Top 20 Most Followed Instagram Influencers in Thailand in 2022

Top 20 Most Followed Instagram Influencers in Thailand

Looking for Instagram influencers to collaborate with in Thailand? Thailand is ranked as one of the fastest growing markets for influencer marketing in Southeast Asia, and Instagram is the leader among social media platforms in the country. In 2022, it's been recorded that the total audience advertising reach of marketers in the platform is 18.5 million, or 26.4% of the entire Thai population. Meanwhile, the average Instagram engagement rate in Thailand is 4%, which is significantly higher than the global average.

This high usage rate, along with the growing number of influencers on the platform, point to conclusion that Instagram influencer marketing is an effective online marketing strategy in Thailand. This trend continues to grow in the digital age, and Thai brands have seen success in their campaigns while collaborating with influencers.

Instagram Audience Overview Thailand 2022

Brands all over Thailand are using influencer marketing not only on Instagram, but on YouTube and TikTok as well. Influencers offer great value in terms of brand promotion, because influencers possess authenticity which hard-sell strategies lack. Influencers also have their own follower bases fostered over the years, and, by recommending products, these influencers extend their personal relationship to the brand name itself.

Currently, there are several thousand Thai Instagram influencers with more than 10,000 followers. With such high numbers, it is hard to find the right Instagram influencer that stands out and fits your brand's image. Before choosing the right influencer, you also need to analyze their follower demographics, engagement rate, content quality, background, previous promotional experience, and many others.

To help you get a good grasp on the Thai influencer scene, we've listed the top 20 Instagram influencers in the country. Take a good look, and you might find your next influencer collaboration!

Top 20 Instagram Influencers in Thailand ⬇️

  1. Davikah

  2. Bambam

  3. Bright

  4. Baifernbah

  5. Supassara

  6. Violette Wautier

  7. Kalamare

  8. Puttipong Assaratanakul

  9. Gyeon Seo

  10. Rungrada Runglikitjarearn

  11. Kyutae Oppa

  12. Woody

  13. Starwin Narkthongpet

  14. Meijimill

  15. Phonsawan Phusua

  16. Starving Time

  17. Mind Napasasi S.

  18. Architasiri

  19. Mayy R

  20. San Sunbeary


Followers: 1,100,000

Topics: Lifestyle, Food

Sunbeary is the owner of the popular milktea brand in Thailand, BearHouse. Thanks to her bright smile and optimistic personality, she has attracted more than 1 million followers on Instagram. The main contents of her feed are food, along with her daily activities with relatives and family.

19. MAYY R

Followers: 1,200,000

Topics: Lifestyle, Travel

Mayy is well-known as an online video creator. She loves to travel around the world, which she later on shares by posting interesting images and by narrating her experiences. She is also a coffee lover and owns a famous coffee shop in Thailand.


Followers: 1,300,000

Topics: Fashion, Beauty

Archita is known and loved for her makeup tutorial videos. She creates a lot of makeup tutorials, from drawing eyebrows perfectly, to applying waterproof makeup. Her tutorials are entertaining, educational, and inspiring, as she never fails to encourage her followers to feel their best selves.


Followers: 1,300,000

Topics: Lifestyle, Beauty, Fitness

Napasasi Surawan, or more commonly known as Mind, is a famous actor and model. Today, she works as a DJ in the Thai EDM scene. Aside from practicing her passion for music, she has also become a female icon on Instagram, impressing people with her beautiful face, and fit and sexy body.


Followers: 1,400,000

Topics: Food, Asian cuisine

This account is a guide to help people discover all of the wonderful cuisines in Bangkok, Thailand. Curating places to eat and drink, combined with showcasing honest reviews from guests, this account surely entices its viewers to try out unique food.


Followers: 1,500,000

Topics: Beauty, Lifestyle

Ponsawan Phusua’s angelic face and hot body have attracted more than 1 million fans on Instagram. She is loved for her optimistic and cheerful way of life. She 's a lifestyle inspiration to many, with her feed revolving around her travels, daily routines, and self-care activities.


Followers: 1,500,000

Topics: Lifestyle, Beauty

Meijimill’s baby face has attracted more than 1 million followers on Instagram. She regularly shares her daily life, travel adventures, and other interesting activities on her Instagram feed. Known as the “Rich Kid of Thailand,” she also likes to show off luxury items on her account.


Followers: 1,700,000

Topics: Adventure, Lifestyle

Starwin originally gained fame as a talented and handsome YouTuber. Now, he also has a huge following on Instagram. Due to his filming and editing skills, he has attracted millions of followers who are interested in travel and adventure.


Followers: 1,700,000

Topics: Entertainment, Lifestyle

Woody is a popular celebrity on the TV show Thai showbiz. Woody has diverse roles in the entertainment industry such as DJ, TV host, actor, and producer. Woody has also represented Thailand in several interviews with world famous personalities, such as Britney Spears, David Beckham, Jackie Chan, and Dara (2NE1). His Instagram feed also showcases the entertainment industry in Thailand.


Followers: 1,800,000

Topics: Lifestyle, Entertainment

This account is owned by a Korean guy who lives and works in Thailand. Sharing food and music as his main content, he has gained more than 1.8 million followers on Instagram. His daily updates with his girlfriend are also anticipated by his followers.


Followers: 1,800,000

Topics: Child influencer, Entertainment

Rungrada is a young actress born in 2012. Having a pretty and innocent face with a sunny smile, she has captured everyone's heart. Her updates about her work and daily life are anticipated by her Instagram fans.


Followers: 1,900,000

Topics: Beauty, Lifestyle

Seo Ji-yeon is a South Korea-born Thai actress, singer, model and host. In Thailand, she represents South Korea, and is a popular choice among Kbeauty brands expanding in Thailand. On her feed, she likes to recommend her most-favorite beauty and lifestyle products.


Followers: 2,600,000

Topics: Fashion, Luxury

Putthipong Assaratanakul, or Billkin, is a popular Thai actor. Aside from acting, he also loves to create song cover videos. Since his music boom on the internet, his singing career has improved a lot. His attractive fashion photos and handsome visuals have accumulated him more than 2.6 million followers on Instagram.


Followers: 2,800,000

Topics: Beauty, Lifestyle

Her outspoken personality and her wit have turned her into one of most charming TV personalities in Thailand. After successfully becoming a co-host in the morning TV show “Phu Ying Tueng Phu Ying," together with three other female anchors, her popularity has risen. She has now ventured onto the realm of social media, and has gained more than 2.8 million followers on Instagram.


Followers: 3,700,000

Topics: Fashion, Modelling, Entertainment

This young Belgian girl of Thai descent is fluent in three languages: Thai, English and French. Not only can she sing and act well, she is also good at playing the guitar, piano and at composing music. After participating in The Voice Thailand, Violette has produced soundtracks, and starred in several films and TV series. Her loyal followers who watched her TV shows have also supported her on social media.


Followers: 9,800,000

Topics: Beauty, Fitness, Luxury

Kao is a promising young actress in Thailand, and has collaborated with many luxury and high-end brands. Among these brands is Longchamp Paris. On her feed, she posts product collaborations, beauty tips, and travel vlogs.


Followers: 10,800,000

Topics: Beauty, Lifestyle

Baifern Pimchanok is considered one of the goddesses of Tbiz because of her flawless beauty. Baifern has starred in globally popular movies, such as A Little Thing Called Love and Friendzone. On her feed, she inspires her followers in the field of beauty and lifestyle.


Followers: 14,900,000

Topics: Fashion, Men's grooming

Bright is a popular Thai-American and Chinese actor, singer, TV host and fashion model. His name is widely known in Thailand and other countries after his success in playing the role of Sarawat in 2gether: The Series. With his flawless visuals and remarkable fashion style, Bright has gained more than 14.9 million followers on Instagram.


Followers: 16,300,000

Topics: KPop, Entertainment

This Thai male rapper and singer is a member of the Korean boyband, GOT 7. BamBam is very famous in Thailand, consistent with the popularity of K-pop in the country. His flawless face and immense talent gained him 16.3 million followers in Thailand and in other countries.


Followers: 16,400,000

Topics: Luxury, Fashion, Beauty

Davika is a mixed Thai and Belgian model who started her career at the age of 14. She is now one of the most influential actress-celebrities in Thailand. Davika has been consistently sought-after by high-end brands for marketing collaborations. Her Instagram account is loved by fashionistas, and she is admired for her ability to mix and match different styles.


Today, Instagram has over 16 million users in Thailand. This high usage of social media platforms in the country made it the fastest-growing market for influencer marketing in Southeast Asia. Naturally, tens of thousands of content creators have become full-time Instagram influencers admired by millions. On the list above, we presented you the most-followed and most well-liked individuals by the Thai population.

Based on the list above, Thai Instagram influencers have a variety of unique styles, ranging from lifestyle, fitness, fashion, beauty, to music. The list above is dominated by women, but there are a few men who've also secured their place on the top spot.

So, have you found the right influencer for your next Instagram marketing campaign? If you still haven't, and you'd like to know more about advertising and marketing in Thailand, then visit the AJ Marketing Blog.

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