Top 11 Korean Tech YouTubers in 2021

Top 11 Korean Tech YouTubers in 2021

Technology is at the heart of the Korean economy and society. For 6 consecutive years (2014-2019), Korea has ranked #1 in the world according to the Bloomberg Innovation Index. Korea is also the world's biggest producer of mobile phones, displays, and semiconductors.

In such a technology driven society, South Korea provides the world with valuable insight and innovative materials every day. There is no better platform to share and disperse this kind of information than YouTube- where Koreans are estimated to spend an hour an average daily.

There are more than 43 million YouTube mobile app installs in South Korea. Korea YouTube ecosystem is full of unique YouTube creators, funny video advertisements and creative brand integrations that the rest of the world have not seen yet.

The following list is of some of the most innovative and intelligent creators on YouTube who are pioneering the tech genre of YouTube and garnering millions of collective views on their channels. Keep reading to check them out!

11. IT's okay (잇츠 오케이)

❖ Subscribers: 124,000

❖ Apple product review, educational tips, product testing

IT's okay is a university student who studies and reviews IT and tech-related products. Her charming nature and every day helpful tips are useful for anybody looking to become a little tech savvy! Check out one of her most viewed videos, "8 Tips to Speed up iPhone."

10. Dr. Jang's Buying Addiction (장박사의 구매중독)

❖ Subscribers: 186,000

❖ TOP # lists, educational tips, price to performance review

On his channel, Dr. Jang introduces interesting electronic items, items with good cost performance and new items that viewers can discover within a community setting. Using data from his own experience using different products, he provides a cost analysis for popular products from brands like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi.

9. MOTline

❖ Subscribers: 440,000

❖ Test drives, motor vehicle reviews, cost analysis

Motline delivers honest, completely unsponsored reviews on motor vehicles of all makes and models. From giving detailed accounts of a vehicle's exterior to actually test driving each car, Motline gives prospective car buyers and enthusiasts plenty expertise. In addition to reviewing standard makes like KIA and Hyundai, Motline also frequently test drives luxury cars like Rolls Royce and Porsche.

8. Techmong (테크몽)

❖ Subscribers: 541,000

❖ IT and car, smartphones, tablets and home appliances, useful tips

Techmong's channel is full of product reviews, usually in a format where he compares two or more similar items side by side. This is especially useful for those wanting to learn more about the difference between models manufactured by the same company. On top of reviewing popular products like iPhones and Samsung tablets, Techmong also reviews useful office items like keyboards and electronic accessories!

7. MR (엠알)

❖ Subscribers: 543,000

❖ Game content, product review, educational tips

MR's banner on YouTube reads "IT: it's not so hard with MR!" On his channel, MR uploads IT related content and reviews. Many of his uploads are "unboxing" videos, which means that he opens up newly released products for the first time on camera so that viewers can also share the experience as well. MR's goal is to "provide accurate information to help with rational consumption." Check him out!


❖ Subscribers: 366,000

❖ Educational tips, product review, females in tech

ZUYONI TECH is a rare type of YouTuber, as one of the well-known females who focus on technology and IT related content. She focuses on product reviews and tips, as well as sharing her genuine passion for technology. One of her most popular uploads called "$200Million Semiconductor Device Review?!" has over 1 million views.

5. Samsung Korea

❖ Subscribers: 262,000

❖ Commercials, product promotions, product tutorials

This channel is Samsung Korea's official YouTube, where official commercials are uploaded and garners millions of views each from all over the world. Product 'how-to' tutorials are also uploaded via comedy, intended to help users become experts with their Samsung products! The commercial for Samsung's recently BESPOKE Grande AI washing machine can be seen below.

4. Woopa TV (우파푸른하늘)

❖ Subscribers: 606,000

❖ Test drives, motor vehicle reviews, educational

Woopa TV is an experienced car enthusiast who uploads videos about cars across all price range. During his test drives, Woopa TV goes into great detail to describe how it feels to be steering the vehicle, pressing on the pedal and the responsiveness of the car. This YouTuber is a sure favorite among car lover

3. YTN Science (YTN 사이언스)

❖ Subscribers: 472,000

❖ News, current events, science and technological developments

YTN Science is a channel run under Yonhap that provides scientific knowledge and news directly from The Ministry of Science and ICT. The content varies: from AI Robot challenges to scientific entertainment to mini documentary series about planets.

2. UnderKG

❖ Subscribers: 601,000

❖ Product review, useful tips, small electronics

UnderKG (meaning under 1 KG) has a theme: all the products that are reviewed weigh under one kilogram! Products mostly consist of smaller electronic items like smartphones, eardbuds, accessories and smartwatches.

1. ITSub (잇섭)

❖ Subscribers: 1,670,000

❖ Apple product review, product testing, expert advice

ITsub is the most subscribed and well known IT and technology YouTuber in South Korea. He uploads informative and entertaining videos about the latest electronic products and has a charming personality. ITsub also uploads less well-known products and tests them out, like this laser keyboard below. He admits in his channel that he is "crazy about anything that is electronics and cars!"

Technology and YouTube

With plenty of new products being created for consumers each day, tech & IT-related YouTubers never seem to run out of things to talk about. YouTube has allowed every day people to share their most prized items, offer unbiased reviews and give expert advice- all while being part of a close knit community.

These tech loving YouTube creators can be a valuable asset to any brand looking to expand into the Korean market. Partnerships with YouTubers can be done in form of a PPL, sponsored ad or product review- which can lead viewers to become paying customers. Message us if you are interested in introducing your brand to the Korean market and getting exposure on a global platform.

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