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7 Most-Followed Photography Influencers in India

AJ Marketing - 7 Most-Followed Photography Influencers in India

Are you looking for a fresh perspective on the world? Look no further than India's most inspiring photographers on social media! These talented artists offer their audience a unique and captivating view of the world through their lenses. Their lenses capture moments which the human eyes can only try to remember. These talented content creators allow their followers to go back in time, stay in unique places, and meet one-of-a-kind people just by clicking the shutter button. In turn, these influencers gain massive followings, which also makes them great partners for brands in the photography industry.

The Photo and Video Industry in India has been booming in the past few years. In 2022, the total revenue in this industry was predicted to continue to shoot up to $108.5 million. Meanwhile, advertising revenue in this segment was also predicted to reach $65.18M this year. A significant portion of this advertising revenue will stem from social media marketing. Thousands of photography and videography enthusiasts go to Instagram and YouTube to learn a few tips, to get inspiration, and to know which equipment is worth buying.

AJ Marketing - 7 Most-Followed Photography Influencers in India - Photo & Video Statistics in India in 2022

To effectively launch their social media advertising campaigns, photography brands would need the help of influencers in the niche. There are hundreds of photography experts on Indian social media, but only a few of them have established names. These content creators vary in specialty—from wildlife, food, portrait, to editorial photography.

Below, we curated a list of the best photography influencers in India who can beautify your feed or promote your brand. Be prepared to witness never-before-seen moments, captured in the most perfect angles.

AJ Marketing - 7 Most-Followed Photography Influencers in India - Connect

The Top Photography Influencers in India are ⬇️

Followers: 24.8K

Meet Yash Mhatre, the 27-year-old executive producer and photographer from India! Not only is he a master of photography, but he's also a talented artist in graphic and 3D arts. You can see his work in many marketing and advertising campaigns.

On his feed, you’ll notice his fondness of taking stunning photos of equally stunning women. Aside from this, Yash also focuses on black and white photography—a style that captures emotions in full, even when not fully colored.

Followers: 106K

If you're a fan of architectural and interior design photography, you need to check out Ashish Sahi's work! As the former art director of Architectural Digest in India, he has an eye for capturing stunning photos of amazing homes and buildings. His feed is full of awe-inspiring shots that will leave you in awe.

Ashish has been able to explore countless architectural treasures, from Geoffrey Bawa’s projects in Sri Lanka to enormous residences in Delhi. He has also captured hundreds of celebrity homes and featured them in numerous publications. Aside from the above mentioned specialty, he also does fashion photography.

Followers: 101K

Get ready to be transported to some of the most majestic places in the world through the lens of Hari Menon, a travel photographer and NFT artist from India. With each photo, Hari captures not just the stunning views but also the everyday moments that make a place special and unique.

Hari’s photographs show immense skill amidst being a self-taught artist. Hari understands the terrain and inculcates the best possible use of natural lights and shadows to deliver the best results. Hari has already been trusted by the Government of India, having commissioned him in their Incredible India campaign.

Followers: 1.1M

If you're into fashion and celebrity photography, you can't miss Praveen Bhat's work! He's a nationally-renowned photographer who has worked with models, celebrities, and top fashion magazines in India. But that's not all, he also shares his expertise on Instagram posting, mobile photography, and photography in general through his IG reels.

Praveen’s style is to explore his models’ personalities to be able to capture them in their best light. He possesses a strong fashion and promotional portfolio, having worked with the most-famous personalities in India.

Subscribers: 1.27M

Meet Kunal, a photography content creator and blogger from Delhi, India! He loves to share his knowledge and tips about photography through his blog posts. His photography style ranges from products to fitness, streets, and architecture.

Kunal’s YouTube and Instagram accounts are full of videos teaching starting photographers how to get clean shots, crisp colors, perfect angles, and which lenses to use and why. Kunal has been a Canon Maestro for a long time, and is an avid fan of the Canon EOS series.

Followers: 3.7M

Varun Aditya is not just a wildlife photographer and environmentalist, he's also an ambassador for Sony and an automotive enthusiast! With a National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year award under his belt, Varun captures the beauty and importance of wildlife and nature through his lens.

His feed features wildlife animals in their natural habitat and behavior, uninterrupted by human activity. By seeing his feed, one can appreciate the beauty and intricacies of life and environment. Varun has already gone on several expeditions to Costa Rica and Panama to take once-in-a-lifetime photographs.

Subscribers: 4.85M

Calling all photography and videography enthusiasts in India! Check out Ur SmartMaker, the ultimate destination for all things related to creative shots, photo editing, and VFX. Tariq, the creator of this channel, shares everything he knows about photography and videography in a fun and engaging way.

By scrolling through his channel, you’ll find tons of tutorials for beginner photographers. He tries his best to teach his subscribers all he knows about creative poses, angles, lightings, transitions, and step-by-step walkthroughs for editing in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

If you’re looking for unique ideas to spice up your Instagram feed, then you might learn a thing or two by watching Tariq’s channel.


Photography continues to be a profitable business in India, given the population’s interest in creative shots and videos. Hundreds of photographers know this population’s interest, which made them decide to bring their creativity to social media. Numerous photographers have created Instagram and YouTube accounts where they share their beautiful creations, as well as their expertise collected through years of practice.

In the list above, we can see that photographers from various specialties have made their names on social media. While some focus on capturing people’s fleeting moments, others choose to photograph buildings, animals, or food. Whatever or whoever their favorite subject may be, these influencers have shown true skill in photography and in maintaining a loyal and massive following.

We hope you found a photographer who can inspire your next IG post!

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