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Top 20 Most Popular YouTubers in Thailand in 2023

AJ Marketing - Top 20 Most Popular YouTubers in Thailand

Are you on the hunt for the hottest YouTube influencers in Thailand? Look no further, because we've got you covered! There are so many reasons why you'd want to know who's who in the YouTube scene in Thailand. Maybe you're looking for some fresh content to add to your watchlist, or perhaps you're a marketer on the hunt for some local YouTube talent to collaborate with. Whatever your reason may be, one thing's for sure: YouTube is a major hit among internet users in Thailand, both as consumers and as brands.

With an advertising audience reach of 43.90 million, YouTube has the potential to reach 61.2% of the entire population in Thailand. These numbers speak volumes about how much Thai people love using the platform for entertainment and how effective it can be as a marketing tool.

AJ Marketing - Top 20 Most Popular YouTubers in Thailand - YouTube Advertising Audience Overview in Thailand 2023

What's great about YouTube is that it's a platform that gives everyday folks a chance to share their content for free. And for those who've amassed a large following, becoming a YouTube influencer can be a lucrative gig. With thousands of YouTube influencers in Thailand, you're sure to find someone who fits your interests.

Thai vloggers cover a wide range of topics, from the best night markets in Chiang Mai to the latest gaming, tech, music, and makeup trends. Because of their niche expertise and loyal subscribers, many brands have started partnering with Thai YouTube creators. Some brands also prefer to work with influencers on other social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Whether you're looking for someone new to watch or you want to collaborate with an influencer to give your brand some exposure, you're in the right place. We've curated a list of the top 20 YouTubers in Thailand that you won't want to miss.

Top 20 YouTubers in Thailand ⬇️

Subscribers: 1.16M

Topics: Lifestyle, Beauty, Fitness

Get ready to meet the lovely and lively beauty guru, Mintchy! With over 1.16 million subscribers on YouTube, Mintchy, aka Mint Samcha Asavaniw, has become a sensation for sharing her daily makeup secrets. But that's not all; she also loves creating vlogs about her workout routines and daily adventures.

Subscribers: 1.37M

Topics: Fitness, Health, Food

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Then you have to check out the Bebe Fit Routine channel! Bebethan Chanokritthinaka is not only smart and beautiful but also incredibly fit, making her a well-known influencer in Thailand. Her channel is filled with self-care tips and home workout routines that you can easily follow. She also shares science-based nutrition tips to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Subscribers: 1.38M

Topics: Beauty, Lifestyle

Meet the famous beauty blogger, Archita Siripinyanon! Archita has an exceptional eye for makeup and fashion, making her a well-known name in Thailand's beauty community. Her channel is inclusive, with tutorial videos for beginners and pros alike. And if you're up for a challenge, she's always up for it too! Just take a look at her underwater makeup challenge!

Subscribers: 3.17M

Topics: Travel, Food, Adventure

Say hello to Mint, the petite wanderlust who loves exploring Thailand and neighboring countries. She's got a unique perspective on travel, and she shares her adventures from popular destinations, with a special focus on the different cultures and cuisines she experiences.

Subscribers: 3.84M

Topics: Lifestyle, Vlog

Meet the dynamic duo behind one of Thailand's hottest bubble tea shops, Bearhouse! Sunbeary and Kan Atthakorn are also the founders of their popular YouTube channel, where they share their travel and lifestyle experiences. And if you're interested in business and startups, they've got some useful insights to share too!

Subscribers: 4.05M

Topics: Lifestyle, Entertainment

If you love food, travel, and entertainment, you'll definitely want to check out Nate and Mee's YouTube channel. Nate is a foreigner who speaks Thai fluently, and his content always racks up the views. Fans also love the playful pranks that he and Mee play on each other, making their videos all the more entertaining.

Subscribers: 4.31M

Topics: Lifestyle, Food

Get ready to meet the multi-talented and gorgeous Pimlada! She's a TV host, dancer, and model who shares her experiences in food, travel, home decor, and even online challenges on her feed. With Pimlada, you're sure to get a glimpse of everything that's fun and exciting!

Subscribers: 4.5M

Topics: Music, Entertainment

DJ Dreamerth is not just a talented artist with many hit songs, he's also a master of reaction videos! His reactions to different musicians in real-time are what made him famous. But that's not all; he also regularly streams games, recordings, and unforgettable moments with his friends. With DJ Dreamerth, you'll never have a dull moment!

Subscribers: 5.09M

Topics: Lifestyle, Travel

The Kamsing Family Channel is a collaboration between Bes Rakwanee Kamsing and her younger brother, Boat Phuwarakkham Sing. As the eldest daughter of former boxer Somrak Kham Sing, Bes Rakwanee shares intimate and lovely content about their family trips and days spent with their parents. You'll feel like part of the family as you watch their heartwarming stories unfold.

Subscribers: 5.61M

Topics: Entertainment, Comedy

Looking for some laughs? Check out the Fun Family YouTube channel! Bia Bua is the main character, and she's a hilarious influencer who's got some serious acting skills. Her friends and neighbors often join her in creating content that's diverse and entertaining, giving viewers a glimpse into their daily lives and school activities.

Subscribers: 6.75M

Topics: Gaming, Entertainment

PRIMKUNG is the creative mind behind Online Station, known for its funny and imaginative storytelling content. He first caught netizens' attention with his army experience, and now he regularly updates his series "Nee Yap Prim" and "Relax with Nong Prim," both of which are a hit with fans. And if you're into mobile driving games, you'll love his whole series on Garena Speed ​​Drifters!

Subscribers: 6.94M

Topics: Entertainment, Popular news

VRZO started as a small project between three friends in a bedroom, but it's now grown into a full-fledged office with a team of 40 staff. They've posted over 1,400 videos and have over six million subscribers! Fans love their Q&A sessions, genuine reactions, and their diverse range of content that includes travel, pranks, pets, and games. You won't be bored with VRZO around!

Subscribers: 7.38M

Topics: Dance, Entertainment

Are you a music and dance enthusiast? Then you can't miss out on The Inner Studio channel! This group of young, dynamic, and passionate dancers love to upload dance clips set to popular soundtracks from shows like Demon Slayer and hit pop songs like "Ice Cream" and "Peaches." And if you want to learn some of their moves, they've got dance tutorials too!

Subscribers: 7.74M

Topics: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Education

Meet Briana, the young YouTuber who's got it all! Her high-quality content, excellent filming skills, and professional lighting and graphics are just some of the reasons why fans love her channel. From travel to lifestyle and education, Briana's got a wide range of topics to keep you entertained. And if you're into DIY, her viral videos with over 5 million views will definitely impress you!

Subscribers: 8.37M

Topics: Lifestyle, Music, Food

Kyutae is a Korean guy living in Thailand with a passion for food and music. He not only creates mouth-watering food reviews but also covers songs with his amazing entertainment skills. With his talent and charm, he's amassed a large following in less than 5 years, making him a rising star in the Thai YouTube scene.

Subscribers: 8.53M

Topics: Food, Mukbang

Get ready to meet the famous food reviewer of Thailand, Phunat Wivattaphattananan! His food review series will make your mouth water, and his "oh my" expressions are just too hilarious to miss. What sets him apart is his ability to eat massive amounts of food, making his mukbang challenges all the more exciting!

Subscribers: 11.1M

Topics: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Friendship

Meet the power couple of the Thai YouTube scene, SpriteDer SPD, and Kaykai Salaider! They're the founders of their own production company, Slider Production Co., specializing in advertising and video clip production. SpriteDer is famous for his fun and quirky challenges, and his 24-hour car activity video has already gained over 4 million views!

Subscribers: 14.1M

Topics: Entertainment, Lifestyle

Krit Boonyarang, or Bie the Ska, started his YouTube career while studying engineering. His satirical lip-sync video and parody of PSY's Gangnam Style brought him a lot of attention, and he founded Ska Film in 2013. His shows cover a wide range of topics like lifestyle, fashion, food, and travel, all presented in 10-15 minute episodes that are sure to keep you entertained!

Subscribers: 16.3M

Topics: Entertainment, Lifestyle

Meet the first Thai YouTuber to hit over 10 million subscribers! Her creative videos and intriguing stories have captured the hearts of her fans. Her content is all about exploring Thailand with family and friends, while taking part in fun and challenging adventure activities. Thanks to her YouTube success, she's now a rising star in Thai movies and TV shows, and she's even launched her own makeup brand!

Subscribers: 17.3M

Topics: Gaming, Entertainment

Our top pick for Thai gamers is none other than Zbing Z, also known as Naiyarat "Pang" Thanawaigoses. She's one of the most popular female streamers in Asia, and she's been reviewing new game releases since 2012. She's also into immersive voice technology, and she regularly uploads videos about gaming on her main channel. But if you're looking for some travel, food, and daily life content, she's got another channel for that too!


As the largest entertainment platform in Thailand, YouTube has been a go-to social media app, both for audiences and brands alike. Thousands of YouTube influencers came about because of the internet user behavior which made content creation a lucrative career. With this consumer behavior, there's no doubt as to why this platform is also commonly used by brands to promote their products, gain exposure, drive ROI, and create customer loyalty.

We can observe from this list that Thai internet users love influencers who focus on entertainment and lifestyle. Some niche-specific influencers are popular, like in categories of beauty and gaming.

We hope that this list has provided you with insights on who to follow next, or who to collaborate with in your next campaign.

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