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Top 20 Instagram Influencers in Taiwan in 2022

Top 20 Instagram Influencers in Taiwan in 2021

Want to know who the top Instagram influencers in Taiwan are? Influencers are one of the most-followed account types by social media users in Taiwan because of their inherent relatability. Influencers often post authentic reviews and give realistic opinions about certain products. This is why one of the top sources of brand discovery in Taiwan is through word-of-mouth, and influencer and expert reviews.

An influencer's credibility is extended to a brand when the former recommends the latter. Local markets trust familiar content creators, giving heavy weight to their professional opinions. Brands have noticed the values influencers may offer, making influencer marketing as one of the top marketing trends in Taiwan.

Now, you may wonder, why use Instagram on your campaign? Taiwan has over 10 million Instagram users, which means a single ad can reach more than 44% of its entire population. Moreover, Instagram is the third most-used and most-favorite social media platform of this market. Several brands have proven the effectivity of influencer marketing in this platform.

Instagram Audience Overview in Taiwan 2022

The internet behavior by the Taiwanese consumers point to guaranteed marketing success when using Instagram influencer marketing as main strategy. Aside from Instagram, influencers are also on other platforms such as TikTok and YouTube.

If you want to enter this market, then launching an Instagram influencer campaign can be a viable option. To make your campaign cost-effective and results-driven, you must familiarize yourself with this country's top influencers.

Lucky for you, we have curated a list of the top Instagram influencers in Taiwan to help you in your research. Let's take a look!

Top 20 Instagram Influencers in Taiwan ⬇️

  1. Jolin Cai

  2. Nana Ouyang

  3. Joanne Tseng

  4. Gray Tsai

  5. Roy Wang

  6. Min Chen

  7. Kuo Hsueh Fu

  8. Dai Pingya

  9. Mizuki

  10. Kimi

  11. Nini Ouyang

  12. Yuci

  13. Molly Chiang

  14. Nico & Kim

  15. Jack Su

  16. Chris Ziting

  17. Jessica Baby Fat

  18. Natalie

  19. Hannah Yang

  20. Dear Rui Gallery


Followers: 112,000

Topics: Photography, Fashion, Lifestyle

Let's meet this famous fashionista, Rui. Rui loves photography, travelling, and a montage of vintage looks. Her feed is full of photos of places she's been to, commonly taken using a film camera. Her classic aesthetics, fashion sense, and aspirational lifestyle made her an influential figure in Taiwan.


Followers: 253,000

Topics: Fashion, Beauty, Luxury

Hannah Yang started as a popular fashion blogger in Taiwan. After her success in building her website called "Hannah's Fashion List", Hannah started to expand her online presence by sharing her beauty, fashion, and travel tips on Instagram.

She had previous collaborations with several high-end brands, such as Lancome and YSL.


Followers: 328,000

Topics: Lifestyle, Travel

Like Hannah, Natalie also started her career as a blogger writing about fashion, skincare, and makeup. Now, she has expanded her following on Instagram where she shares photos of her travels, food, and lifestyle. Aside from Instagram, Natalie is also a popular lifestyle vlogger on YouTube.


Followers: 380,000

Topics: Fitness, Health

Jessica is not your typical influencer--instead of focusing on losing fat, she sheds light on gaining body mass and muscles. She inspires moms and middle aged women in Taiwan, as she is a mother herself. On her feed, you'll see her special recipes, workout routines, and health tips.


Followers: 498,000

Topics: Pole Dancing, Fitness

Chris is known as a pole dancer and beauty influencer on Instagram. She brings light to the side of pole dancing which is beneficial to health and helpful in gaining strength for women. Aside from dance videos, her feed is also full of product recommendations relating to beauty, skincare, food, and lifestyle.


Followers: 578,000

Topics: Dance, Entertainment

Jack Su is the overall package: a dancer, actor, model, and influencer. Jack's feed is full of videos of his choreographies, latest performances, and some photos of his daily activities. Jack has already collaborated with brands in the past, like Shu Uemura, Logitech, and many others.

14. NICO & KIM

Followers: 688,000

Topics: Family, Parenting, Lifestyle

Nico and Kim are couple influencers whose content revolves around the family life. They often feature their kids in their videos and photos, showing the ups and downs of parenting. Their feed is filled with tips on family care, childcare, and travelling. They've collaborated with brands in the past, recommending the products they've tried and tested to their followers.


Followers: 773,000

Topics: Fashion, Luxury, Modelling

Molly Chiang is one of Taiwan’s most popular fashion influencers on Instagram. Molly is not only a model, but also an artist, beauty icon, brand ambassador, and influencer. Molly's strong, edgy, yet luxurious style has attracted high-end brands like Armani, Fendi, Vogue, and many more.

12. YUCI

Followers: 887,000

Topics: Streaming, Gaming

Yuci is a gamer and streamer on YouTube who has expanded her fanbase on Instagram. While her YouTube account is full of videos about gaming, her Instagram account is more focused on her life updates, outfits, skincare, and product recommendations.


Followers: 897,000

Topics: Beauty, Lifestyle

Nini is a Taiwanese actress mainly based in China. Though Nini is a celebrity, her feed is full of photos of her carefree life. She regularly posts photos of her travels, favorite food, pets, and favorite products. Her humbleness makes her mega-relatable to her Taiwanese followers.

10. KIMI

Followers: 898,000

Topics: Beauty, Lifestyle

Known as the "High School Goddess", Kimi is the most searched and most favorite online photo model in Taiwan. Kimi is a makeup artist herself, that's why her feed is full of makeup looks she conceptualized and made into reality. She uses the hashtag #Kimismakeupportfolio to compile her works. Aside from makeup, she also posts about skincare and lifestyle products.


Followers: 1M

Topics: Modelling, Beauty

Mizuki is a model and a Rakuten Girl. As a Rakuten Girl, she frequently attends baseball games for endorsement and attendance gigs. Her pretty face, coupled with her sexy body, has made her a sought after model for apparels and underwear. She often posts her OOTDs, travels, and skincare recommendations on her feed.


Followers: 1M

Topics: Entertainment, Comedy

Dai Pingya is the princess of Taiwan's YouTube industry. She commonly creates content that is light-hearted, comedic, and loved by many. She's not afraid to think out-of-the-box, and she does not take herself too seriously.

On her feed, you'll see her reposting some of her TikTok videos. She also posts about her shoots, her family, and some product collaborations.


Followers: 1.1M

Topics: Entertainment, Lifestyle

Kuo Hsueh Fu is an actress, singer, model, and now Instagram influencer. She was the youngest member of Taiwanese girl group Dream Girls until their disbandment. Her feed is filled with photos of herself, her friends, family, behind-the-scene shoots, and her pet cat. Today, she is still in collaboration with beauty and lifestyle brands.


Followers: 1.2M

Topics: Music, Entertainment, Lifestyle

Min Chen is a Malaysian-born singer who now has expanded her fanbase on Instagram. Her feed is full of videos of her playing the piano and singing. She's also very vocal about her love of yoga and working out, motivating her followers to live and stay healthy.


Followers: 1.2M

Topics: Lifestyle, Entertainment

Roy is a popular songwriter, TV host, and actor. He is also a member of the popular boy band, TFBoys. His feed is full of behind-the-scenes photos and regular life updates. He previously collaborated with several known brands such as H&M, Gucci, and international organization, UNICEF.


Followers: 1.3M

Topics: Kids, Parenting

Agai Tsai is a 5-year-old YouTuber from Taiwan who is also popular on Instagram. His account is managed by his father Cai Aga. His feed is full of photos of him and his brothers playing and having fun together. He loves posting his favorite food and latest toys. His innocent and genuine expressions are loved by netizens, making him gain more than 1.3 million followers on the platform.


Followers: 1.5M

Topics: Fashion, Modelling, Beauty

This versatile artist is a famous Taiwanese singer, actress, and TV host. Joanne has modelled for luxurious brands in the past, like Dior, Cartier, Fendi, and magazine Elle. Aside from her stunning photoshoots, she also posts about her daily life, OOTDs, shows, and travels.


Followers: 3.5M

Topics: Music, Lifestyle

Nana is a famous artist in Taiwan, starting her career ever since she was little. Nana is skilled in playing several musical instruments such as the guitar, piano, and cello. Nana not only posts about her music, but also posts about her latest fits, friends and family, travels, and product collaborations.


Followers: 4.3M

Topics: Music, Fashion

Coming in first on our list is Taiwanese pop singer Jolin Cai. Jolin is best known for her risqué on-stage costumes and daring videos. Jolin is not only known in the music industry, but is also popular for being a fashion icon and a passionate supporter of the LGBTQ community. Jolin usually posts photos about her performances, outfits, photoshoots, and favorite brands.


If you're thinking of entering the Taiwan market, then Instagram influencer marketing may be your best chance. Instagram is one of the most-used and most-favorite platforms of this market, while influencers are one of the most-followed accounts. The Taiwanese population give heavy weight to influencers' opinions and recommendations before making purchase decisions. With this behavior, influencer marketing in Taiwan will surely bring you success.

Of course, this doesn't mean you should rush in choosing the influencer to represent your brand. You need to do research on the social media landscape first. Through this list, we discovered that the most common niches of Instagram influencers in Taiwan are fashion, lifestyle, beauty, modelling, and entertainment. Moreover, the top influencers are dominated by women.

We hope that the list we provided has helped you in creating your influencer marketing campaign. If you want to know more about advertising and marketing in Taiwan, visit the AJ Marketing Blog.

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