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10 Best Health & Fitness Influencers in India

AJ Marketing - 10 Best Health & Fitness Influencers in India

Are you in need of some inspiration to get your fitness routine back on track? Look no further than these amazing fitness influencers from India who can motivate you on your fitness journey!

During the lockdowns, many of us found it challenging to take care of our health. But thanks to these local influencers on YouTube and Instagram, we had access to home workout videos that kept us moving and motivated. Not only did they show us how to sweat it out, but they also shared their healthy diet and daily routines, inspiring us to make positive changes in our lives.

Their followers saw significant improvements and positive results, which has earned them a loyal following. These health and fitness content creators are trustworthy and reliable sources of information when it comes to health gear, equipment, and applications.

AJ Marketing - 10 Best Health & Fitness Influencers in India - E-Health Overview in India in 2023

Did you know that the digital fitness and wellbeing industry in India has grown tremendously in 2024? It has reached a staggering 13.1% increase from 2023, with over 196.1 million people in India using digital fitness devices and services, generating a total value of $4.25 billion. This growth is due in part to the contribution of social media influencers who help brands in the industry gain recognition, recall, and conversions. Fitness Instagrammers and YouTubers have a wide audience reach and play a significant role in this market's growth.

Each influencer varies in their fitness techniques and diets. While some focus on bodybuilding to compete, others focus on easy-to-follow routines. Other influencers also make fitness challenges for their followers to accomplish.

Whether you’re looking to build more muscles, or you’re looking for your next brand ambassador, keep on reading! Here, we have prepared a list of the top health and fitness influencers in India. Tie your laces and get ready, get set, and go!

AJ marketing - 10 Best Health & Fitness Influencers in India -Connect

The Top Health & Fitness Influencers in India are ⬇️

Followers: 145K

She's not just a yoga instructor, but also an Ayurveda Therapist. You can check out her Instagram account to see her sharing amazing videos and photos of herself doing different yoga poses outside. Her followers love how her posts give them a relaxing and soothing vibe.

But Anjali is more than just a yogi! She also wears and endorses yoga outfits, offers online classes, and collaborates with other fitness enthusiasts. Her captions are filled with positivity and motivation, always promoting the benefits of doing yoga.

Followers: 510K

If you're into sports nutrition, you've got to check out Namrata! She's not just a sports nutritionist, but also an author, entrepreneur, and the founder of The Pilates Studio and The Earth Circle. You can follow her on Instagram to see her sharing her fitness journey with her followers. Her encouraging captions are sure to inspire you to get moving!

Namrata is a certified Pilates reformer and has played Squash sport and football in both the national and international level. She also has a Master’s Degree in Sports Management from Loughborough University. In addition, she's a part of Nike’s Unstoppable Women Campaign, and has won multiple awards such as ELLE Beauty Awards Fitness Expert Of The Year and the Vogue Beauty Awards Fitness Expert Of The Year.

Followers: 711K

Are you interested in bodybuilding? Meet Sunaina, a Chief Exercise Specialist who is also part of the International Federation of BodyBuilders Pro. She's a bodybuilding champ and has already won several awards in the field.

You can follow Sunaina on Instagram to see her sharing videos of herself working out in the gym, demonstrating how to do exercises correctly and in proper form. She's also an advocate for food supplements that can help build muscle. So if you're looking for a fitness expert who knows how to build an amazing physique, Sunaina is the one to follow!

Followers: 1M

Looking for a Pilates instructor who can help you achieve your fitness goals? Meet Yasmin, one of the most famous Pilates instructors in India! She's not just a fitness expert, but also the owner and CEO of Yasmin Body Image, a popular physical fitness center in the country. Yasmin believes that "being fit" should be easy and accessible to everyone, which is why she creates instructional videos that contain home workouts, diet tips, and daily regimens.

Yasmin's content is especially helpful for women suffering from PCOS, as she shares tips and exercises that can alleviate their symptoms. She also creates HIIT videos, myth-busting posts, and informational posters that can help anyone looking to improve their fitness level.

Subscribers: 1.06M

If you're into bodybuilding, you've got to check out Dronacharya and Mukesh's YouTube channel! They share amazing workout tutorials and training routines that target the whole body, including the core, legs, shoulders, back, and chest. Whether you have equipment available or not, they have bodybuilding exercises you can do both at home and at the gym.

But that's not all! Dronacharya and Mukesh also share diet and nutrition tips for muscle and weight gain. And if you're a man looking to compete, they even give posing tips that can help you win! These two trainers have already received several awards throughout their bodybuilding careers, so you can trust that their advice is top-notch.

Subscribers: 1.3M

Want to see tutorials for different kinds of yoga? Better check out Yoga With Shaheeda. Shaheeda’s mission is to connect to many people through yoga and provide tutorials for better health. Her YouTube channel shares varieties of yoga, whether for meditation, physical pain, breathing problems, for beauty, and even for fertility. Shaheeda has her Masters in Yoga Therapy and she is a certified nutritionist. Online Yoga classes are also offered.

Followers: 1.5M

Meet VJ Bani, a badass actress, Indian fitness model, and a former MTV presenter. This woman is not just about looks, as she has the toned muscles and tattoos to prove it. If you're looking for workout inspiration, check out her Instagram account where she shares impressive photos and videos of her workouts that will make you sweat just by watching. Bani J has collaborated with various sports and fitness brands like Monster Energy Drink, My Protein, and ZIG Kinetica, proving that she's not only a fitness icon, but also a brand ambassador for some of the top fitness companies in the world.

Followers: 4.0M

Gaurav, also known as Flying Beast, is a jack of all trades. He's a bodybuilder, a commercial pilot, and a certified nutritionist from Kanpur, India. In 2013, he competed in his first bodybuilding competition and took home the gold medal, and since then, he's been winning even more gold medals. On his Instagram, he shares videos of himself playing cricket, which shows that he's not only into bodybuilding but also enjoys other sports. If you want to learn more about Gaurav's fitness journey, head over to his YouTube channel, FitMuscleTV, where he shares videos about bodybuilding competitions, fitness, and nutrition. With Gaurav, you're sure to get tips on how to achieve a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Subscribers: 5.04M

Rohit Khatri is a passionate sports science nutritionist and fitness enthusiast who shares his knowledge and experience with his subscribers. He didn't always have a toned body, and he shares his inspiring two-year fitness transformation journey on his vlogs. His channel includes workout tutorials, diet plans, and health tips to help his viewers achieve their fitness goals.

Rohit also creates unboxing videos and fitness product reviews to help his viewers make informed decisions about their fitness journey. On his Instagram, he shares clips of workout tutorials and personal experiences, and he's gained a loyal following due to his authenticity and vulnerability.

Subscribers: 7.72M

Fit Tuber is a one-of-a-kind fitness enthusiast who believes that being fit is not just about having muscles but also feeling healthy and confident. His channel is a treasure trove of health facts and tips, healthy recipes, workout videos and tips, and motivational talks to inspire his viewers to live their best lives.

Fit Tuber also creates reaction videos and popular product reviews, providing valuable insights into natural detoxification, superfoods, and weight loss products. His engaging content and informative videos have gained a huge following and inspired many to live a healthy and active lifestyle.


Indians are immensely into their overall well-being, which is why many of them rely on fitness and health influencers that have established reputations. These influencers are true experts in the niche, which makes their audience give heavy weight on their opinions and recommendations.

Above, we have given a list of the best health influencers who vary in their specialties–from yoga, diet, bodybuilding, to health tips and facts. They also differ in their chosen social media platform, with some utilizing Instagram, while others finding their audience on YouTube.

We hope that you were able to find an influencer to follow or work with in your future marketing campaign.

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