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Your Guide to Advertising in Taiwan in 2024

AJ Marketing - Your Guide to Advertising in Taiwan in 2023

Are you ready to dive into the thrilling Taiwan advertising space? In 2023, Taiwan's total ad spend reached a whopping $5.69 billion, with a heart-pumping 6.6% increase ($350 million) from the previous year. It's evident that the advertising scene in Taiwan is booming, and if you're not already taking advantage of it, now's the perfect time to join the party.

Advertising Spend in Taiwan

In this guide, we'll help you navigate the vibrant Taiwanese market, explore various advertising channels, and decode the local regulations to help your brand create an unforgettable impact. Throughout the journey, we'll share winning strategies, best practices, and inspiring case studies that'll give you the extra edge to stand out in this thriving advertising landscape.

So, buckle up and let's get started on this exhilarating ride!

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1. Into the City

Navigating the Vibrant Taiwanese Market

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Step right up, folks, as we take you on a whirlwind tour of the vibrant Taiwanese market! With a bustling population of 23.9 million as of April 2023 and a median age of 42.5 years, Taiwan is a diverse and energetic hub that's just waiting for your brand to make its mark. By 2025, it's predicted that a staggering 81.0% of the population will be urban dwellers, so it's time to tap into this exciting audience and make some waves!

Taiwan is not only a cultural melting pot, but it also holds a significant position in the global economy. As a top player in the world's information and communication technology industry and a major supplier of goods across the industrial spectrum, Taiwan stands tall on the global stage. According to the World Trade Organization, Taiwan ranked as the 16th largest exporter and 17th largest importer of merchandise in 2021 – talk about an economic powerhouse!

Now, let's not forget the captivating blend of traditional and modern culture that Taiwan is renowned for. From the deeply-rooted tenets of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism evident in temple celebrations, literature, and arts, to the thriving metropolises offering 24/7 entertainment options, Taiwan has it all. With highly regarded dance troupes and a vibrant music scene – thanks to its status as the world capital of Mandopop (Mandarin pop music) – there's never a dull moment in this fascinating market. So, are you ready to dive in and make a splash in Taiwan?

2. The Old and New

Discovering the Power of Taiwanese Advertising Channels

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In this colorful realm, there's something for everyone. The top sources of brand discovery in the country include search engines, word-of-mouth, website ads, TV ads, and mobile app ads. Taiwan surely has a smorgasbord of options just waiting for your brand to take center stage!

Now, don't be fooled by the impressive 68.2% of ad spend on digital channels; traditional channels are far from being left in the dust. In this dynamic market, a fine balance of old and new is the key to unlocking the hearts of your audience. Apart from TV ads, TV shows and films, as well as celebrity endorsements still rank high as sources for the population discovering new brands.

So, step right up and explore the fabulous fusion of advertising channels in Taiwan, where a perfect blend of the old and the new awaits your brand's grand entrance. Get ready to spread your wings, create unforgettable campaigns, and leave your audience spellbound!

3. Staying Compliant

Understanding Advertising Regulations in Taiwan

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When it comes to ensuring that advertising remains honest and transparent, Taiwan's Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and Fair Trade Act (FTA) take center stage, setting the rules for businesses to follow.

The FTA, in particular, keeps businesses on their toes by prohibiting false or misleading representations or symbols in ads that could affect trading decisions. This applies to a wide range of information, including price, quantity, quality, content, production process, and more. To play it safe, businesses are advised to substantiate their claims with credible evidence, such as independent reports or certificates from national standards boards. That way, they're prepared in case the authorities, like the Fair Trade Commission (FTC), come knocking.

As we navigate this world of laws on ads, it's important to remember that additional rules may apply to specific industries. By keeping a keen eye on these regulations and embracing the principles of truthfulness and full disclosure, your brand can glide through the exciting Taiwanese advertising landscape with confidence and finesse!

4. Winning Strategies

Best Practices for Effective Advertising in Taiwan

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Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be amazed by the winning strategies and best practices for effective advertising in Taiwan!

First up, let's talk about localization. To truly capture the hearts and minds of the Taiwanese market, it's essential to speak their language – both literally and metaphorically. Ensure that your advertising message resonates with local tastes, preferences, and cultural nuances, and watch your brand soar to new heights.

Next on our list of winning strategies is audience targeting. In the diverse and dynamic Taiwanese market, understanding your audience is key. Dive deep into demographic insights, preferences, and habits to tailor your campaigns for maximum impact. Remember, a targeted and well-informed approach can work wonders in connecting with your audience on a personal level.

Finally, let's touch on measuring success and adapting to trends. The Taiwanese advertising landscape is ever-changing, and it's crucial to keep your finger on the pulse. Continuously monitor your campaign performance, analyze the data, and fine-tune your strategies to stay ahead of the curve. Embrace emerging trends and adapt your campaigns to ensure your brand remains at the forefront of this thrilling market.

So, are you ready to conquer the Taiwanese advertising world with these winning strategies?

5. Inspiring Success

Case Studies of Exceptional Advertising Campaigns in Taiwan

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Join us as we explore the remarkable stories behind these campaigns and discover the magic that made them truly extraordinary.

First, let's dive into BBDO Taiwan's entry to the 4A Creative Awards. Amidst the global epidemic, the advertising environment and budgets were under immense pressure. The theme "returning to the essence of creativity" was chosen to emphasize the importance of creativity, regardless of budget or marketing scale. Drawing inspiration from the simplicity and deliciousness of Taiwanese street food, BBDO Taiwan's creative director Noger Chen encouraged agencies and brands to focus on their specialties and develop creative ideas that make a difference. By creating visually striking posters that sparked curiosity and online discussion, BBDO Taiwan managed to remind everyone of the power of creativity, even in the darkest times.

Next, we turn our attention to L'Oréal, the world's largest beauty company, and its innovative use of data and technology in its Taiwan Luxury Division. L'Oréal aimed to bridge the gap between online and offline customer journeys, and to achieve this, they combined the power of Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud. By analyzing website data and offline sales data, L'Oréal identified patterns that allowed them to predict which customers were most likely to make in-store purchases. Using custom machine learning models, they created targeted advertising campaigns that reached the right audiences and drove impressive results. The pilot project saw a 2.5x increase in offline revenue and a 2.2x growth in return on advertising spend.

These exceptional case studies showcase the power of creativity, data-driven insights, and innovative technology in revolutionizing the advertising landscape in Taiwan. By embracing these groundbreaking approaches, these brands have left a lasting impact on their audiences and set the stage for future success in the ever-evolving world of advertising.


The ever-evolving advertising landscape in Taiwan offers valuable lessons for marketers worldwide. By understanding the unique market dynamics, staying compliant with advertising regulations, implementing winning strategies, and learning from exceptional advertising campaigns, brands can achieve success in this vibrant and competitive market.

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