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7 Best Influencer Marketing Campaigns in Thailand

AJ Marketing - 7 best influencer marketing campaigns in Thailand

Have you noticed how the marketing scene in Thailand has been evolving? One strategy that has been gaining a lot of traction lately is influencer marketing. With the pandemic forcing people to spend more time online, social media has become a hub for internet celebrities and influencers to share their content. In fact, the number of social media users in Thailand has increased to 52 million in 2022, reaching a whopping 72.8% of the entire Thailand population.

While there are tons of social media marketing strategies out there, influencer marketing has been particularly effective in generating successful campaigns. It's not surprising to see that about 21% of internet users in Thailand now follow influencers and experts on social media. And here's an interesting fact: a survey conducted in 2020 showed that a significant number of Thais aged 25-34 years old have actually bought products that were endorsed by influencers. This trend is also observed in other age groups, which only goes to show how much content creators are influencing the purchasing decisions of the Thai market.

AJ Marketing - 7 best influencer marketing campaigns in Thailand - Thailand survey 2021: Have you purchased a product after seeing it endorsed by an influencer?

While influencer marketing may seem like a straightforward strategy, there are actually a lot of complexities that go into it. To be successful, you need to have a good understanding of the influencer landscape, consumer behavior, cultural factors, and more. Some brands find that partnering with local Thai marketing agencies help immensely in their campaigns.

Of course, we're also here to help! We've curated a list of the top influencer marketing campaigns in Thailand to date that you can draw inspiration from. So grab your pen and paper and get ready to take notes, because these examples are sure to show you how it's done!

AJ Marketing - 7 Best Influencer Marketing Campaigns in Thailand - Connect

Top 7 Influencer Marketing Campaigns in Thailand ⬇️

1. AP Thai

AP Thailand is engaged in property development and real estate. The company offers single-detached houses, townhouses, semi-detached houses, and home offices. Each of the estate projects is located in urban areas and other major provincial cities of Thailand.

AP Thai Marketing Influencer Strategy

AP Thailand took advantage of the COVID-19 situation in their single-detached house promotion. The campaign took form in a mini-series called "Khon Lhong Ban" (People lost at home). The idea was inspired by the increasing homebody trend in the pandemic era. The stories were inspired by the everyday lives of people stuck within their homes, delivering the message "a home that is more than a home" during the lockdown period.

Video content marketing is a powerful tool to tell stories and engage audiences, but AP Thailand took it further by incorporating three famous influencers who happened to be their real customers. Bringing together PumPui-Kawin, Nubnubb, and Som Marie, the mini-series strengthened AP Thailand's position as the leader in the market.

2. Mistine Thailand

Mistine Thailand is a well-known cosmetic and beauty brand that has been established for more than 30 years. As a leading cosmetic brand in Thailand, Mistine offers high-quality beauty products at affordable prices. However, the rising competitors, along with the changing behaviors of Gen Z consumers, urged Mistine to come up with new strategies

The purchase rate from the Gen Z age group became low due to the changing perception of beauty standards. The Gen Z was shifting to a more "natural" and "real" beauty look.

Mistine Marketing Influencer Strategy

Mistine took a strategic move by including ordinary people, KOLs, and leading actors from different countries in its advertisement. They aimed to communicate the "I’m Perfectly Me" concept. The campaign appeared at the world's largest cosmetics fair, 2022 Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, which is a part of the company’s effort of becoming world-class.

This campaign spread across several platforms. The YouTube campaign quickly hit over 5M views in less than 3 months after the release. The audiences also gave positive responses towards the commercials.

The movement brought a positive impact to the beauty industry. Moreover, the use of diverse KOLs from different cultures and ethnicities helped in delivering brand value across various consumer backgrounds. Instead of focusing on direct-selling promotions, this effort enabled the brand to direct their message in a non-aggressive manner. In addition, it also helped in penetrating its target market through the connection built by the influencers.

Nowadays, the beauty and fashion industries rely heavily on this marketing strategy. About 57% of the companies from this sector include influencer marketing in its marketing mix because it could bring notable results. So, if you want to stay competitive in this industry, collaborating with KOLs, celebrities, or micro influencers is essential.

3. Geneus DNA

We often see the practice of influencer marketing on fast moving consumer goods and retail products. However, is it possible to execute influencer marketing in the healthcare or medical field? Let's take a look.

Geneus DNA is an innovative leader in DNA testing, known for having the most advanced technology from the United States. It provides a medical service that allows anyone to have their DNA checked in the most accessible and affordable way. The DNA test aims to gain personalized insight into each person based on their DNA. However, the most noteworthy service from Geneus DNA is its talent DNA Test.

The talent DNA Test claims its ability in decoding someone’s inborn talents and potential based on their DNA. Although the services sound so appealing, the go-to-market strategies for healthcare services are sometimes a bit complicated. This type of service takes a long customer journey to enter the conversion funnel. So, how did influencer marketing play its role in promoting this company?

Geneus DNA Influencer Strategy

The search results of "Geneus DNA" on YouTube show several vlogs or testimonial videos of YouTubers and their children. The idea of unraveling the children’s hidden talent seems more interesting than finding out personal diet recommendations.

Geneus DNA invested on family vloggers, KOLs, and celebrities to make their services closer to the audiences. Genius DNA also conducted this approach widely on other platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The DNA test turned into a trend, and the services became a source of interest, just like blood type testing.

This shows the power of influencer recommendations. It has been shown that 49% of consumers depend on influencer opinions when making purchases worldwide.

4. Shopee Thailand

AJ Marketing - 7 best influencer marketing campaigns in Thailand - BamBam Shopee Thailand Influencer Marketing

The next remarkable influencer marketing comes from a leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia: Shopee. Launched in 2015, Shopee has made its way to being the leader of Asian e-commerce and has surpassed Lazada. According to iPrice, Shopee ranks first by the number of active users among e-commerce apps in SEA. While it can't be denied that the features are great, the marketing approach also plays a big part.

Shoppe Thailand Influencer Strategy

Shopee collaborates with celebrities in its promotional campaigns. Shopee introduced BLACKPINK, a South Korean girl group under YG Entertainment as their first-ever regional brand ambassador. Aside from that, Shopee also partnered with celebrities and local KOLs to keep their customers engaged. They consistently involve them in all of their campaigns, from birthday sales and special events, to regular shopping day promotions.

For example, Shopee featured Jackie Chan, a renowned Hong Kong actor in their 9.9 Super Shopping Day promotion event. Furthermore, the actor also starred in several Shopee commercials and appeared on promotional banners across social media platforms.

In Thailand, Shopee teamed up with local presenters such as Nadech-Yaya and a K-pop idol member Bambam from GOT7. Shopee also expanded its promotional activities on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Tiktok. Internet celebrities and local KOLs took part in creating testimonials, reviews, and unboxing contents about products purchased from Shopee. It is no wonder why hashtags such as #shoppehaul have become long-term search trends on social media.

5. Tengu Gaming Gears

Tengu Gaming Gears is a brand selling gaming equipment such as mousepads, gaming chairs, and gaming desks. Their products are available on e-commerce platforms such as Shopee and Lazada. The brand carries its value by providing the best gaming tools that fully understand the heart of its users.

Tengu Gaming Gears Influencer Strategy

The company actively partners with YouTubers and gaming experts in promoting its brand. Many product testimonials and reviews can be found on YouTube. As we know, gaming chairs are pricey and this affects the conversion stage of the sales funnel. Usually, for premium products, consumers tend to do some research first to make sure the product is worth the money they spend. So, if potential consumers search for gaming chairs on YouTube and other social media, Tengu Gaming made sure they will find many reviews about the brand from acknowledged YouTubers they already trust. The opinion from the right figures could encourage someone’s buying decision, resulting to the increase of conversion rates.

6. Ophtus

Ophtus is a tech company from Thailand that sells gaming accessories. Their collection of eyewear is designed with RetinaX technology, which filters blue lights from computers. Their glasses are also designed to enhance gaming experiences.

Ophtus Influencer Strategy

To promote their eyewear collection, Ophtus created an influencer marketing campaign featuring Thailand's gaming and tech influencers. The campaign was posted through Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. For content strategy, the influencers took video reviews and images with their Ophtus eyewear.

Ophtus did a great job in choosing the right influencers based on their audience's niche. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge your brand's audience persona and select an influencer that relates to them. Otherwise, your campaign will not be as effective.

7. Advanced Info Service (AIS) Thailand

AJ Marketing - 7 best influencer marketing campaigns in Thailand - I-Irene, metaverse human in Thailand, brand ambassador of AIS

AIS is the largest telecommunications company in Thailand, providing mobile networks, internet services, and internet TV. The company provides online multi-platform entertainment, business, and financial services under AIS Play. In short, AIS is a pioneer in its field and has a long business history as it was established in 1986.

Being a technology company, AIS is exploring AI technology to ensure future growth. Instead of using human public figures, they used a virtual influencer as their brand ambassador.

AIS Influencer Strategy

AIS appointed i-Irene, the first Metaverse Human in Thailand, as its brand ambassador. She was a character developed by SIA Bangkok, the first Virtual Influencer Agency in Thailand. Within a short time, i-Irene began her debut in digital advertising. As a virtual influencer, i-Irene performed versatile roles, from a presenter to a model for commercials and music videos.

Just like the other internet celebrities, i-Irene has her own Instagram account and has her activities posted on the platform. As a human metaverse, i-Irene became a social media influencer with rising popularity. AIS’s decision to partner with i-Irene strengthened the brand as an innovative technological company in Thailand.

From this case, we gain that CGI influencers could be the next potential marketing option. It could make your brand stand out from your competitor, as well as engage the audiences. On top of that, CGI Internet stars also have their unique advantage: no more controversial risks. You could consider this when you are looking for a fresh, new, and unique face for your brand.


Time and time again, influencer marketing has shown its power to sway public opinion about a brand and persuade people to make purchase decisions. Whether you're planning a new product launch or trying to hit your sales goals, influencer marketing in Thailand is a strategy that you definitely need to consider. With the right influencers, you can reach a wider audience and make a bigger impact on the market.

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