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20 Best Instagram Influencers in India in 2024

AJ Marketing - 20 Best Instagram Influencers in India

It's no surprise that Instagram is taking the Indian social media market by storm! In fact, in just the first half of 2022, it's become the most popular social media platform in the country—with over 100 million new users signing up every 9 months! It's incredible how this photo and video app has completely transformed social media habits in India, which in turn had a domino effect on advertising techniques in the country.

And with all this growth comes the rise of Instagram influencers. These days, there are more than 362 million Instagram users in India, all looking for the best entertainment and content to follow. That's why so many people turn to influencers and experts for guidance and inspiration. Whether it's comedy, beauty, fitness, travel, food, or photography, there's an influencer out there who's got your interests covered. So, what niche are you most interested in?

AJ Marketing - 20 Best Instagram Influencers in India - Instagram Audience Overview India 2022

Without a doubt, Instagram content creators have played huge roles in marketing products and services to the India market. These influencers post their favorite brands for millions of their followers to see. Since these recommendations come from relatable personalities, the India market perceives them as believable and trustworthy.

If you’re trying to make an impact in this country, then collaborating with Instagram influencers in India might be your best shot. Below, we listed the best Instagram influencers you can keep an eye on.

AJ Marketing - 20 Best Instagram Influencers in India - Connect

The Top Instagram Influencers in India are ⬇️

Followers: 22.3K

Topics: Makeup, Special Effects

Meet Harshleen Jahns—an Indian makeup artist extraordinaire! Her skills are in such high demand that she's been approached by international companies like Netflix India to help promote popular shows like Stranger Things and Spiderman: Into the Multiverse. Harshleen's creativity knows no bounds, and she's built a huge following with her character-inspired makeup looks, ranging from She Hulk to The Queen of Hearts. In fact, she's been selected as one of the 25 Under 25 Instagrammers Of India for 2021—no small feat!

Followers: 144K

Topics: Dance, Entertainment

Say hello to Gurpreet Singh—an Indian dancer with some serious moves. He's a master of incorporating animation, illusion, and robotics into his dance performances, and he regularly uploads dance covers and original choreographies to his Instagram and YouTube accounts. Gurpreet has even worked with popular tech brand Logitech, spreading the message of creative energy and personal expression during their POP keys and POP mouse launch campaign.

Followers: 511K

Topics: Fitness, Health

Namrata Purohit is a fitness guru who wears many hats! She's a sports nutritionist, book author, entrepreneur, and mindful movement practitioner - and she's the founder of The Pilates Studio Mumbai. Did you know that she was also the youngest-trained Stott Pilates instructor in the world when she was just 16 years old? It's no wonder she's become such a famous Instagram influencer, with over 430K followers. On her profile, she shares her workout routines and pilates stretches, while also educating her followers on what foods to eat, what movements work best, and what specific body pains might mean.

Followers: 585K

Topics: Parenting, Family

Are you a parent who's struggling to keep up with the daily challenges of raising a happy, healthy child? Riddhi Deorah is here to help! She's a parenting coach and content creator, as well as the founder of Easy Parenting Hub. Her mission is to help 100,000 parents live a happy, holistic, and spiritual life - and she does this by sharing parenting tips, hacks, and tricks in her videos (in both English and Hindi). Riddhi is also a published author of motivational and parenting books, and she and her son have already worked with several popular lifestyle brands in the past.

Followers: 700K

Topics: Beauty, Skincare

When it comes to beauty influencers in India, Malvika is a true standout. With over 1 million followers on Instagram and YouTube combined, she's a content creator who knows her stuff. She's already worked with global brands like Estee Lauder, Maybelline, and L'Oreal - and it's easy to see why. On her Instagram account, you'll find a wealth of makeup tutorials, skincare and haircare hacks, and lifestyle posts that are sure to inspire you. Malvika is also a co-founder of her own beauty brand, Masic Beauty, which she created alongside fellow influencer Veronica Bahl.

Followers: 836K

Topics: Baking, Food

Meet Deeba Rajpal—a true baking wizard! She's a cookbook author, baker, content creator, blogger, food stylist, and food photographer. Basically, she's an expert in all things sweet and savory. Her Instagram account is a haven for foodies, with over 487K followers who love to drool over her endless baking recipes—from pudding and ice cream to trifles and bread! You might want to grab a napkin before scrolling through her page, because you're sure to get some serious cravings. And with collaborations with food brands like Oreo, Dairy Milk, and Dreamery under her belt, Deeba's skills are clearly in high demand.

Followers: 1.0M

Topics: Travel, Fashion, Lifestyle

If you’re looking for content with a clean, bright, and feel-good aesthetic, then check Aakriti’s account. Aakriti Rana is an Indian fashion blogger, model, and stylist. She uploads product reviews for brands of various industries—from food, cosmetics, to clothing.

Aakriti also loves to post snippets of her gorgeous travel destinations across the world. This influencer has already worked with the likes of Colgate, Daniel Wellington, and Buds and Berries.

Followers: 1.1M

Topics: Photography, Art

Smile for Praveen Bhat—a renowned photographer based in Delhi, India. Praveen has worked with some of the most famous celebrities and models in the country, shooting photos for magazines and billboards. He specializes in fashion and luxury shoots, and his skills are truly top-notch. But Praveen isn't just a photographer—he's also an influencer in his own right! On his Instagram account, he shares behind-the-scenes glimpses of his work, offering photography tips and tricks, model pose ideas, and camera recommendations to his followers.

Followers: 1.3M

Topics: Cooking, Food, Indian Cuisine

Say hello to Saransh—an Indian chef, traveler, author, and all-around content creator extraordinaire! He's a real jack-of-all-trades, having won the Food Food Maha Challenge, founded the popular Mumbai restaurant Goila Butter Chicken, and even authored a food travelogue titled "India on my Platter". And on his social media pages, he shares his culinary magic with his followers by posting unique and mouth-watering recipes that range from original Indian cuisines to international dishes. You won't be able to resist his delicious creations!

Followers: 1.3M

Topics: Fashion, Luxury

Elegance and luxury are Masoom’s mottos. Masoom has been a content creator for over a decade, and is one of the pioneers of the influencer industry in India. Although she caters mostly to Indian audiences, she is also known in the international fashion scene. Masoom has already worked with over 500+ brands across the globe.

On her account, you’ll see Masoom rocking the most high-end brands such as Bulgari, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and so much more.

Followers: 1.5M

Topics: Dance, Entertainment, Fashion

Akash is not your average 18-year-old. He's a talented dancer hailing from Dehradun, India, who's already made a name for himself by reaching the finals of the popular Hindi TV contest Super Dancer 2. Today, he's an influencer and entrepreneur, with a growing following on social media. On his pages, you'll find plenty of dance videos, snippets of his TV appearances, and fashion content. He even has his own clothing line, named after himself, which focuses on creating comfortable unisex pieces that everyone can enjoy. Follow Akash for a dose of inspiration and creativity!

Followers: 1.6M

Topics: Comedy, Entertainment

Get ready to laugh with Dolly Singh—an Indian comedian and entertainer who got her start posting funny vines online. She's since taken over YouTube with her hilarious skits and blogs, making her one of the most popular social media stars around. But did you know that Dolly is also a fashion management graduate? That's right—her Instagram feed is full of posts about clothing, beauty, skincare, and lifestyle too. And with collaborations with brands like Maybelline and Olay under her belt, Dolly's star power is undeniable.

Followers: 1.9M

Topics: Beauty, Lifestyle

Meet Kritika Khurana Chhabra, aka That Boho Girl, a fashion and beauty content creator and travel blogger who's been taking the social media world by storm since 2013. Her OOTDs and fashion tutorials are beloved by her followers, who appreciate her easy-to-understand style. But Kritika isn't just a social media influencer, she's also a sought-after collaborator for international brands. She's worked with Tarte, Cream Belle, L'Oreal, Tim Hortons, and many more, making her a true fashion and beauty expert.

Followers: 2.0M

Topics: Gaming, Streaming, Esports

Are you a gamer looking for some serious inspiration? Look no further than Aaditya Sawant, aka Dynamo Gaming! With over 12 million followers across various platforms, Aaditya is one of India's most popular gamers and streamers. He started uploading videos of his gameplays on YouTube, exploring games like Battlefield, GTA, and Apex. But it was the launch of PubG Mobile that really skyrocketed his online career. Today, Aaditya has won multiple gaming awards and partnered with brands like Gillette, HP, and ESPL. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or just getting started, Aaditya is definitely someone to watch.

Followers: 3.7M

Topics: Photography, Wildlife, Art

Enjoy natural scenes with Varun, a wildlife photographer and environmentalist from India whose work has been recognized around the globe. He's won awards from National Geographic and serves as an ambassador for Sony, showcasing his incredible talent and passion for photography. And while Varun's main focus is capturing stunning images of animals and nature, he also loves posting about his love for cars and other vehicles. Check out his Instagram account for a daily dose of beauty and inspiration.

Followers: 4.0M

Topics: Fitness, Aviation, Vlog

Gaurav Taneja, aka Flying Beast, is a pilot and content creator from India who's passionate about fitness, exercise, and bodybuilding. He's been winning bodybuilding competitions since 2012, and his photos and videos are hugely popular with gym-goers around the world. But Gaurav's content isn't just about workouts —he also shares vlogs, life updates, and aviation-related posts that showcase his diverse interests and passions. Whether you're looking for fitness tips or just want to see what a day in the life of a pilot is like, Flying Beast has got you covered.

Followers: 5.5M

Topics: Tech, Gadgets

Technical Guruji, aka Gaurav, is a social media superstar with a serious knack for gadget reviews. He's one of the most influential voices on Instagram and YouTube, thanks to his in-depth and easy-to-understand takes on everything from smartphones to smartwatches to laptops. On his page, Gaurav gives his followers sneak peeks of his upcoming YouTube videos and shares his latest gadget recommendations. And with collaborations with top brands like Apple, Samsung, and Snapdragon, Gaurav's opinions are highly respected in the tech world.

Followers: 28.0M

Topics: Lifestyle, Men’s Fashion

Riyaz Aly is the TikTok star, fashion blogger, actor, and model who's taking the Indian social media world by storm. Riyaz's fame started with his hit lip sync videos on the platform, but his popularity has since spread to Instagram, where he's now one of the top influencers in the country. On his page, you'll find plenty of life updates and stunning OOTDs that his fans aspire to emulate. He shares his travels, personal life, dance videos, and wild adventures, offering a glimpse into his exciting world.

Followers: 28.3M

Topics: Men’s Fashion, Lifestyle, Dance

Check out Rohit Zinjurke, the social media sensation who got his start on TikTok before transitioning to Instagram and YouTube. Rohit is known for his incredible dance moves and impeccable fashion sense, and his lifestyle is the envy of many Indian followers. On his social media pages, he shares his latest outfits, dance covers, photoshoots, and vlogs, giving his fans a glimpse into his glamorous world. Follow Rohit for inspiration and a healthy dose of style!

Followers: 269M

Topics: Cricket, Sports

If you're a cricket fan, you've probably heard of Virat Kohli—the international cricketer from India who's been hailed as one of the finest batsmen the country has ever produced. But Virat's fame doesn't stop on the cricket pitch—he's also a social media superstar with over 240 million followers on Instagram. On his page, he shares updates about his upcoming games, as well as brand partnerships with companies like Vivo, Fire Bolt, and Wrogn. Whether you're a sports enthusiast or just looking for some inspiration, Virat is definitely someone to follow.


Instagram is climbing the ladder to be the most-used social media platform in India. Its immense growth in the number of users show that the Indian population is excited to see photo and video content. One of the main reasons for Instagram’s popularity is the existence of influencers.

In the list above, we can see that Instagram content creators in India come from different niches, from food, gaming, fitness, to parenting. They also vary in form, content, and audiences. No doubt, any brand which wants to partner with an influencer will find a perfect representation.

We hope you were able to find the influencer for you.

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