Top 7 Influencer Marketing Campaigns in Taiwan

Top 7 Influencer Marketing Campaigns in Taiwan

Taiwan’s dense and tech-savvy population has made it a valuable ground for influencer marketing. Taiwanese consumers are increasingly relying on influencers and word-of-mouth in deciding which products to purchase. Influencers are followed and trusted by the market because of their credibility and familiarity. This type of market behavior has led to the success of several influencer marketing campaigns in Taiwan.

Taiwan has one of the highest social media penetration rates in the world. Almost 90% of Taiwan’s population use social media, making marketers spend over $400 million for social media ads. The most popular social media platforms in Taiwan where several influencers also dominate are Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Overview of Social Media Use in Taiwan 2022

Taiwanese consumers spend more than 2 hours a day browsing through social media. They also discover new brands and do their brand research through social media platforms and word-of-mouth. This has made influencer marketing the most effective strategy to market a business in Taiwan. Don’t believe it yet? You soon will. In this article, we have compiled the top 7 influencer marketing campaigns in Taiwan to show you the real power of influence. Let’s take a look!

7 Influencer Marketing Success Stories ⬇️

  1. Absolut and Jolin Tsai

  2. Fila and Crowd 520

  3. McDo and Sandy Mandy

  4. Beauty Blender and Molly Chiang

  5. Dettol and Austin So

  6. Mamy Poko and Niko & Kim

  7. Gu Amo and Forge Fitness

1. Absolut and Jolin Tsai

Absolut Vodka is one of the leading brands for premium vodka. It originated in Southern Sweden but has made its way to expand throughout the globe. For its Taiwan expansion, Absolut worked with famous singer, actress, and influencer Jolin Tsai. This campaign also featured Tessa Thompson, MNEK, and Ricki Ortiz.

The online video content was a short film about three virtual avatars, breaking out into the real world. Absolut wanted to impart the message that the more people connect to the virtual world, the less they meet in the real world. Thus, the vodka brand collaborated with influencers and celebrities who can encourage their virtual audience to make real conversations with no filters and other barriers.

This campaign gained success, being exposed to Jolin’s 4 million followers. Jolin is known for her classy, premium, and VIP-like looks which made her extremely suitable for Absolut Vodka. Jolin posted the video on her Instagram which gained more than 137,000 views on her account.

2. Fila and Andy & Jia Ning

Fila and Andy & Jia Ning

Fila is one of the oldest clothing brands in the world but it sure found a way to change with the modern times. Fila was founded over a hundred years ago in South Korea, and has now made its name recognizable in every country. Fila is known for their athletic wear which are aesthetic yet comfortable. To further gain popularity in Taiwan, Fila collaborated with influencer couple Andy and Jia Ning in a TikTok campaign.

Andy and Jia are also known as Crowd 520 on social media. They regularly post content radiating energy and positive vibes, which made them gain more than 1 million followers and 8.8 million likes on TikTok. Their enthusiasm made them perfect for Fila’s marketing campaign involving a very fast and energetic dance trend.

Crowd 520 posted this TikTok video on their account, which gained more than 2 million views, 162 thousand likes, and 700 interactions. This brought massive exposure for Fila especially to the Taiwanese market. The perfect influencer choice made this campaign a complete success.

3. McDo and Sandy Mandy

McDo and Sandy Mandy

Nobody wouldn’t recognize McDonald’s. McDo’s marketing and PR strategies have always made it the most popular fast food in the world, including Taiwan. McDo utilized the power of influencer marketing in this country, and chose to work with famous Taiwanese twins Sandy and Mandy.

The twins are popular on TikTok and YouTube for their well-synced and practiced dance covers and dance choreography. On TikTok, they have 1.1 million followers and 7.7 million likes. McDonald’s collaborated with these talented women for their event “McDonald's Dancing Wave”.

For this campaign, McDo made a dance challenge with the hashtag #McDonaldsXuanlangDance. Sandy and Mandy choreographed the steps for those wanting to enter the dance contest. The 10 winners for the challenge would get a limited edition dazzling fan from McDonald’s.

Sandy and Mandy’s TikTok post was a success, gaining more than 120 thousand views and more than five thousand interactions. The Taiwanese audience participated in the event, promoting McDo’s newest menu inclusion which was the Morinaga Milk Candy McFlurry.

4. Beauty Blender and Molly Chiang

Beauty Blender is a makeup brand originating from the USA and now expanding across Southeast Asia. Its main products are makeup sponges and blenders, and has dubbed itself as the makeup’s best friend. Beauty Blender made an impactful launch in Taiwan when it worked with fashion and beauty influencer Molly Chiang.

Molly has more than 700 thousand followers on Instagram. She commonly posts about her stunning outfits, luxury clothes, and aesthetic photoshoots. Her audience admires her for her sexy, classy, and powerful feminine image. Beauty Blender made the right choice of choosing Molly to be its ambassador because of their perfectly-fit niche.

On her Instagram post, Molly wrote about how grateful she is to have been chosen by her favorite beauty blender brand. The post gained more than 90,000 views and 13,000 likes. It also gained hundreds of interactions, with some of her followers asking where they could purchase Beauty Blender’s products. This campaign not only effectively brought attention to the brand, but also conversions and sales.

5. Dettol and Austin So

Dettol and Austin So

Dance challenges are popular among the Taiwanese market, that’s why Dettol also used this form to promote their hand sanitizing products. Dettol is a brand of cleaning supplies and disinfectants originating from Germany. Lately, it has made its way to Southeast Asia and has utilized the help of influencers in each country.

For Taiwan, Dettol worked with influencer Austin So who is known for his dancing videos. Austin mostly posts content of him in classroom settings, shifting from his “lecture mode” to his dancing mode in front of a class. For this campaign, Austin participated in a dance challenge with the hashtag #HandWashChallenge.

Austin has a total of 2.3 million followers, and 33.4 million likes. This massive online presence gave Dettol huge exposure. Austin’s TikTok post gained more than 288 thousand views and 25 thousand likes. The hashtag also gained 128 billion views and was promoted in other Southeast Asian countries like India. The goal of Dettol was to promote the habit of regularly washing your hands using the correct steps for 20 seconds. Creating a short-form video content and using the platform TikTok was a great decision for this campaign.

6. Mamy Poko and Niko & Kim

MamyPoko shows how choosing the right influencer is the key to a successful campaign. MamyPoko is a Japanese brand known around the globe for producing high quality baby and child care products. It’s most popular for its diapers which are easy to wear, luxurious, comfortable, and soft on the baby’s skin. This brand made the wise decision of partnering with influencer couple Nico and Kim.

Nico and Kim have almost 700 thousand followers on Instagram. They regularly post about their family, especially about their recently-born baby boy. Their online identity has revolved around love, care, and family-orientedness. This made them the perfect influencers for MamyPoko diapers.

On their Instagram post, they wrote a testimonial about how effective MamyPoko is in providing comfort for their baby. Aside from this, they also wrote about Kim’s challenges of post-natal care. Their genuine caption moved their followers to leave comments congratulating them or telling them that they have the same experience. This effectively shows how influencers’ relationship with their followers produce real interactions. This campaign brought MamyPoko exposure and an extended image of genuineness.

7. Gu Amo and Forge Fitness

Forge Fitness is a physical fitness center popular locally in Taiwan. They’re famous for their one-on-one teaching classes and independent exercises. They have a huge online presence themselves, but they strive for excellence and have chosen to work with physical fitness influencer Gu Amo.

Gu Amo’s content revolves around sports, body-building, fitness, and health in general. He has over 32 thousand followers on Instagram, and is known in the Taiwanese gym community. His image and character made him the perfect fit to represent the values of Forge Fitness.

Gu Amo posted 4 image contents about Forge Fitness, helping the center gain more traction. His captions always encourage his followers to start working out, go to the gym, and forget distractions. His posts overall gained more than 7,000 likes and comments.


Influencer marketing is rapidly becoming the most effective strategy for social media campaigns. Taiwan offers almost 90% of its population as social media users and a heavy internet audience. In 2022, social media became the primary platform for brand research and discovery.

This digital transformation also creates several changes on how businesses do marketing. Taiwanese consumers now prefer authentic content from people they follow, know, and trust. Therefore, influencer marketing is the best strategy to advertise in Taiwan.

We hope these 7 influencer marketing success stories enlightened you about the power of influencers on driving brand awareness, loyalty, and sales. If you want to know more about Taiwan’s marketing trends, check the AJ Marketing Blog for the latest information.

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