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Top 20 YouTubers in Taiwan in 2022

Top 20 YouTubers in Taiwan

YouTube influencer marketing has been proven to be a highly-effective marketing trend in Taiwan which drives results. You may wonder why. The truth is almost 90% of the entire Taiwanese population use the internet. Moreover, 93% of the internet users in this country watch online videos daily. Lastly, belonging to the most followed account types on social media are influencers and experts accounts.

Data proves that YouTube marketing guarantees brand exposure. On this platform, an ad may be seen by 20 million people -- that's 84% of the entire population. Just imagine how vast the reach of YouTube ads are. Of course, not all advertisements see success online. On YouTube, specifically, the best way to market and advertise a product is through influencer marketing.

YouTube Advertising Audience in Taiwan 2022

The top sources of brand discovery in this country include word-of-mouth, customer reviews, product comparisons, and reviews from bloggers. Undoubtedly, these sources of brand discovery come from influencers and content creators. A simple banner or short commercial won't do anymore! The Taiwanese market now search for authenticity and real opinions from people they find credible and trustworthy. This is also why influencer marketing is not only prevalent on YouTube, but also on Instagram and TikTok.

If you want to launch a successful marketing campaign in Taiwan, then you must collaborate with the right YouTuber. Choosing the right influencer may seem like a hard task, but we're here to help.

In this list, we've compiled the top YouTubers in Taiwan from different niches and topics. We hope this list may help you gain insight on the perfect influencer for your brand, with matching values and image. Let's take a look!

Top 20 YouTubers in Taiwan ⬇️

  1. Jaylee

  2. Pan

  3. Kouki

  4. Ray Du

  5. Cai Aga

  6. Joe

  7. Tai, Kid, Winnie, Yang, Xie, and Abe

  8. Jia Ning and Andy

  9. Huang Brothers

  10. De Jun

  11. Chien

  12. Wacky Boys

  13. Masa

  14. Baichi

  15. Tweeted Shoes

  16. Anjou

  17. Saint

  18. Sandy and Mandy

  19. Hello Catie

  20. Huzi

20. HUZI

Subscribers: 1,000,000

Topics: Science, Experiments

Coming in with more than 1 million followers on YouTube, we have Huzi. Huzi is an influencer whose main contents are about experiments, science, and home-made projects. Sometimes he uses hi-tech equipment like vacuum machines, but most often he creates experiments using materials you can find at home. From making homemade chalks to expanding marshmallows, his channel has got everything creative and science-y.


Subscribers: 1,090,000

Topics: Beauty, Cosmetics

Hello Catie is a YouTube beauty guru in Taiwan. This young creator garnered the support of young women in Taiwan due to her makeup skills and creative abilities. Her main content includes style look-books, makeup tutorials, and beauty product reviews. Also, Hello Catie shares her daily activities through her daily vlog series.


Subscribers: 1,270,000

Topics: Dance, Entertainment

Sandy and Mandy are known as the most famous twin creators in Taiwan. These sweet twin sisters love to show their ability to dance and perform in front of the camera. The internet has seen their growth, from being little kids to now making more matured content.

Sandy and Mandy regularly upload dance cover clips and lifestyle videos with family and friends.


Subscribers: 1,330,000

Topics: Technology, Entertainment

Saint is a lifestyle and entertainment YouTube creator who has a wide range of topics: from music, food, technology, finance and even to crypto currencies. Saint is loved by brands because of his versatility. He can promote almost any product with professional videos and intriguing stories in his channel.


Subscribers: 1,420,000

Topics: Toys, Travel

Anju started her channel 7 years ago with a focus on computer games. Since then her YouTube channel has expanded significantly. In 2021, Anjou has created content about toys, lifestyle diaries, and product unboxings. She is not shy to appear in front of the camera, as well as to handle all post-production work.

As a former international student in Japan, she often produces content about life and travel in Japan.


Subscribers: 1,530,000

Topics: Education, Entertainment

Tweeted Shoes is a YouTube channel created by a young man who loves sharing knowledge and ideas. He creates videos about societal trends, political affairs, and interesting historical facts.

Tweeted Shoes researches, summarizes and reviews global content on his own videos in Chinese. If you're looking for an intelligent influencer not afraid to discuss controversial happenings around the globe, Tweeted Shoes is the best man for the job.


Subscribers: 1,540,000

Topics: Lifestyle, Entertainment, Food

Baichi Princess is a YouTuber who is also a film producer, post-production editor, and actress. She likes posting about her travels and reviews of the cuisine of other countries. Her palate, coupled with her creativity in her contents, made her one of the most awaited food vloggers in town.

13. MASA

Subscribers: 1,550,000

Topics: Food, Cooking

If you're looking for a content creator specializing in food and cooking, then Masa is the perfect influencer for you. Born and raised in Japan, Masa is a chef whose specialty is French cuisine. He studied in Canada and moved to Taiwan afterwards to grow his career.

This professional chef always makes the audience hungry with ingenious cooking tutorials and his advanced Chinese skills. He makes everything look easy, and makes his subscribers' mouths water.


Subscribers: 1,570,000

Topics: Comedy, Entertainment

Wacky Boys is a Taiwanese YouTube channel founded in 2012 by a group of friends. Each channel member have different specialties. For example, Cool is responsible for directing and editing, Sun Sheng is responsible for the production management, and Wei is the content facilitator and scout.

Wacky Boys create entertaining content such as parody videos, music videos, talk shows and interviews. They also post content which talks about social issues, lifestyle, dating, fashion, and more.


Subscribers: 1,720,000

Topics: Food

Chien channel is created by Qianqian, a charming nurse with a huge appetite. Qiangqian's contents mainly focus on eating and experiencing the rich food culture of Taiwan. She also travels and reviews the cuisine of other countries in some of her videos. If you're looking for a foodie who's also a cutie, then this channel is for you.

10. DE JUN

Subscribers: 1,840,000

Topics: Gaming, ESports

De Jun is known as one of the top gamers in Taiwan. He has a large gamer fan base and female fan audience. De Jun is known for being a skillful game player and a great strategist. What makes De Jun different from other creators is his ability to incorporate humor even in the most difficult gaming streams. He turns all the games into extremely entertaining movies that attract viewers.


Subscribers: 1,900,000

Topics: Family, Entertainment

The Huang Brothers YouTube channel is owned by two brothers, Huang Yongzhe and Huang Tingwei. Their channel contains videos about the brothers' daily life. Besides sharing about their activities, they also love to post product reviews and soothing song covers.

Their other contents such as grandma's house activities, pranks, and music videos have also received a lot of love from Taiwanese netizens.


Subscribers: 2,130,000

Topics: Romance, Entertainment

CROWD is a YouTube channel created by the young couple, Jia Ning and Andy. This couple is known for their eye-catching fashion style, and of course, their dreamy romance.

Married at a relatively young age, they still tease and love each other like a new couple - making their viewers curious about their love stories. They also love to pull creative pranks on each other and post vlogs about their daily lives.


Subscribers: 2,230,000

Topics: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Gaming

This channel's main attraction is a program produced and broadcasted live on Internet TV by McCabe, and led by 6 talented MCs: Tai Zhiyuan, KID, Winnie, Yang Yang, Xie Kunda and Abe Maria. Starting as a video game variety show, this channel is now famous for its talk shows.

On this channel, you will find a lot of interesting contents, from vlogs, their after-work dinner section, and gaming content.

6. JOE

Subscribers: 2,270,00

Topics: Gaming, Food, Entertainment

Joe is a Taiwanese gamer, YouTuber, and former professional e-sports critic. He was an e-sports commentator during his college years, and has won the 2011 "StarCraft II" e-sports poll.

His YouTube channel contains a lot of interesting contents, including interviews of famous people online, product reviews, and also vlogs on food and travel. His videos of discovering Taiwanese street food are also very popular among domestic and foreign audiences. Joe tries to introduce Taiwan's culture in a profound way.


Subscribers: 2,520,000

Topics: Lifestyle, Travel, Entertainment

Cai Aga started his channel by posting funny videos with the theme "Love Taiwan" in 2014. Since then, it has attracted millions of fans on Facebook and YouTube. In November 2017, Cai Aga formed a band with four other YouTubers and created hit music videos. Cai Aga does not only post about music, but also posts about his personal, family, and work life.


Subscribers: 2,700,000

Topics: Education, Entertainment

Ray Du English is a useful and interesting English education channel for Chinese-speaking viewers. It is hosted by siblings Ray Du and Crown Du. Their unconventional approach to English education has been positively featured in various Taiwanese media.

Both Ray Du and Crown Du graduated from the well-known Fu Jen Catholic University Department of English Language and Literature.


Subscribers: 2,820,000

Topics: Gaming, Streaming

Kouki is taking over YouTube by hopping onto the current trend in Mine Craft content. Kouki is a young man who is passionate in producing clips about games - especially games with a bit of horror mixed with it. Kouki also posts other content like vlogs, detailed game guides, and many others.

2. PAN

Subscribers: 3,150,000

Topics: Music, Anime, Fashion

Japanese anime culture has spread around the globe, Taiwan included. This channel is inspired by this very culture, with its main contents being piano covers of Japanese anime and game songs. All of Pan's videos are elaborately made, especially her performance costumes. She also receives a lot of compliments about her sexy figure while wearing beautiful cosplays.


Subscribers: 5,450,000

Topics: Art, Entertainment

This young dad brought home the YouTube golden button - thanks to his drawing talent and excellent works of art on canvas. Jaylee’s passion for drawing and desire to share his art inspired him to set up a YouTube channel. It is not surprising that his efforts have been appreciated!

With clips that teach drawing techniques from basic to advanced levels, he looks like a color wizard that helps viewers learn quickly and easily. At the moment, our top YouTuber in Taiwan has garnered more than 5M subscribers on the platform.


The Taiwanese market loves spending time on the internet watching videos, following influencers, and looking at product reviews. This is what makes influencer marketing in Taiwan a big hit -- it answers to the population's internet behavior. Taiwanese consumers prefer opinions from people they trust and from those who they deem credible. Thus, influencer marketing on YouTube also became the best way to advertise on the platform.

The YouTubers in this country vary in niche -- from gaming, lifestyle, food, beauty, anime, education, to art. They also vary in types of content. Some love making vlogs, while others lean towards making tutorials. The one thing they all have in common is the support and views of the Taiwanese population.

We hope this list has helped you gain better insight on how to enter Taiwan and how to introduce your brand through YouTube. If you want to know more information about the Taiwan market, visit the AJ Marketing Blog.

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