, but hold up! Each country has its own unique strategies, and India is no exception. Don't worry, though – we've got your back! In this article, we've gathered the top tips for rocking influencer marketing in India. Keep reading to boost your chances of nailing that killer campaign!

AJ Marketing - Influencer Marketing In India: 7 Important Tips - CONNECT

Tips for Influencer Marketing in India ⬇️

1. Plant On The Right Soil

Identify the most-used platforms by the market

AJ Marketing - Influencer Marketing In India: 7 Important Tips - 1 Identify the most-used platforms by the market

Have you ever wondered what social media platform is popular in India? While Korea has KakaoTalk and The Philippines has Messenger, India has a diverse range of social media platforms to choose from, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube.

But choosing the best platform for your influencer marketing campaign involves more than just knowing what's popular. It's equally important to know what's not being used. For instance, TikTok may not be the best choice for your campaign as it's not one of the top platforms in India. In fact, it's been banned in the country since 2021 due to international disputes. While some users still manage to access the app, it's not advisable for businesses to use TikTok for their campaigns.

By identifying the most-used social media platforms in the country, you can ensure that your influencer marketing campaign reaches a wider audience, resulting in higher brand recognition. So, it's important to do your research and choose the right platform for your campaign.

2. Influence, Not Popularity

Don’t get distracted by vanity metrics

AJ Marketing - Influencer Marketing In India: 7 Important Tips - 2 Don’t get distracted by vanity metrics

Before starting your influencer marketing campaign, it's crucial to understand the difference between popularity and influence.

India has a whopping 462 million social media users, which means that many content creators have huge follower counts, engagements, and views. However, having a large following doesn't guarantee a successful influencer marketing campaign. The question you should be asking is, "Which influencers have the power to turn their audience into customers, not just casual likers?"

To determine whether an Indian content creator has real influence, you need to dig deeper than just their popularity. You should examine the quality of their content and their consistency in creating engaging posts. Some influencers may have boosted their numbers by purchasing bot accounts or fake followers, so it's important to avoid these types of creators. To do so, you should analyze their conversions, referral traffic, leads, and other valuable data. This way, you can identify influencers who have a real impact on their audience and can help you achieve your marketing goals.

3. Go With Authentic

Choose legit experts over hype influencers

AJ Marketing - Influencer Marketing In India: 7 Important Tips - 3 Choose legit experts over hype influencers

Not all influencers are authentic–some are just there for the hype.

Did you know that Indian social media users highly value expertise from their content creators? In fact, the most-followed account types in India are influencers and experts in fields like beauty, lifestyle, and photography. These accounts have a vast amount of knowledge in their niche, which is something that Indian consumers greatly appreciate. They are prudent in their purchase decisions and won't easily fall for empty words. For content creators to truly have an impact, they must exhibit authority and credibility in their respective fields.

Now, let's talk about your influencer marketing campaign. You might have amazing products and top-notch services, but your campaign can still fail if you work with the wrong type of influencers. Avoid hype creators at all costs because they have low levels of trust due to their inauthenticity. It's important to thoroughly research the reputations of influencers before making your choice. This way, you can ensure that you're working with content creators who have genuine expertise, authority, and credibility in their niche.

4. Clear Communication is Key

Partner with influencers who speak the language

It’s time to sway away from always choosing English-speaking urban influencers.

Back in the early days of social media in India, brands tended to focus on English-speaking content creators, given that the internet was only accessible in urban areas. However, times have changed and it's time to move on from this mindset.

In the coming years, billions of internet users are predicted to come from rural towns and villages in India. This audience has its own preferred mode of communication, and not all of them are fluent in English. As a result, diversity will increase in the social media population, and your brand must adapt to this change.

To reach your target audience effectively, it's important to work with influencers who speak the language of your target audience. By partnering with up-and-coming creators in your target geographical area, you can convey your brand message more clearly and effectively. This way, you can expand your reach to a wider audience while making a positive impact in the communities you serve.

5. Target The Bullseye

Tap into regional content

AJ Marketing - Influencer Marketing In India: 7 Important Tips - 5 Tap into regional content

Tap into regional content for a more audience-specific messaging.

Have you heard of the new wave of influencer marketing strategy that brands in India are starting to adopt? It involves partnering with regional content creators to increase reach in certain areas and improve relatability.

Influencer marketing experts have noticed a significant increase in the presence of regional influencers in India. In fact, in 2022 alone, marketers have seen a 30% growth in these influencers' engagement due to their vernacular approach. It's not surprising that this approach works well because social media audiences tend to follow creators who understand them and who reflect their daily lives.

By collaborating with regional content creators, brands can deliver a more audience-specific message, which enhances trust and influence strength. This way, you can reach your target audience more effectively and make a lasting impact in the communities you serve. So, consider working with regional content creators in your next influencer marketing campaign, and witness the results for yourself!

6. Think India Long-Term

Build a relationship with the Indian influencers

Be in it for the long-run.

Indian brands are now prioritizing long-term influencer collaborations because these partnerships generate exceptional ROI? This is a smart decision because marketers can work with emerging content creators at a lower cost, with several campaigns spread out across years.

Not only do long-term collaborations offer cost savings, but they also establish brand image, create consistency, and generate brand advocates. These all lead to heightened audience loyalty and trust, which are essential for long-term success.

In the video above, you can see that Acer India has made a smart choice by partnering with Sonu Sood as their long-term ambassador. Sonu's social media persona is strong, trustworthy, and dependable, which perfectly matches Acer's ideals and image in India. With this collaboration, Acer can build a long-lasting relationship with its target audience and establish a strong brand presence in the country.

So, if you're planning an influencer marketing campaign, consider entering into a long-term partnership with content creators who embody your brand's values and image. This way, you can create a consistent brand message and generate loyal brand advocates who will help you achieve your marketing goals.

7. Trust The India Expert

Find an influencer marketing partner in India

AJ Marketing - Influencer Marketing In India: 7 Important Tips - 7 Find a local influencer marketing partner

Newbies need to make friends, right?

If you're a brand newly-entering India, there's no better way to understand the local culture and preferences than to partner with local influencer marketing experts who have witnessed the social media landscape in the country evolve. A local partner can make your job much easier by providing insights into the local market and helping you navigate cultural nuances.

However, we understand that all the tips and strategies outlined above can seem intimidating to someone outside the country. The best way to implement these tips is to seek guidance from an influencer marketing agency that has been following Indian content creators for years. This will save you time and effort, and provide you with valuable inside information that you cannot simply Google.

By partnering with an experienced influencer marketing agency, you can rest assured that your campaign will be in good hands. The agency will help you identify the right influencers, develop a targeted strategy, and execute your campaign with precision.


A large number of social media users in India follow influencers because of their authenticity, talent, creativity, and credibility. Brands in India are aware of this, leading them to choose influencer marketing when implementing social media campaigns in the country. Above, we listed the best tips for influencer marketing in India. This list came from an archive of experiences of brands who have learned their lessons from past campaigns.

We wish you luck in your future influencer marketing campaign in India!

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