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Top 10 Korea Food Influencers in 2023

AJ Marketing - Top 10 Korea Food Influencers in 2023

Have you ever tried South Korean food? It's a culinary adventure you won't want to miss! South Korean food is a perfect balance of sweet, savory, and spicy flavors, making it a culinary experience like no other. From kimchi to bibimbap, Korea has a wide variety of dishes that are sure to please any palate. The South Korean population is an avid fan of eating healthy meals, and of course, cooking them. Leading them to food innovations are widely-known social media influencers who are credible chefs and power eaters. Korean food has a way of bringing people together online and offline.

Did you know that Koreans are crazy about ordering food online? The online food delivery industry in South Korea is so advanced that it puts most other countries to shame. The country has seen significant growth in the number of online food delivery services in recent years, with many companies offering a range of options, from fast food to gourmet meals. This Korean consumer behavior can also be seen in the latest online food delivery statistics, with more than 35.17 million of the entire population swiping and tapping to order. The population spending on this service increased to $680 for 2022.

Online Food Delivery Overview in South Korea in 2023

If you're a foodie and a social media lover, you've probably heard of mukbang and ASMR. But did you know that Korean influencers were the pioneers of this food content craze? They know how to make food look and sound oh-so-tempting by presenting it in an aesthetically pleasing way. These social media stars utilize various platforms, often video apps such as YouTube and TikTok. Their fame has also been noticed by big brands, which encouraged collaborations with companies in the food industry.

We curated a list of the top Korea food influencers online whom you might want to check out and work with in the future. These influencers vary in food specialties, with some focusing on pastries and others on street food. Some also choose to create recipes, while some love to explore different restaurants. Check this out and you might find yourself craving for some samgyeopsal!

The Top Korea Food Influencers on Social Media are ⬇️

Followers: 239K

Topics: Home Cafe, Dessert, Pastry

Are you a dessert lover? Then you've got to check out Nabong Cafe on Instagram! This account is all about delicious home-made desserts for adults, as well as easy-to-make refreshments. But that's not all - the photography on this account is seriously drool-worthy! Every dessert is captured in such a creative and visually-appealing way that you'll want to take a bite right through your screen. Plus, they give helpful tips on food preparation and presentation. They've even worked with top food brands like Hersheys, Swiss Miss, and Nutella to create some amazing desserts.

Followers: 312K

Topics: Korean Cuisine, Recipes

Korean cuisine is taking the foodie world by storm, and Lee Dongmi is at the forefront of it all! This Korean food influencer and recipe developer has gained a huge following on Instagram, and for good reason. Her content is all about Korean cuisine and sharing unique recipes with her audience. She loves showing off the meals she prepares, where she buys her ingredients, and even how her family reacts when they taste her delicious creations. And if you're ever in need of kitchen product recommendations, she's got you covered with her group purchases!

Subscribers: 697K

Topics: Cakes, Baking, Desserts

Maison Olivia, also known as Olivia's House, is the ultimate baking YouTube channel for anyone with a sweet tooth. This channel is all about delicious desserts and beautiful cake-making videos that will make your mouth water. From buttercream cakes to dalgona desserts, apple pies, cookies, and madeleines, there's something for everyone. But that's not all - they also post recipes for sodas, iced teas, and home snacks. It's the perfect channel to satisfy your sweet cravings on a cloudy afternoon while you relax with your favorite book.


Followers: 790K

Topics: Home Cafe, Drinks, Refreshments

Looking for something to quench your thirst? Check out’s Instagram page! is a talented home cafe connoisseur who has even published a book titled "My Secret Homecafe". On's page, you'll discover a plethora of beverage ideas to quench your thirst, including milk teas, coffees, lemonades, and sodas. You'll never be at a loss for fun and unique drinks to serve your guests!

Subscribers: 2.55M

Topics: Street Food, Korean Cuisine

Craving some mouth-watering Korean street food? Look no further than Jjin Food, a popular YouTube channel with over 2.55 million subscribers! Jjin Food travels all around Korea to showcase the best and most savory street food the country has to offer. Whether you're in the mood for chicken, noodles, burgers, donuts, or tteokbokki, Jjin Food has got you covered. This influencer's love for Korea's diverse food industry shines through in every video.

Followers: 4M

Topics: Cooking Tutorials, Recipes

AJ Marketing - Top 10 Korea Food Influencers in 2023 - 5. Cheongdam Sister

Meet Cheongdam Sister, the talented TikTok influencer from South Korea known for being a makeup artist who cooks! On her account, you'll discover tons of recipes and tutorials on different South Korean cuisines that are easy to recreate at home. Cheongdam Sister's short-form videos make it convenient and easy for her followers to follow along and learn new recipes.

In the video above, she showcases the perfect combination of ramen soup and simple fried egg dumplings, but her page is full of recipes for cakes, hot cocoas, kimchi, pizza, and many more. She even shares cooking hacks to make the lives of at-home chefs a little easier.

Subscribers: 5.72M

Topics: Korean Cuisine, Cooking Tutorials

If you're a fan of Korean cuisine, you've probably heard of Paik Jong Won. He's not only an influencer but also an entrepreneur, running his own Baek Jong Won Food Empire, which produces packaged food products and operates several restaurants. He is known for his TV shows in which he cooks, gives advice on food, and reviews products. He has also written several books about Korean cuisine.

Although known as a very popular and successful chef, Paik Jong Won still keeps his video tutorials fun and entertaining. His videos are also very informative for people wanting to learn how to cook authentic Korean meals.

Followers: 6.5M

Topic: ASMR

AJ Marketing - Top 10 Korea Food Influencers in 2023 - 3. Pretty Man

Have you heard of ASMR food content? Pretty Man is a Korean TikTok influencer who's taking this trend by storm. ASMR is a food content trend where people watch videos of food being prepared and being eaten in a very specific and often very slow manner, often with a focus on the auditory experience. His audience love hearing the crisp sounds of him chewing different food, providing a calming and relaxing experience to viewers.

Pretty Man has already worked with several giants in the industry, such as KFC, McDonald’s, and other well-known local brands in Korea.

Subscribers: 10.1M

Topics: Mukbang, ASMR, Cooking Tutorial

Looking for an immersive food experience? Look no further than Gongsam Table. With over 10 million followers, this channel takes you on a journey from grocery shopping to meal preparation and consumption. The creator cooks up large portions of delicious food, providing satisfying chewing sounds to help you relax and unwind. And with collaborations with big brands like KFC, Cheetos, and 7-Eleven, Gongsam Table is certainly making a name for itself in the food influencer world.

Subscribers: 17.4M

Topics: ASMR, Mukbang

You guessed it right! On top of our list is another ASMR food content creator–Jane ASMR. Jane has amassed more than 17 million YouTube subscribers from around the globe. Jane only shows the lower half of her face in her videos, so her audience can focus more on her eating. She creates content with crisp and relaxing audio.

Jane creates videos with varying themes. She’s already made videos eating only pink strawberry desserts, purple grape desserts, and chocolate-flavored desserts, among others. This petite woman also has a huge appetite, consuming food good for a group of people.


As a nation with world-renowned appetizing cuisines, there’s no question why South Koreans also love watching content about food on social media. While some enjoy the information they get from chefs online, others watch these videos for relaxation and enjoyment. Whatever the reason may be, one thing’s for sure–Koreans are foodies who follow popular food influencers. Because of their popularity, international brands from the industry seek influencers’ help in promoting and marketing their products and services.

Above, we gave you the top Korean food influencers this year. We hope you found the account you’d like to follow or collaborate with in your future campaign.

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