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Top 7 Influencer Marketing Campaigns in Taiwan

AJ Marketing - Top 7 Influencer Marketing Campaigns in Taiwan

Taiwan's dense and tech-savvy population makes it an influencer marketing playground! These days, Taiwanese consumers rely more and more on influencers and word-of-mouth when deciding what products to buy. The reason? Influencers are seen as credible and familiar, and their opinions hold weight. With this market behavior, it's no wonder influencer marketing campaigns in Taiwan are so successful!

Social media is big in Taiwan - we're talking almost 80.2% of the population big! This has led to marketers spending a whopping $190 million on influencer advertising in 2024 alone. And get this - that's $25.1 million more than the previous year! The most popular social media platforms in Taiwan, where influencers reign supreme, are Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

AJ Marketing - Top 7 Influencer Marketing Campaigns in Taiwan - Overview of Social Media Use in Taiwan 2022

Taiwanese consumers spend over two hours a day scrolling through social media. That's plenty of time to discover new brands and research products through word-of-mouth recommendations. It's no surprise that influencer advertising has become the most effective strategy for businesses looking to break into the Taiwanese market.

Still not convinced? Just wait until you read about the top 7 influencer marketing campaigns in Taiwan that we've compiled for you in this article. Get ready to see the real power of influence in action!

AJ Marketing - Top 7 Influencer Marketing Campaigns in Taiwan - Connect

7 Influencer Marketing Campaigns in Taiwan ⬇️

1. Absolut and Jolin Tsai

Absolut Vodka is a major player in the world of premium vodka, hailing all the way from Southern Sweden. And it's not just a hit in Europe - it's gone global! When Absolut set its sights on Taiwan, they knew they needed to team up with a top influencer. Enter Jolin Tsai - a singer, actress, and all-around superstar.

To help spread their message about the importance of connecting in the real world, Absolut created a short film featuring three virtual avatars. Jolin was the perfect fit for this campaign, as she exudes class, sophistication, and VIP vibes - just like Absolut Vodka. To really drive the message home, Absolut enlisted other celebs like Tessa Thompson, MNEK, and Ricki Ortiz to join in the fun.

The campaign was a huge success, reaching Jolin's 4 million followers and beyond. Jolin shared the video on her Instagram, where it racked up over 137,000 views! By teaming up with influential celebs like Jolin, Absolut was able to encourage their virtual audience to connect in the real world - without filters or other barriers. Cheers to that!

2. Fila and Andy & Jia Ning

AJ Marketing - Top 7 Influencer Marketing Campaigns in Taiwan - 2 Fila and Andy & Jia Ning

Fila may be over a hundred years old, but this classic clothing brand is still killing it in the modern era. Originally founded in South Korea, Fila has now become a household name worldwide. Known for their stylish yet comfortable athletic wear, Fila decided to take things up a notch in Taiwan with a little help from influencer power couple Andy and Jia Ning, aka Crowd 520.

Andy and Jia are the definition of high-energy, with content that radiates positivity and good vibes. It's no wonder they've amassed over 1 million followers and 8.8 million likes on TikTok! When Fila needed an influencer duo for their fast-paced, energetic dance campaign, Crowd 520 was the perfect fit.

After posting the campaign video on their TikTok account, Crowd 520's dance moves quickly caught on - racking up over 2 million views, 162,000 likes, and 700 interactions! This massive exposure was a huge win for Fila, especially in the Taiwanese market. Choosing the right influencers can make all the difference, and Fila hit it out of the park with this campaign.

3. McDo and Sandy Mandy

AJ Marketing - Top 7 Influencer Marketing Campaigns in Taiwan - 3 McDo and Sandy Mandy

Who hasn't heard of McDonald's, right? This fast food giant is known all over the world, and they've got some serious marketing and PR game - especially in Taiwan. To spread the McDo love even further, McDonald's decided to team up with famous Taiwanese twins Sandy and Mandy, who have a huge following on TikTok and YouTube.

Sandy and Mandy are known for their incredible dance skills and well-practiced choreography. They've amassed 1.1 million followers and 7.7 million likes on TikTok, and it's easy to see why! McDonald's partnered with these talented ladies for their "McDonald's Dancing Wave" event.

The event included a dance challenge with the hashtag #McDonaldsXuanlangDance, and Sandy and Mandy choreographed the steps for anyone who wanted to enter. The top 10 winners received a limited edition dazzling fan from McDonald's. Sandy and Mandy posted about the event on their TikTok, and it was a huge success - racking up over 120,000 views and 5,000 interactions!

The Taiwanese audience really got into the event, which helped promote McDonald's newest menu item - the Morinaga Milk Candy McFlurry. Thanks to Sandy and Mandy's influencer power, McDonald's was able to reach even more fans in Taiwan. What a deliciously successful campaign!

4. Beauty Blender and Molly Chiang

Beauty Blender is a makeup brand that hails from the USA and is making its way across Southeast Asia. Their signature product? Makeup sponges and blenders that are like your makeup's best friend! When Beauty Blender launched in Taiwan, they knew they needed an influencer who could perfectly represent their brand. That's where fashion and beauty influencer Molly Chiang came in.

Molly has over 700 thousand followers on Instagram, and her content is all about stunning outfits, luxury fashion, and aesthetic photoshoots. Her audience loves her for her sexy, classy, and powerful feminine image - and Beauty Blender knew she'd be the perfect fit for their brand.

When Molly shared about her partnership with Beauty Blender on Instagram, her post was a hit! With over 90,000 views and 13,000 likes, it's clear that her followers were excited to see her working with her favorite makeup sponge brand. In fact, many of her followers even asked where they could purchase Beauty Blender products, showing the power of influencer marketing to drive conversions and sales.

Choosing Molly as their ambassador was a brilliant move by Beauty Blender. By partnering with an influencer who perfectly fit their niche, they were able to bring attention to their brand and increase sales in Taiwan. It's a match made in makeup heaven!

5. Dettol and Austin So

AJ Marketing - Top 7 Influencer Marketing Campaigns in Taiwan - 5 Dettol and Austin So

Dance challenges are all the rage in Taiwan, and Dettol knew just how to use this trend to their advantage! Dettol is a brand of cleaning supplies and disinfectants that originated in Germany and has now made its way to Southeast Asia. To promote their hand sanitizing products, they teamed up with influencer Austin So - a dancer with serious moves.

Austin is known for his classroom dancing videos, where he switches from "lecture mode" to dance mode in front of his students. For Dettol's campaign, Austin participated in a dance challenge with the hashtag #HandWashChallenge. With 2.3 million followers and 33.4 million likes on TikTok, Austin was the perfect influencer to help spread Dettol's message.

When Austin shared his dance challenge video on TikTok, it was a hit! The video racked up over 288,000 views and 25,000 likes, and the hashtag itself gained a whopping 128 billion views! This campaign wasn't just popular in Taiwan - it was also promoted in other Southeast Asian countries like India.

Dettol's goal was to encourage people to regularly wash their hands using the correct steps for 20 seconds - and by creating short-form video content on TikTok, they hit the nail on the head. Thanks to Austin's killer dance moves, Dettol was able to get their message across to a massive audience. Who knew hand washing could be so fun?

6. Mamy Poko and Niko & Kim

MamyPoko knows that choosing the right influencer is the key to a successful campaign - and they hit the jackpot when they partnered with Nico and Kim! MamyPoko is a Japanese brand that's known worldwide for its high-quality baby and child care products, particularly their soft and luxurious diapers. And let's face it, who doesn't love a comfy diaper?

Nico and Kim are a couple who have nearly 700 thousand followers on Instagram. They love sharing about their family, especially their adorable baby boy. Their online identity is all about love, care, and family-orientedness - which made them the perfect influencers for MamyPoko's diapers.

When they shared their testimonial about MamyPoko on Instagram, their post was a hit! They talked about how effective the diapers are in providing comfort for their little one, and Kim even shared about her own challenges with post-natal care. Their followers were moved by their genuine caption and left comments congratulating them or sharing their own experiences. This just goes to show how influencers' relationships with their followers can produce real interactions.

Thanks to Nico and Kim's authentic endorsement of MamyPoko, the brand gained exposure and an extended image of genuineness. Who knew that diapers could be so heartwarming?

7. Gu Amo and Forge Fitness

Forge Fitness is the place to be if you want to get fit and strong in Taiwan! This physical fitness center is known for their one-on-one teaching classes and independent exercises, and they've built up a huge online presence. But to take their marketing to the next level, they teamed up with physical fitness influencer Gu Amo - and it was a match made in gym heaven.

Gu Amo's content is all about sports, body-building, fitness, and health in general. With over 32 thousand followers on Instagram and a reputation in the Taiwanese gym community, he was the perfect fit to represent the values of Forge Fitness.

When Gu Amo posted 4 image contents about Forge Fitness, it helped the center gain even more traction. His captions always encouraged his followers to start working out, go to the gym, and forget about distractions. And with over 7,000 likes and comments, it's clear that his posts struck a chord with his audience.

Thanks to Gu Amo's partnership with Forge Fitness, the gym gained exposure to a wider audience - and his followers got some major workout inspiration. Who needs a personal trainer when you've got Gu Amo on your side?


Influencer marketing is rapidly becoming the most effective strategy for social media campaigns. Taiwan offers almost 80.2% of its population as social media users and a heavy internet audience. In 2024, social media became the primary platform for brand research and discovery.

This digital transformation also creates several changes on how businesses do marketing. Taiwanese consumers now prefer authentic content from people they follow, know, and trust. Therefore, influencer marketing is the best strategy to advertise in Taiwan.

We hope these 7 influencer marketing success stories enlightened you about the power of Taiwan influencers on driving brand awareness, loyalty, and sales.

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