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Top 10 Indian Fashion Influencers in 2024

AJ Marketing - Top 10 Indian Fashion Influencers

Ready to explore fresh and fabulous ways to drape that stunning Indian saree? You've landed in the perfect spot! India's rich cultural tapestry weaves together a vibrant and diverse fashion landscape. To navigate this dazzling world, we need local style mavens who understand the unique blend of body shapes, skin tones, and ensembles that make Indian fashion so special. Social media-savvy style seekers turn to Indian fashion influencers on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook for inspiration and guidance. So, buckle up and let's dive into the world of India's digital fashion virtuosos!

The Indian fashion scene has evolved tremendously—transforming from a niche domain of eccentric bloggers in 2006 to a bustling community of trendsetting content creators in 2024. The online fashion market in India has skyrocketed, jumping from $0.8 billion in 2015 to an impressive $22.7 billion in 2022, and it's projected to double by 2025. This exponential growth creates a golden opportunity for fashion brands to showcase their products and services in India, with trusty influencers playing a pivotal role in this expansion.

AJ Marketing - Top 10 Indian Fashion Influencers - ONLINE FASHION MARKET SIZE IN INDIA FROM 2015 TO 2025

Fashion enthusiasts flock to influencers' accounts for a myriad of reasons—be it seeking beauty inspiration, discovering the perfect OOTD, finding that must-have accessory, or unearthing ingenious tips on mixing and matching. This market behavior and loyalty add to the influencers’ extensive reach and appeal to brands for the latter's social media marketing campaigns.

In this article, we've curated a list of the crème de la crème of Indian fashion influencers on social media. If you're on the hunt for a trendsetter to follow or collaborate with, just keep on scrolling!

AJ Marketing - Top 10 Indian Fashion Influencers - Connect

The Best Indian Fashion Influencers are ⬇️

Followers: 111K

Meet Usaamah Siddique, India's very own celebrity stylist and fashion blogger extraordinaire. He's the brains behind "The Dapper Label," a go-to destination for all things men's fashion and grooming. Usaamah's personal style mantra? Think "oversized, relaxed, and sharp." As a vintage clothing aficionado, he's particularly fond of Joseph Cheaney pieces.

Usaamah is on a mission to inspire Indian men to embrace self-care and always present their best selves. His content is as diverse as it is engaging, covering everything from fragrances, beard maintenance, and men's skin and hair care to expert styling tips.

Followers: 266K

Siddharth burst onto the social media scene with his iconic hashtag #GuyBeauty, challenging traditional notions of masculinity and fashion. He's the trailblazing rule-breaker who made makeup and skincare for men a thing in India.

With a firm belief that beauty and grooming are gender-neutral territories, Siddharth effortlessly rocks everything from crop tops, necklaces, and earrings to bold nail polish. His account offers a refreshing, boundary-pushing perspective on contemporary Indian fashion.

Followers: 540K

Introducing Niki, India's multi-talented model, fashion blogger, entrepreneur, and content creator extraordinaire. She first captured the limelight with her hashtags #NMRethings and #HacksByNiki, where she dished out practical clothing and styling tips for her ever-growing audience.

Niki's feed is a treasure trove of eye-catching outfits, flawless makeup looks, globe-trotting adventures, and glimpses into her personal life. Boasting collaborations with iconic brands like Swarovski, Vogue, Maybelline, Forever 21, and H&M, Niki's fashion game is truly on point.

Subscribers: 791K

AJ Marketing - Top 10 Indian Fashion Influencers - Prerna Chhabra

Meet Prerna, a stylist and content creator with an impressive postgraduate degree from India's prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology. Despite starting her academic journey in Engineering, her passion for fashion led her to switch gears and embark on an exciting new career. Prerna honed her skills working for a top fashion and lifestyle retail brand for three years before launching her own YouTube channel.

With Prerna as your virtual stylist, you'll discover outfit ideas tailored to diverse body types, climates, seasons, and occasions. She'll guide you on everything from choosing the perfect shoe-top combo to draping sarees with flair, and even how to sidestep common fashion faux pas. With Prerna by your side, your style game will never be the same!

Subscribers: 909K

Meet Harsh "Hunk Harsh" Patil, the content creator who knows that true style comes from within. Harsh's YouTube channel is a treasure trove of videos on men's fashion, grooming, personal growth, styling, health, skincare, and hair care. It's the ultimate one-stop-shop for men looking to level up their game both inside and out.

Although Harsh began his career as an IT professional, he soon discovered his passion for creating content. He started by offering styling advice to friends, helping them transform their looks and personalities. Fast forward to today, and Harsh has amassed an impressive 800K+ subscribers on YouTube, proving that he's a force to be reckoned with in the world of men's fashion.

Subscribers: 1.07M

Welcome to Be Ghent, the YouTube channel brainchild of Rishi Arora, dedicated to elevating men's lifestyle and fashion game. Rishi is a firm believer that everyone is perfect; all we need is to identify our strengths and weaknesses. His mission? To help his audience pinpoint their weak spots and turn them into assets.

Rishi's channel covers a diverse range of topics, from must-have men's accessories to mastering personal finances. Keeping his audience's budget in mind, Rishi crafts content focused on affordable fashion alternatives to high-end brands. His channel features an array of popular brands, including Zara, H&M, Zudio, and Max, catering to style-conscious men everywhere.

Followers: 1.3M

Meet the formidable Masoom, a fashion creator, investor, entrepreneur, and passionate advocate for gender equality. Featured in prestigious publications like Forbes 30 Under 30 in Asia, she's also a devoted supporter of UN Women in India. Masoom is the embodiment of women's empowerment and success.

Her global reputation for jaw-dropping looks, lavish travels, and opulent outfits is well-earned. A quick peek at her feed reveals an array of luxury brands, including Louis Vuitton, Versace, Prada, Bulgari, and Hermes. Masoom's flair for high-end fashion is truly unmatched.

Subscribers: 1.45M

Introducing the multi-talented Sejal Kumar, a shining star in India's online fashion world. But she's so much more than a style guru—Sejal is also an accomplished actress, singer, and songwriter. Her fans adore her lifestyle videos, interviews, and personal vlogs that give an insider's glimpse into her world.

Sejal's YouTube channel is a treasure trove of style inspiration, covering everything from thrifting hotspots in LA to clothing hauls, the latest fashion trends, and even DIY outfit creations. Whether you're searching for the perfect summer wardrobe, exploring new jacket collections, or just seeking fresh ideas, Sejal has got you covered!

Followers: 1.9M

Komal Pandey is revered for her bold sense of fashion. How else would she be awarded as Cosmopolitan’s Best Fashion Influencer and Vlogger, right? Komal has also been dubbed as India’s “Couture Queen” by Forbes India. Her style is sharp, luxurious, daring, and unique.

Komal was on her way to becoming a chartered accountant (CA) when she found her calling to become one of the country’s most-known fashionistas. She started with a blog titled “The College Couture,” which mostly looked at recyclable fashion. Today, Komal’s IG account is filled with OOTDs from big clothing names and looks from quality makeup brands.

Followers: 28.2M

Last but not least, we have Rohit Zinjurke. Rohit is a video creator focused on delivering fashion and lifestyle content. He first came to light on short-form video platform TikTok. However, after the app’s ban in India, Rohit expanded his following on Instagram and YouTube.

Rohit’s profile is filled with photos from his travels and of his clothing brand collaborations. He also posts short videos of dances. Rohit usually sports a crisp polo with an elegant coat or a cool jacket, paired with trendy sunglasses and a statement necklace.


What qualifies as “good sense of style” does not look the same in all countries. Each country has its own customs that affect its fashion trends. Thankfully, there are local fashion influencers who know what appeals to their demographic. India has thousands of stylish content creators who inspire their followers on what to wear, what to pair, and where to buy.

This article gave you a peak of the best Indian fashionistas online. While some focus on luxury clothing, others are more considerate of their audience’s budget. We hope you were able to grasp the fashion situation in this country through the influencers above.

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