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Top 7 Artist Influencers in Korea in 2024

AJ Marketing - Top 7 Artists Influencers in Korea in 2024

South Korea is full of incredibly talented artists and thanks to social media, they now have a way to share their art with the world. The country is home not only to musicians and heartwarming KDrama actors, but also to legendary visual artists such as Kim Jung Gi who inspired the population before his passing. South Korean artists are now on social media gaining tons of followers because of their unique styles and captivating art.

The art industry in South Korea is booming, with demands for work of art projected to reach $541 million by 2026! In 2021, Korea was the 9th largest market for works of art globally. These numbers are a clear indication of how much the population is interested in art and related industries.

AJ Marketing - Top 7 Artists Influencers in Korea in 2024 - Art Industry Outlook 2026

Visual artists in South Korea often share their artwork on social media and participate in online art competitions and challenges. These artists dabble in different forms, such as painting, photography, videography, comics, makeup, and digital art.

In this list, we provide you with premium artist influencers from South Korea. Grab your brushes and get to know them!

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Top 7 Artist Influencers in South Korea ⬇️

Subscribers: 61.6K

Topics: Filmmaking, Video Editing

If you’re interested in anything camera-related–may it be videography, cinematography, or photography–then YeomPD is the channel to watch. YeomPD is a filmmaker in South Korea who devotes his time making content about video editing, drone piloting, and camera filmmaking.

YeomPD provides in-depth reviews of cameras from a videographer’s perspective. He also teaches his subscribers which camera is best to use for shooting different scenes and situations. His previous videos have tackled anamorphic lenses, shooting rigs for travelers, smartphone gimbals, and many more.

Followers: 178K

Topics: Photography, Editorial Shoots

AJ Marketing - Top 7 Artists Influencers in Korea in 2024 - 6. Taylor

Hey, are you in need of some inspiration for your next photoshoot? You should definitely check out Taylor In Wonderland. Taylor, also known as Joo Hyun-woo, is a South Korean photographer-influencer on TikTok. He's been able to attract more than 178K followers on the platform because of his unique and creative editorial shoots. He's got a great eye for detail and he knows how to create visually stunning scenes.

One of the things that I love about Taylor's work is the wide range of themes and styles he covers. He's done everything from candy-colored photos to surreal and dreamy themes. His creative process is also really fascinating. You can check out his profile and see how he goes about planning and executing his shoots.

Whether you're a professional photographer or just someone who likes to take photos, you'll definitely find something to inspire you in Taylor's work.

Followers: 213K

Topics: Nature Art, Hyperrealism

Have you heard of Young-sung Kim? He's a South Korean oil painter who's making waves in the art world with his hyperrealistic and nature-inspired paintings. According to Young-sung, he chooses this subject matter because he wants to express how modern society has threatened many lives and has caused many creatures to disappear. He wants to raise awareness through his art.

One of the things that makes his paintings so unique is the way he combines contrasting subjects - often a living creature and an object - to create a theatrical and astonishing piece. This technique adds depth and meaning to his paintings, making them not just beautiful but thought-provoking as well.

Followers: 507K

Topic: Hand Poke Tattoo

Have you heard of Tan Tattoo? It's an Instagram account that's all about hand poke tattooing. Hand poke tattoos are those made without the use of tattoo machines, and only with the use of needle and ink. It's a bit different from traditional tattooing, but it's gaining popularity among tattoo enthusiasts. And Tan Tattoo is one of the best in the business.

One of the things that makes Tan Tattoo stand out is its specialization in cute, small, and colorful pieces. The designs are so adorable, you'll want to get one right away. And it's not just the general public that's taken notice of Tan Tattoo's work. Bioderma Korea, a well-known brand, has also caught the eye of the account and they worked together to create a cute beach bag full of Tan Tattoo's designs.

So, if you're looking for some inspiration for your next tattoo, or just want to see some beautiful and unique designs, be sure to check out Tan Tattoo's Instagram page.

Followers: 571K

Topics: Sketching, Drawing

Ahn Jae-hyun is a famous artist and educator dominating Instagram. He specializes in technical sketching. He is also a Director at Gangnam Metacode Art Academy. On his page, you’ll find tons of drawings with little step-by-step guides on the side.

His popularity caught the attention of several brands in and out of the art industry. In the photo above, Ahn-Jae hyun collaborated with Hyundai. He promoted the brand by entering into the Casper Drawing Contest.

Followers: 1.3M

Topic: Digital Illustration

Looking for feel-good illustrations? Go to Lee Kyu-young’s Instagram page. His Instagram page is a treasure trove of colorful and whimsical drawings that perfectly capture the beauty of everyday moments. One of the things that sets Lee Kyu-young's art apart is his use of vivid colors and cartoon-like facial expressions. These elements add a playful and lighthearted touch to his illustrations, making them feel both relatable and fantastical at the same time.

In addition to his Instagram page, Lee Kyu-young's art can also be found on the websites and social media pages of some of the biggest brands in the world. Many brands have worked with this artist, including God of War, Netflix, and Asus, among others.

Subscribers: 3.75M

Topics: Drawings and Paintings

Drawholic is a talented and popular Korean YouTuber known for his amazing talent in drawing and painting. With over 3.7 million subscribers, he has established himself as a master of various art materials such as pastels, colored pencils, watercolors, and acrylic paints.

His channel features a wide range of subjects, including movie characters, K-pop artists, cartoon and anime characters, and many more. He not only shares his techniques and processes, but also his passion and enthusiasm for art, making his channel a great resource for both beginner and advanced artists. With his entertaining videos, Drawholic has quickly become one of the most influential artists on Korea YouTube.


South Korea is not only known for its music or dramas–it's also known for its talented visual artists. Visual art in South Korea is a diverse and vibrant field, with a long and rich history. South Korean artists often explore themes of nature, spirituality, and identity in their work.

In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in contemporary art in South Korea, as many young artists are exploring more abstract and unconventional styles. South Korean visual art is highly respected and celebrated, with numerous galleries and exhibitions showcasing the work of the country's talented artists. Naturally, these artists have also dominated social media by storm.

In the list above, we gave you the most-popular visual artists in South Korea. We hope you found an influencer who can inspire you, or who can work with you in the future.

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